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 Out on the town!


Ashley, Lacey & Mauri as Visiting Royalty at the
Miss Nederland Pageant


Lacey greets Ashton Doty,
Miss Mid-County 2004-2005


Our Queens met other Visiting Royalty
at the pageant!


ICMP's Miss Love of a Lifetime and Miss Mardi Gras
ride in the Buna Redbud Parade together!


The girls enjoy the beautiful weather at the festival


The girls are introduced at the Charlie Pruitt's
Country Music Show!


Lacey and Ashley watch on as Ms. Paige
performs in the show


Lacey and the legendary Mr. Charlie Pruitt!


Lacey poses with cousin Ashley Deleon, the newly
crowned Petite Miss Mauriceville Crawfish Fest Queen


Backstage at the Miss Port Neches Pageant with
1st runner up Chrissi Cluelow.


Lacey was introduced as Visiting Royalty
at the Miss Port Neches Pageant!


Ashley takes her royal walk as well at the
Miss Port Neches Pageant.