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Mashal's Message 2 You! (my friends)

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Hey every1, whats up? I'm Mashal Kidwai but people call me Michelle cuz no1 can pronouce it cept sum people but whatever, i go to Kings Edgehill, it has way 2 many rules but its ok, kings isnt that bad, anyways, i made this site so i can tell people things here we go :

Christina Griffin: hey christina, whats up? how r u doing? ah i'm so sorry about that jackie thing, arent you??? anyways, haha i dont want to talk about anyone on this, even if its nice stuff about them, no mean stuff, no nice stuff lol, wel, i'm in computer so yea lol l8a hun

Sammy Blandford: hey sammy, whats up? how are you? haha you just said that you got alot of junk mail and that you hate it, haha just block it but anyways, i dont even block junk mail and i only aget like 1 or 2 a day plus stupid forwards from my friends (cough cough christina cough cough) lol, anyways, you should make a webpage like this so you can write notes to us. lol, luv ya foreva (dnq) l8a

Jackie Palmer: hey jackie whats up? all i know is that there is ALOT up for you, i'm so sos os sorry jackie, i never knew all that stuff about you, i'm so sorry please dont do what you told me you would do! PLEASE DONT PLEASE DONT PLEASE DONT!!! if there is anything on this webpage that you dont want me to say just tell me and ill get it of lol, i'm so sorry jackie i didnt know! sammy and i are gonna seriously have a SERIOUS talk with carlos and brittany might help us 2 talk to him too, cuz i think that its really wrong what he is doinng, you know what i mean lol, well, g2g, sorry l8a

Brittany Pothier: hey brit whats up? you probly read my letter to jackie and your probly gonna say "you shouldnt be writing all that stuff on the internet, every1 can see it" but i'm not gonna change it cuz jackie read it and she is absolutely fine with it. i feel so bad for being mean to her, now i actually understand her life, but anyways, im not gonna get into that all that much lol, luv ya foreva l8a

Carlos Herrerias: hey carlos, i dunnno if i spelt yer last name right or not but w/e sammy and i hav to talk to you about sumthing on monday and we r dead serious so i'll ttyl on monday AND lol good luck on track!!!