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Celebrity Research Lists - Homeless List Updates

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Homeless List updates are for the last three months. Updates may occur throughout the month; however, the first day of the month is the best day to check.

As of December 1, 2016:
No changes.
November 2016:
Two new names added:
Clark Gable . . . . Oscar-winning actor (outdoor camping) (sources: Motion Picture magazine, October 1935, "I'm No Ladies Man, says Clark Gable" by Dorothy Calhoun. Available at Quote: "Between theatrical engagements, William Gable's boy who ran away from home to be an actor could have been found . . . sharing the slumgullian of other brothers of the road in hobo jungles . . . 'I learned how to come into a drawing room gracefully, how to hold a tea cup, how to bow and how to sit and talk the patter of polite society. In other words I had to learn my manners. Lumberjacks aren't in the habit of taking afternoon tea. Telegraph lineman are more at home in a one-arm lunchroom than at a formal dinner party. Hoboes aren't finicky about forks.'" / book: Clark Gable: Biography, Filmography, Bibliography, by Chrystopher J. Spicer, 2002, page 70: "Clark came to MGM with all the qualifications there were to be the man's man; after all, as well as being a trained actor, Clark had been at various times an oil driller, a lumberjack, a hobo, and a mechanic.") Photo: Hollywood magazine cover, December 1939.
Colonel Abrams . . . . singer-songwriter-musician (streets of New York City a year before his death at age 67).
October 2016:
No changes.
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