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Celebrity Research Lists - Homeless List Updates

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Homeless List updates are for the last three months. Updates may occur throughout the month; however, the first day of the month is the best day to check.

As of April 9, 2018:
New name added:
Eckhart Tolle . . . best-selling German-born author, motivational speaker (outdoor camping) (source: "Sunday Profile: Eckhart Tolle," February 15, 2009, Photo: Spirituality and Health magazine, May/June 2013.
Larger new photo:
Jack Kerouac . . . best-selling American author (source book: Subterranean Kerouac: The Hidden Life of Jack Kerouac, by Ellis Amburn, 1999, page 218: "In 1955, Kerouac, a homeless wanderer, would shortly popularize Beat Generation concepts in San Francisco and begin to disseminate a message of mystical-religious awareness.

March 2018:
No changes.

February 2018:
No changes.

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