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Celebrity Research Lists - Homeless List Updates

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Homeless List updates are for the last three months. Updates may occur throughout the month; however, the first day of the month is the best day to check.

As of June 4, 2017:
New name:
Willie Aames . . . actor (outdoor camping at age 47 in 2008 after bankruptcy and losing his home to foreclosure) (sources: "Aames Not Aimless: Battles Homelessness, Fights For Financial Literacy, But Denies Suicide Attempt," May 14, 2009, / "Willie Aames: Financial Ruin Led To Sleeping Under Bushes," May 25, 2011, / "'I went from eating at the White House to sleeping in the bushes': Child star Willie Aames reveals the 'stupid decisions' that led to him losing everything," June 3, 2017, Photo: TV series Charles in Charge.
May 2017:
No changes.
April 2017:
New name added:
Lana Wood . . . actress (motel room with daughter and grandchildren at age 71 after being evicted from their California rental home due to increased rent and daughter's mounting medical bills) (sources: "Lana Wood, Former Bond Girl and Sister of Natalie Wood, Now Homeless," Inside Edition, April 26, 2017, / "From Hollywood royalty to homeless: Natalie Wood's former Bond girl sister Lana, 71, reveals she is living in a motel room with five family members," April 26, 2017, Photo: Diamonds Are Forever, 1971.

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