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[.::.::..Finally the opening of the UCW has come, the moment that all of the UCW Superstars and fans have been waiting for..Yes Meltdown is just right around the corner.. So much can go on and so much can happen...All of a sudden the Meltdown theme hits the pa system as the fans go wild. The pyros go off and the cameras zoom around the arena getting many of the fans and the different signs around the arena just then the theme cuts off the pa system as a long black stretch limo is shown pulling up at the entrance of the arena.The limo stops and comes to a hault as the fans scream and let out more huge pops..The back door to the limo open up as the camera zooms up but it is blurry so no one knows who has gotten out.The camera then comes in clear as Torrie Wilson has just stepped out with a smile on her face. She looks into the camera and then walks off into the arena walking down the hallway as she runs into none other then Lilian Garcia. Lilian has a microphone in her hand as Torrie stands there smiling.::.::..]

[*~*~>.::'The Songstress' Lilian Garcia::.<*~*] Hello everyone and welcome to the UCW!! Are you all excited? [fans cheer] Yeah well I sure hope so!! Well first things first I am here standing by with none other then the Playboy Cover Girl Torrie Wilson herself.Torrie would you mind if I had a quick interview with you tonight here in the U-C-W since this is your arrival and i'm guessing you will have alot to say?Now Torrie tell us how does it feel to be here in the U-C-W and able to kick some ass once again?

[*~*~>.::'The Playboy Cover Girl' Torrie Wilson::.<~*~*] Hello Lilian, how about a how are you tonight Torrie Wilson? Or How are you doing tonight. No but seriously that is ok Lilian. Anyway, since I am standing here with you right no I suppose I could give you a quick little interview on my thoughts of the U-C-W!! First off I feel great about comming back to the UCW. And I know what I am capable of doing. I came here from the WWE to compete because the competetion is much better here and I know that i can go up against all of the girls here in this federation and no buts about it. But I feel really great. See I have accomplished alot in my wrestling career.I posed in playboy I have been trained as a professional wrestler and of course I was a manager/valet of some superstars and I really think i did a great job with it.

[*~*~>.::'The Songstress' Lilian Garcia::.<*~*] That's great Torrie I am really happyfor you. Now I know that you can kick some ass. I know what you can do in the ring. And i know how you compete.Next I have to ask you is there anyone in this business who you would like to team up with or who you respect on the Divas Roster? I mean you have alot of competetion going on here dont you think?

[*~*~>.::'The Playboy Cover Girl' Torrie Wilson::.<~*~*] Yes I do think so Lilian! I think I have alot of it and all the girls on the UCW Roster have lots of talent potential and most of all they know what they wanna get when they want it. But I am one women who dosnt take crap from anyone if you might remember. But yeah I couldnt agree more with what you had said. Now if there is anyone here in the UCW that i respect off of the whole Divas Roster they would have to be [pauses] Well actually to be quite honest they would have to be all of the Divas frankly I have nothing against anyone, but the ones i respect the most is Stephanie McMahon. And I will tell you why. That Women has come along way.. She has been a maanger/valet she has been a wrestler, a General Manager and most definately i will not doubt her as being the Dominant Female like she says she is.

[*~*~>.::'The Songstress' Lilian Garcia::.<*~*] Well that's true. Now Torrie this week on Meltdown you have been put in a 6 Women tag team no DQ match against Lita, Trish Stratus and a Mystery partner, with Stephanie McMahon, and Sable as your tag team partners what are your thoughts on this match and on your opponets?

[*~*~>.::'The Playboy Cover Girl' Torrie Wilson::.<~*~*] Wow the first card has gone up allready? Why didnt you tell me that before! I am so glad that I have a match now I get to prove to everyone that I am more then just eye candy and that I am a pro..Anyway this week on Meltdown, I will be taking on Lita, Trish Stratus and a mystery partner huh? Well that is just fine. Stephanie and Sable as my partners? Ok well I can deal with that. It cant be that bad an besides I can take care of myself and I think all us ladies can handle this like real women!!! But then again Stephanie McMahon, myself and Sable are just too good to be waisted. We are going to do all we can to come out on top and win the match Yes i do respect Trish and Lita but they are going up against us and they will feel some sort of pain or wrath. Trsust me. See i might be a blonde but i am most certainly not dumb!!And I will talk a but more about this when i go out to the ring so are you done yet?

[*~*~>.::'The Songstress' Lilian Garcia::.<*~*] Well Torrie, yes as a matter of fact I am but I want to thankyou for taking the time to answe a few of my questions and well this week on Meltdown goodluck to you Stephanie and Sable.

[.::.::..Torrie smiles and then nods and walks off as Lilian stands there still holding the microhone in her hand with a sorta puzzled look on her face as to whyTorrie seems so confident about her match this week on Meltdown..All of a sudden the lights dim down a bit as the spotlights are at 100% as "Need Alittle Time" by Lilian Garcia hits, the fans cheer and jump to their feet as, they await the arrival of Torrie Wilson..::.::.]

[[[.::Scene - On The Way To The Ring::.]]]

[..::.::.Just as the afans are all screaming and jumping up to their feet The Blonde Bombshell Torrie Wilson walks out on stage with a smile on her face. She points to some of the fans as she makes her way down the rampway towards the ring..::.::..]

[..::.::.Torrie starts to walk down the rampway as many of the fans cheer for her. She climbs into the apron of the ring and slowly climbs into the ring. She poses in the middle of the ring smiling at the fans and taunts them as they scream. She walks over to the ring announcer and asks him for a mic. He hands her a mic as she takes it gratefully and laughs as she starts to get excited.::.::..]

[..::.::..Torrie walks around in the ring as "Need Alittle Time" cuts off of the loud speakers. Torrie looks a bit nervous as she looks around the arena then raises the mic to her mouth and begins to speak as the Torrie chant begins to start..::.::..]

[*~*~>.::'The Playboy Bunny' Torrie Wilson::.<*~*~] Hey everyone!! Thankyou all so much for that standing ovation! Now finally this is what each and everyone of you all around in this arena and the superstars in the back have been waiting for the opening of the UCW once again and the arrival of Torrie Wilson! Yeah that's right I'm here and I'm not going any where. As a matter of fact I'm out here tonight for a few reasons. One being that Ihave a match really soon for Meltdown. Number two I want to kick ass. And Number three of course to win what every women wants and that is the UCW Women's Championship! Now that this is my arrival here I'm not out here to trash talk anyone im not out here to put anyone down although if someone pisses me off you bet Im going to have an attitude right back! See i dont take anything from anybody you got something to say to me then hecksay it to my face there is no skin off of my back if you know what I mean. Now yes as I did tell Lilian Garcia Iam looking forward to my upcomming match here in the UCW and I cant wait till it happens because I am going to love every bit of it. Now it might be a no DQ hardcore six women tag team match but I dont care. Like I said I am ready to anything that lies a head of me weather it be Hardcore matches or not. Allright so on Meltdown, Stephanie McMahon, Sable and I take on two of the most greatest athletes here in the UCW today, Trish Stratus and The Queen Of Xtreme Lita. Now I will not deny Lita as not being the Queen of Xtreme because she is, she truly is but what she will not do is put me Sable or Stephanie McMahon down onto the middle of this ring or mat and pin either of us! I know Lita better then that though and she wont try to get an easy win because she is talented. And anyway this match deals with more then being in the ring after all the name is HARDCORE.. Am i right? [fans cheer] Yeah thought so. You guys have a mystery partner while I know who my partners are and that is fine with me. Dont get me wrong in all but who is going to teamwith you guys? That is what I want to know. See there is some sort of difference between the 6 of us though. And that being that we have RUTHLESS AGGRESSION as Stephanie would say on our side. And dont take that to offense but I think we have the advantage! I think we can win if we put our minds towards it!!This blonde dosnt play games and this blonde is not stupid!I have more skills then you think!!! But Meltdown the three of us Divas are going to have to prove to you guys that we can do it. Now yes I willadmit Stephanie can be a bitch at times, but i gotta live with it cuz she is on my team and like I said she is one Diva who I truly respect!!Anyway, what the heck have you two women got that the three of us dont? That is what I dont get.. Now you better not come into this federation and think your all that or think that you guys can always get what you want because it wont happen...Now speakin of getting what I want it is simple. I want that UCW Women's Championship and I willgo up against anyone to get it. I dont care if I get a shot at it right away i dont care if I get a number one contenders match for it. Because either way gold will be strapped around my lovely waist! Now some say I have an attitude? WEll thankyou and I agree. See yeah Ihave changed just alittle not a whole lot. But what can I say? See me Sable and Stephanie will annhiliate Trish and Lita come Meltdown this week. [fans cheer] Thankyou, thankyou for all believeing that. This is going to be a great match. We will all put up a good fight but in the end, what will happen who know, but i think you all might know what will happen.One thing I would like to know though is can you take the heat? It is basically the question eveyone wants to know..And neither of you have said anything yet and why is that? Why hasn't Trish Stratus or Lita talked? What, Trish? Are you scared you're going to get you're puny little ass kicked? Hell, Trish like I said I respect you. You came from a wrestling business I respected a lot. WWE.As where i did after a while.. But yet, you have yet to say shit. Trish damn it I swear. Sometimes you divas piss me off. You can't show FEAR. You show fear, and you're ass is grass. What part of that do you divas just not understand? You show fear around me... and you certainly will not be pleased with the outcome. I can sense fear. Much like a shark can sense blood... that's how I sense fear. You want to have fear coming into this match up ladies, fine. But you prepare for an ass beating if you do.Ladies; it's simple. WE will win not you.I suggest you bring you're all, and I also suggest you train your asses off. Well I know Lita has been doing alot of that preparing and training well and long and hard.. Well congrats girl because against us you will need it. We allcame out of fighting worlds and we have it alllocked up inside. And i believe that Stephanie is the other Diva who everyone fears as well as myself..And maybe Sable who knows even thouhg we have had our problems in the past i can put those behind me. Because right now that dont matter!! But if you guys dont train then your gonna have bigger problems..Or else I guarntee you, I will have no problem whatsoever to tear you girls apart. It's what I do best now, isn't it? Of course, it is... Good luck to you girls. But you watch out for the Nightmare. It will cumsum you... it'll bring you into darkness... and I guarntee you four will feel the pain...But dont worry any of you because I wont hurt you too bad.. I will just make sure that i use a chair to the head a few times and many even more!! [smiles a little] Your lucky that im in a good modd because if I wasnt I think i personally could do alot worse then what i say I will do. Trust me girls! Trish Lita and whoever else is gonna be in the ring with us beware..Thankyou everyone and goodnight!!

[..::.::.."Need Alittle Time" hits oncea again. Torrie drops the mic to the canvas with a fizz. She smiles and then blows a kiss to the crowd as she rolls out of the ring and slowly walks up the rampway heading to the backstage area. She walks down the hallway and heads to her locker room as the UCW goes to a commercial break..::.::..]