take 0ne



it was the first time in my life that i // had ever felt this way inside // `nd i knew that it was real // it was the first time // just like sn0w fall c0minq d0wn in june // imp0ssible // but it c0uld be true // `nd i knew that it was real // it was the first time // man y0u sh0uld 0f seen us h0ldinq hands // tellinq 0ur j0kes `nd makinq plans // kn0winq in 0ur hearts it was the start 0f 0ur ever after // it was then i knew there c0uld never be // any0ne f0r him but me // `nd deep d0wn in his heart // he knew it t0o // i`m tellinq y0u //then 0ne day he called `nd said "we`re thr0uqh" // there wasn`t anythinq i c0uld d0 // then he sl0wly faded away // all 0f my sunshine // turned t0 rain // i d0n`t wanna feel that way aqain // it was the first time in my life that i // had ever hurt s0 much inside // `nd i knew that it was real // it was the first // just like the sn0w fall c0minq d0wn in june // imp0ssible // but it c0uld be true // `nd i knew that it was real // it was the first time...


sitt`n here // i can`t st0p think`n ab0ut chu // my tears fall // all bkuhz 0f y0u // never th0uqht i`d hear th0se w0rds aqain // but y0u had t0 q0 // `nd make it end // i was just tell`n y0u what i was think`n // n0w it feels like 0nly my heart is the 0ne sink`n // my heart // my s0ul // my mind // my b0dy // is weak // s0 hard just f0r me t0 speak..[unfinished]


there are days when i reqret // the thinqs i said t0 y0u // i put my trust in n0 0ne // it br0ke my heart // `nd i blamed it 0n y0u // y0u were kind `nd s0 qentle // but i refused t0 cee // that s0me0ne like y0u exsisted // i was s0mewhere in denial // while y0u were l0vinq me // i cry myself t0 sleep // when i w0ke up // there were tear stains 0n my pill0w // it hurt s0 much t0 sacrifice what i qave up // with0ut y0u in my life // i will always feel l0neli // l0sinq the l0ve // fr0m s0me0ne like y0u // n0t a day q0es by with0ut s0methinq // remindinq me 0f y0u // the truth is that i miss y0u // it qets s0 hard // n0t beinq with y0ui q0 crazy // in the twiliqht 0f the niqht // h0w i l0nq t0 be y0ur w0man aqain // theres a pain that i h0ld // that will n0t let me q0 // i d0n`t make this t0o hard // but i just want t0 be where y0u are // in y0ur life // by y0ur side f0rever..



f e e l ` n:5150 // QRAH.


FUCC`N SHiT //qrah menq // i hate this fucc`n sk0ole // i can`t t0lerate any dem rules // stupid standards // blah blah // makes me siic // this fucc`n sk0ole // such a bitch // just like franchesca that wannacee 'p0pular' tricc // she trynuh be p0pular by succ`n every quys diic // s0rry missy but that just make y0u a h0e // as y0u kn0w n0w // y0u q0t s0 many f0es // st0p trynuh be s0methinq y0ur n0t // st0p think`n y0 ass is fucc`n h0tt // quys cee y0u sayinq // 'ew wh0s dat man' // y0u s0 white // its like y0u fr0m da ku klux klan // st0p talk`n y0 shit // sayinq i f0ll0w y0u ar0und // uh niqquh // why w0uld i wannuh f0ll0w da biqqest h0e in t0wn ? // yeuh y0u kn0wn // y0u kn0wn as that half penny ass slut at da c0rner // y0u be qiven sex 0rally t0 a dayum f0reiqner // wh0 kn0ws what 0ther kinduh shit y0u d0 t0 try `nd // make y0u seem like y0u fucc`n 'c0o' // haven`t chu n0ticed // tryinq t0 act like a baddass // ain`t qett`n y0u n0 where // all y0 wannacee ass can d0 is stare // y0u q0ne call us bitches // say it t0 0ur face // i`ll tell y0u wusup // i`ll make a time `nd date // `nd i`ll make shure dhas y0 last fate // we`ll SLiT Y0 FUCC`N THR0AT iF WE HAFTUH // i`LL SH00T Y0U S00 MANY TiMES iF i Q0TTUH // s0 let dhis be a warn`n t0 yuh n0w // shut y0ur fucc`n face // 0r y0u`ll cee h0w // we w0rk dhis shit // it ain`t n0 fucc`n qame // y0u`ll have y0 last breath // `nd WE`LL STiLL HAVE THE FAME.



t0days the 23rd //5 m0nths baby // just the th0uqht 0f y0u makes me q0 crazy // beinq with y0u make me tinqle inside // my l0ve f0r y0u // i`ve q0t s0 much pride // beinq near y0u just makes me happy // when my days are qrey // y0u make `em sunny // denq 5 m0nths seems like 5 years // l0sinq y0u is my biqqest fear // when i pr0mised chu that 'i`ll never let chu q0' // thats fr0m my heart // cuhz i`m still h0ldinq 0n fash0 // `nd if y0u leave me // i`ll be t0rn int0 pieces // n0t even a w0rd // i will be speechless // cuhz i place my heart in y0ur hands // h0pinq y0u`ll stay as my man.[CUT/UNFiNiSHED]



its true that i wanna spend f0rever with y0u // but this is the best f0r us // thas why i hadta d0 // i reqret it s0 dayum much // but i can`t turn bacc // maybe 0ne day we can just f0rqet the past // `nd start a future // i can 0nly reminisce 0n y0ur l0ve letter // s0 many thinqs i wanted t0 d0 // take pictures // have a picnic // cr0ss that 0ne bridqe t0o // if y0u m0ve 0n // what can i d0 // i can try t0 be happy f0r y0u // even th0uqh deep d0wn // i`ll be hurt // like my s0ul has died // n0 m0re reas0n t0 live // can`t live 0ff a lie // yeuh when i trynuh be str0nq // `nd n0t let a niqquh qet me d0wn // i`m in l0ve // its crazy as it s0unds // its been 3 straiqht days full 0f s0rr0wful tears // each day y0ur n0t with me // i wish y0u was near // t0m0rr0ws the 23rd // 0ur anniversary day // it makes me cry cuhz it has t0 be this way // CUT.

"..i`m y0 lady // `nd y0 my mayun // i`ll d0 everythinq i can // just t0 keep y0u in my arms all niqht // b0i i need chu by my side // cuhz ever since we first l0cc`d eyes // visi0ninq all 0ur dreams inside // makes me // sit ar0und `nd realize // that chur l0ve is just s0 riqht.."