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by Karen Wiesner

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ISBN: 978-1-300-22064-0 (paperback); 978-1-300-22137-1 (electronic)
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The Official Companion of Karen Wiesner’s Books.

“I do not want to just read books; I want to climb inside them and live there.”

Karen Wiesner is an accomplished author with 114 titles published in the past 18 years, which have been nominated/won 134 awards, and has 40 more releases contracted for spanning many genres and formats. In this companion, you’ll find comprehensive listings of all her fiction titles including cover art, genre, word count, rating, back cover blurb, publication details, and awards and honors. A short interview is included detailing her inspiration for each title, interesting things tidbits concerning the project, and title and cover design details. You’ll also find At-A-Glance character, series, and location listings, Karen’s top ten favorites’ lists, details on her other titles, upcoming projects, and links. It’s her hope that you’re as fascinated by the fictional world she’s created as, of course, she is. Climb inside Karen’s world and call it home.

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5 Stars! “When it comes to romance, I mostly enjoy authors who seem to have eclectic tastes. Author Karen Wiesner is such a writer. Though Wiesner has written non-fiction, it is her romances that intrigue me. (Contemporary Romance, Holiday Romance, Historical Romance, Inspirational Romance, and even some Romantic Suspense.) Sometimes Wiesner adds in some mystery and/or paranormal elements. To me, the author just seems to enjoy tasting various subgenres whenever she cooks up a new story. You like romances that are no longer than a single book? How about a series, but each title can stand alone? Do you enjoy anthologies? How about holiday themes? No problem. Wiesner has written them all! Oh, perhaps you are an aspiring author and you need to learn how to make your story more interesting to today’s fickle readers. You need to know how to market your story or just where to start? Again, Wiesner has written it. This thick, oversized book will give you a close look into Karen Wiesner’s world. Here is every title Wiesner has done since the year 1998. Also enclosed are the upcoming releases for the next few years. Each book has a thumbnail picture of its cover and a synopsis of the story. Then Wiesner gives various types of information; which publisher was used, the cover blurb, information about the cover, honors/awards received, what inspired the story, interesting things that happened while she was working on the book, the status of the book, and even upcoming releases if the title is part of a series. Aspiring authors should strongly consider picking up a copy of this book. Use it to compare which publishing companies accepted what types of genre. Wonderful resources can be found within these pages. However, if you are simply a fan of Karen Wiesner--as I am--then you need this compendium more than anyone else. Not only can you reminisce about the stories you have already read and enjoyed, but you will get inside information about reissues, upcoming stories, and so much more.” ~Huntress Reviews


Reviews for Karen Wiesner’s Fiction

“Karen Wiesner is worth the time invested in her books...and then some. I usually prefer reading stories that are easier to read, but there’s something powerful in the storytelling that is not only compelling but rewarding as well. This is not a light story, it’s often not even a happy place to be, but it’s about people, real people. People whose lives are not perfect and who, like so many of us at times, have to struggle to make it through another hour, another day. People with flaws, with good intentions that go wrong, with hope—or with no hope. They are also like many people around us, some that we may even know. And I think that’s the true strength of Karen Wiesner’s writing. With her guidance, we truly get to know who her characters are; there are no secrets, no hidden facets. Karen Wiesner introduces us and takes us right into the lives, hearts and minds of the people in her book and I, for one, cannot look away; learning about other people can often lead us to insights about ourselves. Truly, Karen has surprised me in that each story really is individual and unique to the main characters. This keeps the series fresh and interesting because you never really know what to expect. Ms. Wiesner’s ability to get the reader involved with the characters and story was triumphant. With every story, the author continues to gain my respect for her talent and storytelling.” ~Kathy for Dark Diva Reviews

“I am always anxious to read what the fertile mind of Karen Wiesner has produced. She is a powerful, dynamic writer. Her characters come alive for the reader. Leave it to Karen Wiesner to take a sensitive subject and write a beautiful, romantic novel .Karen's talent knows no boundaries. If you have not read any of her series, you need to get acquainted with this multi-talented writer. She is a masterful storyteller and needs to be on everyone's automatic buy list.” ~reviewer Dawn Myers

“Karen Wiesner composes excellent, well-written drama that keeps the reader on the edge-of-the-seat, spellbound. She never disappoints and every story is cleverly constructed. The way she pens these realistic characters makes for an extraordinary read. She puts the reader in the center of the action with all the riveting moments of suspense, jeopardy and heartwarming romance that reaches out and touches the reader. I love the way she spins her stories and characters, leaving the audience quite satisfied. She is so skilled in her talent that I always look forward to reading her stories.” ~Linda L., reviewer for The Romance Studio

“If you're seeking a suspenseful story which throws you into the heart of the matter from the first sentence and keeps you turning the pages long after your disbelief is suspended and you've forgotten you are reading the story—not living it—then pick up a Karen Wiesner book! Karen is an author who has a seemingly unlimited imagination for character and plot, and I plan to read everything she writes. Thankfully she is quite prolific. This is an author never to be missed that I can consistently recommend. May she continue with her writing career for many decades to come!” ~reviewer Annie for eCataromance and Euroreviews

“Karen Wiesner seems to keep getting better and better. The author and I are in complete sync.” ~reviewer Dee Dailey for The Romance Studio

“Karen Wiesner gets inside the minds of her audience. She's a sure shot to entertain her audience. As always she writes must-read for fans that will enhance her deserved reputation as one of the sub-genre's consistent best. Newcomers will want to read the previous saga as these are some of the best novels around.” ~reviewer Harriet Klausner

“Karen Wiesner writes stories that touch the hearts of her readers. Once again she is tackling a hard topic that most authors would avoid like the plague. She often takes Christian Romance from its normal shelf and propels it well beyond all expectations. This story is a prime example. Stellar! This author seems to get better with each tale she writes. Karen Wiesner has one of the most fertile imaginations I have ever seen. If you are looking for a Christian Romance that will touch your heart, while also opening your eyes to a new way of viewing the world around you, then this author is for you! Not just this story, but all of Karen’s stories are this way. As for this individual story, you will be treated to a realistic, well written tale that will capture your attention almost immediately, hold onto it until the very ending, and will long linger in your mind. I am unable to explain how much I loved this story. In a word: Indescribable! If there is one lesson that I have learned about the author, it is this: Stories by Karen Wiesner warm my heart like a cozy fire on a chilly night.” ~reviewer Detra Fitch for Huntress Reviews

“Karen Wiesner, the new voice of women's fiction, proves yet again that she's a top-notch storyteller. No one explores the complexities of relationships and the yearnings of woman's heart better than she does. I've never seen a writer more adept at capturing the emotional complexities of the human experience. Her love stories are bold, fearless, and unforgettable. The world of women's fiction is a better place because Ms. Wiesner is in it.” ~bestselling author Michele Bardsley

“It has to be a lucky day—I get to start a new trilogy by one of my favorite authors, Karen Wiesner! Before even starting, I expected to love this newest series because I look for anything with Wiesner's name on it. And I was definitely not disappointed. Karen Wiesner has done what she does best—write a heart-stopping book with a multi-dimensional plot. Her characters are so complex. There’s a tremendous amount of information given which developed the series even more fully. True to her reputation, she delivered a vibrant storyline with breathtaking events. This book is another classic Karen Wiesner. She took some vaguely-connected people from the same hometown and expanded on the series in a fabulous continuation. You could read this book as a stand-alone, but why would you want to? The expertise in revealing Ms. Wiesner's storyline created a spell-binding tale that I just could not help but love. She is truly a gifted author with a remarkably talented way of expressing her story. This book had emotional consequences and just expanded my interest in Wiesner. The sensuality was perfectly (in my opinion) handled. It was not ignored, but it was treated as people, even Christians, truly have to face. I was captivated by the entire storyline and almost read it straight through—it's not a short book. Ms. Karen Wiesner quickly became a favorite author of mine. I will admit, however, that this is the best of her books I’ve read. Each time I believe it is the best, I am amazed at the intricacy written into the story. The poignancy of this book was incredible. The storyline’s main characters were so diligently written it was as if they were living in front of me. Wiesner completes her books so well she is definitely on my “must-read” list. Wiesner did what she does best—captured my attention and forced me to allow her to captivate me. Wiesner definitely does not write “cookie-cutter” stories.” ~The Romance Studio reviewer Brenda Talley

“Ms. Wiesner has the ability to create real to life characters and situations. I appreciate the author’s wonderful ability to create real characters. I enjoyed the depth of the characters and the presentation of the emotional issues. For readers who enjoy emotional drama, Ms. Wiesner is a wonderful author with many stories to choose from and enjoy and I look forward to reading more of her works. She has a distinct talent for telling an emotional and suspenseful story. I applaud her for writing consistently engaging romance that is “need” to read quality. Now that I have read all of this series I am ready to read more books by this author. Her writing style is full and rich; it enhances the well-developed, emotional characters and the deeply engaging plots. Ms. Wiesner is a master storyteller.” ~Martha, reviewer for Reviews by Martha’s Bookshelf

"Karen Wiesner pens another powerful tale. She writes novels that are so powerful and strong that you will never forget them. Unbelievably riveting, Karen Wiesner takes us to the depths of despair and raises us up to victory. Wiesner pens a novel that will stay with long after you have turned the last page; it will capture your attention and ensnare your heart as you cheer for the characters and cry for them as well. Highly recommended…but be sure to have tissues nearby." ~Debby for Single Titles

“Mmmmm, how to find the words to do this story justice? This book has a slow steady pace but it's deep—really deep. Well rounded, three-dimensional characters and not too many secondary's mean that you can really get into the nitty-gritty of the relationship. Ms Wiesner has a great writing style—very polished, tight and not too flowery so that you are absorbed and carried along on the current without being aware of the process. I felt really emotionally involved in the characters' relationship and loved them both. Ms. Wiesner makes the conflict one hundred percent believable. What a great story this is—truly deserving of a gold medal. Great, well-developed characters; complex, flawed in places, yet beautiful. The author weaves the story tightly, leading the reader on an emotional journey with poignant highs and lows that made me weep. The Christian message is a thread that flows through the novel, enhancing the plot without being too sickly sweet. Although I don't often read inspirational romances, the depth of the characters and the excellence of the plotting and writing kept me glued to the pages until I'd finished it. I read this through without a break. I loved the physical scenes. They happen but you are never taken into the detail, they are extremely tastefully done without losing any of the impact and without being explicit. I cried buckets reading this. If you want a moving, poignant and tender story about two people finding each other again, then this is for you. Definitely recommended.” ~reviewer Vasiliki Scurfield for WRDF

“Karen Wiesner really excels at developing such an enchanting story that will captivate you from beginning to end, making you feel like more than just reading the story you had experienced it. I highly recommend this book." ~Rocio Rosado, eCataromance reviewer

“I know when I read a book by Karen Wiesner, I will never be disappointed. She composes captivating stories that enthrall and leave a lasting impression that is hard to forget. This story pricks at the heart and gives one hope that no matter how hard some matters appear, there is a solution. This book is an extraordinary read and a gem to be treasured.” ~reviewer Cherokee for Coffee Time Romance & More

“Karen Wiesner has written another fantastic book. I find when I am reading Wiesner’s books, she writes with such care about the details and descriptions of feelings you feel as if you are welcomed into the family.” ~Emily, reviewer for Single Titles

“I just finished reading a Karen Wiesner novel. Long story short, this story has grit and guts. It breaks all the rules. They curse, they kiss with passion (though they never actually do more than that but their thoughts are very spicy) and they are real people with insane problems. Anyway, this story kept me up until 2:30 AM and I got very little sleep last night until I finished. I found it fascinating. The Christian piece of the story was so much more real and deeper than many CBA novels. You hear (in their heads) their doubts and fears and struggles and it’s so real how the enemy works on them. This book has made me think about my walk with the Lord, and I like that. So be warned, this ain't for Grandma unless she has major grit in mind. But the message is clear. Faithful obedience is worth it.” ~author Michelle T. Sutton

“The author has immaculately presented the story of a couple who has faced extreme adversities while being on a path of self-destruction yet found their ways to God, love and triumph over their demons through faith. One feels immense depth of emotions while reading this book. The characters are realistic and flawed. It’s easy to relate oneself with the hardship the characters go through as we all experience difficult times in some way or the other in our respective courses of lives. The author’s flawless storytelling ability and creativity in bringing out the perfect blend of love lost and love found keeps the reader glued until the last page.” ~Preeti Bajra for TCM Reviews

“I have just found my new favorite suspense author! This story ably demonstrates the professionalism Ms Wiesner brings to her writing. The entire book showcases her talent brilliantly, a seamless plot that held me in its grip, realistic scenarios and dialogue, and a skill with language that took me out of merely reading a book and transported me through the world she created. I read on, despite the need for sleep, spellbound from first page to last, gasping outrage even while accepting that there could be no other 'ending' than the one presented.” ~Caro for Coffee Time Romance

“Reading this story was an exercise in tugged heartstrings, bitten nails from intense suspense, dry mouth from tension and excited elation at the best darned happily-ever-after (HEA) Karen's written yet in this series. What a wonderful and masterful handling of this series. I feel like these people are real and most certainly these books read better than any soap opera I ever suffered through. This series has been many things: engrossing, riveting, heart-thumpingly suspenseful, fast paced and exciting--not to mention intensely passionate. Get ready for the next level! I am never unaffected by the emotional twists and turns Ms. Wiesner's characters have to struggle through to reach their happily-ever-after. The author’s talent for using strong descriptive language painted clear images of a character's turmoil and struggles, of yearnings and hope. Once again, Ms. Wiesner cleverly writes within the rules of this world yet manages to spin it on its axis, taking me on a new journey. There is nothing staid or comfortable in the series—it constantly has me on edge. Ms. Wiesner also has kept the quality of grit intact in this latest adventure. This is a must read. I would advise readers to check out the previous books in the series because in doing so it will insure the same powerful impact on them as it has for me. Who needs coffee when you have the Incognito Series? As I’ve come to expect from this author, this eleventh book in the series remains strong in elements of surprise, freshness and excitement. The far-reaching plot against the heroine and hero was another masterful handling of intricate detail and creative villainy. I thought I had it all figured out; right until the last shots were fired. I just sat there stunned. How cool it was that I had no idea who it was until the author wanted me to. I had an idea but at the last second, she pulled the old switcheroo. This book continues the premier legacy of writing that Ms. Wiesner has imbued all her books with. This reader enjoyed well developed characters, amazing thought twisting intrigue, absolutely wonderful romance and emotion, and sensual and passionate scenes. This story kept me on the edge of my seat and I read it in one sitting. I give this story a definite recommend to all romantic suspense readers because this book represents what this genre is all about. It delivers romance with meaning.” ~Xeranthemum for Long and Short Reviews


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