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Karen Wiesner's Fiction Pages

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Adventures in Amethyst Series:
Adventures in Amethyst Series reviews:

Angelfire reviews:

Bloodmoon Cove Spirits Series:
Bloodmoon Cove Spirits Series reviews:

Cowboy Fever Series:
Cowboy Fever Series reviews:

Denim Blues Mysteries:
Denim Blues Mysteries reviews:

Red Velvet Mysteries (Denim Blues Mysteries spin-off):
Red Velvet Mysteries reviews:

Falcon's Bend Series (written with Chris Spindler):
Falcon's Bend Series reviews:

Family Heirlooms Series:
Family Heirlooms Series reviews:

Friendship Heirlooms Series (Family Heirlooms Series spin-off):
Friendship Heirlooms Series reviews:

Gypsy Road Series:
Gypsy Road Series reviews:

Incognito Series:
Incognito Series reviews:

Peaceful Pilgrim:

Shadow Missions (Incognito Series spin-off):
Shadow Missions reviews:

Kaleidoscope Series:
Kaleidoscope Series reviews:

Woodcutter's Grim Series (Classic Tales of Horror Retold):
Woodcutter's Grim Series reviews:

Wounded Warriors Series:
Wounded Warriors Series reviews:

2-in-1 reviews:

Single Titles:
Single Titles Reviews

Karen Wiesner's Nonfiction (Writing Reference) Pages

Writing Reference Reviews:

Writing Three-Dimensional Fiction: How to Craft Lifelike Plots, Characters, and Scenes Using Multilayered Storytelling:

Writing the Fiction Series: The Guide for Novels and Novellas:

First Draft in 30 Days: or

First Draft in 30 Days Frequently Asked Questions:

First Draft in 30 Days Linked Table of Contents:

Appendix C: 30-Day Draft Worksheets

Bonus Website Materials:

COHESIVE STORY BUILDING [formerly titled FROM FIRST DRAFT TO FINISHED NOVEL {A Writer's Guide to Cohesive Story Building}] reissue:


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Karen Wiesner's Poetry Pages

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Karen Wiesner's Newsletters

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    Karen Wiesner's Appearances and Articles Pages

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