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ReadersFavorite 5 star review “A cheerful book for children. Manny is a little dog who cleans, cooks, and babysits. This is the first in the series of books about Manny. Manny is willing to do the chores in the house. If the master asks her to clean the house, she puts on her apron. Children will find the story delightful and will find Manny the dog endearing. Manny's life in the household is described well by the author and it is something every child can relate to. What interests Manny the most is watching TV and it is a big distraction. Many of us can actually see these scenes unfolding in our homes with our kids on a daily basis. Manny's distractions while doing chores is very common among kids. The author has taken real-life scenes from households where there are children and written a delightful book. The story with its colorful illustrations will charm the kids. The book will make a good bedtime story and can be used for reading sessions in classrooms and libraries. The illustrations are eye-catching and they give movement to the story.” ~Readers' Favorite

5 Stars! “Manny the TV Watching Dog is a delightful story that children and doting pet owners alike will enjoy. Inspired by the Derkezes’ real life dog, Manny is a fun story about how hard it is to get your sweet dears--dogs and kids--to do what you want them to do. The book begins with Manny answering an ad for a cleaner, cook, and babysitter in chapter one. Of course, Manny says “I can do that” when asked about her cleaning, cooking, and babysitting skills. Then we get into the story and find that Manny’s main skill is TV watching! Hmmm, does that remind you of anyone you know? It’s so easy for any of us to get distracted by the TV and fritter away hours watching our favorite shows (or even watching online). Manny is no different. Still, it’s as much fun for us to watch her “at work” as it is frustrating for the Master to see that Manny is no great shakes as a housecleaner, cook or babysitter. Her next adventure is getting ready for bed. Although everything she does is exaggerated for humor’s sake, parents will easily relate to how frustrating it is trying to get a child into bed. There’s snack time, bath time, story time, drink time, potty time--preparations drawn out in getting our darlings into bed and, finally, asleep. This is the perfect bedtime chapter to read to your dawdling toddlers. In the final chapter, Manny “helps” get her things together for moving day and the movers to load. She keeps getting distracted and Master has to come and finish the jobs he’s asked of her. Again, there is much relatable frustration and humor in keeping little ones on task and moving in the right direction. The artwork is another treat in this little chapter book. Manny is beautifully portrayed doing all her little tasks, to the best of her ability, but so cute, darling, and funny, that kids and parents alike will delight in pointing out the silly things that are pictured. This is a fun and funny book that will be enjoyed over and over again. Recommended for children ages three to seven--plus parents, teachers, and grandparents.” ~Penelope Anne Cole, Award Winning Author of Magical Matthew and Magical Mea

“The title alone catches my attention. Doesn't it do that for you? Sounds like a dog that many people would feel right at home with! Children enjoy animals, especially pets, and watching TV, so the combination in this new book, by Linda Derkez and her husband Mike, is sure to delight kids and their parents. There are three chapters in Manny the TV Watching Dog, and in each of them Manny's master is looking for someone to do specific tasks, and Manny is quick to say, "I can do that." Unfortunately, the TV turns out to be too big of a temptation to Manny, who is constantly distracted from the job at hand for some fine TV watching. Many of us can certainly relate to this happening, to ourselves and our children. Linda has creatively written this story with a dog who acts quite human in many ways. The adorable illustrations add to the fun as children follow Manny's positive well-meaning offers and what happens each time.” ~Author Connie Arnold

“If anyone has had experiences with dogs, one knows that dogs certainly have attributes humans have. Manny the dog has the can-do attitude of anything that is asked of her, but has a weakness for television. Yes, this good old dog loves television like many humans. Tasks are asked of Manny throughout the day and with her can-do attitude, she puts her best paw forward. From cleaning the house, to cooking, to watching the baby, laughter abounds with Manny’s antics. Does she ever accomplish what’s asked of her or does television become too much of a distraction? Read MANNY THE TV WATCHING DOG and enjoy a joyous doggie adventure.” ~Award Winning Children’s Book Author Donna McDine



ReadersFavorite 5 star review “Manny The TV Watching Dog: Book 2, written by Linda Derkez and Mike Derkez, is a collection of three stories about Manny, a lovable dog. This collection begins with “Manny the Nanny Dog,” a short and humorous story about a day that the nanny is not feeling well and Manny takes over caring for the child. However, it turns out that Manny does not make a good nanny. The next story is “Manny the No-Manners Dog,” which is a story of Manny forgetting her manners and needing to be reminded repeatedly by her master. The third and last story in this collection is “Manny the Christmas Dog.” Manny has fun getting ready for Christmas by helping with cards, cooking, and decorating. This collection shares stories about a dog Manny that will be enjoyed by everyone in your family! Linda Derkez and Mike Derkez have shared a collection of stories in this book. It is evident that Manny is a beloved dog through these stories in the way they are written and the way that Manny is portrayed. These are cute, short stories that are quick to read and they are filled with adorable illustrations that children (and adults as well!) will enjoy looking at. These stories will have you appreciating your dog and wanting to give him a hug, or make you want to get a dog for your family to enjoy the same love that is evident between Manny and the master.” ~Readers Favorite


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Reviews for VALENTINE BEAR, Book Two

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Reviews for VALENTINE BEAR, Book Three

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5 stars! “This is an ever moving story about a boy named Scotty who likes to eat his food while walking around the house. His mother is easygoing and would rather not say no to Scotty, but also is concerned about the crumbs he drops as he travels around with his food. Scotty’s Mom uses her imagination to peak Scotty’s imagination. The two of them come to a solution based solely on Scotty’s decision through his imaginary experiences. In the end, Scotty finds the perfect place to eat his food. Scotty imagines himself outside with his very large peanut butter sandwich. He meets a mailman, a neighbor, a hairy dog, a grandma, a gentleman in a hat, and many other people who all have the same thing in common: they are hungry! The pictures in this book are vividly enticing. They jump off the page and grab attention. I think any child would be thrilled to read these pages written by Linda Derkez, and gaze upon the artwork of David Fielding; over and over again. This book could very well become a favorite in a child’s library. I give this book 5 stars for color, and 5 stars for story content. The mother in this story found a way to heighten her child’s reasoning without being cross or negative; a lesson to be learned for sure.” ~Susan Hornbach, author of children’s literature

“Many moms will relate to the story of ONE LARGE PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICH TO GO by Linda Derkez, illustrated by David Fielding. When Scotty asks to roam around the house with toast or a cheese sandwich, his mom doesn’t think much of it. But when he asks to walk to his dad’s work with a goopy, messy peanut butter and jelly sandwich, Scotty’s mom has to think fast of how to get Scotty to sit at the table and eat his sandwich. Scotty’s mom asks him lots of “what if” questions. What if you run into the mailman and he wants a bite? Or the nice neighbor lady, a friendly dog, grandma who wants a nibble, a hungry elevator attendant, neighborhood children, or dad? As Scotty’s mom keeps naming possible people who may want to sample his peanut butter and jelly, the mental image of the sandwich keeps getting bigger and bigger until he almost trips over it. Wondering how he would carry such a large peanut butter sandwich, Scotty decides to eat it at the table. ONE LARGE PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICH TO GO is a darling addition to any home, school, or public library. I can imagine the book used as a story starter having students continue the story line. What would happen if Scotty’s sandwich grew so large that he had to wheelbarrow it? And what if the whole town wanted a bite? The possibilities are endless!” ~Jennifer Prus, Children’s Picture Book Author

“In ONE LARGE PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICH TO GO, Linda Derkez has written a book parents and teachers will happily appreciate. Scotty has a bad habit of walking around with his food and leaving crumbs everywhere. Mom wants to teach him it’s best to eat at the table and tries a new strategy. When he asks if he can walk with his peanut butter sandwich, she asks him where he’ll take it. Then she conjures up images of every person along the way wanting a bite of Scotty’s sandwich. He finally decides to eat it at the table—so he can have it all to himself. David Fielding’s art illustrates Linda Derkez’s story in an appealing “crayon” style that children will love. Scotty’s crumb-spilling days end because of Mom’s clever “what if” suggestions to change his behavior. Paired with David Fielding’s vibrant pictures, we see what Scotty imagines will happen when he walks his sandwich to Dad’s clinic. This is a fun story that kids will want to see and hear again and again. The lesson Mom wants to teach Scotty will come across loud and clear. Thanks to Linda Derkez and David Fielding for a fun and colorful story.” ~Penelope Anne Cole, Children’s Book Author

“Scotty’s insatiable appetite and habit of wandering his house and beyond while eating causes a trail of crumbs. At first it seems easier for Mom to allow the freedom of wandering until the mess gets out of control. Using the what if scenario to her advantage, Mom shares examples of what may happen to Scotty’s sandwich during his travels beyond the confines of their home. What ensues is a hilarious imagined adventure. What becomes of Scotty and his tendency to wander while eating? Does he lose sight of satisfying his hunger with his adventures? Whether you like peanut butter or not, the youngest of readers will enjoy the antics of Scotty and the stories that pop out of the imagination. David Fielding’s eye catching and humorous illustrations brings the story of ONE LARGE PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICH TO GO to life.” ~award-winning children’s author Donna M. McDine



5 stars! “Chip is a dreadfully selfish little bear who can’t find it in his heart to share any of his toys with his cousin Dorcas, who comes with their grandmother to visit Chip and his Mom. Dorcas is shy and timid and gives Chip the benefit of the doubt at each attempt to play with one of his toys. After much consideration and patience, Dorcas decides she is fed up with Chip’s nonsense and selfishness. Finally, Dorcas tells Chip she will share what she secretly carries in her pocket. In the end Chip realizes that what you give is what you get back…but sometimes worse. Chip then sees Dorcas in a new light, and they begin to work on a friendship. This is a wonderful book for children who have a hard time sharing. It also has a life lesson for children—that no matter how timid a child is, she has to have the strength within herself to combat anyone who is unkind. I think this book will empower children who are timid and bring enlightenment to those children who are a bit unkind to their playmates. I felt this book was entertaining, as well as a lesson in social skills for children. The pictures are colorful, cute, and, in my opinion, will hold the attention of any small child. For me, this books earns 5 stars for content, life lessons, and art.” ~Children’s book author Susan Hornbach

“Children’s author, Linda Derkez has done it again. CHIP’S SHARING DAY is a brilliant book that highlights the true nature of children when it comes to sharing toys. This delightful story transcends all cultural barriers. It will warm the hearts of parents, grandparents, and pre-school teachers from all over the world. I think Linda Derkez is a master at writing children’s books that are great resources for parents and teachers. Phoebe Doehring makes the story jump off the page with her great illustrations.” ~Nicole Weaver, award-winning children’s author

"Chip's cousin Dorcas comes to visit and Chip is supposed to be nice to her because she's very shy. Mom even wants him to show her his toys. He doesn't like sharing his toys, though. Whatever Dorcas touches, Chip immediately takes it away from her. Whatever Dorcas wants to play with, suddenly seems incredibly interesting to Chip, even the things he has long forgotten about. Then Dorcas, who is as clever as she is shy, decides to beat Chip at his own game. She takes something out of her pocket and pats it secretly. Chip snatches it from her. What a shock when it turns out to, I'm not giving this away. It's a nice twist. Sharing is one of the most difficult things to learn for kids. Their toy cars are as valuable to them as a Mercedes is to a grown-up. Frankly: would you share your car with your neighbor? I think it's important to accept that kids aren't just being egoistic and mean when they don't want other kids to play with their toys. On the other hand, they have to learn to trust that others don't take their things away for good, and that--even better--when they share they can play with others instead of playing alone. Now I'm stepping of my soapbox to say: Chip's Sharing Day is a cute book and kids will love it. Warmly recommended." ~Reviewed By E-Books for Kids

4 stars! "Chip is the kind of child that doesn't like to share. He also likes to call his cousin Dorcas, a shy little girl, Dorkie, instead of using her real name. When his cousin Dorcas came to play, he didn't like the idea of sharing anything. His mother asked him to show her his room and to be "kind and nice and fair" by sharing his toys with his cousin. Everything that Dorcas had, Chip wanted, even if he told her that he didn't want it anymore, and he constantly reminded her that his mother told them to be "kind and nice and fair." Finally, when Dorcas was tired of reminding her cousin of her real name, and tired of him taking everything she wanted to play with, she stepped into the corner and took something small out of her pocket. Immediately, Chip wanted it and reminded her once again that they were told to be "kind and nice and fair". Dorcas placed the tiny object into his cupped hands, told him he could keep it and left the room. Soon after, Chip came running out of his room screaming! What did Dorcas hand him? Is Dorcas as shy as she seems to be? CHIP'S SHARING DAY is a wonderful story with delightful illustrations. This book is perfect for teaching children the consequence of not sharing. It also shows children that sometimes people aren't what they seem to be, even if they are as shy and vulnerable as little Dorcas." ~Reviewed By Jennifer LB Leese for Fiction Forum

"Sharing is such a difficult concept for most young children to understand. When Dorcas, Chip's cousin comes over to play, Chip finds it hard to share anything with her, including an old balloon he said he didn't want. Finally, Dorcas has had enough and walks out of Chip's bedroom. But, she leaves a little surprise for Chip! Chip realizes that Dorcas is not so bad and actually fun to play with. Sharing is important and makes life much more enjoyable. Bright illustrations and easy text make this story fun to read. Children will relate well to the characters and laugh at the twist at the end!" ~Reviewed by Jennifer Reed for Wee Ones Magazine

“Chip is not happy! Not happy at having cousin Dorcas coming over for a visit and not happy with having to share his toys. But when Chip’s mom warns him to share or else, Chip’s sneaky behavior backfires. Chip keeps taking toys out of Dorcas’s hands but quickly learns the meaning of sharing the hard way. Shy Dorcas pulls something out of her pocket, cupping it in her hand. Watching Dorcas pat it and talk to it, Chip is curious and wants Dorcas to share her secret, which she does. Chip finds himself beat at his own game, resulting in Dorcas winning Chip’s respect. Author Linda Derkez and illustrator Phoebe Doehring provide a comical lesson in virtues. Children will be delightfully surprised of the “secret” and wittiness.” ~Jennifer Prus, Children’s Picture Book Author

“CHIP’S SHARING DAY by Linda Derkez with art by Phoebe Doehring is a book that both boys and girls can relate to and enjoy. His mother tries to teach Chip to be “kind and nice” and share his toys. Then Cousin Dorcas comes to visit. Chip is in that “what’s mine is mine” stage. He isn’t ready to play nicely and share. Instead, he’s being bratty. Chip takes back whatever Dorcas tries to play with, and calls her “Dorkie.” It’s a good thing Dorcas isn’t quite as shy and nice as she first appears. She’s sneaky and beats Chip at his own game. This is just what he needs, a little friendly comeuppance that wins his respect. Finally, they can be friends as equals. Phoebe Doehring’s illustrations clearly show Chip’s feelings. We see his scowling facial expressions as he resents his cousin at first, and tries to keep her away from “his” things. In the end, Cousin Dorcas wins him over by tricking him as he might have done to her. Doehring’s artwork is in the American Folk Art style. Her engaging pictures add to our enjoyment of the “Aha” ending. This story helps kids understand how their actions affect others. It’s one thing to be told to play nice and share, and another to see your behavior reflected in others. The best situation is when “the playing field is level” and both can tease and play instead of it being one-sided. Kids learn by observing behavior modeled by others. Here Chip sees how his bad behavior affected Dorcas when she turns the tables on him. Parents and teachers will have plenty of fodder for discussing “appropriate behavior” when reading this story.” ~Penelope Anne Cole, children’s book author

“Linda Derkez is also the author of CHIP’S SHARING DAY, a delightful book about a mischievous young bear named Chip whose cousin comes to visit. His mother tells him to play nicely with her and share his toys. Her name is Dorcas, but Chip seems to want to call her "Dorkie" and is gently corrected each time he does so. As they go off to play, every time Dorcus picks up one of his toys, Chip takes it back while Dorcus agreeably moves on to the next one. After this happens several times, Dorcus decides to share something with Chip, and he is in for a big surprise! See what happens to make a change in how Chip views and treats his cousin. Phoebe Doehring provides the expressive illustrations that help bring the story alive.” ~author Connie Arnold



"THE MISSING STORIES are fun, funny and so realistic in any day and age. Children can be so selfish and demanding, yet at the same time be incredibly imaginative and insightful. Caleb is a lively little boy who keeps his parents and the reader on their toes! The illustrations are wonderful and really add to the flavor of each story. My son loves these books. Whenever he says "No mad dog in the library!" or "No syrup!", I know he wants to read them again." ~Karen Wiesner, for Inkspot Q&A

Really Highly Recommended! "I loved the story about Caleb's Missing Father best. I laughed when he went indizzable. The Missing Whisper was really good too. I liked all of them. I want more books like this because I like them a lot. I wish all kids could read them. I loved reviewing this books on computers--make more, please." ~Reviewed by Rylee White, age 6, and soon to be in the first grade

Very Highly Recommended! "I loved the stories and they are nice to read from a monitor. The pictures were great. Caleb is a funny little boy and I hope I get to read more about him. It's fun to read these before other people and tell you what I think. I think that lots of kids would really enjoy reading this book. I'm going to use the new word, "Indizzable." Why don't more people make books like these?" ~Kelly White, age 7, and soon to be in the second grade, Under the Cover Book Reviews

5 Stars! "The Missing Stories includes Caleb's Missing Whisper about a noisy trip to the library with mom, Caleb's Missing Tears--what happens when Caleb believes brave boys don't cry, Caleb's Missing Manners--Caleb's manners are missing and his teddy helps him find them, and Caleb's Missing Dad--Caleb's being impossible, so dad decides being invisible may be the only cure. I read this with my five-year-old daughter sitting on my lap. The HTML version of this book was really nice. Nikki was easily able to change pages with one click of the mouse on a bright pink arrow. The story was wonderful in that it reinforced teachings I'd done as well as things she's learned in kindergarten that seem brand new. In the library story, she said, "I already knew that mom. Shhhh." When Caleb fell off the chair in Caleb's Missing Tears she said, "Ow, that had to hurt." That's when I knew she was paying attention and able to absorb what we were reading. I'd definitely recommend The Missing Stories for pre-schoolers and kindergartners. It's written in language young children can understand, and the illustrations are cute." ~Lisa Ramaglia for Scribes World Reviews

"Caleb's Missing Whisper: 2-year-old Caleb and his mom are going to the library, where Caleb behaves like a whirlwind, no matter what his mom tells him about being quiet and behaving properly. Kids will have a lot of fun with this story because they can easily identify with "mad dog" Caleb. Caleb's Missing Tears: Caleb plays with his terry cloth doll, then he falls off the chair and bangs his head. But he doesn't cry the way his doll does! Even later when he hurts his knee, Caleb refuses to cry. He wants to be a brave boy. Again, a wonderful story for our little rascals, who often face the same dilemma. Caleb's Missing Manners Mom tries to teach Caleb to say Please, Excuse me and Thank you. Now Caleb teaches his teddy bear manners, too. This is a droll story with a funny ending. It's lovely how real the teddy is for Caleb and how the two interact. Caleb's Missing Dad: Why doesn't Caleb want syrup with the pancakes Dad made for him? And why does he want syrup the next second? Exasperated by his son's antics, Dad pretends to be invisible. Caleb loves the game and his Dad has to play it over and over again. And what does Caleb do when his Dad behaves like a maniac? Right, he goes "indizzable", too. Caleb won my heart in a flash and I was glad to learn that more of his witty adventures are in the making. The illustrations are gorgeous." ~Christine Spindler for E-Books for Kids


Reviews for CODY KNOWS

5 Stars! “CODY KNOWS is an intricate detailed picture book with few words that depict the life of a small toddler boy named Cody. The book is displayed for very young children, and takes a child through a day of waking, bathing, eating, romping, exploring, visiting, playing, and pretty much getting into everything this rambunctious happy toddler can dig his little curious self into. His Mom is on the go from morning till night doing her best to keep up with her baby. Cody likes books, his dad, his Grandma, yummy food, and finds comfort at the end of the day in his Mom’s lap. I think this book will hold the attention of small children ages 2 to 4 years of age, and would be a great book for 5 year olds to read along with a parent. I recommend CODY KNOWS for anyone looking for a book to cuddle up with at the end of the day, or any time when you and your little bombardier need a break! I give it 5 starsfor an all-around story and art experience for little tykes.” ~Susan Hornbach, author of children’s literature

“CODY KNOWS a lot about staying busy! Follow along in the day of a life of a toddler, from dressing up in Mom and Dad’s clothes, dispersing diapers around the house, pulling all the books off the shelf, banging on pots and pans, and having a splish-splashing adventure during bath time. At the end of the day, Mom and Dad are exhausted, but know they are truly blessed with a little angel. Authors Karen Sue Wiesner and Linda Derkez, along with illustrator Candace J. Hardy, were able to capture the warm and fuzzy snuggle time essence. CODY KNOWS will surely spark questions from children of their own toddlerhood experiences and will quickly become a bedtime favorite.” ~Jennifer Prus, Children’s Picture Book Author

“CODY KNOWS by Karen Sue Wiesner, and Linda Derkez is a story that chronicles a day in the life of Cody. It starts at daybreak and ends at bedtime. I love the simplicity of the story. This is a great story that can be read to toddlers. The few words on each page serve the purpose of helping a parent introduce new words to a young child. The book is a great resource for parents with toddlers because it can help show the new parent what to expect. One thing for sure, parenting takes a lot of courage and as a mother of three children, I learned early on you have to allow toddlers to explore the world around them. Exploring is how all children learn. The illustrations by Candace J. Hardy reveal what is going on each page. One can almost feel the fear on Mom’s face as Cody gleefully explores the world around him.” ~Nicole Weaver, Award-winning Children’s Author

“CODY KNOWS by Karen Sue Wiesner with Linda Derkez, illustrated by Candace J. Hardy, is a book that should be given to all parents-to-be and new preschool teachers. This book tells it like you want it to be, but shows it like it is. Wiesner and Derkez have perfectly captured life with a toddler, from maddening to heart-warming. New parents and preschool teachers will relate to this book with a big “Amen.” You can’t turn a page without wondering, what will Cody get in to next? And how will his frazzled parents cope? They’ll do what every parent of a toddler does: watch ‘em like a hawk, pray for patience and strength, and live for the next day, when Cody will learn something new. Candace J. Hardy’s art illustrates the true essence of parenting. The parents’ (and grandparent’s) faces are alive with their fears as well as their hopes and dreams. They rush around trying to stay in step with Cody while he’s gleefully one or two steps ahead of them. You see their worry and surprise, and also their love and joy. This book can be a good teaching tool to tell your child what you want them to learn while showing them what you don’t want. “See what Cody’s doing. Now look at his Mommy’s and Daddy’s faces. What do they want Cody to do here?” I believe if more parents get this book before they become parents, they will be much better prepared for everything, instead of hearing, “You have no idea what you’re in for.” As we all know, parenting isn’t for sissies or cowards.” ~Penelope Anne Cole, children’s book author

“CODY KNOWS is one of many books by award-winning, multi-genre author, Karen Wiesner. She is joined by Linda Derkez in writing this story about a little boy named Cody and the things he knows. They are the types of things that small children learn as they grow, through what they are taught and their experiences. There are basic things like "blocks are for building" and "books are for reading." My favorites are "Daddies are for piggyback rides" and "Mamas are for hugging." The illustrations by Candace Hardy are filled with colorful details that will give a child plenty to look at while listening to the story. The short sentences and simple text make it good for helping youngsters learn to read.” ~author Connie Arnold

"Karen Sue Wiesner captures the pure innocence that thrives within every young child in her wonderful children's book CODY KNOWS. This book is a beautiful, heart-felt story about a little boy named Cody who knows how to test his parents' limits. Even though the devil comes out in him during the day, the angel soothingly appears while he is sleeping. CODY KNOWS would make a delightful and inspiring bedtime story. The message of love and understanding adorns every page. Children and those blessed by them are sure to enjoy this fantastic book. This reviewer thoroughly enjoyed reading CODY KNOWS to her children." ~Jennifer LB Leese,

"In the first 3 years of his life, a child learns more than in all his later years together. Brain development, motor skills, ability to speak, discovery of emotions - it's a huge task and a big step from being a helpless new-born to becoming a toddler, whose primary interest lies in discovering the world around him and finding out as much as possible about it. Every toddler is an adventurer in his own way. CODY KNOWS is a celebration of this amazing process. It shows a day in Cody's life - all the things he knows already, as well as the playful expansion of his skills. Any toddler will be able to perfectly relate to Cody. He'll recognize his own busy "schedule". The illustrations are lovingly detailed and give mother and child a lot to point at, explain and laugh about. A great read-to experience with an adorable "happy ending"." ~Christine Spindler, E-Books for Kids

4 Stars! "This story follows one weekday in the life of little Cody. It begins at daybreak and ends at bed time. Most any child will be able to relate with the story of Cody. This is a wonderful picture book for pre-schoolers. Simple words to follow and short sentences per page so your child can read along with you. The illustrations are bright and colorful, very eye-catching, with many details. Many schools introduce the computer in first grade. Therefore, this ebook is a perfect way to help your child learn to read, as well as, assist your child in becoming comfortable with simple commands of computers. It is a story your child will ask you to read many times." ~HUNTRESS REVIEWS


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