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DAME TOPAZ TREASURES: Volume II: Spirits, Ghosts and Magic
(Cover Art Designed by Karen Wiesner)

Novella Collection

Award-winning author Carrie S. Masek is one of the original members of Jewels of the Quill, an award-winning group of authors in all genres banded together to promote their books. The group also does anthologies together. DAME TOPAZ TREASURES, Volume II: Spirits, Ghosts and Magic is a compilation of four novellas Carrie contributed to Jewels of the Quill anthologies, plus a bonus novella, including The Topaz Locket, Special Delivery, Trick or Treat, Topaz and the Lucky Seven, and Cybergeist.

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DAME TOPAZ TREASURES, Volume II: Spirits, Ghosts and Magic

Carrie S. Masek has been telling stories since she was three and discovered she got into less trouble when she provided creative explanations for the chaos that swirled around her. She now lives in a comfortably messy house on Chicago's North Shore. Contributing to the chaos are her husband, four grown children, and a ditzy dog. When not writing, Carrie (along with her husband) runs a coffee business, Coffee Fresh, Inc., which you can visit here: Carrie has won awards for both short and novel-length fiction.

Carrie's horror short, Cybergeist, was publishing in the Mundania Press anthology Beyond the Mundane: Unravelings, the 2005 EPPIE winner for best anthology. Itís been republished in DAME TOPAZ TREASURES, Volume II: Spirits, Ghosts and Magic. Carrie's novels include: Young Adult paranormal romance, UNDER A BEAR MOON (Hard Shell Word Factory, 5/99), which won both the 2000 EPPIE and the 2000 Dream Realms Award for best YA novel: a futuristic vampire romance, TWICE DAMNED (Mundania Press, 2/05); and A DRAGON'S TAIL (Double Dragon Publishing, 3/05), a Young Adult fantasy written by Carrie and her son William.

Carrie's first dame collection, DAME TOPAZ TREASURES--with Desert Rose, Petals of a Topaz Jewel, Magic Kisses, Lunch at the Topaz Diner, The Topaz Guard, and a bonus story The Last Dance--is available now and published by Whiskey Creek Press. It was a 2012 EPIC Award winner (anthology category). Her second dame collection is available now in trade paperback and electronic formats. DAME TOPAZ TREASURES, Volume II: Spirits, Ghosts and Magic contains four of her stories from Jewels of the Quill anthologies, including The Topaz Locket, Special Delivery, Trick or Treat, and Topaz and the Lucky Seven plus a bonus story, Cybergeist. The collection is a finalist in the 2013 Readers Favorite annual International Award Contest (fiction anthology category). Winners will be announced September 1, 2013.

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