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butterfly Denim Blues Mysteries

Denim Blues Mysteries Logo
(Logo Designed by Karen Wiesner)

Retired and on the Rocks (Cover design by Karen Wiesner)

Book 1 of the Denim Blues Mysteries
Inspirational Romantic Mystery (Private Investigators)
by Karen Wiesner
978-1-60313-781-2 (trade paperback); 978-1-60313-780-5 (electronic)
Available now from Whiskey Creek Press
Paperback from
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A missing engagement ring leads to murder…

It's been a month since Denim McHart hung up his private investigating career after he ended up with a bullet in his leg. The injury has forced Den to re-evaluate future goals in his career, his love-life and his spiritual life. To keep himself busy in early retirement, he's been attempting to restore an antique table and he's officially bored. He can't seem to keep his mind off his investigative partner, the lovely and complicated Sylvia Price whom he's had an on-again, off-again romantic relationship with in the past. When Sylvia calls him out of the blue, he doesn't waste time getting down to their office.

In this past month, Sylvia has been dealing with her own feelings for Den, her overwhelming guilt for the pivotal event that happened years ago and caused her mother to be mentally unstable, coinciding with her inability to forgive herself the way she knows the Lord has forgiven her.

Before the sparks can fly between Den and Sylvia in the direction he has his heart set, she says they've got company. Jilted bride Naomi Deva tells him that her groom--Mayor Thomas Julian--dumped her at the altar. Reluctantly, she admits he'd caught her in a compromising position with the best man only minutes before the ceremony. Naomi also reveals the reason why she's sought them: The local police department hasn't been able to turn up the 6.1 carat diamond engagement ring Thomas gave her...and the groom wants it back. Immediately.

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4 Stars! "In the first Denim Blues mystery, Wiesner pens both an excellent love story and mystery while bringing the Lord's words and forgiveness into the story to help Sylvia with her healing process." ~Cindy Himler for RT Book Reviews

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Love is Blind (Cover design by Karen Wiesner)

Book 2 of the Denim Blues Mysteries
Inspirational Romantic Mystery (Police Procedural)
by Karen Wiesner
978-1-61160-001-8 (trade paperback); 978-1-61160-000-1 (electronic) Available now from Whiskey Creek Press
Paperback from
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2010 CAPA winner 2010 CAPA Award winner (inspirational romance category)

5 hearts and winner of the 5 heart sweetheart Award from The Romance Studio

2nd Place winner in the Mainstream/Single Title/Romantic Suspense category of the 2010 Lories Best Published contest

Working with local private investigators Den McHart and Sylvia Price, Briar's Point Police Department Detective Orlando Bateman solves a missing person case. Keeya Nilsen, visually impaired from the plane crash that took her parents' lives, comes to him and has a justifiably bad attitude about love, since all the men she's ever loved have cheated on her and robbed her...including the last one, who absconded with her most prized possession—her grandfather's unpublished Blues compositions—when he flew the coop. As together they search for her last boyfriend and her missing legacy, Orlando reminds Keeya of the faith she’d had before the plane crash that changed her life and makes her see love as God intends.

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5 Hearts! “Karen Wiesner has another winner on her hands! Once again, I've embarked upon a series created by Ms. Wiesner which grabbed my attention from the beginning. I do not normally like to read mysteries. However, her writing style kept my interest once again. Wiesner has quickly become one of my favorite authors. Her ability to write across genres assures that many readers are constantly reaching for her books. She isn't afraid to attack the more controversial situations in a Christian's life. Examples of this are the scriptural command to “be not unequally yoked” as well as abstinence from sex until marriage. These characters are outstanding and so compelling. It was easy to get involved with them, as well as the many others that rounded out the storyline. The hint of book number three in the series excited me also. The action was intense at times and she presented us with another shocking ending. I highly recommend this beautifully written, emotional book to everyone. You will definitely be glad to have read it. She has hooked me on a whole new set of characters and town.” ~Brenda Talley for The Romance Studio

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Souls on BOring Street
(Cover design by Karen Wiesner)

Book 3 of the Denim Blues Mysteries
Inspirational Romantic Mystery (Amateur Sleuth)
by Karen Wiesner
978-1-60313-934-2 (trade paperback);
978-1-60313-935-9 (electronic)
Available now from Whiskey Creek Press
Paperback from
Download from
Download from
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Erin Shanley, a hospice nurse, turns amateur sleuth when she realizes that some of her patients are being swindled out of their life savings by the new “psychic” fortunetellers in Briar’s Point. She confides in her neighbor, Detective Tyler Shaw, whom she grew up alongside and considers her best friend.

Tough guy Ty has been in love with Erin since their disastrous first attempt at a romantic relationship when they were teenagers. Erin has been skittish about love since she discovered her father was cheating on her father—and Ty is so much like her father. How can she risk loving a reckless, restless adventurer when her mother’s loyalty to a man like that brought her so much pain? But when Erin’s bumbling sleuthing attempts arouse someone’s wrath, she realizes her heart isn’t the only thing in danger.

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4 1/2 Books and Book of the Week Nominee! “Ms. Wiesner has written a good, solid mystery with engaging characters. Erin is a complex soul, and you can understand why she feels the way she does about men and empathize with Ty as he tries to get her to open her heart to him. Past and present are interwoven in this story. It is a good story and I enjoyed reading it. Ms. Wiesner makes her characters real and you won’t have any doubt about how they feel and what motivates them. You’ll find yourself rooting for Erin’s happiness, too.” ~Long and Short Reviews

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Look for the spin-off to the Denim Blues Mysteries with Red Velvet Mysteries.
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