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The Official Companion of Karen Wiesnerís Books.

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Falling Star   First Love   Forever Man   Only the Lonely   Midnight Angel   Shadows of the Night  Promises in the Dark

New Release!

Karenís Angelfire Trilogy (contemporary romances) has been revised and reissued. Look for the spin-off series with Angelfire II Quartet. Books 1 and 2, ONLY THE LONELY and MIDNIGHT ANGEL, are now available with Books 3-4 coming out between 2016-2018.

Adventures in Amethyst Series   A Rose for Romeo   Revenge in Amethyst   Reckless Rose   Christmas in Amethyst
Til Summer Comes Around   Rose and Thorn   Briarís Patch   For Auld Lang Syne   Forbidden Fruit

Revised Reissues and First Novel in the Series Available; Four More Coming Soon!

The first four novellas in Karenís Adventures in Amethyst Series, contemporary romances set in the fictional Amethyst, Wisconsin, are available now along with the first novel in the series, TIL SUMMER COMES AROUND, Book 5. Look for four more novels to be released 2016-2019. For more information about these stories and the series, click here.

Bound Spirits   The Bloodmoon Curse   Crooked House   Return to Bloodmoon Manor   Reunited   Haunted Legacy   Bloodmoon Cove Spirits Series Novella Collection

New Sales and Releases!

Karenís newest series, Bloodmoon Cove Spirits, focuses on ghosts and is set in her fictional Erie County, Wisconsin. Books 1 and 2 are now available. Books 3-6 and the first novella collection will be published between 2016-2020. Click here to find out more about this series.

Clumsy Girlís Guide to Falling in Love   Michaelís Angel   Forever and All That Jazz   First Comes Love   Perfect Reflection   Clumsy Girlís Guide to Having a Baby   All Good Things  Clumsy Girlís Guide to Having It All

New Release!

Karenís multi-award-winning Family Heirlooms Series (inspirational romances) is now available. Books 1-3 of the spin-off series, Friendship Heirlooms Series, are also available. Look for Books 4-8 to be released between 2015-2017.

Wings of Love     Losses and Gains   For Always   Taming April   The Only One   Cowboy Fever Series   Drifterís Heart   A Wing and A Prayer

Newly Available!

The Cowboy Fever Series, contemporary romances set in the fictional town Fever, Texas, includes five novellas and a novel, available now. Look for A WING AND A PRAYER (Book 7, A Cowboy Fever Series Novel) in 2020. Find out more about all of these titles here.

Woodcutter's Grim Series   Papa   Blood of Amethyst   Dancing to the Grave   Moonlight Becomes You   Bewitched
One Night of Eternity   Beauty is the Beast   Woodcutterís Grim Series II   The Deep   Bridge of Fire   Hunterís Blues   The Amethyst Tower

New Sales and Releases (Revised and Reissued)!

Books 1-8 and The Final Chapter of the Woodcutter's Grim Series (Classic Tales of Horror Retold) are romantic paranormals and horror novellas and novels set in Karen's fictional town of Woodcutter's Grim, Wisconsin. Coming up in the series: HUNTER'S BLUES (romantic futuristic paranormal) will be released January 2019 and BRIDGE OF FIRE, Book 9 (romantic paranormal fantasy) will be out September 2020. Find out more about all of these titles here.

Leather & Lace   Flesh & Blood   Fire & Ice   Vows & the Vagabond   Destiny   Home   Restless as Rain   Sweet Dreams

Available now!

Karenís Gypsy Road Series (contemporary romances) has been revised and reissued. Click on the series button above to find out more about these titles. Her inspirational romantic fiction novels, HOME and DESTINY, both set in her fictional town of Peaceful, Wisconsin are available now along with the reissues of RESTLESS AS RAIN (contemporary romance) and SWEET DREAMS (paranormal romance). Find out more about these titles by clicking on the ďOther Romantic FictionĒ button.

Baby, Baby   Shadow Boxing   Foolish Games Glass Angels   Shards of Ashley   Worlds Collide

Award-winning Series Available!

Karenís multi-award-winning Family Heirlooms Series (inspirational romances) is now available. Click here to find out more about this series.

Incognito Series Megabook 1   Incognito Series Megabook 2   Incognito Series Megabook 3   Incognito Series Megabook 4   Guardian Agents   Guardian Spirits   Guardian Angels   Shadow Missions   Out of the Shadows

Reissues and New Spin-off Series Coming Soon!

Karen's multi-award-winning and bestselling Incognito Series (romantic action/adventure/suspenses) has been revised and reissued. The upcoming spin-off series, Shadow Missions will include four novellas to be released in 2018. Click on the series buttons above to find out more about these titles.

Retired and on the Rocks   Love Is Blind   Souls on BOring Street   Moonlight and Roses  Be My Baby   Forever Mine

Award-winning Trilogy Available with Spin-off Trilogy Coming soon!

Karen's award-winning Denim Blues Mysteries (inspirational romantic mystery trilogy each with a private investigator, police procedural and amateur sleuth installment) is available now. Look for the spin-off trilogy, Red Velvet Mysteries, to be released between 2018-2020. Click on the buttons above to find out more about these stories.

Kaleidoscope Series   Perfect Cadence   In Cahoots With Cupid   Behind Amethyst Eyes   Jordanaís Chair   Paper Tiger   Cabin Fever   The Longest Night

Revised and Reissued!

All seven novellas in the Kaleidoscope Series (contemporary romances) are now available. For more information about these stories and the series, click here.


Revised and Reissued!

The novellas The Amethyst Angel, A Home for Christmas, The Amethyst Star, and Creatures of the Night have been revised and reissued as 2-in-1 volumes. For more information about these stories, click here.

Reluctant Hearts   Waiting for an Eclipse   Mirror Mirror   Wayward Angels   Until It's Gone   White Rainbow

Revised Reissues Available Now!

Karenís Wounded Warriors Series (womenís fiction) has been revised and reissued. Find out more about the series here.

Degrees of Separation   Tears on Stone   FBCF Volume I   The Fifteenth Letter   Romantic Notions   FBCF Volume II   As Patient as Death   Pretty Fly   Volume III

Revised and Reissued, New Book Available, and Upcoming Releases Coming!

Karen writes the multi-award-winning Falcon's Bend Series (police procedural mysteries) with author Chris Spindler of Auenwald, Germany. Books 1-5 and the first two novellas collections have been revised and reissued. AS PATIENT AS DEATH, Book 5 is newy available. Look for brand new series titles with PRETTY FLY, Book 6 (2015) and FALCONíS BEND CASE FILES, Volume III (2017). Click here to find out more about the series.

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