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ReadersFavorite 5 star review “This is a book about Keri, a cute girl. In fact, that is an understatement; she is a cute cute cute girl! That's what everyone around her said. From the moment she was born, everybody praised her for being cute. Her parents were very proud of her and she was also proud of the fact that she is beautiful. As she grew, more 'cute' comments came her way and she accepted all of them happily. Until one fine day she realized being cute is not the only thing in the world. Kids around her do something unique, something useful; they may not be cute, but they are good at an art or another subject. Being cute is good up to a certain point, but beyond that she has to find a different identity for herself. Keri starts thinking along these lines and what happens next is a wonderful climax to this cute story. Er, please read that as "this brilliant story”. KERI IS CUTE CUTE CUTE is written by Karen Wiesner, author of more than 100 books and illustrated by Molly M. Courtright, senior illustrator and graphic designer, published by Wee Creek Press. This book (purposefully, I assume) uses a pink theme which is supposed to be the color of cute girls. With a simple story and short, easy to read sentences, it illustrates the powerful fact that cuteness is important but that is not all there is to life. Kids will love reading this story while the message will stay with them forever. I strongly recommend this book to kids who just started reading.”

~Naga Chokkanathan for Readers' Favorite

5 Stars! “In the book, KERI IS CUTE CUTE CUTE, we learn about a little girl. She is constantly being told how cute she is and she believes everyone. She is cute! Her dad says she is cute, her mom says she is cute. Even with oatmeal all over her face, or doing something as simple as just crawling across the floor, she receives accolades just for her cuteness! When she goes to school, she continues to receive attention for her cuteness. However, she meets friends who can actually do something. This is a new concept for her--her friends are receiving recognition for drawing and counting yet she only is recognized for being cute. She starts to wonder if there isn't something more to her life, and she wants to be more than just a pretty face. This is a good book to help your child learn he or she has value beyond looks. Keri tries to figure out what she can be known as instead of “Keri is Cute”.”

~BellaOnline’s Children's Books

5 Stars! “Keri is Cute, Cute, Cute, written by Karen Wiesner and illustrated by Molly M. Courtright, is a sweet book that gets its point across in an appealing manner. Since she was a baby Keri had been told she’s “cute cute cute.” It’s not surprising that cuteness becomes her identity. When you’re little, it’s perfectly okay to be cute. Folks just love to tickle a baby’s chin and tell them how cute and darling they are. No one can get enough of cute babies. However, as we get older, we all want to be known for something besides our looks. And that is what happens to Keri. One day Keri realizes that being cute isn’t enough. Other kids have talents, interests, and abilities. What are hers? What does she like to do and what can she do – besides be cute? She tries to puzzle this out for herself. Fate or good fortune helps her with this and she discovers she does have a talent and an interest, -- so she claims it as her own. She’s a bit of a heroine, as well. Yes, you’ll have to get the book to find out exactly what happens! And maybe you’ll have to look up a word as I did. The whimsical and pert artwork by Molly M. Courtright is done in colorful pastels. The story benefits from the positive smiling faces and upbeat images throughout. In this little book there’s no judgment against being cute as much as recognition that it’s better to be more than one’s looks – to have goals and a purpose in your life. This is one of those children’s books that you read and say, “Hmmm, why didn’t I write that book?” It resonated personally with me. I have a beautiful daughter who’s always been told how lovely, pretty, and cute she is. Fortunately, she is also kind, a loyal friend, a sweet daughter, and an animal lover, and has many interests other than looking good. Although our culture values beauty, being beautiful can be a mixed blessing – even a burden for those who don’t have much else going for them. So I’m pleased that Ms. Wiesner wrote this book to remind parents, grandparents, and teachers to be sure to comment on the total package. It’s important to acknowledge their children’s diverse gifts and talents, not simply their beauty. And this is true for both boys and girls. Keri is Cute, Cute, Cute is published by, and is available from Amazon and Read about Karen Wiesner’s many other books on her website:”

~Penelope Anne Cole, award Winning Author of Magical Matthew and Magical Mea,

“Award winning author Karen Wiesner has written a cute book about cuteness. And I must say the illustrations by Molly M. Courtright are also cute. In Keri is Cute, Cute, Cute we see that ever since she was a baby Keri has been told over and over again by her parents and everyone else that she is cute. She revels in that praise. But one day she's confronted by a friend of her brother who asks what she can do and she realizes being cute isn't as important as being able to accomplish something. Finally she helps another child and realizes that she does have a talent that matters more than how she looks. This book will help kids understand that appearance isn't everything. And maybe some of the parents who read it to their children will also benefit from that lesson.”

~Author Janet Ann Collins



5 Stars! “A child on a swing on a lovely summer's day--such a simple pleasure, full of possibilities, full of imagination. This boy loves his swing. His mom once said that he might swing high enough to touch the sky and then what would he do? Our hero sets out to find out what he can do. Alone on his swing, he swings higher and higher until he does reach the sky. He learns that Mom was right about a lot of things. The sky is "like pale blue frosting, cool and sweet", the clouds are like the "fluffiest bed", and the stars "taste like sugar cookies". His adventure in the sky has him flying on the back of an eagle, with other birds and airplanes, and the wind rushing past them. There is music, too, from the "harps floating through open space". Mr. Moon even reads him a story. A beautiful day changes suddenly when our hero, climbing down the ladder that Mr. Moon presented, accidentally kicks one of the clouds and it turns black, threatening rain. As he sits on his swing, his mom calls him back inside. "It's starting to rain," she says. Our hero giggles as he remembers how he made the weather change to rain. He was in his own little world on the swing and, when his mom asks him where he was, our hero answers simply, "I just love to swing, Mom. I can touch the sky." In I Can Touch the Sky, Karen Wiesner has created an enchanting and colorful book about the simple pleasures of childhood and the dreams that sparkle with imagination. The language is simple, but the imagery is outstanding with similes and metaphors to tempt each of the senses. There is so much hope for childhood dreams presented in this little story. With colorful illustrations, the author has pointed out a very important fact: there is more pleasure to be found in just sitting on the backyard swing than in some of the other pastimes children pursue today. An excellent little story that will hopefully spark the imaginations of countless children. Well done.” ~Readers Favorite

5 Stars! “Karen Wiesner’s new children’s book, “I Can Touch the Sky”, is a celebration of all that’s wonderful about childhood. The little boy in the story is swinging on his swing in his own backyard, and yet he’s on a grand adventure. He swings so high, he can touch the sky; it tastes like blue frosting. He hears harp music and sees puffy, fluffy clouds float by. He shares the sky with planes and eagles and even catches a ride. When the stars and moon come out, he asks Mr. Moon for a story, eats a star cookie, kicks a cloud and makes it rain. He’s tired and ready to come in when his mom calls him, but oh what a glorious adventure he’s had! The artwork by Nina Marie Rothfuss is simple and straightforward. We see our little adventurer totally enjoying his make-believe world created with his mind and his swing. My favorite illustration is when he’s swinging up so high that his house looks small, like a doll house. What an imagination he has! This sweet story is intended for ages four through six, grades Pre-K through First Grade. I can see older siblings reading it to younger ones and talking about when they were little, how high they could swing, and everything they saw and did.” ~reviewed by Penelope Anne Cole, Award Winning Author of Magical Matthew, Magical Mea, and Ten Little Tricksters

5 Stars! “What kid on a swing hasn't imagined flying off into the air? I certainly did many times when I was young. In Karen Wiesner's book, I Can Touch the Sky, a child does exactly that and goes up into the sky to have adventures. Little kids (and maybe some older ones) will love this fun and creative book.” ~children’s author Janet Ann Collins

5 Stars! “Here is a sweet imaginative story that any child who loves to swing can relate to. Simple text makes this story a good one for new readers to enjoy as well as little ones who just want a nice bedtime book. Every other page has a captivating illustration. Beautiful!” ~children’s author Heather Tietz

5 Stars! "As a child who spent hours on a swing set, I appreciated this beautifully illustrated story about the excitement of using a swing. This story can encourage children to use their imaginations as well as get some exercise and fresh air. The story's four-year-old hero has a number of adventures while up the air, which reminds me of my experiences daydreaming on a swing set as a child. The words are ideal for early readers, and the illustrations are sure to spark creative thinking! I recommend this book to all the imaginative children who love to swing." ~children’s author Brianna Baker, author of Appleblossom

4 Stars! “Most children dream of flying with birds or soaring out into space when they swing alone. This child is no different. This is…more along the line of a bedtime story. I can easily picture a parent reading it while their child marvels over the lively illustrations or a child reading it alone as a preschool book.” ~Huntress Reviews



5 Stars! “CODY KNOWS is an intricate detailed picture book with few words that depict the life of a small toddler boy named Cody. The book is displayed for very young children, and takes a child through a day of waking, bathing, eating, romping, exploring, visiting, playing, and pretty much getting into everything this rambunctious happy toddler can dig his little curious self into. His Mom is on the go from morning till night doing her best to keep up with her baby. Cody likes books, his dad, his Grandma, yummy food, and finds comfort at the end of the day in his Mom’s lap. I think this book will hold the attention of small children ages 2 to 4 years of age, and would be a great book for 5 year olds to read along with a parent. I recommend CODY KNOWS for anyone looking for a book to cuddle up with at the end of the day, or any time when you and your little bombardier need a break! I give it 5 starsfor an all-around story and art experience for little tykes.”

~Susan Hornbach, author of children’s literature

“CODY KNOWS a lot about staying busy! Follow along in the day of a life of a toddler, from dressing up in Mom and Dad’s clothes, dispersing diapers around the house, pulling all the books off the shelf, banging on pots and pans, and having a splish-splashing adventure during bath time. At the end of the day, Mom and Dad are exhausted, but know they are truly blessed with a little angel. Authors Karen Sue Wiesner and Linda Derkez, along with illustrator Candace J. Hardy, were able to capture the warm and fuzzy snuggle time essence. CODY KNOWS will surely spark questions from children of their own toddlerhood experiences and will quickly become a bedtime favorite.”

~Jennifer Prus, Children’s Picture Book Author

“Cody Knows by Karen Sue Wiesner, and Linda Derkez is a story that chronicles a day in the life of Cody. It starts at daybreak and ends at bedtime. I love the simplicity of the story. This is a great story that can be read to toddlers. The few words on each page serve the purpose of helping a parent introduce new words to a young child. The book is a great resource for parents with toddlers because it can help show the new parent what to expect. One thing for sure, parenting takes a lot of courage and as a mother of three children, I learned early on you have to allow toddlers to explore the world around them. Exploring is how all children learn. The illustrations by Candace J. Hardy reveal what is going on each page. One can almost feel the fear on Mom’s face as Cody gleefully explores the world around him.”

~Nicole Weaver, Award-winning Children’s Author

“CODY KNOWS by Karen Sue Wiesner with Linda Derkez, illustrated by Candace J. Hardy, is a book that should be given to all parents-to-be and new preschool teachers. This book tells it like you want it to be, but shows it like it is. Wiesner and Derkez have perfectly captured life with a toddler, from maddening to heart warming. New parents and preschool teachers will relate to this book with a big “Amen.” You can’t turn a page without wondering, what will Cody get in to next? And how will his frazzled parents cope? They’ll do what every parent of a toddler does: watch ‘em like a hawk, pray for patience and strength, and live for the next day, when Cody will learn something new. Candace J. Hardy’s art illustrates the true essence of parenting. The parents’ (and grandparent’s) faces are alive with their fears as well as their hopes and dreams. They rush around trying to stay in step with Cody while he’s gleefully one or two steps ahead of them. You see their worry and surprise, and also their love and joy. This book can be a good teaching tool to tell your child what you want them to learn while showing them what you don’t want. “See what Cody’s doing. Now look at his Mommy’s and Daddy’s faces. What do they want Cody to do here?” I believe if more parents get this book before they become parents, they will be much better prepared for everything, instead of hearing, “You have no idea what you’re in for.” As we all know, parenting isn’t for sissies or cowards.”

~Penelope Anne Cole, children’s book author

“CODY KNOWS is one of many books by award-winning, multi-genre author, Karen Wiesner. She is joined by Linda Derkez in writing this story about a little boy named Cody and the things he knows. They are the types of things that small children learn as they grow, through what they are taught and their experiences. There are basic things like "blocks are for building" and "books are for reading." My favorites are "Daddies are for piggyback rides" and "Mamas are for hugging." The illustrations by Candace Hardy are filled with colorful details that will give a child plenty to look at while listening to the story. The short sentences and simple text make it good for helping youngsters learn to read.”

~author Connie Arnold

"Karen Sue Wiesner captures the pure innocence that thrives within every young child in her wonderful children's book CODY KNOWS.

"This book is a beautiful, heart-felt story about a little boy named Cody who knows how to test his parents' limits. Even though the devil comes out in him during the day, the angel soothingly appears while he is sleeping.

"CODY KNOWS would make a delightful and inspiring bedtime story. The message of love and understanding adorns every page. Children and those blessed by them are sure to enjoy this fantastic book.

"This reviewer thoroughly enjoyed reading CODY KNOWS to her children."

~Jennifer LB Leese,

"In the first 3 years of his life, a child learns more than in all his later years together. Brain development, motor skills, ability to speak, discovery of emotions - it's a huge task and a big step from being a helpless new-born to becoming a toddler, whose primary interest lies in discovering the world around him and finding out as much as possible about it. Every toddler is an adventurer in his own way.

"CODY KNOWS is a celebration of this amazing process. It shows a day in Cody's life - all the things he knows already, as well as the playful expansion of his skills.

"Any toddler will be able to perfectly relate to Cody. He'll recognize his own busy "schedule". The illustrations are lovingly detailed and give mother and child a lot to point at, explain and laugh about. A great read-to experience with an adorable "happy ending"."

~Christine Spindler, E-Books for Kids

4 Stars! "This story follows one weekday in the life of little Cody. It begins at daybreak and ends at bed time. Most any child will be able to relate with the story of Cody.

"This is a wonderful picture book for pre-schoolers. Simple words to follow and short sentences per page so your child can read along with you. The illustrations are bright and colorful, very eye-catching, with many details.

"Many schools introduce the computer in first grade. Therefore, this ebook is a perfect way to help your child learn to read, as well as, assist your child in becoming comfortable with simple commands of computers. It is a story your child will ask you to read many times."



REVIEWS FOR Taking Responsibility Builds Trust, Book 1 of the Making Good Choices Series by Karen Sue Wiesner

"This interactive e-book for young children by Karen Sue Wiesner encourages children to make good choices by presenting different scenarios and asking them to make judgement calls.

"An excellent teaching tool for very young children, "Taking Responsibility Builds Trust" allows children to make choices and see the consequences. It is easy to navigate, and is most suitable for ages ten and under... Beers' illustrations are cute and colorful."

~Paula Kirman for Women Writers at About

"The Making Good Choices e-book series is an interactive set of stories primarily written for elementary aged children. This book, "Taking Responsibility Builds Trust" is obviously about trust. A character named Reb Raccoon guides young readers through a series of stories incorporating 'the Good Choice Kids', in given circumstances and then asking the reader whether the kids made good choices or not within those scenarios.

"For example, the one of the stories revolves around a young boy named Cody and his mother, who go to the playground. Cody's mother sits on a bench to read while Cody plays nearby. But Cody has trouble interacting with other children and after several examples of his bad behavior are illustrated, the reader is asked about the kinds of choices Cody made. Doing so gives the young reader clear examples of both good and bad behavior and guides them toward an understanding of what is expected of them.

"This e-book will definitely appeal to young children, especially since it is interactive and allows the child to jump around by clicking on various links within the pages. Ms. Wiesner's writing style is clear and simply structured, and each page is illustrated with friendly, colorful and engaging characters through the talent of artist Beers.

"Thoughtful, friendly and appealing, "Taking Responsibility Builds Trust" is a definite plus on any parent's bookshelf."

~Reviewed by Denise M. Clark for

5 Stars! "The Making Good Choices series is an interactive set of stories and illustrations designed to help parents and kids understand each other and to work together toward making good decisions. The series is designed for preschoolers and elementary school-aged kids. Each book has a set of short stories where the character (a child) makes choices. This book focuses on "responsibility" and "trust". This book has a boy with two stories. In the first, his choices are made on a playground. In the second, his choices are made during a sleep-over with a friend.

"Your child will read this story and decide whether the story's character made good choices or not. By clicking on YES or NO your child is able to be interactive with the story. Which ever answer your child clicks on, the story will take your child to another section of the book and tell him/her if the answer they chose was good or not. Then it explains WHY.

"The host of the book is Reb Raccoon. Reb will award your child gold stars for good choices, as well as, plant "seeds of knowledge". Children will enjoy interacting with Reb Raccoon and will read the book over and over. It is a perfect way to help children learn about building trust and taking responsibility for their own actions. A print version of the series will be released later. PERSONALLY, I prefer the electronic version of the series. WHY? A simple click of a mouse shows your child whether his/her answer was a good choice or not. The print version will have the answers in the back of the book. I look forward to the second book of this series. Highly recommended!"

~HUNTRESS REVIEWS (Reviewed by Detra Fitch)

"Meet Reb Raccoon as he takes kids through a series of stories and teaches them in a fun way, how to make good choices. We love this book because of it's interactive components. Clickable links help kinds to better understand concepts. The pictures are bright and extremely personable. Children from preschool through elementary school will enjoy this book. The quality is superb as is the many messages it sends."

~Wee Ones Magazine

"I just finished reading and re-reading "Taking Responsibility Builds Trust" by Karen Sue Wiesner and illustrated beautifully by Robert Lee Beers. It is the first book of her "Making good Choices" series published by Writers Exchange E-Publishing.

"I must say, this book is the most fascinating and thought-provoking children's I have read in years. The author has discovered a way of dealing with enormously complicated questions which each of our children face every day of their life.

"The "targeted audience" of pre-school and elementary aged school children are presented in a series of "everyday life" scenarios, then are asked to make a "choice" as to how they would have handled the situation. After choosing, they are shown the consequences of their decision, then presented with the correct responses they should have made.

"As a retired pastor and educator for more than twenty years, I can enthusiastically recommend this book. It should be "required reading" for every young child in America."

~Dusty Rhodes, retired pastor and author of Man Hunter, Shiloh, Jedidiah Boone, and Death Rides A Pale Horse

"When I sat down at my computer to read the e-book Making Good Choices, I started reading and taking notes on what I would write for this review. I was impressed with the simplicity and clarity of the book, but that's an adults point of view and everything I wrote seemed lacking. Then my six-year-old walked into the room. A light bulb moment happened, I asked her to help me with my work. Of course she hesitated until I told her it involved reading a book and then the hesitation turned into a resounding "Yes!"

"We started out by learning about the cute and cuddly guide for the book Reb, who also happens to be a raccoon. Reb guides the child through the story with Seeds of Understanding. These seeds represent words that are hot linked with short definitions to help re-enforce their understanding of the story.

"My daughter enjoyed the stories and identified with them. She made her choices at the end of each story with confidence. She gave it two thumbs up!

"The stories opened the way for my daughter and I to discuss her choices. Making Good Choices, by Karen Wiesner is both fun and educational. It's a wonderful interactive way to enjoy an e-book whether it's your first or one hundredth."

~Reviewed by Linda S. Dupie, Editor, Rainy Day Corner,

"As a child I often got in trouble for making poor choices. Often, it was because I didn't know how to do things differently before I found myself in those situations. As an adult raising my own child, I often had difficulty teaching the concepts of trust and responsibility in a way my child could grasp.

"With "Making Good Choices Series: Book 1, Taking Responsibility Builds Trust", Karen Sue Wiesner solves both those problems with her fun and creative book. Within its pages short active stories of both poor choices and good choices, allow the reader to gain understanding of these difficult concepts by experiencing them through the characters.

"The interactive nature of this book allows parents and child to work together to experience various outcomes based on different choices. The realistic colorful graphics created by Robert Lee Beers highlight the realism of the settings and situations children find themselves in every day.

"This is a must read book. I only wish it had been available when I was a child, or the parent of a young child. I highly recommend it."

~Reviewed by Mrs. Mouse, author of "I Can Grow!",

"Making Good Choices is filled opportunities to encourage conversations with your children. Wiesner has drawn on her experience as mother to make common lectures into fun. Being able to choose yes or no to questions an only delight a child. Even a child who will constantly choose the right answer will benefit in the understanding of others when going back to chose the wrong answer. This series can only be a win win for children and their parents. The bright graphics by Robert Lee Beers grab attention and excellently portray Wiesner's written words."

~children's book author Diana Lesire Brandmeyer

"Karen Wiesner, an expert in the field of electronic publishing, makes excellent use of this medium in her first children's book, TAKING RESPONSIBILITY BUILDS TRUST. The interactive format and clever illustrations by Robert Beers are a winning combination.

"Examples used are situations a child often encounters, so he/she will find them useful in their lives. Planting "seeds of understanding" and receiving "Reb's Gold Stars" are clever reinforcement features that add to the fun and learning.

"I look forward to future books in the "Making Good Choices" series. As a children's author and former elementary school teacher, I highly recommend this interactive book by Ms. Wiesner and Mr. Beers."

~author Betty Jo Schuler

"There are more self-help books for grown-ups than you can read in a hundred lifetimes. Finally, here's a series of self-help books for kids. It's so much easier to learn the basic lessons early in life than later-on, when the wrong reactions have become hard-to-break habits.

"The "Making Good Choices Series" talks directly to kids. It takes them seriously and addresses all the problems they face when growing up. Reb Raccoon, really cool-looking with his sun-glasses, guides the kids through the series.

"Interactive stories show everyday situations and how a child deals with them. Then the reader can decide whether the choices were right or wrong. There are also positive messages and extra fun, called "seeds" and "stars". All this makes sure that the kids have fun while at the same time learning a lot of new things about themselves and the world around them.

"The concept is really fascinating. Every child reading "Taking Responsibility Builds Trust" will recognize the situations and will be curious to find out how the problems involved can be overcome. Highly recommended!"

~Christine Spindler, E-Books for Kids,

"There is no foolproof method of raising confident, helpful, and trustworthy children, but Karen Wiesner has come close to providing parents with one.

"Wiesner's book TAKING RESPONSIBILITY BUILDS TRUST gives children and parents the opportunity to interact while raising questions within the child. It is an interactive story from the "Making Good Choices Series." This book is complete with full-color illustrations. The author wrote this book to provide parents and children with the ways to work together. Reb Raccoon, the mascot, talks directly to the reader, gives instructions on how to use the book, and adds a cool, up-to-date style to an instructive book.

"Times today are different for children today. In general, at one time or another, your child will have to make a hard decision. They don't have the freedom their parents had growing up, and this changes the way children think about our society, freedom, and self-exploration. This causes hardships between kids and their parents, which makes it harder to teach them how to make good choices. Trust is one of those. Parents must teach their children how to trust, as well as teaching them the importance of having others trust them.

"Within Wiesner's book are sections such as "Plant a seed" and "Gold Star." These sections allow the children to learn more about responsibility, trust, and gives suggestions on how to fill yourself and your parents with pride.

"This reviewer thoroughly enjoyed reading this book to her children, and plans to read it often. Good job-can't wait for the next book in the series."

~Jennifer LB Leese, Children's Book Review Columnist &

"Taking Responsibility Builds Trust by Karen Wiesner is well-suited for a classroom setting.... It teaches trust and responsibility and is interactive, and gives children the ability to make their own choices. The e-book version also can teach valuable computer skills for both child and teacher. The child need not be online to read."

~Valerie Hardin, author for My Grandmother's Wedding, (Eppie Finalist 2003), I'm With My Mom On Sunday (Eppie Finalist 2001) Two Turtles (Eppie Finalist 2000) and Star Babies: A Story of Adoption

"Through interactivity, colorful, creative illustrations and storytelling, Karen Wiesner and Robert Beers give children and parents an opportunity to think, interact and learn about making good decisions. Throughout the stories, the author gives sensitive, caring advice to the reader.

"I found the interactivity of the book refreshing. This is the type of story that is enhanced as an ebook. Even if a bound book had this type of interactivity, the shuffling back and forth would be cumbersome.

"Karen Wiesner's advice to kids and parents is intelligent and right on target. As I read, I thought about how my sons would have responded to the guidance. It struck me that it would have been wonderful to read this ebook with my children. The opportunity for further discussion between parent and child about the decisions depicted in these stories, as well as other choices children face, makes this a brilliant book.

"I highly recommend 'Taking Responsibility Builds Trust' for children, as well as parents, and look forward to reading the rest in the Making Good Choices Series."

~A.J. Russo, Ph.D., President, Hypertech Media, Inc. and Author of Aerobella, EPPIE finalist 2003

4 1/2 Stars! "Four stories are included in this interactive illustrated children's book by multi-talented author Karen Sue Wiesner. All four, as the title suggests, deal with building trust and being responsible. The first story shows a bad example of Cody's behavior and the choices he makes during a visit to the park, allowing young readers to make these choices right along with the main character. The second story gives a good example of Cody's visit to the park, and also allows children to make choices with the character by clicking links in the book. The third and fourth stories show good and bad examples of Caleb's behavior in the setting of a night spent at a friend's house.

"As a parent, I believe that my favorite story in the book would have to be the fourth story. In this story, Ms. Wiesner gives such good advice to children about building trust with their parents by taking responsibility. Advice like: "put your dishes in the sink after breakfast" and "set the table at dinnertime." When children get this message from another source, other than their family, this message can become even more powerful and thought-provoking for youngsters. This book enables children to become more - more responsible, more trustworthy, and more pleasant to be around.

"Taking Reponsibilty Builds Trust also includes several bonus features, in which the guide, Reb Racoon, is represented holding either a golden star or a seedling. By clicking on these features, children can learn valuable information, like the meaning of trust and what it means make parents proud. These definitions come with an easy to understand example, written from a child's point-of-view, that will help young readers relate even more with the characters in this unique book.

"Not only is this interactive book an innovative use of today's growing technology, but it incorporates good, old-fashioned values, too! How can you beat that? Not only does the book help build computer skills, but young readers also learn valuable lessons in the process. The illustrations by talented artist Robert Beers are wonderfully cute, with the eye-popping colors that younger children love. And the adorable 'guide', Reb Racoon, adds just the right amount of fun to the book.

"Ms. Wiesner has done an excellent job writing a book that will be loved by both children, and their parents. The book's straight-forward, never preachy, way of teaching valuable lessons will endear it to children everywhere, and the often-longed-for instruction of character values and morals will have parents exclaiming in delight! Kudos to Ms. Wiesner for providing such a fantastic read for children - I give this book a 4 ½ rating."

~Reviewed by Janean Nusz of for Word Museum

"I read this adorable colorful non-fiction children's book in a matter of a few minutes. It is a lovely tool to help even the youngest children take responsibility for what they do. It also shows them what the right choice and what the wrong choice would be.

"Incorporated within this small book are incentives for children to read to the end and to see what the right choice or the wrong choice would be.

"I believe Karen Sue Wiesner has come up with a great tool to help not only youngsters but also their parents to make the right choices not only with their actions but with parenting skills as well. I look forward to more books in this fine educational series."

~Reviewed by Kathy Boswell for The Best Reviews


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