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Reluctant Hearts Reviews

4 1/2 Delightful Divas! "At 400 pages, RELUCTANT HEARTS is almost intimidatingly long. It’s also a much grittier, almost difficult at times, story to read than I’m used to. But the final word is that this first book in Karen Wiesner’s Wounded Warriors Series is worth the time invested...and then some. Ms. Wiesner’s warriors are men and women who battle for survival and even try to find love in a world that often takes more than it gives. I usually prefer reading stories that are easier to read, but there’s something powerful in the storytelling that is not only compelling but rewarding as well. While this is Wendy and Paul’s story, we’re also getting to know the other people in their lives. Included in this group is Wendy’s older brother Steve, his best friend Tommie and Tommie’s younger sister, also Wendy’s friend, Jessie. There’s also Gwen, Brenda and Mitch. Some we get to know much better than others, but they’re all connected in some very basic, very intrinsic manner. Wendy is the peacemaker in her family; it’s a role she’s held for as long as she can remember. She adores her father who she’s placed on a pedestal; she soothes her mother and is more mother to her than daughter and between her father and brother Steve, she strives to keep peace. She’s a giver, but there’s something almost...hmmm, not dark, but not healthy either, about it. But family dynamics don’t have to make sense or be healthy; life doesn’t play fair, it just is. Paul has never, ever known love. He has no concept of it; as far as he’s concerned it’s nothing more than gloss, certainly it’s something that he’ll never believe in. But he has his friends and Steve’s younger sister has always appealed to him; she’s so very different from anyone else in their group--except for Tommie. But she’s always giving and again, that’s not something he’s had much experience with. Yet for all their differences, Paul and Wendy have much more in common than anyone would think.. especially them. For opposites, they’re strangely alike. I don’t usually reveal as much about a story, or about the characters I’m reviewing as I did here, but there’s something about these two people that calls to me. I strongly felt the need to explain just what it is about Wendy and Paul that affected me. This is not a light story, it’s often not even a happy place to be, but it’s about people, real people. People whose lives are not perfect and who, like so many of us at times, have to struggle to make it through another hour, another day. People with flaws, with good intentions that go wrong, with hope--or with no hope. They are also like many people around us, some that we may even know. And I think that’s the true strength of Karen Wiesner’s writing. With her guidance, we truly get to know who Paul and Wendy are; there are no secrets, no hidden facets. Karen Wiesner introduces us and takes us right into the lives, hearts and minds of the people in her book and I, for one, cannot look away; learning about other people can often lead us to insights about ourselves. This is the first book that I’ve read by this author and I’m extremely fortunate enough to have the other books in this series to read. And I must say being able to read a series right through--or perhaps with small breaks in between--is a real treat. RELUCTANT HEARTS is a stunning introduction to Ms. Wiesner’s Wounded Warriors Series and to her skillful recitation about the lives of those that she introduces us to. Bravo!" ~Kathy for Dark Diva Reviews

4 Stars! "This book captivated me, hook, line and sinker. The storyline is compelling and I sensed a true connection between the author and her characters, who grow both in years and maturity within the read. I eagerly look forward to the next story in this series." ~Romantic Times BOOKreviews

5 Stars! "Karen Wiesner pens a novel that will stay with long after you have turned the last page. It is very hard to write a summary of RELUCTANT HEARTS. There is so much in this one book that it defies an easy summary. Wiesner has penned a tale filled with love, romance, coming of age, the shattering of dreams, and then picking up and moving on. The dreams we have as teenagers require us to assess them and change them as we grow and mature. This shifting of reality is made more difficult when the people around us do not uphold our images of them. Wendy and Paul are so well developed that we feel their disappointments and their triumphs. We understand their motivations and they become our friends. Wiesner has penned a tale that will capture your attention and ensnare your heart as you cheer for Wendy and Paul, and cry for them as well. RELUCTANT HEARTS will not disappoint the reader as we engross ourselves in their wonderful story. Highly recommended but be sure to have tissues nearby.” ~Debra Guyette for Single Titles

5 Cups! "Wendy is the responsible one. Maturing at an early age, she has become the rock everyone trusts and relies on. The one person she has always secretly wanted is her brother's friend, Paul. Paul has always been drawn to Wendy but in his eyes she has remained his friend's kid sister. That vision has been altered with the return of a new Wendy from a summer away, and she is an innocent, sexy woman. Wendy is determined; Paul is scared. They can no longer control an attraction that has simmered for too long and is about to burn out of control. Friends, family, life, and death will test the strength of their love, and only together can they withstand the test of life. I read this entire book in one sitting. The author's talent for telling a story is beyond compare. I was enthralled with all the characters from the very beginning. The investment that that the reader has in Wendy and Paul will bring on a wide range of emotions; I cried, laughed and cursed at them throughout the book. Karen Wiesner is a stupendous author with writing skills that should not to be missed." ~Delane for Coffee Time Romance & More

5 Hearts! "Take a journey with two characters that discover the meaning of love, as Wendy and Paul explore an exceptional life they never imagined. Reluctant Hearts is a story about real people who love and lose, who find their faith only to lose it, then rediscover it again. It is magical how love has a way of surfacing back into the heart just when people really need it. Ms. Wiesner's creativity to compose true to life characters is amazing. She develops in-depth characters that spin in the reader's mind for a long time after the story is finished. Wendy and Paul start out as young people and grow into full-fledged adults that are loaded with kindness and tender emotion. They each encounter different needs only to learn that the truth lies within their hearts, drawing them closer together. Ms. Wiesner instills a lovely story of distress, victory and camaraderie that leaves a lump in your throat and keeps you glued until the incredible expedition is concluded. The story is inviting, powerful and completely captures. Bravo to Ms. Wiesner in the first of the Wounded Warrior Series!" ~The Romance Studio

5 Stars! "Karen Wiesner has crafted a novel full of pathos and joy. She has blended pain and triumph and friendship in a way that grabs you by the throat and never lets go. All of her characters are heroes. Flawed and sometimes barely functioning... The group of friends are all humans, wounded by life, prone to misunderstandings and mistakes, yet all gaining the victory of survival. This tale reads like West Side Story. It is not your average, mid-sized e-book, but is a sprawling 150,000-word document that will rivet your attention and engage your emotions. The details of the group's interactions and background is presented in such a way as to facilitate the telling of the story. Nowhere did I stop and think, "get on with the story!" The action flows, twists and undulates and you are drawn in, swept up in the lives of these interesting people. RELUCTANT HEARTS, Book 1 of the Wounded Warriors Series is a "getter" as well as a keeper! If Karen Wiesner maintains the quality of writing she employed with this book, we have a treat to look forward to." ~Sandy Williams for Timeless Tales Book Reviews

4 Delightful Divas! “RELUCTANT HEARTS is a long novel at 400 pages, and deals with real people dealing with very real problems. Karen has once again proven her masterful talent of creating realistic and compelling characters dealing with complex issues and emotions. As always, Karen knows her characters and their stories inside and out. She obviously has a true relationship with and a love for her characters. Paul and Wendy and their group of friends each have their own issues and problems to deal with. While not all of them came out on top, their stories of survival and even victory were enough to keep me pushing through this book, dying to know what would happen next. I have to admit that I finished nearly 300 pages in one sitting, and finished the rest the next morning, in one sitting. I was totally captivated by these people. Everything that Karen shared about these characters’ lives was a vital part of who they were, where they were in their life and relationship, and what they needed to do to heal and move forward. I always enjoy Karen Wiesner’s work and I look forward to reading the next book in this series.” ~Melissa for Dark Diva Reviews

"RELUCTANT HEARTS will take you on a journey of two young adults reaching out for something they never believed possible for each other: love. RELUCTANT HEARTS will bring you a blast from the past as you relive some references of the eighties. Karen Wiesner has written a tale of two people with needs of different kinds that will blend together to make a perfect couple. Take the journey with Paul and Wendy as they search to find the missing pieces inside themselves. This reviewer enjoyed the story line. It was a well-written story, easy to follow. I didn't find myself reading things over to catch the point. Karen created two believable characters in Wendy and Paul. This reviewer believes Karen showed how easily people can lose their faith and beliefs, and how love can pull you back. I believe Karen Wiesner will have a long and prosperous career." ~Reviewed by Tina for Love Romances

"After finishing WAITING FOR AN ECLIPSE, I was anxious to read Paul and Wendy's story. The magic they find in each other's arms is equally impressive. Karen Wiesner does a great job at building her characters and making them seem genuine to the reader." ~Tracy Farnsworth for Round Table Reviews

"RELUCTANT HEARTS is an atypical love story because of the attitude of the male lead character. Readers will have to wait a while to know whether Paul admits to Wendy he loves her, as Karen Wiesner concentrates on relationships that place Wendy in the center as the hub. The story starts slow in order for the audience to appreciate the cast, but those readers who are as patient as Wendy will happily find a tremendous drama that provides the saga over the years of a strong female and the "Wounded Warrior" she loves." ~Harriet Klausner

Rating: You need to read! "This was a wonderfully enjoyable and deeply moving story of the complexity of young love. The story follows the emotional growth from innocence to disillusion of Wendy Thomas and from cynicism to acceptance by Paul Randall. The story follows this couple for six years as they try to go their separate ways, joyously come together, and then withdraw due to different fears. Their story is intertwined with several of their close friends who play important roles, all helping to shape the strengths and weaknesses of each other. The angst of learning to love and trust isn’t always pretty and easy, but it did move on to the interaction between the couple, I did not want to stop reading. Ms. Wiesner is an expert storyteller keeping you engaged to find out what happens! I am sure that the other books in the series, about the various friends, will be wonderfully full emotional reads as well. If you are prepared for heartache and joy, this is a book you will enjoy!" ~reviewed by MarthaE for You Gotta Read Reviews

"On the surface, [RELUCTANT HEARTS] is a common good-rich-girl, bad-poor-boy romance. It goes a little deeper than that: the facets of Paul's total lack of self-esteem and Wendy's belief in him, the fact that he wants to be worthy of her, all create a very romantic story. The emotions are kept at a pretty high boil the whole time as their obsession becomes eclipsed by a tragedy neither of them can deal with easily... The meaning of sex and its real attachment to love is one of the main themes and is handled well. This is a fairly strong romance with some very magical moments, the first in a series of romances featuring characters introduced in this book." ~Affaire de Coeur

5 Stars! "RELUCTANT HEARTS is a full-sized work of fiction that makes good use of interior monologues and remembrances to give depth to the inner conflicts of the characters. In answer to the question of whether the book is character-driven or plot-driven, I'd have to say it's life-driven. The author holds nothing back in depicting a sometimes--grim reality, and I often wondered as I read whether it was truly a romance. In the end, it is, and I strongly recommend it. Paul and Wendy live a powerful love story that can't help but move the coolest reader." ~Jane Bowers for Romance Reviews Today

5 Stars! "RELUCTANT HEARTS kicks off Karen Wiesner's new Wounded Warrior Series. As the magic and mystery of innocence give way to the disenchantment of experience, Wendy and Paul battle inner demons and outward challenges in a tale that is poignant and yet realistic. Disappointment, disillusionment and surprising hope give RELUCTANT HEARTS a universal appeal. Wiesner wisely captures the nuances and struggles of young people with self-worth and love, maintaining tenderness and grittiness in equal measure. Her powerful story-telling gift builds sympathy even as characters self-destruct, and creates hope in the midst of despair. A fantastic beginning to what promises to be an outstanding series, RELUCTANT HEARTS comes very highly recommended." ~Cindy Penn for Wordweaving

4 Books! "Alternately heartwarming and heartbreaking, RELUCTANT HEARTS by Karen Wiesner is an evocative contemporary romance. The introduction of Paul is wonderful. You will be moved to sympathy. The depth and warmth of characters--and well-depicted joys as well as pain, makes this read worthwhile. The depth and range of emotion Wiesner develops is amazing." ~reviewed by Snapdragon for LASR

4 Stars! "To most, Wendy seemed too good to be true. No one could ever be her equal. Even the man she was desperately in love with since she was only sixteen... Coming from a poor, you-are-not-wanted existence, Paul has a low self-esteem. Wendy and their friend Tommie boost him upwards but it was never enough... Spanning years, this tale is heartbreaking... Just as the reader thinks the story is near the end, a storm blows through Wendy and Paul's lives spiraling straight for destruction... Paul is unable to voice his thoughts and is terrified to be close to anyone or let anyone in his wayward heart. Wendy has her battles from her self-destructive friend, her brother who may have made a bad choice, and her parents, in addition to her own health problems. It doesn't seem possible for Wendy and Paul to come out of this unscathed. Before their RELUCTANT HEARTS find the right path, be prepared for laughter, love, heartache, and tears. Wiesner ties the strings together neatly weaving in multiple threads pushing the tale forward, closing the chapter of Wendy and Paul and opening another." ~Brenda Ramsbacher, eBook Reviews Weekly

"RELUCTANT HEARTS is a heart-rending account of a woman in love trying to teach her Wounded Warrior that love does exist and that he is worthy of her love. Paul must realize that sex is not all the females of the species have to offer and that Wendy is the one to teach him how to love and believe in himself. Wendy makes him whole. She sees through his wounds and his pain and together they complete each other." ~Grace Basa for The Word on Romance

"With RELUCTANT HEARTS, Karen Wiesner, the new voice of women's fiction, proves yet again that she's a top-notch storyteller. No one explores the complexities of relationships and the yearnings of woman's heart better than she does." ~award-winning Author Michele Bardsley

"Fans of romance with a gritty, Romeo and Juliet type of story will enjoy the first part of this book. The sexual tension will steam your glasses. The plot and the way the protagonists relate to each other takes a 180-degree turn in the middle of the book. Don't be surprised when the tone of the story changes, but the characters stay true to themselves and to each other. RELUCTANT HEARTS is the first in a series about the circle of friends introduced in this story. If a series with interweaving characters is what you enjoy, keep on the lookout for Karen's next offering." ~Karin Huxman for Inscriptions Magazine

"With her enthralling romance RELUCTANT HEARTS, Karen Wiesner has set a new standard in the genre. Wendy's pain is so real, her love so deep, her soul so tender, that I found new strength and trust alongside her. What a powerful drama!" ~award-winning author Christine Spindler

4 Roses! "Karen Wiesner has totally swept me into her Wounded Warriors Series. The characters of future novels are well established--flaws and all--in the first book. I can't wait for Book II: WAITING FOR AN ECLIPSE." ~Dawn Myers for Escape to Romance

"...I'm definitely a sucker for a hero who's a cat lover, and the more I got to know this hero, the more I liked him... The growth and development of the characters, the disappointments, the sorrows, and trials they have to overcome, made it an intriguing story." ~reviewed by Flora Bell for Sensual Romance

Waiting for an Eclipse Reviews

4 1/2 Stars and 2004 Reviewer's Choice Nominee! "Set in Milwaukee, this poignant book reflects on the complex dynamics of drug addiction and the profound impact it has on the lives it touches. Wiesner's ability to delve into her characters' psychological makeup to depict the sensitive topic of drug addiction makes this an exceptionally powerful story. The second book in her Wounded Warriors series, this is a must-read." ~RT Book Reviews

5 Delightful Divas! “I really enjoyed Karen Wiesner’s RELUCTANT HEARTS, the first book in her Wounded Warriors Series, but, with WAITING FOR AN ECLIPSE, I was totally captivated. I did not want to put the book down; consequently, the story moved at a very fast pace. In WAITING FOR AN ECLIPSE, we get to know Steve Thomas much better. In RELUCTANT HEARTS we saw a bit of what he was going through with Jessie, but that really didn’t prepare me for the horrid reality. My heart broke over and over for him and for his kids; for Jessie I really didn’t have any feelings other than disgust. All I can say is that Karen Wiesner brought these people to vivid life. As for the unrelenting hell that was Steve’s and the kids’ life all I could do was weep for them and rage against Jess—I really lost any thought of Christian charity when it came to her. As for Kristina, wow. She’s everything that Steve needs; her friendship has been his refuge and, between the kids and her support, he’s been able to give his children some measure of stability. Certainly they know that he’s there for them, regardless. But they’ve all suffered so much, and what they’ve gone through over the years has definitely had a terrible impact. I was so caught up in the drama that was taking place in front of me that, truly, the story not only flowed but took me right in. I’m still in awe of Ms. Wiesner’s ability to create characters that live and suffer so much that I often felt that these were my friends, people whom I could relate to and completely care for... even if I didn’t always want to. WAITING FOR AN ECLIPSE and, indeed, the Wounded Warriors Series is all about people; people that we may know or people whose lives may be an echo of our own. Certainly there’s no one all good or all bad, even if we want to think there are. And yes, while much of the story is difficult, there’s always a thread of hope running through it, and love...definitely love! If you enjoy a story that drags you in, is sometimes relentless, contains people that could be your next door neighbor and yet is a testament to love and hope, then you will definitely want to read Karen Wiesner’s WAITING FOR AN ECLIPSE. The story does stand alone, but, read in conjunction with the other books in the series, is, I think, a much richer experience.” ~Kathy for Dark Diva Reviews

5 Stars! “WAITING FOR AN ECLIPSE is a love story that encompasses love, passion, heartache, and pain. They know the consequences but still they take chances and fall in love. The book is also about men who live life in the fast lane. Steve Thomas led a miserable, guilt-filled life with a self-destructive wife. He meets his true love finally in the midst of all this unhappiness. This is a love story which speaks about the ups and downs faced by a man in love. The story is somber, the love story and life of the main character is filled with a lot of dramatic and unhappy happenings from which there is no escape. Steve already has a lot of demons and guilt harbored within him which makes his portrayal as a dark character apt. His attraction to Kristine is very well conveyed to the reader. The author brilliantly describes how he is trapped between his love and attraction for Kristine and his family responsibilities. The story is filled with dark passion laced with guilt and pain. It also speaks about how your past can influence many of your thoughts and behavior patterns in the later stages of your life.” ~Readers’ Favorite

4 1/2 Delightful Divas! “WAITING FOR AN ECLIPSE is book two in the Wounded Warriors Series. After reading the first book, I was astounded by the raw emotion and very real issues that the characters dealt with. I just had to pick the second book up immediately to find out if that would be a trend, and if I would get to revisit previous characters. I quickly found out that the answer to both of those questions was yes. In the second book, we get to know more about Steve. He was a secondary character in the first book, but this book was all about him. Of course, we also got to see some of the characters from the first book, which is always a delight for me. As with all of Karen Wiesner’s books, her characters are unbelievably real, and they deal with very real problems in their day to day lives. WAITING FOR AN ECLIPSE may be a romance, full of passion and emotion, but it deals with so much more. This book shows the trauma of a family, including young children, who are affected by a serious, life-long addiction. Karen did not skimp on the emotions involved in such a situation, taking me to some of the darkest places a father can go. However, I always had hope that he would find his way back, especially with someone like Kristina there to support and love him as she did. If you are looking for a regular romance that deals simply with a couple falling in love and finding their HEA, then this is not the book for you. However, if you want a book with an excellent plot, very real characters, and enough emotion to stay with you long after you have finished reading it, then WAITING FOR AN ECLIPSE by Karen Wiesner is just the story for which you are looking.” ~Melissa for Dark Diva Reviews

4 1/2 Hearts! "Karen Wiesner pens a powerful story which grips the heart at the same time it elicits revulsion at the wasted lives, sorrow, and despair brought about by substance addiction and dedication to outmoded obligations. All the characters are amazingly well-delineated, including the young children, so that the reader will feel as if these are folks living next door, or one's own friends. The plot will tug at the reader's heartstrings and refuse to let go until the end; even then, these characters will live on in one's memory for quite some time. Waiting for An Eclipse is a memorable must-read from this vastly imaginative author. It is the second installment in Ms. Wiesner's Wounded Warriors series." ~Annie for The Romance Studio

"This is not the first Wounded Warriors book, but it stands alone beautifully. I am not sure what I was expecting, but this novel far exceeded any expectations I had. Karen Wiesner has created a poignant book, and part of the magic is that her characters are not given easy "outs" from their situations. They face difficult struggles that do not have magical resolutions. Blood, sweat and tears go into each of their hurdles.... Every character was skillfully developed and that is what made this book so special. As far as I am concerned, WAITING FOR AN ECLIPSE is a must read!" ~Tracy Fransworth of Roundtable Reviews

5 Angels! "While I normally prefer escapist romance fiction to nitty-gritty reality, I found myself riveted by this very unusual romance story. It is neither insipid nor sweet nor aggressively erotic, and yet it is a compelling read. The bittersweet story is so well-written that, although the true sadness and horror of Steve's situation is clearly described, the reader feels sympathy and hope rather than despair, and comes away with the satisfaction that the characters have finally found their way. The characters of Steve and Kristina are shown as real people, with human failings, and yet both of them have moral strength and an ethos of honor and responsibility. I liked them and really wanted them to find happiness. The story is well plotted, and moves along at an inexorable pace, neither too fast nor too slow to communicate the story. The conflicts the characters face are serious and, unfortunately, all too real in this day and age. If you are tired of marshmallow fluff romances, you need to read this novel. It will grab you from the very start, and won't let you go until 'The End.'" ~Fallen Angel Reviews

5 Roses! "If you have not started the Wounded Warriors Series by Karen Wiesner, you are missing one of the best series I have had the honor to read. Karen Wiesner has taken modern problems that many people are facing daily and is turning them into a fabulous series. Steve has all the wonderful traits women look for. He has a strong character. Karen Wiesner has completely captured the feelings of neglect and loneliness children and husbands feel in this type of situation. WAITING FOR AN ECLIPSE is a very powerful novel about a man with character. This novel will touch your heart. A word of caution: Once you start this series, you will not want to miss one single novel." ~Dawn Myers for Escape to Romance

4.5 Stars! “The second story in her Wounded Warriors Series, Karen Wiesner touches our hearts and our emotions. WAITING FOR AN ECLIPSE should be required reading for anyone in a relationship with an addict. Karen Wiesner realistically portrays the heart-breaking effects on those around the addict. Love is never enough if the addict does not want to help themselves. Steve was a wonderful hero. He never gave up, but his feeling of guilt and helplessness needed to be changed into determination. But even with determination, will he ever be free? Read this excellent story and take a ride with Steve on the rollercoaster that has become his life. Your heart will never be the same. Emotional, realistic, and gritty, WAITING FOR AN ECLIPSE will capture you and not let go. The story is perfectly titled as you will find out when you pick up this keeper. [This book] and Karen Wiesner do not disappoint.” ~Debby Guyette for Single Titles

4 Roses! "This is a story of deep emotions and confusion. It deals with hard questions. When a member of the family is dependent on drugs or alcohol, it can destroy the rest of the family. The characters take us to that dark place where the hard decisions about sanity and healing are made. Steve has to take care of his children. He has to free himself. Unfortunately, that means taking away Jessie's support system. We feel Steve's conflict. He knows that Jessie needs to get better. But, by divorcing her, he could drive her to destroy herself. Steve must force himself to make the horrifying decision: his wife or his children. Kristina shows us strength against what must seem like overwhelming odds. Her strength and willingness to wait until Steve makes a decision shows a depth of character not always found. The story is well paced with enough scenes to help slow the pacing, so the reader isn't always overwhelmed with emotions. Make sure to have some kleneex nearby when you pick up WAITING FOR AN ECLIPSE. This is a story that will tug at your emotions as you root for Steve to make the right choice." ~reviewed by Jenni for A Romance Review

You Need to Read! "This is the third book I have read in the Wounded Warrior Series and it is my favorite so far! Although full of trauma it is also full of hope. The title is perfect as Steve and the children, and Kristina in her own way, are in a dark place waiting to come into the light and live fully again. This book presents the trauma of a family, including young children, when the mother is an irresponsible drug addict. It isn't a pretty picture but rather heartrendingly realistic and sad. I liked that Ms. Wiesner presented real emotions in the characters without creating a soap opera overload. I especially appreciated Steve's commitment to his children and to his marriage vows in spite of Jessie's behavior. He honored both the institution of marriage and Kristina by his actions. I also liked Kristina's attitude that sought the positive in the situations around her and allowed for hope to grow and flourish. Steve deserved a wonderful, caring woman like Kristina! Ms. Wiesner has woven another wonderfully emotional and beautiful romance." ~reviewed by MarthaE for You Gotta Read Reviews

"This one is fiction for mainly women. It clearly shows the trauma families deal with when one of the parents are addicted to drugs. The characters are well developed... Great light reading for a rainy afternoon." ~Huntress Reviews

"WAITING FOR AN ECLIPSE is almost too realistic in its portrayal of a family's disintegration. It's gritty and heartbreaking, but it's saved by the integrity of its hero, who refuses to cheat on his wife as she has done so many times to him. This means, of course, that Kristine must remain on the sidelines to be there when--or if--the matter is resolved. Steve does have a support group in the other characters from the original book: his sister Wendy and Tommie's widow Gwen, to name an important two. Ms. Wiesner really gets down into the starkness of life as lived by so many in this world. In this case, the plight of the children would be too distressing if she didn't also shine rays of hope onto her characters. Because of that hope and her belief in the saving grace of love, I don't hesitate to recommend WAITING FOR AN ECLIPSE as a highly engrossing and moving story. Speaking of love and hope, at the end of this novel, Ms. Wiesner names the four books to follow in her Wounded Warrior Series, and the projected sixth book will star Jessie and Flint." ~Jane Bowers for Romance Reviews Today

"Karen Wiesner has done it again! She's captured the joy and despair of falling in love with heartrending tenderness and sizzling sexual tension. A compelling portrayal of love and redemption, WAITING FOR THE ECLIPSE kept me reading hours past bedtime and left me smiling through happy tears." ~award-winning author Carrie Masek

"Leave it to Karen Wiesner to always tackle the tough subjects in her books... As always, the talented Karen Wiesner makes the reader think and feel. In this 2nd installment of the Wounded Warriors series, WAITING FOR AN ECLIPSE, the reader will rethink the issues of marital fidelity and promises that do more harm than good; and the reader will do it by exploring the realistic conflicts of a family in crisis and of a wounded man and woman warring with the choices they have made and must make. A true-love-conquers-all story." ~award-winning author Barbara Raffin

Mirror Mirror Reviews

Dark Angel Recommended Read 5 Delightful Divas! "MIRROR MIRROR is an excellent read and, while it’s quite a bit different in regards to the paranormal element, it’s still a wonderful character-driven story. It’s also a great fit with Karen Wiesner’s Wounded Warriors Series...oh boy is it ever! In the other stories, so far, Gwen is one of those people that always seem to have everything under control. The reality, however, is far different. She’s just been able to partially mask the turmoil that she’s ruthlessly repressed and, as I discovered, no one was as surprised as she when everything came undone. The catalyst is Dylan Mitchell, a man from her past who she’s managed to push deep down into her consciousness...but now that he’s back in the picture and the genie will not go back into the bottle. Dylan...he’s an unexpected force and I really couldn’t see how anyone could surpass Tommie in Gwen’s heart. But that was before we met him and found out just how intense their past connection had been. All that he’s gone through over the years is enough to send anyone around the bend, but Dylan’s memories of Gwen have given him strength and a courage he never knew he possessed. All I can say is, it’s a very, very good thing! As the present and the past collide no-one is untouched and an evil that’s been touching the lives of people around Dylan and Gwen is finally unmasked, but not without a world of hurt and heartache, for both the characters and the reader. I was totally captivated by Gwen’s struggle against her nemesis who, until now, had remained a rather vague force. But with the coming together of Dylan and Gwen’s lives once again, the face, and touch, of evil is becoming clearer to Gwen. Shivers, horror, disgust all run rampant as we are dragged further into the mind of obsession and twisted desire and there were times when I could swear that the filth coming from the “other’s” mind was tangible. I became overwhelmingly involved through Gwen and Dylan, but also through the younger minds that were in the grasp of this human monster. There were times I almost despaired of Gwen’s ability to open herself up to a love that she had worked so hard to forget. But with the help of some very good friends, a daughter who, in some ways, far exceeded her years, a man that needed her in ways even he couldn’t explain and a presence that was finally able to help her break through the interior shields, Gwen was able to come face to face with evil. Even now I feel such emotion at all that had taken place that the tears threaten to fall. Be prepared with a handful of tissues because, while this is a romance, there is a lot that has to be let go and it is still somewhat overwhelming. It took me awhile to process this third story in the very talented Karen Wiesner’s Wounded Warriors Series, but once I started the review for MIRROR MIRROR, it practically wrote itself. If that’s not testament to the power of Ms. Wiesner’s writing, I don’t know what else I could possibly say. Except for: Do yourself a favor and check out, at the very least, this story—you won’t regret it!” ~Kathy for Dark Diva Reviews

4 Stars! “Karen Wiesner presents us with quite a unique heroine in MIRROR MIRROR. Although this story seems like it might be your standard paranormal suspense, it really isn’t and that is thanks to Karen Wiesner’s brilliant storytelling. Although the villain works in a mysterious way, his motives are all too common, which makes this story that much more compelling. There are no otherworldly motives, which helps Gwen find the strength she needs to do something about the taunts and visions that have plagued her for years. It is refreshing to see a woman become the strong person she should be and Wiesner brings this to life brilliantly. Just because Gwen is a former supermodel does not mean she is a docile weakling looking for a man to care for her. No, she is strong and determined to have a life without the specter of death constantly hanging over every joyful moment in her life. MIRROR MIRROR is a gripping story about forgiveness and love, and the journey to both.” ~Readers’ Favorite

5 Books! "Imagine you had a gift or curse that let you see the future, the past, the death of a loved one or an evil presence. Would it change you? That is what Gwen has been given. Imagine one night in the midst of your greatest despair you find salvation in the arms of a stranger, the answer to questions you've asked yourself forever, gave you a glimpse of what love could be. Would it guide you? Would you reach for it? Forever? That's what Dylan asks himself. Ms. Wiesner gives us this psychological thriller where evil abounds but is hidden. We readers are given a haunting, heart wrenching tale by an author gifted with words that move the reader to feel the pain and anguish of her characters. Characters who make you laugh and cry and feel pain with them. Characters who are so real, so powerful, so well developed that they lift off the pages with movie like effects in the readers mind. The supporting characters add depth to the story without detracting from our hero and heroine. Our author gives us her flowing dialogue that helps us understand and empathize with her characters, her vision scenes leave us gasping on the edge of our seats with daunting clarity. Her love scenes are hot and sensual and so filled with love they make us cry with the characters. This amazing read will enthrall any reader who loves heart stopping psychic thrillers, who loves a great love story with wonderful three dimensional characters. Readers who like melded family drama pieces with enough teen-aged angst to give parents the cold sweats. It will appeal to readers who like the heat turned way up on their romances. It's a great summer or beach read and is well worth your time." ~reviewed by Larkspur for LASR

Dark Angel Recommended Read    top pick 5 Delightful Divas, January and July 2010 Top Pick, and Recommended Read! “MIRROR MIRROR is book 3 in the Wounded Warriors Series by Karen Wiesner. After reading all the currently released books in Karen’s Incognito Series, as well as the first two books in this series, I can honestly say that Karen has outdone herself on this one. I always enjoy Karen’s writing. She is a master storyteller, but MIRROR MIRROR was absolutely excellent. It’s filled with unimaginable evil and danger at every turn, and, believe me, there are a lot of twists and turns in this book! But it is also filled with the most intense emotions a person can possibly experience. This book is so much more than just a romance; it is a psychological thriller that keeps the reader on the edge of her seat, trying to help Gwen put the puzzle pieces together. As much as I loved this book, I couldn’t wait to get to the end because I had to know the whole story. Karen is excellent as feeding bits and pieces throughout the book, just enough to tease me and keep me intrigued. As always, Karen’s characters are extremely real, flawed people. I have never met one character in any of her books that couldn’t easily be my neighbor. She gives the reader an up close and very personal look at her characters. I suffered right along with Gwen, Dylan, Randa and the other characters. I felt their joy, pain, fear, confusion and love as if they were my own emotions. The plot in this book is unbelievably complex—another of Karen’s strong talents. I couldn’t imagine the time it would take to create such a complex, intricate story. I am in awe of the characters and their stories. While this is book 3 in a series, it can be read as a stand-alone title with no confusion. Gwen, the heroine in this book, was introduced as a secondary character in the first two books, and the secondary characters in MIRROR MIRROR were also previously introduced. It was kind of like coming back to visit with old friends. I highly recommend this book and all Karen Wiesner’s other works.” ~Melissa for Dark Diva Reviews

5 Hearts! "MIRROR MIRROR is a story that is captivating. The characters are believable in all their fast-packed action and give the story tremendous depth. The clash of Gwen and the other psychic ignite the pages and emit some fantastic charges. It was great watching Dylan immediately enter the fight when his daughter was targeted. It was ingenious how all the characters interacted to create such electricity throughout the turn of the pages. I thoroughly enjoyed the reuniting of Gwen and Dylan. Ms. Wiesner has cleverly written a story that takes the reader on a remarkable spin that leaves you gasping. There are so many twists and turns that take you into many different directions. Ms. Wiesner creates a story that you can't put down. This is a series I absolutely look forward to reading." ~reviewed by Linda L. for The Romance Studio

Rating: You NEED to read! “This is a striking paranormal romance with its own unique twists! Gwen really fights her “accursed” gift. She does not want to know the future of others and she does not want to manipulate others by using the gift. Yet she does use her gift a bit in her counseling job and is able to sense an evil presence but she doesn’t know how to fight “the other.” Gwen has remained in personal isolation, other than her wonderful daughter, and her work, since the death of her first husband, Tommie. She is too afraid to reach out and risk living fully. Dylan has loved Gwen since before she married. Dylan’s own troubles caused him to lose the chance to be with Gwen in the past. Now finally he is getting the chance to write Tommie’s story, but more importantly he is getting another chance with Gwen. While Gwen struggles to fight her attraction to Dylan, she becomes increasingly aware of the evil presence that seems to be stalking people she knows. Dylan’s daughter Randa becomes a key to the evil that haunts Gwen and has a surprising connection to Dylan’s past. The dark mystery threads through the story until it comes to a head near the end with fast paced confrontation and action! There is also a wonderful conflict and love—that good old push and pull—between Gwen and Dylan, complete with some paranormal or mystical elements. The story flows well although they are flawed characters, which makes them realistic. Ms. Wiesner has a distinct talent for telling an emotional and suspenseful story. I applaud her for writing consistently engaging romance that is “need” to read quality!” ~MarthaE for You Gotta Read Reviews

5 Stars! “Tense and exciting, Karen Wiesner takes us into the mind of a madman in her chilling tale, MIRROR MIRROR, the third book in her Wounded Warriors Series. Karen Wiesner’s style of writing keeps you glued to the pages. She deals with issues that are real and often hard to look at. MIRROR MIRROR does this beautifully, all while blending in terror and suspense. Gwen has suffered for years with her visions, but now she’s beginning to realize there’s more to them than just seeing the future. She needs to learn how to use her gift more effectively. Dylan and Gwen have a past together that never really ended. Do they have the chance to finish what was started all those years ago? Read this compelling tale and find out. Karen Wiesner and MIRROR MIRROR will capture you heart and soul as you immerse yourself in its pages, unable to put it down until the last word has been read.” ~Debby Guyette for Single Titles

5 Cups! "Ms. Wiesner takes the reader on a rollercoaster ride from the first pages to the last. The twists and turns of the plot kept me breathless. Just when I thought the book was going in one direction, it suddenly turned around and went in a completely different one. I loved this book. I could not put it down. I plan to read the other books of this series." ~Candy for Coffee Time Romance

10 out of 10 Stars! "Having never read any of Karen Wiesner's work before, [MIRROR MIRROR] was a clean slate for me when I began it. I had absolutely no idea what to expect. However, as I started the book it became very clear very quickly that Ms. Wiesner is a very talented storyteller. To quote a line from Jerry McGuire this book "had me at hello." The more that I read about Gwen Nicholson-Nelson, the more enthralled I became with her talents and the more I read about Dylan Mitchell, the bigger my crush got on him! Karen Wiesner has written a novel for all types of readers in this one. There is an incredible love story, well-meaning ghosts, a very creepy villain, and enough suspense to keep you reading for hours without wanting to put this book down. It also isn't that often that a person comes across a book that they can just imagine being made into a film. This is one of them. The storyline in this novel would not only make a terrific love story, but an excellent movie of suspense. As you read, you can almost imagine seeing it on the big screen! While I have not read Ms. Wiesner's first two novels in the Wounded Warrior Series, I am eager to get them in my hands and read more about this extended group of friends." ~Summer Hepler for Roundtable Reviews

4 Angels! "I love novels that just grab you by the neck and don't let you go; this is one of those novels. I hate to actually admit the fact that I have not read the first two novels in this series, but after experiencing Karen Wiesner's work for the first time, I guarantee it won't be the last. MIRROR MIRROR is a second chance at love romance. Dylan and Gwen had a relationship long ago, and when they reunite sparks fly. Seductive and crafty in the telling of this tale, Karen Wiesner has created a fantastic read. Enjoy!" ~Izzy for Fallen Angel Reviews

5 Roses! "Karen Wiesner's MIRROR MIRROR is book three of her Wounded Warriors Series. Like book one and two, MIRROR MIRROR can stand alone, but read just one of Karen's outstanding novels and you will be caught up in the troubled lives of her characters. Karen is a powerful, dynamic writer. Her characters come alive for the reader. Karen's talent knows no boundaries. MIRROR MIRROR is a romantic psychological thriller--I like the fact that book three is a thriller in the middle of a series. The sex scenes are hot. The Wounded Warriors Series is one that grabs your attention. I cannot wait to read what Ms. Wiesner has in store for Gregg. This novel deserves a 5 Roses rating because it is a keeper." ~Dawn Myers for Escape to Romance

4 Blue Ribbons! "MIRROR MIRROR is a compelling blend of a second chance for love kind of romance and a supernatural thriller that will keep readers both emotionally involved, and trying to guess the next plot twist." ~Romance Junkies

5 Stars! "An excellent psychic thriller that will have you holding your breath until your lungs ache. Author Karen Wiesner, once again, clearly shows all sides when it comes to the romance parts of the story. I can easily understand why Gwen keeps herself apart from everyone. I can also understand Dylan's past reasons for staying with his dying wife. Then the author uses her writing gift to connect both Gwen and Dylan's pasts with a dark menacing force and tangles a web so strong that readers will not want to stop reading. Breathtaking!" ~Reviewed by Detra Finch for HUNTRESS REVIEWS

"MIRROR MIRROR is a terrific one-sitting, second-chance-at-love psychological thriller that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats anticipating a final confrontation. The key to the romance and to the psychological, kinetic suspense is the cast. Readers fully understand what has and does motivate Dylan and Gwen, and to a lesser degree the Other, teens, family members, a friend, and the late Tommie without slowing down the action-packed plot. Karen Wiesner gets inside the minds of her audience with the fabulous book 3 of the Wounded Warrior Series (see RELUCTANT HEARTS and WAITING FOR AN ECLIPSE)." ~Harriet Klausner

"Ms. Wiesner presents an interesting concept in MIRROR MIRROR. At one time or another, most of us, have wished to know the future or to be able to read someone else's mind. So, the author has our attention from the very start. Ms. Wiesner then gives us a look at what it might be like to really to have those abilities. Indeed, a blessing and a curse. The book was well written and the characters were very real. MIRROR MIRROR is a very good psychological thriller and one you should check out." ~Reviewed by Barbara Wright for Murder and Mayhem Bookclub

"A fascinating tale of how two people gifted with ESP use it for good or evil--ending with their final shocking confrontation." ~award-winning author Jane Toombs

"WOW! This story grabs you like the Dead Zone. Makes me want to know how Gwen deals with her rival." ~reader review on

Wayward Angels Reviews

GOTTA Read Rating! “This is a truly beautifully emotional and engaging story! It is my favorite so far in this series. Stormie is an absolutely striking character. She is bipolar and struggles with the fact that she can never be “normal.” I have known several people with this disorder, and I think Ms. Wiesner did an excellent job of portraying the intense high and low mood swings that plague a bipolar individual. The self-destructive cycle of feeling good enough to stop taking the medication and then crashing without it is the sad and difficult reality of this behavioral disorder. This book gives interesting insight into the mental battles of the person who is afflicted with the disorder. Gregg is a wonderful character, too. He is captivated by the beautiful and natural Stormie, but he wants to give them both time to overcome their past demons and to grow in their relationship. I liked how he continually took his struggles to the Lord because he recognized that he did not have the strength within himself to overcome the temptations facing him. In an additional sub-story, Gregg deals with helping one of the boys at the Wayward Angels boy’s shelter. There is heartbreak and the relationship between Gregg and Diego is shown as a loving father to a son. Here too Gregg shows unconditional acceptance and love. The plot is woven from the secrets kept, the desire to trust and be trusted, and the struggles in the developing relationships. I enjoyed the whole book, but by the last third I was barely able to set the book aside! Ms. Wiesner is a master storyteller. This is a ‘Gotta’ read for everyone to understand the difficulties of bipolar disorder and also for the sheer enjoyment of a well-crafted story. Be sure to check out the other books in the series, too!” ~You Gotta Read Reviews

5 Stars! "Karen Wiesner gives us the fourth book in her Wounded Warriors Series. With her unique writing style she introduces us to characters with demons in their past. Gregg and Stormie are forced to face the things that haunt them, bringing the reader along for the ride. The trip takes us on a roller coaster with deep lows and screaming highs. The reader will be laughing one moment and reaching for a tissue the next. The journey is worth it. I cannot wait for the next installment of this series."

5 Hearts! "Karen Wiesner delivers a strong tale with compelling characters who are painted so realistically that the reader will feel she knows them already, and calls them friends. Important issues of life and faith are addressed, not brushed aside. The fast-moving plot and character depth captivate the reader to the end. WAYWARD ANGELS is the fourth installment in the exciting Wounded Warriors Series. " ~Annie for The Romance Studio

5 Stars! "I have never read a book with so much human anguish and so much hope. Author Karen Wiesner created a story that is so real, it is scary. I have lived this story through a close relative. I have a very close relative with mental illness. I recognized many of the characteristics of Stormie's illness and her life. I see it every day and I could relate to this story so well. This story empowered me to go the extra mile for this person. I hope this story will inspire you to compassion and understanding of the mentally ill in our society that are often times, disregarded, made fun of, or completely ignored. They are God's creation and deserve our compassion and understanding. Thank you, Ms. Wiesner, for bringing this illness to the attention of the public through this wonderful thought-provoking story; it is a horrendous illness of the mind. She did not pull any punches in this book. Her portrayal of Stormie's mental issues are brutal, honest, and real. She skillfully showed the minute-by-minute and day-by-day struggle involved in this disorder. Ms. Wiesner also depicted the hope we have through God as Gregg and Stormie struggle with their issues and problems journeying to the end God has in store for their life. Ms. Wiesner's characters were skillfully developed throughout the story and the pacing was on target and intriguing. I found myself reading this book straight through; it is an emotional roller-coaster ride. Ms. Wiesner drew me into the storyline and opened my eyes to the life my relative endures every day and the support we need to give people with this illness. These characters could be your neighbors, the teenage across the street, your brother, your uncle. This is a love story between man and woman and between God and human. Ms. Wiesner skillfully shows that His Grace is sufficient to carry us through life and His love for us is never-ending. She shows Christians, as we are, with all our faults, struggles, and failures, yet secure in the knowledge we are loved and forgiven by our heavenly Father. Ms. Wiesner sets the hook deep in the prologue and holds your attention from the prologue to the last word. Her talent is obvious in this skillfully crafted storyline. This is not a love story with a miraculous cure at the end of the story with everyone walking off into the sunset to live carefree and happy ever after. Rather, this is a raw, gritty story of mental illness (a thorn of the flesh, as stated in the Bible), love and faith; in other words, this is a story of life, not fairytales. I highly recommend this book. Thank you, Ms. Wiesner, for revealing the day-to-day struggle with this illness and the hope we have for our loved ones. This book is well-developed, paced and plotted." ~The Reading Room

4 Stars! "The first thing I must do is applaud Ms. Wiesner for writing an absolutely wonderful book in a series that reads as a stand alone. When I read a book in the middle of a series, I usually feel like I'm missing some big stuff from prior books. Ms. Wiesner has a gift for giving you information from the past books without you realizing it. It is truly woven into the fabric of the story... After the first few chapters, I was totally hooked. I had figured out who was who and was learning about Stormie and her past. I found WAYWARD ANGELS to be a page-turner for me that I didn't want to put down. While there is talk of being a Christian in the book, I appreciated the way Ms. Wiesner did this. She didn't shove God down my throat. Although God is in the book, I wouldn't deem it as a Christian Romance. I found it to be a romance with Christians in it. I am a Christian, but I am sometimes offended about how that is portrayed in a romance book. I really enjoyed Ms. Wiesner's story of real life that happens to involve some people who believe in God. Gregg is our reformed bad-boy who fights the desire to return to his former life. He has opened up a shelter for wayward boys. Most of these boys have been abused in some format or another. I became very attached to some of these boys and hope their stories are told later. Gregg has built up these services for the boys while giving up his music career. While he's walking a reformed path, I loved him for the rough edge to him. He's still got the bad-boy words and actions and it made him very irresistible. Stormie comes to work at Wayward Angels while fighting demons of her own. One of the largest demons is her battle to live life with bipolar. Ms. Wiesner really captures the feelings of a person battling this disease. She gives us a face and a voice to the word bipolar. I have a much deeper compassion and understanding for those suffering with this disease. Stormie reminds me of a scrappy little alley dog. She's going to hold onto her turf and get what she wants, no matter how big the obstacles may seem. With their checkered pasts, it seems like Gregg and Stormie will never be able to overcome. I was rooting for them through the entire book. I was up and down with them and really enjoyed their story to the final page." ~Robyn Roberts for Once Upon a Romance

4 Stars! "Gregg and Stormie's tale is full of problems. Not only with their own relationship, but with Diego's personal problems. There are scenes that will make you laugh, cry, and even feel exasperated. So keep a box of tissues nearby and enjoy this episode of the "Wounded Warriors" saga. It'll tug on your heart strings." ~reviewed by Huntress Reviews

4 Hearts! "The inspirational aspects to this story play a major role for both Gregg and Stormie and have a strong place within the storyline. The romance is well written and moves along at a fast pace without feeling forced. There is a secondary storyline dealing with Gregg and his work with one boy at Wayward Angels that will leave you in tears...if you like inspirationals, this is a story that is sure to leave you happy. Ms. Wiesner does deal with a disorder within WAYWARD ANGELS with respect and taste. I find that I eagerly want to read the next story as well as the previous stories in this series. I would recommend this story to anyone looking for a read with intriguing characters facing real life situations." ~reviewed by Wendy Keel for The Romance Readers Connection

5 Angels! "WAYWARD ANGELS is not a pretty story. It deals with aids, sexual molestation, self-destructive obsession, drugs and sex. It's a bittersweet story about people looking for more in their lives. People who have gone through hell and are trying to find hope in their belief and faith in Christianity. The characters are flawed and honest. Their lives have not been pretty. There is tragic sadness in the character of Diego, great vulnerability in Stormie and great strength in Gregg. I liked the way the author handled Stormie's bi-polar disorder. I found it realistic and true. WAYWARD ANGELS has the theme that nothing in life is perfect. The characters have a past but they are not condemned to re-live it as they have the choice to overcome it. WAYWARD ANGELS is a love story, a lesson in life and an inspiration." ~Fallen Angel Reviews

5 Stars! “WAYWARD ANGELS , Book 4 of the Wounded Warriors Series, is a standalone book and is a realistic look at life today for many young people. As Christians, we are compelled to go out into the streets and rescue the sick and the poor. We must learn to plant the seeds of salvation and allow Christ to water them. This book is well written. Karen Wiesner presents a strong message. Ms. Wiesner paints such a vivid and emotional portrait of bipolar disease. Excellent book. Highly recommended!” ~Readers Favorite

4.5 Stars! “Tense, and inspiring, WAYWARD ANGELS, is available for your thoughts. Karen Wiesner has no problem addressing difficult issues in her Wounded Warrior Series. Stormie is a beautiful woman who wants nothing more than to be “normal.” Stormie knows she must keep her secrets. Everyone who finds out the truth leaves. Gregg is determined to help her no matter what the issue. He knows he loves her and plans to make a life with her—now if only he can convince her to believe he is for real. WAYWARD ANGELS is another beautiful tale from the pen of Karen Wiesner. Dragging us into the painful pasts of her creations, we have no choice but to feel their same emotions and wants. Be sure and pick this one up. Karen Wiesner has created another wonderful story, an excellent addition to her Wounded Warrior Series.” ~Debby Guyette for

4 1/2 Delightful Divas! “Gregg’s story... at last! Of the four Wounded Warriors books that I’ve read so far, WAYWARD ANGELS is by far the most ‘Christian’ in tone. In fact the Inspirational theme is at least half the story. But, for Gregg and Stormie, it works. That’s one of the things that impresses me the most about Karen Wiesner’s writing: each story has its own direction, its own flavor and each of them are supremely well matched with the characters. We met Gregg in the first book—RELUCTANT HEARTS—and he’s been present in each subsequent story. But that’s another thing that I’m enjoying about the series—that we never lose touch completely with any of the characters. Yes, they’ve all got their own story, but because of the closeness of the group, no story takes place in a vacuum. Wendy and Paul, from RELUCTANT HEARTS continue to be a part of the lives of the rest of the group. Just as Steve and Kristina from WAITING FOR AN ECLIPSE and Gwen and Dylan from MIRROR MIRROR are still around. I like that continuing connection. We are, after all, following a core group of friends: Tommie, Steve, Paul, Mitch, Wendy, Jessie, Brenda and Gwen have known each other for most of their lives while Gregg became a part of their ‘clan’ at a later date. I must admit that the emphasis on being ‘Christian’, particularly those born-again, was at times almost overwhelming. In fact I would find myself arguing with some of the characters. Then I’d realize what I was doing and take a step back. Just goes to show how real these characters are. I will admit that these stories may not be for everyone, but even if you’re curious about the characters, I’d strongly urge you to give them a try. Really, while the characters might have been, at times, somewhat preachy, I never felt that the words were directed at me. This is just who they are.

“WAYWARD ANGELS is basically a journey, separate and together, of two people struggling to reclaim their lives. Gregg’s been on the road of living for God much longer than Stormie, but she was able to teach him even so. Both Gregg and Stormie had had to overcome dependence on drugs, alcohol and sex but their biggest challenge of course, is the mindset. For Gregg it was his fame and the trappings that surround the famous; with all the money and opportunity that abounds it’s an easy hole to fall into. Stormie, wow... her pain, at times so close to the surface, was subsequently heartbreaking. Above all else, all Stormie wanted was, a normal life. Her addictions ruled her totally in her effort to banish the pain that her illness brought upon her. And I felt for her. Karen Wiesner has, with this fourth book in her Wounded Warriors Series shown that the power of love—romantic, family, friends’ and God’s—can take us through anything. The problems will not, most likely, be removed—miraculous healing is extremely rare and addictions have to be dealt with—but with love and support of those in our lives we can survive and even thrive. But first we have to open our hearts.” ~Kathy for Dark Diva Reviews

4 Cups! "The tender scenes between these interesting characters were thoroughly enjoyable and progressed nicely. Supporting characters were well developed and added wonderful dimension to this heart-warming story. With smooth pacing and a satisfying conclusion, Ms. Wiesner writes another winner in the Wounded Warrior series." ~reviewed by Cherelyn for Coffee Time Romance

"Karen Wiesner is one of the best at making the reader care about her characters. WAYWARD ANGELS will make you feel devastated for Stormie while at the same time feeling Gregg's frustration as he tries to figure out what is wrong with Stormie. Karen Wiesner never backs off the tough issues. In WAYWARD ANGELS she tackles Stormie living with being bipolar. At the same time, she accurately captures her feelings of insecurity as a new Christian and the scary issue of AIDS. Gregg and Stormie's story can stand alone but you will not want to miss this exciting series." ~Reviewed by Dawn Myers for Writers Unlimited Reviewer

"I just finished reading Karen Wiesner's WAYWARD ANGELS... Long story short, this story has grit and guts. It breaks all the rules. They curse, they kiss with passion (though they never actually do more than that but their thoughts are very spicy) and they are real people with insane problems. The hero is a former music star and a new Christian. He opened a shelter for teen boys on the streets and is a real Prince Charming with a huge heart. I can't believe he actually held off until they were married based on all of the temptation out there. But that's an aside. The heroine is bipolar and a brand new Christian (literally) who decided God was going to heal her since she got saved, so she stopped taking her meds and, boy, did she turn up the heat. I've never seen a better portrayal of someone who is flagrantly bipolar than this one. They (off meds) tend to be highly sexualized when in a manic state so you can imagine some of the antics. However, she was in a sad place because prior to being saved she was raped and the guy had AIDS and shot himself (while on top of her) so she feared being pregnant and having AIDS for most of the book. See, I told you it was in-your-face grit. Since I work with intense people, I've seen this upfront and it isn't pretty but it's real. Even with new Christians who have horrible backgrounds. Anyway, this story kept me up until 2:30 AM and I got very little sleep last night (no I'm not bipolar thank the Lord) until I finished. We talked about symbolism in Louise Gouge's class in Nashville and Karen did a masterful job with the pet cats. Amazing. So if you don't mind an intense read with grit and an occasional cuss word, this might work for you. At any rate, I found it fascinating. The Christian piece of the story was so much more real and deeper than many CBA novels. You hear (in their heads) their doubts and fears and struggles and its so REAL how the enemy works on them. This book has made me think about my walk with the Lord and I like that. So be warned, this ain't for Grandma unless she has major grit in mind. But the message is clear. Faithful obedience is worth it." ~Michelle T. Sutton, "Writing truth into fiction...digging deeper, soaring higher"

"A romance novel with a difference! Wayward Angels is a safe haven for homeless--of which Gregg Stevens, and his music producer brother Craig, manage. Diego, a runaway homeless teenager with little hope for the future, has AIDS. Fate has dealt Diego an unjust hand; faith and trust would be his one true Savior--if he could just embrace them... Author Karen Wiesner has created a romance novel where morals, ethics, and the scales of right and wrong are weighed up to lead Gregg Stevens and Stormie Knight through life and accept the reaching hand of divine intervention. WAYWARD ANGELS is a story where the power of love rises above the deepest darkest depths of hopelessness. Another intriguing novel from Karen Wiesner!" reviewed by Pamela Faye for Rolling Seas Reviews

"WAYWARD ANGELS is contains a powerful Christian message." ~Mary Connealy for Romantic Times BOOKclub

Until It's Gone Reviews

5 Stars! "Karen Wiesner pens another powerful tale with UNTIL IT'S GONE. Wiesner writes novels that are so powerful and strong that you will never forget them. Mitch and his sister were so damaged by their father that only love will bring them back from the brink of an abyss. True love is what will redeem them and make them whole; they just have to be prepared to accept it. UNTIL IT'S GONE is a classic case of what can go wrong in one’s life but can be fixed with help. It is also a story where you do not realize what you have...until it's gone. Unbelievably riveting, Karen Wiesner takes us to the depths of despair and raises us up to victory with this book." ~Single Titles

5 Stars! “Karen Wiesner does a fantastic job of showing the man Mitch was before we meet him in this book. He has done many things of which he is not proud and he struggles with whether or not the ends justify the means he is forced to take. UNTIL IT’S GONE is a powerful story of redemption and forgiveness, but not in the traditional way. Sure, it is Mitch who needs to be redeemed, but he also must learn to forgive himself if he can give his heart and his life to the women who matter most: Brenda, his daughter Haylee, and his sister Julia. This gritty version of Karen Wiesner as an author has me most intrigued and eager to see more of this style from her, if UNTIL IT’S GONE is any indication she’s stumbled upon something truly great.” ~Readers’ Favorite

Rating: You need to read! "In this wonderful read you will find great tortured characters: Mitch, a true wounded warrior, his sister, Julia, who was sold when she was 12, and Brenda, the woman who has always loved him. This is a very good romance filled with action, suspense and sweet sensual tension! Having read the first book in this series, I had a certain preconceived picture of Mitch’s character. He had been mixing with drug dealers for years, he had betrayed his love, Brenda, and it seemed he was definitely on his way down. So this book was full of surprises! Mitch gets out of prison and very soon finds Brenda at his door. He feels he is not worthy of her love and is shocked by what she has come to tell him. Mitch had betrayed Brenda many years ago to try to get her away from him even though he truly wants her…now more than ever. Add to the picture that Mitch still feels guilty because he wasn’t able to protect his younger sister when their drugged out father sold her to a dope dealer. Although he fears Julia is dead, certain people keep promising him they will find her for him–-if he does what they want. When threats from his past start closing in, Mitch must figure a way to protect those he loves and to get his life right if he wants a future with them. This story is full of deep, abiding and unconditional love. The pain, confusion and love the characters experience can be felt through the excellent writing. The story is fast paced and full of action. Although this is the 5th in the series and can be read on its own, I think at least the first book would help to introduce all the characters and get the background history of Mitch and Brenda’s love story. I want to read the other books and I would heartily say that this is a book, and a full series, to really enjoy." ~reviewed by MarthaE for You Gotta Read Reviews

4 1/2 Delightful Divas! “UNTIL IT’S GONE, Wounded Warriors #5, is yet another unique story in the series. Truly, Karen Wiesner has surprised me in that each story really is individual and unique to the main characters. This keeps the series fresh and interesting because you never really know what to expect. Ms. Wiesner’s ability to get the reader involved with the characters and story was triumphant. This story is Brenda’s and Mitch’s, probably the two least known members of the group. In fact, for a good part of the preceding two books, Mitch had basically disappeared. Brenda’s been around, especially in Gwen’s story. But then they were room-mates and best friends way-back-when and subsequently have a strong bond. It was nice to get to know Brenda as herself rather than as ‘the friend’. Mitch, on the other hand is a huge mystery. But even back in the first book we knew that he was tied to the drug culture. What surprised me, over and over, about the group is that they never turned their backs on one of their own, even if the person—like Mitch and Jessie—completely disengaged themselves. And, especially when it came to Mitch, I couldn’t really understand it. He’s only a friend of Paul’s originally, but of course he and Brenda had a hot-and-heavy relationship for a number of years. But when he was found cheating on her and he completely submersed himself in the world of drugs, I really didn’t think that we’d ever see him again. I was wrong. Even more surprisingly is that Karen Wiesner not only redeems him, but I ended up really liking Mitch.

“Mitch and Brenda’s story is fraught with angst and emotional overload—especially for Mitch. To find out that he was a father, after the horrible childhood he’d had, was beyond his comprehension. As for Brenda, I admire her so much for her stand that their daughter deserved to know her daddy. Brenda has a heart of gold. But as much as she wanted to give Mitch the chance to be part of their little girl’s life, she was quite conflicted when her feelings for Mitch once again came to the forefront. And that was something else I thought was special, that neither had ever stopped loving the other. I think, for Mitch, his love for Brenda is all that kept him human throughout the years. The fact that the two of them had lost at least 20 years together just broke my heart. It certainly made me angry and very sad at the same time.

“As for the element of romantic suspense that is part and parcel of UNTIL IT’S GONE, Karen Wiesner did a fabulous job keeping me on tenterhooks. And the buildup to the end was... wow; edge of the seat all the way. Along with the thrill-ride to the end, I also enjoyed the secondary romance... and was glad to see that so much was finally given back to Mitch. Because the man deserved it all, and by keeping true to his love for Brenda, he finally won! I’d be hard pressed to pick my favorite, but in some ways I think that UNTIL IT’S GONE is right up there. I love suspense, and a lovers-reunited theme, but it’s the characters that really grabbed my heart. Mitch and Brenda had lost so much that being able to watch as they not only found their way back together, but were able to at long last live the life they’d wanted. Karen Wiesner with every story continues to gain my respect for her talent and storytelling. One more book in the Wounded Warriors Series to go...and I can hardly wait!” ~Kathy for Dark Diva Reviews

4 Books! "Karen Wiesner sustains an undercurrent of suspense with subplots that filter into the love and lives of Brenda, Mitch and Haylee, keeping the reader at top alert for machinations that can rip their lives apart. She also creates situations that keep the reader guessing about which characters can be trusted and which ones are willing to use anybody and any means to reach their own goals regardless of the fallout--some good foreshadowing. The intrigues, personal agendas, and diverse characters make UNTIL IT’S GONE a multifaceted story that is emotionally charged." ~reviewed by Camellia for Long and Short Romance Reviews

4 Stars! "Book five of the Wounded Warrior Series packs an emotional punch. The characters are deeply scarred from childhood tragedies but are trying to redeem themselves. Two parallel storylines take place simultaneously, and Wiesner seamlessly switches between them. The outcome of this book is warm and satisfying and lingers after the last page is read." ~Barb Anderson for RT Book Reviews

4 Stars! "UNTIL IT'S GONE is a story of suspense and will keep you turning the pages. Karen Wiesner is a master of mixing suspense and romance. Her characters are well developed. Her plots are never lacking action, suspense, and romance." ~reviewed by Lynn for

"As a faithful follower of the Wounded Warriors Series, I have waited for Mitch and Brenda’s story. When Mitch was introduced in the beginning of the series, I thought he was a jerk for treating Brenda like he did. I could not hazard a guess how Ms. Wiesner would complete their story, but just like a king-sized snickers bar packed full of peanuts, UNTIL IT'S GONE is so satisfying. Ms. Wiesner brings the long awaited story to a happy ending and made me care what happened to Mitch. UNTIL IT'S GONE is a touching story about one woman’s belief in lasting love and never giving up on her knight in shining armor." ~reviewed by Dawn Myers for Writers Unlimited

"Karen Wiesner's UNTIL IT'S GONE, the fifth book in her Wounded Warriors Series, proves yet again what a gifted pen Karen wields. She is a master at taking deeply wounded characters, characters who are often times unconventional heroes and heroines, and making the reader relate to and care for them. I ached for Mitch as he held his daughter and fought Brenda's draw, knowing he had to leave them--deny them in order to protect them. But Brenda is not a woman who'll easily let go of the dark knight she and her daughter love. As ever, in a Wiesner book, resolution is never easy, but it's always just what the reader wants. I highly recommend UNTIL IT'S GONE as I do the entire series. Love those Wounded Warriors." ~reviewed by multi-published, award-winning author Barbara Raffin

"No one writes a better tormented hero better than Karen Wiesner, and Mitch Taylor in UNTIL IT'S GONE is one of her best! Karen gives readers another wonderful 'wounded warrior'. Strong, devoted and tormented, Mitch Taylor is on the brink of surrendering to the demons of his past until he meets the one woman whose love may be strong enough to save him. An adorable ten month old baby and word of his long-lost sister enter his life at the worst possible time, making UNTIL IT'S GONE a story of love and redemption sure to delight Ms. Wiesner's many fans." ~award-winning author Carrie S. Masek

"This may be the best of the Wounded Warriors saga so far, which is saying a lot as that is a super series. Mitch is a terrific protagonist who has harmed innocent people as part of his realistic cover, but even before Brenda’s pronouncement he had doubts about right vs. wrong as he reconsiders his side's values as they assume the end justifies any mean. Brenda has issues also, but this is clearly Mitch’s tribulation with no hope for redemption. Fans will relish this powerful gritty entry." ~Harriet Klausner for Genre Go Round Reviews

White Rainbow Reviews

5 heart sweetheart nominee and 5 Hearts! “Ms. Karen Wiesner quickly became a favorite author of mine. I will admit, however, that this is the best of her books I’ve read. Each time I believe it is the best, but I am amazed at the intricacy written into this story. It would not be unusual for me to lose interest with so much conflict. That didn’t happen. The poignancy of this book was incredible. The storyline’s main characters were so diligently written it was as if they were living in front of me. This couple faced tremendous adversity and each found their way to God, salvation and each other. The supporting characters were loving reinforcement that, fortunately, was willing to stand by both Jessie and Flint. The white rainbow was symbolic of second chances. The way that was incorporated into her book was beautifully presented. I absolutely couldn’t wait to reach the end and then I didn’t want it to end. There was also such a major bombshell near the end that I wasn’t expecting. I highly recommend this book as another major hit for Ms. Wiesner. I cannot say enough how convinced I am that each reader will be thrilled. This offering will make her a “must read” for others as she is for me. My hat’s off to you, Ms. Wiesner. You truly are an inspired author. Thanks for giving of yourself!” ~The Romance Studio

You GOTTA Read (highest rating!) “I enjoyed the first five books in this series and this one is my favorite: full of hope and emotion! I was prepared to struggle to like Jessie based upon her very selfish and self-absorbed behaviors from the prior books. How does Ms. Wiesner turn Jessie into a character that could be liked and embraced? By showing that God finds us worthy even in the depths of our sin. Where there is love, there is hope to become a new creature. The hero has his own bitterness and revenge issues. The emotion that Ms. Wiesner evokes is truly engaging. She has created characters that you root for and you care about. You want to know what happens to each character and of course you are glad when they overcome obstacles to reach a happy ending. This last book of the series is inspirational, but is not preachy. It very smoothly includes in the plot and character interaction a message of hope and second chances. This is a lovely and uplifting story that will cheer your heart. Although this can be read as a stand-alone, I highly recommend that you read RELUCTANT HEARTS, the first book in the Wounded Warriors Series so you meet all of the characters. Jessie also plays a big part in the second book, WAITING FOR AN ECLIPSE. Now that I have read all of this series I am ready to read more books by Ms. Wiesner. Her writing style is full and rich; it enhances the well-developed, emotional characters and the deeply engaging plots.” ~MarthaE for You Gotta Read Reviews

5 Cups! “WHITE RAINBOW is a magnificent look at hardships, betrayals, loves lost, loves found, and the one love that finds a way to crack open the softness of the heart. Karen Wiesner has done it once again with her excellent storytelling, wonderful romance and in-depth characters. She makes the reader ache for each and every one of the players. Ms. Wiesner knows how to pen a story that really snatches the reader. I could feel the agony, the conflict among each of the characters, and the rejoicing afterwards. This compelling story gives an uplifting feeling where one can find a way back to happiness and wash away all hurt.” ~Cherokee for Coffee Time Romance & More

Dark Angel Recommended Read   top pick 5 Delightful Divas, July 2010 Top Pick, and Recommended Read! “I was quite surprised to find that Jessie had a story of her own! After all her hijinks, her manipulations and her out-and-out disdain for anyone at all, I was hard put to think that she could be redeemed. Just goes to show how much I know. Truly though, without the group, Jessie would not have survived; how she did was miraculous, but the continuing support from everyone is what made the difference. Yes, Jessie’s now a Christian, but with her it’s not the preaching type of conversion--that goes right down to the core of her being. Seeing Jessie as she’s come to terms with her past and the responsibility she accepts for her actions is a stunning testimonial to the power of love--any type of love you want to name. Although the self-love that has been lacking for so much of her life is now something that Jessie is conscious of and nurturing.

“Flint Jackson is her counterpart; their relationship goes back 3 decades to when they were children of 11 years old. As odd as it may seem, the connection that Flint and Jessie had all those years ago was the strongest in both their lives. After being separated by life, both lost a big part of who they were and a rare and very powerful love. Unfortunately outside influences took more of their souls and they spent the ensuing decades living lives of complete and utter debauchery. Jessie’s had a year longer than Flint’s to reclaim her soul and life, and I truly believe that without her subsequent reappearance in his life, the changes that he had just begun would have been too overwhelming...she grounded him in a way that no else could.

“In WHITE RAINBOW—and I love the symbolism of the white rainbow—Karen Wiesner has come up with a powerful conclusion to her Wounded Warriors Series, one that will keep fresh the impact that the characters and books have had. Much of the series is, it’s true, inspirational and, in the past, I’ve often shied away from stories like that. All told, even being Christian myself, I’ve found that I was left feeling as though I’d been preached at, or that because I didn’t believe as they did I was lacking. Not a feeling that you want at the end of a story—at least not one that I enjoy. But, even with the very strong Christian theme in book 4, WAYWARD ANGELS, I never felt the pressure that I usually equate with inspirational stories. And honestly I feel that each of these books is easily viewed just as well-told, intriguing tales each with a memorable romance and their own unique flavor. And for that I thank Karen Wiesner for the chance to connect with Wendy & Paul, Steve & Kristina, Gwen & Dylan, Gregg & Stormie, Jessie & Flint and Tommie... always Tommie in the background.” ~Kathy for Dark Diva Reviews

5 Stars! “This book captured my attention from the beginning and held it to the last page. The characters are well developed. The plot is perfection. It is easy to recommend this book.” ~Readers Favorite

4 1/2 Stars! "Compelling and moving, Karen Wiesner’s WHITE RAINBOW tells the story of one woman’s triumphs over her demons with the help of her faith. It is hard to express the depth of emotion you feel when reading one of Karen Wiesner’s Wounded Warrior Series books. The characters are realistic and flawed. What they go through as they struggle with their lives is so similar to what many of us have experienced in some way in our own lives. We met Jesse in earlier books and followed her downward spiral. Her uplifting story in WHITE RAINBOW can give many inspiration. Flint needed Jesse for his own uplift and she was there for him. A tremendous story from a tremendous author, WHITE RAINBOW , like the others in this series, will stay with you long after the last page is turned.” ~Debby for Single Titles

4 Stars! “Hearing Jessie and Flint's personal tales gave me an inspirational boost. It is always amazing to me that no matter how badly you have lived your life or harmed others, there is forgiveness. And these two did some pretty bad stuff! If you are going through a rough time, this story may be just what you need.” ~Detra Fitch for Huntress Reviews

4 Stars! “Jessie Nelson is a self-destructive type as are a few of Karen’s heroines, and she has run her course all the way not regretting a single thing she does until she realizes that self-destruction can only go so far before she is dead. WHITE RAINBOW is two people’s success story once it reaches the end, as the both of them know that they have missed each other for so long and discover they can’t ever be apart as no one else they have been with has ever come close to what they had. This story reminded me of one of those life changing stories you hear about with people who have come close to death and managed to survive through faith and love. As is normal in any of Karen Wiesner’s novels, there is a sense of being uplifted once you have read them and want to get your hands on more of her books almost instantly. Hers is a singular talent not many have, and her imbuing a little religious faith into her stories is without her trying to force her beliefs onto the reader.” ~Love Romance Passion

“The plot of WHITE RAINBOW takes one through mixed emotions of tremendous love and hatred at the same time. The author has immaculately presented the story of a couple who has faced extreme adversities while being on a path of self-destruction yet found their ways to God, love and triumph over their demons through faith. Jessie Nelson and Flint Jackson have lived their lives on their own terms and only for themselves, which leads to agony and pain—not only for them but also for those who loved them until they met life-altering accidents that gave them a second chance to live and learn the real truth about life that “life is only worth living if it’s lived for others and not for oneself.” This story is a strong affirmation to the fact that everyone deserves and gets a second chance and the “white rainbow” symbolizes that second chance in this book. The story beautifully represents that no matter how devilish a person’s deeds may be, s/he would certainly should get a chance to make amends. One feels immense depth of emotions while reading this book. The characters are realistic and flawed. It’s easy to relate oneself with the hardship the characters go through as we all experience difficult times in some way or the other in our respective courses of lives. The author’s flawless storytelling ability and creativity in bringing out the perfect blend of love lost and love found keeps the reader glued until the last page.” ~Preeti Bajra for TCM Reviews

“The sixth Wounded Warrior tale stars two interesting lead characters who share in common a life of destroying others until both face death and know miraculously they survived. The story line is fast-paced from the moment a bitter, cynical Flint watches with joy from a distance his father buried and never slows down until the pirate and his lady find one another. Christian romance readers will enjoy the redemptive second chance at love tale.” ~Harriet Klausner

“Book Six of the Wounded Warrior series is well written, and the author certainly shows the power of redemption.” ~Amy Lignor for RT Book Reviews

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