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Home Reviews

5 Stars!
"HOME by Karen Wiesner is the story of a mother trying to come to terms with what home actually is for herself and her son. This is a heart-wrenching and emotional, inspirational novel. The characters and their experiences are all so realistic that they became alive to me. Della is a character whom many will empathize with and will cheer on as she makes changes in her life. Cade is another character whom I liked and she compliments Della's character so well. While reading, Hannah is a character whom I wanted to dislike, but she is one I felt bad for as well. This novel will make you think of what is important in life and the consequences of each choice that is made, as well as reminding us of the importance of home and family.” ~Readers Favorite

5 Stars!
“HOME by Karen Wiesner is amazing inspirational romantic fiction. It teaches us that no matter what we go through in our lives, God is always there if we trust in Him and pray. HOME was an amazing story! Della Cole with her son, River, must find her way after the sudden, unexpected death of her husband. Danger lurks around every corner, but she must have faith and trust in the Lord.” ~MyBookAddiction Reviews

“HOME is a wonderful inspirational romance in which Karen Wiesner displays her immense talent—and overcame a major pet peeve of mine: that Dec’s death might make everything seem easier for the heroine, but instead Della is haunted by guilt and other debilitating emotions though she logically believes she was doing the right thing. With a late suspense adding tension, fans will enjoy returning to Peaceful (see Family Heirlooms and Friendship Heirlooms Series) as Della affirms you can go home if love embraces you.” ~Harriet Klausner for Genre Go Round Reviews

4 ½ Stars!
“Noted for her Christian romance titles, Karen tells the tale of Della Flynn, who has plenty of pent up emotions clouding her judgment, and most of them are about her husband. This novel, like most of Karen’s others’, starts out disastrous, but, as the story moves on, the circumstances of the main female character get better.” ~Love Romance Passion

4 Stars!
“Primarily the story is focused on Della’s emotional turmoil. Some of her thoughts made me contemplate. For example, which comes first: the husband’s loss of self-esteem or the wife’s loss of respect when he doesn’t do more to support the family? Either way it is a downhill spiral unless someone takes steps to stop the disastrous cycle. I liked Della’s fierce love for her son and her steadfastness. …well written… Ms. Wiesner has the ability to create real to life characters and situations. Della’s emotional trauma is very real. [For] readers who enjoy emotional drama…Ms. Wiesner is a wonderful author with many stories to choose from and enjoy and I look forward to reading more of her works.” ~Reviews by Martha’s Bookshelf

4 Stars!
“Karen Wiesner writes stories that touch the hearts of her readers. This one is no exception. The character of Della is compassionate and sympathetic. She knows that she has drifted away from God and is striving to find her way back. Della is fiercely protective of her young son and does whatever is needed to ensure his care and safety. I found Della to be a good mother, even though she bowed to all of her husband’s wishes for too long. The son, River, charmed me from the start and is sharp as a tack. I hope to return to the town of Peaceful someday.” ~Huntress Reviews

“This story is about rediscovering oneself and starting anew after being betrayed in the worst possible way by a loved one. Everything Della feels and questions during her internal struggles regarding marriage very realistic. Her love for her son is pure, beautiful, and uncomplicated. Cade is the only one who can understand her as no one ever has, making her feel conflicted about her feelings. It was wrapped up beautifully in the end and made me cry for them. A lovely, heartfelt read.” ~Coffee Time Romance & More

“Wiesner’s latest is an inspired story…filled with heartache, regret, guilt and the promise of starting over. Readers should know upfront that the ending is worth it.” ~Amy Lignor for RT Book Reviews

4 Stars!
“This was a pretty emotional read. Della is struggling with her choices in life and trying her hardest not to repeat past mistakes. I thought this was a very realistic take on second chances. Beautifully written.” ~Single Titles

“Della is a strong woman who suffers greatly under misplaced guilt. She heaps guilt on herself daily and we get to see how it affects her in a not very positive way. I think we can all learn something from Della and her inability to let go of mistakes and guilt. Her love and devotion to River is beyond admirable. It drives everything she does. I think she is a true super-mom. Cade is a wonderful and compassionate man. He doesn’t come across as very strong in his faith initially, but we see glimpses of the depth of his faith throughout the book. He also has reasons to not trust and he’s worked through that to the point where he would risk love again. I enjoyed the story and watching each of the characters grown in their capacity to let others in and to trust again. It’s a heartwarming story that brings to light many of the fears that mothers have. We moms always seem to worry about the safety of our children, how we are raising them, and helping them have a better upbringing than we had ourselves. Watching Della struggle and then finally succeed was well worth it.” ~Robyn for Once Upon A Romance

Destiny Reviews

4 ½ Stars!
“This story shows that, quite often, what you are desperately searching for in your life has always been there, unseen due to its familiarity. And as with Elizabeth, it also shows that love is often blind. Too blind. The lucky ones realize it before it is too late. Once again the author, Karen Wiesner, has written an inspirational romance that kept me reading far longer than I should have. (I rescheduled a dentist appointment just so I could finish it.) I would also like to mention that a card game (called Destiny Poker) is played in this story. A small section, in the back of this book, tells how the author came up with the game. Since the idea first came to mind, Destiny Poker has been tweaked and refined and is now available to the public. You can find details on how to play Destiny Poker in the book. The author has even made a special card deck, which you may choose to order. (I have a deck. The back of each card has a picture of the book’s cover. I have to admit that the cards are gorgeous.) This is a stand-alone story. No other book needs to be read to fully enjoy it. The characters have well-developed backgrounds and are so believable that, were they real people, I could have called them my friends. A wonderful story to curl up with on a cold night or take with you on a plane or vacation. Very heartwarming.” ~Huntress Review

5 Stars!
“A wonderful inspirational second chance. The latest inspirational visit to Peaceful, Wisconsin (see Family Heirlooms and the Friendship Heirlooms Series) is a wonderful romance starring a lost soul and the love of a woman destined to return him to the flock. The lead couple and Oscar make for a strong tale as love is blind but in this case not in the traditional meaning. Fans will enjoy playing Destiny Poker as Karen Wiesner provides a tender second chance at family, love between soul mates and with the Lord drama.” ~Harriet Klausner for Genre Go Round Reviews

4 Stars!
“DESTINY by Karen Wiesner is a very good book. As a Christian and a young adult, I could relate to this book on many levels. As humans, when we are on a spiritual level sometimes we find it hard to forgive ourselves when we feel that we have done wrong. I have struggled with that myself. I think Karen Wiesner did a great job of displaying the struggle of a spiritual journey. Karen Wiesner also did a great job showing how sometimes our relationships with others can consume us and how we in return, lose ourselves in wanting to be loved. The four main characters, Chris, Elizabeth, Oscar, and Yolie, who are all friends, all have unique stories but their stories blend with each other. Chris is struggling to find his own identity but is doing so in a way in which he is turning away from God. Elizabeth does not really know who she is but is not really trying to find herself because she is so much in love. Oscar is Elizabeth's best friend and to me is the most sane of the group, and Yolie is someone who just has a really caring heart but that is also what has led to most of her struggles. All in all, DESTINY is a great story. I would recommend it strongly and encourage all to read this as it can actually help a lot. Karen definitely did a good job of putting a lot of twists and turns in the book, which I loved. The book definitely kept my attention all the way through. If you enjoy real romance novels that not only focus on the good but also show the struggles of relationships and how couples do overcome them, then this is the book for you.” ~Readers Favorite

4 Stars!
“DESTINY was a very nice story. And if you like, Christian romances, you’ll like this one. You rooted for the characters to find the peace and love; they needed in order to feel whole. Chris has his issues with his family, in the form of an uncle who had just gotten out of prison and a former friend. Elizabeth (also a childhood friend) is in love with Chris. Oscar, who used to be Chris‘s childhood friend, is in love with Elizabeth and can’t understand why she’s crazy about Chris. Oscar may have been in love with Elizabeth, but there was another childhood friend who was in love with him and he didn’t even know it. There is friction every time Oscar and Chris get together, so they generally try to stay away from one another. There were some serious issues and Chris faces them head-on. You sympathized with the characters and hoped they finally got what they wished for and they’d be happy once they received it. Definitely worth reading.” ~BTS eMag

Sweet Dreams Reviews

"SWEET DREAMS is a tale brimming with thrills, chills, suspense and love. Cass is a man who cares deeply about those around him and will do anything to keep them safe. Robyn is loyal and wants nothing more than to help her friend and her true love. The two work well together against the forces of evil threatening their existence. SWEET DREAMS is extremely well written. The characters are likeable right from the start and come across as very real. The plot was new and refreshing to me and the demon very believable. SWEET DREAMS is an exciting thrill ride that will keep you up to the wee hours. I highly recommend SWEET DREAMS for everyone who loves non-stop action!"
~Carol Durfee, Romance Reviews Today

"Few authors can create a paranormal romance as exciting and believable as Karen Wiesner can write. SWEET DREAMS is frightening yet romantic with a surprising but satisfying ending. With strong characters and a powerful plot, fans of the sub-genre will relish this tale."
~Harriet Klausner on WriterSpace

5 Stars!
"Incredible! I'm a huge fan of paranormal romance and SWEET DREAMS is an example of paranormal romance at its best. Suspense, horror, thrills and love . . . SWEET DREAMS has it all and I loved every minute of it. If you enjoy your romance with a twist of suspense and a touch of the occult, this is the book for you. I found it difficult to believe that SWEET DREAMS is Karen Wiesner's first foray into the paranormal genre; you'd never know it by reading the book. Masterfully written and suspenseful to the last page, it's a book I couldn't stop reading, and I highly recommend it!"
~Ivy Quill Reviews

"Superb! Karen Wiesner's SWEET DREAMS is a roller coaster ride of breath-catching romance and plunging terror. The book kept me up until dawn and not just because it was an excellent read, but because I was too frightened to close my eyes! This paranormal is both haunting and memorable. Definitely a must read!"
~Angelica Hart, author of THE GATHERING

"What a wonderfully ironic title for a wonderfully put together book. The characters won me over right away. Their pain and their longing is so real, their bravery is almost heartbreaking. I appreciated the way [they were layered] with so many levels of devotion and fear to make them intensely human. The plot is compelling as well. As the demon circles in on Cass and Robyn, the suspense builds until it's nearly unbearable, then explodes into a climax that had me gripping the edge of the laptop and hitting the 'next' key so fast I nearly broke it. I just couldn't wait an extra second to find out how it would work out. And I wasn't disappointed. The ending is entirely satisfying."
~ Karen McCullough, author of PRISM and Rising Star Award-Winning Fantasy, The Rainbow Bridge

"The evil presence in SWEET DREAMS is tangible from page one. The main characters are instantly sympathetic, and we don't need to get inside the head of the bad guy to "get" his motivation. Shades of The Witching Hour--seduction and terror--kept me up for hours so I could get to the end. Karen Wiesner structures an intricately woven tale that leaves one panting for more."
~author Natalie Damschroder

"WOW! Here is a dark romance book. If not for the romance, I'd label it horror! It sent chills up my spine the entire time! Fantastic reading!"
~Detra Fitch for Huntress Book Reviews

"SWEET DREAMS will keep the reader awake at night--turning pages! The evil presence is tangible from the start, but Cass and Robyn have a one of a kind love that is simply meant to be. One can't help pulling for them every step of the way. Recommended for readers who like a paranormal thriller with a deeply satisfying happy ending."
~Leslie Tramposch, PNR Reviews

"A miasma of evil chills the reader from page one. It seems the hero and heroine are fighting an impossible enemy in this book that moves at a dizzying pace. Though Cass's caution may prove frustrating to those rooting for the relationship to blossom, it is understandable. There is also an inspirational message to be found here, though it does not beat the reader over the head by being preachy. All in all, it is a very good book."
~Amanda Killgore for Scribes World Reviews

"For those of us who enjoy a touch of 'paranormal' in our books, SWEET DREAMS has a heaping helping. Robyn and Cass share a telepathic connection that sizzles! Though the plot is simple, the characters are good and some quite scary. I won't say more, as I don't want to give the plot away. SWEET DREAMS is set in Plover, Wisconsin, not quite my hometown, and we all had fun pin-pointing the story settings around home. Yes! We did find them."
~Michele Patrykus for

Restless as Rain Reviews

4 Stars!
"Karen Wiesner writes effortlessly and compellingly, pulling the reader along with Rain as she struggles to be her own personal and make her own path in life. RESTLESS AS RAIN is a unique look at the timelessness of romance. Quite enjoyable."
~Rickey R. Mallory for Affaire de Couer

Highly Recommended!
"RESTLESS AS RAIN is going to delight romance readers around the world, have them reading faster and faster. Innocent, honest, sizzling, and complex are just a few of the words that can be used to describe the characters, the love stories, and the plot. Masterly describes the writing. RESTLESS AS RAIN is intriguing, engrossing, and goes far beyond the standard formula of boy-meet-girl-and-they-live you know the rest. It is a great read!"
~Under the Covers Reviews

"In RESTLESS AS RAIN, the reader is taken on a journey through healing as Rain confronts her past, breaks free of the emotional trappings that had crippled her and learns about the power of love without losing herself. Karen Wiesner weaves a wonderful feel-good story filled with emotional intensity and sparkling sensuality."
~The Lover's Knot

"A creative plot--full of conflict and energy. It shows the drive, talent and the compassion of human emotion while allowing storytelling to continue."
~Romance Communications

"This is a nice, light romance with well-developed characters and a satisfying ending. You'll enjoy seeing how Rain reconciles her desire for a future with her need to escape her past." ~Inscriptions

"Wiesner's novel boasts a cast of several likable characters, especially the troubled hero. ...beautiful metaphors relating love to music...bring delightful touches of originality to the story." ~Marilyn Weigel for Romantic Times

"An earthy, very sensual relationship drama that successfully breaks all the rules!" ~Lori Foster, best-selling Harlequin author

"Silver Bells, Wedding Bells" Reviews
(Mistletoe Marriages Anthology)

"Four of your favorite authors have come together to bring you joy and cheer this Christmas Season. Leta Nolan Childers, shares laughter and ecstasy in "Countdown To Christmas" as Dee Saunders tries to tame the panther in Trevor DeWitt. Ricky R. Mallory, recants a "Christmas Treasure" that will live through all eternity. Jane Toombs, takes us to a mystical time where three couple's dearest Christmas wishes come true in "Tarnished Angel." Karen Wiesner, in "Silver Bells, Wedding Bells" shows us it's never too late to hitch your wagon to the right star. Enjoy these four enchanting stories and partake in the true gift of love."
~Kim's Reviews



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