Love Karen's Cover Art Designs? Love puzzles? Click on the links below to put together free, online puzzles of Karen's cover art designs!

No Ordinary Love: No Ordinary Love puzzle
Until Death Do Us Part: Until Death Do Us Part puzzle
Bounty on the Rebel's Heart: Bounty on the Rebel's Heart puzzle
Dead Drop: Dead Drop puzzle
Under the Spell: Under the Spell puzzle
Renegade's Rose: Renegade's Rose
Undercover Angel: Undercover Angel puzzle
Hard to Handle: Hard to Handle puzzle
Dance in Shadows: Dance in Shadows puzzle
Hypnotized: Hypnotized puzzle
Mind Games: Mind Games puzzle
Dark Approach: Dark Approach puzzle
Retired and on the Rocks: Retired and on the Rocks puzzle
Love is Blind...and It Don't Pay the Bills Either: Love Is Blind puzzle
Souls on (B)Oring Street: Souls on (B)Oring Street puzzle
Degrees of Separation: Degrees of Separation puzzle
Tears on Stone: Tears on Stone puzzle
The Fifteenth Letter: The Fifteenth Letter puzzle
Romantic Notions: Romantic Notions puzzle
Shadows in the Heart: Shadows in the Heart puzzle
Christmas Wishes: Christmas Wishes puzzle
Magical Kisses: Magical Kisses puzzle
Halloween Treasures: Halloween Treasures puzzle
Christmas Gems: Christmas Gems puzzle
Small Gifts: Small Gifts puzzle
Tales from the Treasure Trove, Volume IV: Tales Treasure Trove VI puzzle
Tales from the Treasure Trove, Volume V: Tales Treasure Trove V puzzle
Tales from the Treasure Trove, Volume VI: Tales Treasure Trove VI puzzle
Tales from the Treasure Trove, Volume VII: Tales Treasure Trove VII puzzle
Reluctant Hearts: Reluctant Hearts puzzle
Waiting for an Eclipse: Waiting for an Eclipse puzzle
Mirror Mirror: Mirror Mirror puzzle
Wayward Angels: Wayward Angels puzzle
Until It's Gone: Until It's Gone puzzle
White Rainbow: White Rainbow puzzle
Woodcutter's Grim Series I: Woodcutter's Grim Series puzzle
Woodcutter's Grim Series II: Woodcutter's Grim Series II puzzle
Adventures in Amethyst Series: Adventures in Amethyst puzzle
Kaleidoscope Series: Kaleidoscope Series puzzle
Cowboy Fever Series: Cowboy Fever Series puzzle
Angelfire Trilogy: Angelfire Trilogy puzzle
Baby, Baby: Baby Baby puzzle
Shadow Boxing: Shadow Boxing puzzle
Foolish Games: Foolish Games puzzle
The Bloodmoon Curse: The Bloodmoon Curse puzzle
Men of Moonstone Series: Men of Moonstone Series puzzle
Moonrunner I: Moonrunner I puzzle
Restless as Rain: Restless as Rain puzzle
North of Nonesuch Series: North of Nonesuch Series puzzle
Sapphire Palace Series: Sapphire Palace Series puzzle
Trouble Waters Series: Troubled Waters Series puzzle

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