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No Ordinary Love, Book 1
Until Death Do Us Part, Book 2
Bounty on the Rebel's Heart, Book 3
Dead Drop, Book 4
Under the Spell, Book 5
Renegade's Rose, Book 6
Undercover Angel, Book 7
Hard to Handle, Book 8
Dance in Shadows, Book 9
Hypnotized, Book 10
Mind Games, Book 11
Dark Approach, Book 12

No Ordinary Love Reviews

5 Stars! "This is the first book in the Incognito Series. I found it to be a very solid foundation for what could very well turn out to be one of the best romantic suspense novels of the year. It overflows in action and drama, with just the right amount of romance. Outstanding!" ~Huntress Reviews

A Perfect 10 Review from Romance 
Today! A Perfect 10! "NO ORDINARY LOVE centers on two characters that mean everything to each other, practically to the exclusion of anyone else. The first half of the book centers on Kira's and Vincent's relationship, while the second half is full of action that takes unusual but exhilarating twists and turns. One particular turn takes readers to a disturbing world underneath the New York subway. There are a few secondary characters; particularly well written are Angelo, Vincent's old mentor, and Piper, Kira's dog walker. Vincent and Kira are multi-layered characters, who even after being together day in and out for years, still don't quite know everything about each other. Their relationship is claustrophobic and obsessive, especially on Vincent's part. Ms. Wiesner does a good job of explaining why Vincent behaves this way. The lengths that Vincent takes to protect Kira will amaze readers. NO ORDINARY LOVE is the first book in Ms. Wiesner's Incognito Series, my opinion, it's a classic. NO ORDINARY LOVE is no ordinary book, which is why I give it a perfect ten." ~Nickole Yarbrough for Romance Reviews Today

5 Cups! "NO ORDINARY LOVE is no ordinary book. Vincent and Kira are transcendent characters, almost larger than life, yet very human in their flaws and frailties. Love burns bright between them, but for Kira it is tarnished with fear, and for Vincent intertwined with duty. Can they possibly escape this baggage and build a real relationship? This is a page turner, taut, nail-biting thriller interwoven with a poignant, powerful romance. It is truly a book I could not put down. There are some spicy love scenes, but emotions far outweigh lust. My need to learn who actually are the good guys and the bad drove me to turn page after page. Revelations came just often enough to keep me off balance until the end, which is happy in spite of all the angst to get there. My recommendation? Buy it. Read it. Soon!" ~Coffee Time Romance

5 Angels! "NO ORDINARY LOVE is the first book in the Incognito Series. This fantastic, action packed story is one that I will be keeping in my favorites file. These well described and highly developed characters have such an emotional bond between them that it brought tears to my eyes many times while reading this tale. NO ORDINARY LOVE has a lot going on as it lays the foundation for the series and details the mysterious organization, the Network. This story for me was one that I didn't want to put down and when I absolutely had to, it kept calling my name until I could get back to it. Karen Wiesner has got herself a new fan with this captivating and enchanting book and I can't wait to read what else she has in store from the Network." ~Fallen Angel Reviews

5 Beacons! "This first book of the Incognito Series has me hooked! I was completely engrossed with these characters from word one. Page after page, I felt more connected to the story-line and was extremely impressed by how Ms. Wiesner worked in the underground tunnels and "mole people" that inhabit them. What a wonderful piece of originality. Typically a book on secret organizations and espionage can be very predictable and flat, but there was never a time I felt that this book was lacking. Very nicely done!" ~Lighthouse Literary Reviews

4.5 Stars! "Having read some other books written by Ms. Wiesner, I must say that I think she's really hit her stride as an author. This book was the best one of hers that I have read to date. I thought she did a wonderful job of building the blossoming romance as well as keeping us on our toes as Kira and Vincent try to stay one step ahead of those who would take them down. The story moves from the first page to the last and I never found myself wishing for story changes or for more/less action. I felt like Ms. Wiesner was anticipating my desires as a reader and was able to deliver the story I wanted. I will say you'd better hold onto your hats at the end. Wow! There are more twists, curves and hairpin turns than on a mountain road. I couldn't put it down and was surprised at how some of the things turned out. NO ORDINARY LOVE is a delightful blend of romance and action. Both segments mesh so well that it will entertain and delight both romance lovers and action/adventure lovers alike." ~Once Upon a Romance Review

4 ½ Delightful Divas! “This is the second series by Karen Wiesner that I’ve been fortunate enough to read. Although NO ORDINARY LOVE is only the first book in her Incognito Series, I was captivated from the very beginning. The Prologue, even in 3 short pages, was filled with tension. It also started the story off with a bang that rarely, if ever, really let up. A book 350 pages long that keeps the reader on the edge of their seat is nothing to trifle with, and I’ve learned to expect this from Ms. Wiesner. Yes there were times that I had to sit back and take a bit of a breather: while often emotionally draining and even raw, which made NO ORDINARY LOVE all the more powerful. And while I might take a break or two, I also couldn’t put the story aside for any real length of time. The mystery of just who Kira and Vincent are and how they’d come to be where they were, is supremely gripping. For Kira everything in her past is shrouded in mystery and covered in shadows. Sometimes Kira’s emotional turbulence is almost painful but, at the same time, the story is extremely addictive. A need to know permeates the pages. As the story progresses we do learn more, but it’s in bits and pieces. There is always something else that is just out of reach. Karen Wiesner really knows how to keep her readers totally absorbed. NO ORDINARY LOVE—and what Vincent and Kira share is definitely no ordinary love—is larger than life, but it works. While a be-all-and-end-all love like theirs may seem entirely unlikely, as I read the book I couldn’t fathom how it could be anything other than what it was, especially for Vincent. Now there’s a man that gives his heart 100% and once it belongs to someone, that’s it. His connection to Kira is compelling, confusing and controlled. The only thing in his life is Kira—everything he does is for her…yet he’s not a doormat. What he gives, he gives freely and willingly. He also has an innate strength that is beyond comprehension. But the further we delve into the mystery of Kira’s past we discover the reasons for this. Kira is also a very controlled person, but with her I would get the feeling that, at times, she was mere micrometers away from crashing and burning. But she doesn’t come across as weak, definitely when there were forces at work that we didn’t fully understand. Unfortunately, there were also times that I wanted to shake her. Kira and Vincent had reached a crossroads in their relationship and their lives. No longer was Kira content to sit back and let Vincent take care of her; something had to give and, right or wrong, Kira took control of her own life. The stories in the Incognito Series are not only engrossing adventure suspense stories but also once-in-lifetime love stories and personally it’s a combination that I really enjoy. I really have no expectation that this will change. If you’ve never read anything before by Karen Wiesner I truly feel that NO ORDINARY LOVE is an excellent place to start; but be forewarned, this is the first in a series of books and from reading other books by Ms. Wiesner I’m here to say that it’s very hard, if nigh impossible, to just read one.” ~Kathy for Dark Diva Reviews

4 1/2 Stars! "Thankfully Karen Wiesner is quite a prolific author. This is the first book I have read by Ms. Wiesner, and now I can look forward to many hours curled up with her wonderful, suspenseful, romantic books! She truly knows how to imagine into existence deep, convoluted, intriguing plot concepts, and then to lead the reader on a twisted, curving path, in and out of present and past. This is one author I feel confident in recommending consistently. May she continue with her writing career for many decades to come!" ~Euro-Reviews

4 Delightful Divas! "NO ORDINARY LOVE is book one of the Incognito Series and the title is perfect for this book. Kira and Vincent share a love that is not ordinary. I was immediately drawn into this intense and complex plot. I was struck by many things, first by the mystery and intrigue, which I was left with after the intense prologue. Karen Wiesner spent a lot of time building these characters and their story. [This book] ...kept me begging for more. I couldn’t stop thinking about it when I had to lay it down. ...I was drawn right back into this intriguing story. The beginning of the epilogue had my heart dropping to my toes. Karen Wiesner did a wonderful job with this book. There is more suspense than you can shake a stick at and there is a deep and abiding love between Kira and Vincent. Then you have several intense, heart-pounding action scenes. Oh, and you can’t forget a few outstanding supporting characters. I am dying to know if I will get to hear more about Angelo and Piper." ~reviewed by Melissa for Dark Diva Reviews

4 Stars! "Fans of romance and suspense will love NO ORDINARY LOVE. This is not your run of the mill romance, suspense story. Karen Wiesner has written a very unpredictable plot. Readers will not want to put this book down. Readers will enjoy watching Kira and Vincent's relationship grow and mature." ~reviewed by Debra Gaynor for

4 Hearts! "Karen Wiesner has penned a not so ordinary book in NO ORDINARY LOVE. The book grabbed this reviewer's attention from the very first page. These characters are well defined and very believable. The prose in NO ORDINARY LOVE flows smoothly and the action keeps the reader on the edge of their seat. This reviewer felt as though she was right in the middle of the action due to Ms. Wiesner's amazing writing ability; kudos to Ms. Wiesner for this wonderful offering. The plot is well thought out and not a single loose thread is left at a very satisfying ending. This reviewer looks forward to the next installment of the Incognito Series." ~Penny for Love Romances

"NO ORDINARY LOVE was an emotional read. It is obvious that Vincent’s entire world revolves around Kira. NO ORDINARY LOVE was also a thrilling suspense as Vincent and Kira face the past. Without giving spoilers, I will simply say I loved the help they received. It was unique. I am thrilled that additional stories in this series are already available and am eager to read them." ~reviewed by Katherine for Joyfully Reviewed

"The first book in the Incognito Series hooks the reader from the prologue. This story is a page-turner and gets you hooked before the prologue is even over. It follows the story of Vincent and Kira, the defector and a subject, as they try to reconcile themselves with the past and try to move on into the future. It has everything--drama, romance, action, and an overwhelming amount of suspense making you turn page after page. This is a brilliant start to the Incognito Series and many characters are seen in later books. A definite must-read." ~reviewed by Aisha S for TCM Reviews

"This read has you sitting on the edge of your chair, pure and simple. It is packed with high stakes, tension and intrigue while the bond of love shared between Kira and Vincent gets tested, hammered and attacked. I was gripped by the emotional turmoil that Kira found herself in. After awhile though, I couldn't get why she was so dead set on finding out about her past. Another thing that I found unbelievable was how Vincent's complete love for Kira seemed to give him an uncanny ability to be there for her when she needed him. It was a bit creepy. But Karen Wiesner has that all figured out and I didn't suspect a thing. I found out 'why' when Kira found out and I was pretty impressed with the scope of the discovery and what that taught Kira about Vincent. In fact, the author seems to have thought of every eventuality when it comes to the life that Vincent left behind--or thought he left behind. I then understood why she wrote him as she did; Ms. Wiesner explains it well. This is definitely an action packed book with romantic overtones which are key in pushing the conflict along in the story. I found myself admiring Vincent and his capabilities and liking Kira despite myself. Her actions make sense because we are all too human at times; we want what we want when we want it, especially when we can make it make sense in our own heads. Until something happens to wake us up; we just pray the cost isn't too high to pay. If you are looking for a tight, fast paced story with serious turns and twists to keep you guessing yet demand a satisfying HEA that makes it all worth while, then I believe NO ORDINARY LOVE will meet your expectations. It blew mine away. I'm still reeling from that even as I type this." ~The Long and Short of It Reviews

"Award winning author Karen Wiesner has penned another spectacular start to an intriguing series. Ms. Wiesner has a talent for always leaving her audience wanting to know more. I am anxious to read what she does with the character of Piper, who is introduced in this novel. I am also interested to see what happens to Angelo as this series unfolds. Vincent, the alpha male, is strong and capable. His weakness is Kira. She was his Achilles heel and he had coddled her. Just when I wanted to smack Kira upside her head and tell her to listen to Vincent, I realized that once again Ms. Wiesner had done what she does best. She had drawn me into the lives of the characters and I was totally wrapped up in their story. I highly recommend this novel and cannot wait for the next book in this series." ~Dawn Myers for Writers Unlimited

"NO ORDINARY LOVE, the first book of the Incognito Series, is a superb romantic suspense thriller that has the audience wondering what is going on from the prologue in which an agent of an unnamed (at that point) group realizes what happened. The exhilarating story line never slows down until the final confrontation as Kira's thirst for her heritage leads her and her champion from relative safety into dangerous situations. The cast--especially the lead duo and the agent searching for them--seems genuine, which in turn makes the conspiratorial cover-up by a clandestine group feel real, too. As always, Karen Wiesner writes a must read for sub-genre fans." ~Harriet Klausner

"A surprising and outstanding read. NO ORDINARY LOVE is a superbly written story that will keep readers entertained from the first word to the last. This reviewer read the book in one setting. I was just unable to put it down. Ms. Wiesner has given readers a book not to be missed, one that will have readers ready and waiting for book two in the Incognito Series."

"NO ORDINARY LOVE: that is what Karen Wiesner delivers in this very intense story of a man who gives all to the one he loves. A man who will provide, not only for the now but also for the foreseeable future, and fight to defend his love even at the cost of his own live. One cannot help but wish that out there somewhere, there is one who will love us as Vincent loves Kira." ~Romance Junkies

"What a fabulous mystery romance NO ORDINARY LOVE is! The author, Karen Wiesner, has created a story to thrill all! The first book in the Incognito Series, NO ORDINARY LOVE, rolls from the crest of a riveting wave of storytelling!" ~reviewed by Pamela Faye for Rolling Seas Reviews

4 Stars! “The title couldn’t be more apropos. The love that Vincent has for Kira is nothing short of amazing. At the beginning I had my doubts but as I read on it became apparent it wasn’t what I’d originally started to think. Love that selfless is rare. Vincent’s love is intense yet simplistic. Kira and her safety are everything to him. This is a great basis for a series, and I’m anxious to find out what happened to Angelo and Piper. The Incognito Series is a perfect blend of intrigue, romance and action. The added layers, overall depth and character development put the series in a category all its own. They’re exciting, suspenseful and keep you on the edge. Definite keepers.” ~IvyD for Manic Readers

4 Stars! "Mystery, suspense, and love are intermingled in this exciting story. Karen Wiesner has written an interesting book and I look forward to Book 2 of the Incognito Series." ~Sime-Gen Reviews

4 Stars! “NO ORDINARY LOVE is definitely the appropriate title for this tale of love and desire between Kira and Vincent. Ms. Wiesner has written the start of a series that both intrigues and has the reader questioning how this could actually happen. Take this scenario—two young children aged sixteen and ten live together and make a go of it in the world, without any obvious help or assistance from any adults and end up with a multi-billion dollar business. As I was reading all I had were more and more questions than I seemed to be getting answers, so the only option was to keep reading. I was intrigued by both Kira and Vincent. Kira at the beginning came across as a young lady who had everything, but in reality had nothing. She suffered from these strange seizures and she had Vincent there to look after her—ostensibly he was her assistant, but he knew things about her that he wasn't revealing and there was definitely more under the surface that was yet to be revealed. Ms. Wiesner has written a very intriguing story that made me keep reading and reading just to find out what would happen to the two main characters. Despite the questions that I had—and they were answered by the way—it made for a very interesting read. The journey of Kira and Vincent is one of devotion and undying love and also of intense sacrifice. Amazing, Ms. Wiesner—a great start to another interesting series and I for one can't wait to see how it continues to develop!” ~Sabine for MR Review

"Having this be the first book of the Incognito Series, Karen Wiesner really set the bar high. NO ORDINARY LOVE is not only action packed, but it is also a sizzling romance. Kira is not only confused about her childhood, but is also blown away by the feelings that she has for Vincent. I read this book straight through because there was not one appropriate place to stop reading. The story never slowed down, never got boring, and makes you want to pick up her second book and keep on going. Karen Wiesner writes very fluidly and gives us detail just where we need it. This is an excellent book, and I hope her other books will follow suit!" ~reviewed by Ashley Merrill for Front Street Reviews

"NO ORDINARY LOVE by Karen Wiesner grabs the reader from the first page and never lets go until the last, with fast and spine-chilling action. Vincent is a remarkable hero--tough, dangerous, a killer when he has to be. His only vulnerability--a need for love." ~bestselling author Jane Toombs

"One of my all time favorites now though which I just finished yesterday is a romantic suspense called NO ORDINARY LOVE by Karen Wiesner. Wow! That book had me up all night wondering how it was going to end and if it was going to have a happy ending." ~reader review posted on

4 Stars! "NO ORDINARY LOVE is the title, and that is exactly what it is. It certainly describes the relationship between Kira and Vincent, if, indeed, 'love' is what these two odd people share. It is immediately apparent that the bond between them is very deep, very strong, and very complex. But is it love? The first six chapters of the book are taken up with outlining their relationship insofar as the secretive Vincent and the confused Kira can explain it, and we are no nearer an answer. From Vincent's perspective (and being male, I can speak with some authority here) it looks at first more like obsession, even monomania. From Kira's perspective (and I speak with far less authority on this one) it appears to be...well, I really do not know. Nor, come to that, does Kira. Only much later do matters become clearer in her mind. The tale is billed as 'romance, adventure, mystery', and it is all of these. Romantic, a roller-coaster adventure, and mystery piled upon mystery. This compulsive reading. Wiesner weaves her tale skiLlfully, revealing little titbits of information excruciatingly slowly, luring the reader deeper and deeper into the lives--life, I should say--of the two protagonists. Once you start, it is difficult to put down. The prose reflects the pace of events, at times slowing, at times quickening into shorter sentences, becoming at times frantic, almost chaotic, precisely as are the thoughts and actions of Kira and Vincent. There are still a lot of unanswered questions come the finale, but these will no doubt be addressed in UNTIL DEATH DO US PART, Book 2 of the Incognito Series. Karen Wiesner has an impressive array of writing awards to her credit. It is easy to see why." ~Author Stephen Symons

Until Death Do Us Part Reviews

5 Cups! "I have just found my new favorite suspense author! It is no wonder that UNTIL DEATH DO US PART took third place in the L-Edit Slip contest. This story ably demonstrates the professionalism Ms Wiesner brings to her writing. The entire book showcases her talent brilliantly, a seamless plot that held me in its grip, realistic scenarios and dialogue, and a skill with language that took me out of merely reading a book and transported me through the world she created. I read on, despite the need for sleep, spellbound from first page to last, gasping outrage even while accepting that there could be no other 'ending' than the one presented. I only hope the next book in this series of five will include an update on Kirsten and Ash as they come to terms with being torn between duty, loyalty to the Network and their love for each other." ~Coffee Time Romance

Dark Angel Recommended Read 5 Delightful Divas and Recommended Read! “Honestly I didn’t know which way the second story in Karen Wiesner’s Incognito Series, UNTIL DEATH DO US PART, was going to go. You’d think that after being completely taken by another series written by Ms. Wiesner and the first book in this series—NO ORDINARY LOVE—I would have a better idea, but no. And I find it hard to pinpoint why this was so. I think that it may, perhaps, have been because this time both hero and heroine were members of the Network. The training that they underwent was, at times, totally barbaric; the goal was to completely obliterate all sense of individuality, to erase the trainee’s personality and to turn the agents into soulless, unfeeling robots who could, would, do what was ordered without thought. Not my favorite agency! But a funny thing happened; in all their efforts to produce robots there was one very serious flaw to their reasoning. Throughout history the human spirit has undergone much, much worse—although in Kirsten’s case possibly not much worse—and still not only survived but thrived and grown. What many of these people don’t realize is that human beings can be extremely resilient, and to totally destroy someone is not as easy as they think. And there are hidden depths to both Ash and Kirsten. Are there ever! “Kirsten was a difficult person to get to know. The walls that she’s built up over the years, not only as an agent, but due to her previous life as well, are nigh on impenetrable. It’s a very good thing that Ash is more than just determined and that the attraction between these two is off the charts. Add to that an extremely likable, charismatic and understanding mentor—and you get to discover their identity yourself—and you’ve got all the ingredients for a romance that, in reality, supersedes the rather insipid descriptor ‘romance.’ What Kirsten and Ash have is beyond describing. The only way to discover it is to immerse yourself in not only this story, but the series. I have a feeling that by the time I’m done, I’m going to have difficulty ascertaining which way is up. While there are a lot of serious—thankfully backward—looks at the maltreatment that Kirsten, especially, undergoes, overall I was left at the end of UNTIL DEATH DO US PART with a strong sense of hope. And while the Network is still trying to overcome the deliberate sabotage, I can see that further down the road—and there are at least nine other books… Yippee!—there are going to be some very interesting, to say the least, developments. Once again Karen Wiesner has written a story that is not always easy to read—don’t expect that it will be—but it’s compelling and riveting, thrilling and heartbreaking and with a suspense that really will keep you on tenterhooks, never mind inciting the emotions like you wouldn’t believe! When the ending was done, even though I was thirsting for a “better” ending—and there’s nothing wrong with this one—knowing that we’re still at the beginning of a series that goes on for some time is simply exhilarating. I only hope that I don’t explode in the meantime. *grin* Next time, if there is one, if begin to doubt the power of Ms. Wiesner’s writing, I’ll know better. Wow!!” ~Kathy for Dark Diva Reviews

5 Hearts! "UNTIL DEATH DO US PART is a thrilling ride that makes the adrenalin soar. I kept expecting the action and the characters to bolt from the pages and come to life that is how real this story draws in the reader. The emotions with Raven and Casey, losing their son, could be felt in this reader. The sensations are so in-depth, not to mention the atmosphere between Kristen and Ash. I adored the way Ash supports Kristen and the way their eyes continue to make contact. I could almost feel the love growing inside their hearts. Karen Wiesner once again composes an excellent well-written drama that keeps the reader on the edge-of-the-seat spellbound. She never disappoints and every story is cleverly constructed. She is so skilled in her talent that I always look forward to reading her stories." ~Linda L. for The Romance Studio

5 Stars! "Karen Wiesner does it again! The Incognito Series is entertaining. Love, danger, and suspense will keep the reader on the edge of their seat. I could not put this book down. From the action in the beginning to the surprise ending, I hung onto every word. Wiesner successfully draws readers into the plot. The characters are multi-dimensional. I like that she mentions characters from Book 1. Wiesner once again proves how talented she is. Fans of romance and suspense, do not miss this one." ~reviewed by Debra Gaynor for

"[NO ORDINARY LOVE] Book 1 of the Incognito series introduced The Network, a covert crime fighting organization. UNTIL DEATH DO US PART takes the reader further into the world that Karen's clever mind has constructed to thrill and chill us. As I read this story, I felt at times as if I was in a world that combined Mission Impossible, The X-Files and 24; it kept me on the edge. I appreciated the breakdown of The Network hierarchy in the beginning. It put things in perspective; that this is a huge undertaking with the potential for some incredible storytelling in the future, of which this book is a part. It opens with action and it keeps you riveted as you meet Shannon, the top dog in the agency who's in the middle of an attack on her life. By the time I finished reading this story, I had the intense desire to demand that Karen have Shannon fall flat on her face in love. If this is in anyway a set up or foreshadowing for the future, good. I am ready and committed to seeing this great lady get slapped with the reality that is love.

"Angelo is a carryover from Book 1 and a strong and compelling character. In this installment, the reader gets a glimpse into his painful past and you start to connect with him as more than just the hard hitting third in command. He has humane elements that have not been programmed out of him and I appreciated the many nuances that Karen gives him. Yet with the attack on Shannon and its repercussions, will he remain truly an ally to the other operatives or will he become a foe-following the company doctrine?

"Finally, I can talk about Kirsten, the heroine and focus of this story as well as Ash, the hero, Kirsten's hero. I have to remind you that The Network frowns on any relationships, on love or focus on anything other than the mission, duty and The Network. For Kirsten and Ash to fall in love, which they do, is dangerous and doomed to be unrequited. Or is it? UNTIL DEATH DO US PART is a roller coaster of a ride taking the reader from critical conflict scenes to hair-twisting scenarios and onto moments of passionate love that leave the reader aching for more, never mind the main characters. The major conflict that drives this story is the defection of the number two honcho and his nefarious and devious plans to destroy The Network from within. Kirsten has a horrible past with the creep, Giles Jameson ( #2), that might give the reader shudders - so beware. Fortunately, Ash is such a wonderful support for Kirsten when the truth comes to light.

As much as I can rave about this story, I have to say that the HEA is unconventional. It's there, but Karen wisely has kept it within the reality and confines of The Network. It may frustrate the reader but... think about it. How must Kirsten and Ash feel? How intense must the feelings be of love and passion, repressed emotions, yet filled with the hope that there is more? That there can be more? I'd say quite a bit. Enough to keep me reading and wanting more too. I can't wait until the next book!" ~Michele Oberlander for The Long and Short Of It

5 Beacons! "I didn't think Karen Wiesner's books could get any better and then I read UNTIL DEATH DO US PART. This series about a secret, seemingly inhuman organization had to have just the right amount of emotion to keep the reader interested and the author has done that and more! A perfect combination of loyalty to one's position and the inability to live without human contact, love and feeling. This second book, which was expertly segued by book one, has me panting for number three. There is never a dull moment in the Network. Karen Wiesner has me believing in this organization one hundred percent. I love how even the character names seem to fit the situation and surroundings perfectly. This entire series is highly recommended.and I haven't even read them all yet!" ~Lighthouse Literary Reviews

5 Angels! "This series chronicles the intrigue and danger surrounding the covert, shadow-ops division called The Network, and Ms. Wiesner shows talent and imagination for telling a fast-paced, booty-kicking story with all of the pitfalls and suspense one would expect from a romantic suspense novel. Kirsten and Ash are lost souls, people who are wholly sold out to their careers, and they're shocked to find that they are wanting more than just the job for fulfillment. Ms. Wiesner gives us plenty of meaty story here, and fans of tautly written, danger's edge fiction will be in heaven. With multi-faceted characters, many-layered plot devices and a love found under surprising circumstances, UNTIL DEATH DO US PART pleases and completely satisfies." ~Fallen Angel Reviews

5 Hearts! "This book was much longer and darker than what I usually read, but it was also more fascinating. It's one of the most powerful love and mystery/suspense stories I'll probably ever read. When I started it, I intended to read for a few minutes to fall asleep, but the first time I looked up from the book it was already five a.m. The story is quietly and subtly a thrilling roller coaster ride of suspense and intrigue. Ms. Wiesner proves herself an amazing plot master. The story line and delivery are exquisite. You don't want to miss this one." ~Karen H. for The Romance Studio

4 1/2 Stars! "Once again Karen Wiesner produces a non-stop thriller jam-packed with all the elements of mystery, suspense, romance, cliffhanger moments, and heartstopping excitement. I highly recommend this entire series, which function either in the context of the series, or as stand-alone novels. If you're seeking a suspenseful story which throws you into the heart of the matter from the first sentence, and keeps you turning the pages long after your disbelief is suspended and you've forgotten you are reading the story, not living it, then pick up a Karen Wiesner book!" ~Euro-Reviews

4 1/2 Stars! "How can I describe UNTIL DEATH DO US PART? Easily like: consuming, challenging and breathtaking. Voila, I think I said it all. Ms. Wiesner is a master story teller that caught my attention--my whole attention--in a wonderful and challenging love story." ~Anne Chaput for

4 Delightful Divas! "This book opens as strongly, if not more so, than the first book in the series. In this book, we only get a small mention of the main characters in the first book. The hero and heroine in this book are Ash and Kirsten, two of the best operatives the Network has to offer. The Network is the basis of all the books in the Incognito Series, and Karen Wiesner obviously knows this organization well. The details on this organization, the operatives, and impending doom are nearly overwhelming. My head was spinning at all of the information, but it was well-written... The tension in this book was intense and kept me on my toes and turning the pages as quickly as I could. Kirsten has a painful past which was hinted at more than the full details were given. As read, I gathered the bits and pieces of her history, and she came alive for me in a very realistic way. I loved her and felt sorry for her. Her need to be the machine she believes she should be only hurts her more, because she is only human and as such, has human emotions, despite her efforts to hide her emotions from the other operatives. Ash is one of the few people who have seen her human side. He understands and loves her, and he was the perfect fit for her. We meet Angelo again in this book, and he understands and tolerates of the need for human companionship, giving him a high rank as a good man as far as I am concerned. I could go on and on about this extremely complex plot and very realistic characters, but I will leave it at this. Karen Wiesner is a talented writer who pulls you in on the first page. I could feel every emotion her characters experienced as my own. The plot, being so complex and fast paced, can leave your head spinning, but if you give it time, everything pulls together... I can’t wait to read the next book in the series and can only hope that I get to see Kirsten and Ash again..." ~Melissa for Dark Diva Reviews

4 Stars! “Book 2 picks up with Angelo and Piper right where Book 1 left off. I’m glad I didn’t have to wait. It starts off with a lot of action and doesn’t let up. Kirsten and Ash are chosen in an Alpha Mission to protect a reporter that the traitor will attempt to kill. UNTIL DEATH DO US PART shows not only the developing relationship between the operatives and their pasts but the consequences of the traitor’s actions on civilians. This enhances the story and puts it in another realm when compared to similar stories. Truly excellent and kept me riveted.” ~IvyD for Manic Readers

“UNTIL DEATH DO US PART, Book 2 of the action/suspense filled Incognito Series is a very good read. Although it’s part of a series, the story stands alone and it’s a very intriguing one. This is a very enthralling book, the action had me glued to the pages and the romantic aspect had me hoping for the best between Kirsten/Kris and Ash/Nathan as well as for the Harris’. The author Karen Wiesner has a great talent of giving life and realistic personality to her characters. I really enjoyed UNTIL DEATH DO US PART, and I am looking forward to reading the other books in this series.” ~reviewed by Ley for Joyfully Reviewed

"If putting down NO ORDINARY LOVE, Book 1 of the Incognito Series, seems impossible, then Book 2, UNTIL DEATH DO US PART, is sure to provoke an addiction for Karen Wiesner's storytelling! Action packed, with every twist and turn...UNTIL DEATH DO US PART is another fabulous story by Karen Wiesner!" ~Pamela Faye for Rolling Seas Reviews

"NO! NO! NO! was exactly what I was yelling when I got to the end as I realized Karen had done it once again--left me with that you-can't-leave-me-hanging-like-this feeling. The ending of UNTIL DEATH DO US PART is a beautiful segue into the next novel in the Incognito Series and it left me literally screaming for more. Once again Karen Wiesner's magic is apparent in this novel. While it is a wonderful novel full of intrigue, betrayal and mystery, it is the characters that take on a life of their own. The reader is drawn to these strong people with everyday problems. Karen Wiesner has a knack for making her characters real. UNTIL DEATH DO US PART is a dynamic title for this novel. To risk loving someone could very well mean a bullet to the brain for one of the operatives of The Network. Ashton Barnett and Kirsten Ulrick are two members of the covert and secret organization who are willing to take the Until Death Us Do Part chance. I can't wait for the next book to continue this story." ~Dawn Myers for Writers Unlimited

"The second book in the Incognito Series focuses on Ashton Barnett and Kirsten Ulrick, the Level 3 head operatives. As the chase continues, many unexpected twists and turns in the plot keep the read engrossed in the thrilling tale of two operatives who dare to love. The question remains, will they be able to separate their emotions from their work? This story is masterfully created, starting right where the last one leaves off. It is, however, not necessary at all to read the first one to grasp the plot of this one. This book is once again, an awesome read, from start to finish, and I personally recommend it to anyone interested in mystery, suspense, romance, or action. It has it all." ~reviewed by Aisha S for TCM Reviews

"The second Incognito book is a fabulous romantic suspense that keeps the intrigue at stratospheric levels throughout without diluting the key players' personalities. The fast-paced story line is character driven as Kirsten and Ash are attracted to one another, but know their mission comes before their desires, while the subplot involving the Harris's couple estrangement and grief augments the tale as neither has been able to turn to the other for solace since their child died yet need one another badly--even while Raven's exposing of Jameson put them at risk. Karen Wiesner is a sure shot to entertain her audience... UNTIL DEATH DO US PART will enhance her deserved reputation as one of the sub-genre's consistent best." ~Harriet Klausner

"This is book two in the Incognito Series, and most definitely one that will have readers on the edge of their seats. UNTIL DEATH DO US PART is a magnificent tale with distinctive characters that will have fans feeling as if they are involved in the story. A thrilling, action-packed, sensually romantic book not to be missed. Magnificently fast-paced, sexy romance." ~Tangela Williams for

Very Highly Recommended! "Ms. Wiesner does a brilliant job of mirroring the problems in Casey and Raven's marriage with those in Kristen and Ash's relationship. As Kristen and Ash are forced to eavesdrop on the Harris marriage, they are alternately moved and uncomfortable about what they see, and readers will be equally so. Ms. Wiesner's writing is tight, and she creates complex characters, even minor ones. There is that saying, The devil is in the details, and there are a lot of details in this story, but Ms. Wiesner never leaves readers dangling. She has thought of everything, therefore creating a world that is believable and intriguing. Kristen and Ash lead messy lives, so there is no traditional happy ending for them, but there is a compromise that readers will think is just and fitting for the characters. There is enough background information so readers unfamiliar with NO ORDINARY LOVE will not feel lost reading this story. But I would suggest reading it anyway just for the enjoyment. In fact, read UNTIL DEATH DO US PART before reading NO ORDINARY LOVE because then you will have a better understanding of what those characters' lives were like before. UNTIL DEATH DO US PART has plenty of action and passion; it is a book well worth reading and one which I highly recommend." ~Nickole Yarbrough for Romance Reviews Today

"Wiesner's tale begins quickly with a strong opening scene... The story moves quickly, and the tension stays high." ~reviewed by Roseann Marlette for Romantic Times BOOKreviews

5 Stars! "I am happy to say that even though [UNTIL DEATH DO US PART] is the second book in the Incognito Series, it is still a stand alone story. You do not have to read book one (NO ORDINARY LOVE) to fully understand and enjoy this adventure. Nor will you be left hanging with loose ends, waiting on the next book in the series. To make a series that readers can read in, or out, of order is an outstanding idea, in my opinion. Very few series succeed in accomplishing this difficult feat. So author Karen Wiesner has done what few before her could do. It is even harder to write about a couple's romance, while also adding in enough about a secondary couple AND a dangerous element. One minute I found myself hoping the main characters could make their attraction to each other work, and the next minute I was left breathless due to a sudden attack. This book had me on the edge of my seat often, and had my full attention constantly. Outstanding and highly recommended reading!" ~Huntress Reviews

"I thought it would be tough to beat the first book in the series, but the second book came close. UNTIL DEATH DO US PART definitely stands on its own two feet with all new action and romance. Karen Wiesner does a great job at keeping this story both steamy with romance between these two forbidden lovers and with action and gives us just the right amount of detail and keeps the story flowing from scene to scene, urging the reader to keep reading. This series appears to keep getting better, so hopefully Book 3 will live up to its expectation… This is definitely a series to read if you are someone that likes a little bit of steamy romance, and a whole lot of action-packed, edge-of-your-seat fun. She shows us that regardless of what job you are asked to do, you can’t ignore your human emotions and feelings, regardless of the consequences. It is the ultimate sacrifice." ~reviewed by Ashley Merrill for Front Street Reviews

Bounty on the Rebel's Heart Reviews

5 Flags! "BOUNTY ON THE REBEL'S HEART is the third in Karen Wiesner's wonderfully fascinating Incognito Series. Ms. Wiesner has a talent for delivering well-delineated characterization along with a suspense-laden plot that will keep the reader guessing through the myriad twists and turns. Nothing is ever what it seems, and the reader will find herself racing through the book to uncover one denouement after another. Once again, I highly recommend Ms. Wiesner's novels, the Incognito Series, and BOUNTY ON THE REBEL'S HEART. This is an author never to be missed." ~Euro-Reviews

5 Hearts! "The third book in the Incognito Series, BOUNTY ON THE REBEL'S HEART, is a magnificent read. The cast is splendid. The chemistry between Natalie and Rebel builds up, making their feelings blossom into more than just a friendship. Natalie is daring and has gusto! I love the way she takes charge. The way Karen Wiesner pens these realistic characters make this an extraordinary read. She puts the reader in the center of the action with all the riveting moments of suspense, jeopardy and heartwarming romance that reaches out and touches the reader. I love the way she spins her stories and characters, leaving the audience quite satisfied." ~Linda L. for The Romance Studio

5 Stars! "The third Incognito Series book (see NO ORDINARY LOVE and UNTIL DEATH DO US PART) is a terrific suspense thriller filled with superb characters and plenty of plausible exciting twists that keep the audience reading to learn what happens next, especially to Reb and Natalie. Though BOUNTY ON THE REBEL'S HEART can stand alone as a fabulous action-packed tale, fans will want to know how Reb and Giles got to the point where both are hiding. Karen Wiesner has another triumph in a winning series." ~reviewed by Harriet Klausner

5 Stars! "BOUNTY ON THE REBEL'S HEART is a good tension builder. It is also mysteriously intriguing. The thrill of wanting to know what lies beyond each page became an excursion. It was like reading a spy novel. You, the reader, are about to embark on a journey into a marvelous adventure, filled with great action and suspense, that only Karen Wiesner could formulate." ~Wanda Maynard for Sime~Gen

5 Stars! "A great read. The plot is packed full of action. Wiesner uses a combination of suspense, intrigue, and romance to enthrall the reader. This book would make a great movie. Fans of suspense and romance, rush out and get it." ~reviewed by B. Lamar for

5 Stars! "This is the third book in the Incognito Series, and the author seems to get better with each tale she writes. The story is extremely well written and totally believable. If you are looking for a quick read, go elsewhere. This story is so good you simply must savor it. As the ending drew near, I found myself slowing down to do just that. Unlike most novels in the romantic suspense genre, this one does not slow down toward the middle. It is not fast paced, but there is intrigue throughout the entire book. Brilliant!" ~Huntress Reviews

4 1/2 Delightful Divas! “Once again Karen Wiesner kept me glued to the pages, or rather screen, with another book in her Incognito Series. Each book brings us further into the workings of the Network as well as giving us a deeper glimpse into the people behind the scenes, and I’m really becoming more and more impatient to discover what happens at the end. One of my favorite characters to date is Angelo Pluzetti; he’s high up in the ranks of the Network and has been a driving force as the organization struggles to recover from the sabotage wrought by Giles Jameson. He’s also more than a little mysterious! His connection to the major characters in the first three books is tantalizing to say the least and, while I sincerely hope that he has his own story at some point, I really cannot imagine what it will be. But I’m waiting—as impatiently, um, patiently as I can. Oh, and yet again Karen Wiesner is drawing very unexpected rabbits out of the hat…or perhaps not entirely unexpected, but still very surprising, and that is the last that I will say about that! The flow of the story is excellent and, while I knew that Reb and Natalie were going to develop a relationship, still it took me by surprise. Not the relationship—that was a given—but the progression. There was a lot less angst than I had envisioned…and I liked it—a lot. The other element that I find fascinating—and that actually works for me, dyed-in-the-wool-HEA-lover that I am—is that the romances do not take the turns that I would expect. At first it took me by surprise, but as I continue with the books, I can see that, so far anyway, there really is no other recourse…and Ms. Wiesner does not fall back on any trite let’s-make-everything-come-out-right-regardless-of-background-or-characters fashion. And if that’s a little confusing, you really are going to have to discover for yourself what I mean. It’s really worth it! I also love the continuation of characters from the previous books, even if it’s not detailed, but the connectedness to the two previous books in this series is an aspect that I enjoy a lot. You never truly lose contact with characters that you grew to care for and, frankly, that is one of the biggest things for me regarding any series. What drew me first to this series—the intrigue of an organization that can do what other, more regulated intelligence agencies cannot—continues to delight. It’s a fascinating concept and one that I really enjoy…although to be honest I think it works better in fiction than fact and that’s perfectly all right with me. All I can say is, with BOUNTY ON THE REBEL’S HEART, Karen Wiesner has upped the ante and left me hungering for more and more of her amazing Incognito Series. Enthusiastic applause.” ~Kathy for Delightful Divas Reviews

4 ½ Delightful Divas! "Karen Wiesner continues her Incognito Series about the Network and it’s operatives in this third book. Karen knows this organization and her characters well, and pulls off twists and turns I never would have expected, though I should know better after reading the first two books. This book follows the others in that it is a fast-paced romantic suspense, loaded with action and very powerful characters. The Network is complex and I am continually surprised by the depth and intelligence of it, and the author’s obvious organization of the complexity of it all. Each time that I think that maybe the Network is behind just a little, I am proved very wrong. I am enjoying the glimpses of humanity that I get to see from the operatives, because they are mercilessly trained to be more like machines. As with the other books, I immediately fell in love with the characters. They are amazingly real and very memorable. Karen is obviously a very talented writer and I am so happy to have the chance to read and review her work. I look forward to the next book in the series." ~reviewed by Melissa for Dark Diva Reviews

4 Books! "This next foray into The Network took me completely by surprise. I wonder if Karen is a master chess player as Angelo says the upper echelon of The Network is? Just when I think I know what to expect in tone and style, Karen pulls a lemur out of her magician's hat. Once again, the reader goes undercover with an operative in an attempt to flush out that sick whacko gone rogue, Jameson. We briefly met the enthusiastic Natalie Francis in the previous book and I was surprised that she was the choice for heroine in this book. I didn't think she'd be ready. Natalie sure didn't think she was ready for an operation usually slotted for the upper level operatives. But she, like the readers, trust the seemingly omniscient leaders, Shannon and Angelo, of whom we don't see much of this go-round. And yes, they're right again. Natalie is perfect for this op. I liked Natalie. She was more approachable than the other operatives we've met but no less effective in doing her duty for The Network. I enjoyed the fact that she wasn't conflicted to extremes for the love she felt for Rebel as the story progressed. True, The Networks rules, no emotional entanglements what-so-ever, still dog her thoughts and her actions but Natalie doesn't let it stifle her. At one point, I thought she was pretty darned courageous in the choice she eventually makes. I also liked Reb, our very complex and engaging hero. He's not as emotionally crippled as Raven was in the last book because Rebel had the knowledge of the "why" of things. However, he has been compromised in other ways. If you read the previous book, UNTIL DEATH DO US PART, there was a foreshadowing that Rebel had been "conditioned" by Jameson. All kinds of thoughts zinged through my mind at that point, but in no way could I have envisioned what Karen's devious mind could have concocted for poor Reb. The dynamic between Reb and Natalie was unique. I have read too many romance stories where a strong woman - whether it be in skill, intelligence or physical ability--intimidates the man and he responds by being an arrogant Neanderthal. Rebel's reaction is quite refreshing and believable, eventually becoming an asset. I have to mention that this book's title is ingenious in its play on Rebel Porter's name. It's not too often that a title can wrap in multiple meanings which only become apparent and appreciated once you've read the book. Cool. What I have come to expect in reading the Incognito Series continues in this story; heart pumping action, intrigue, shock and awe, passion and elation. The elation comes from this story having the closest thing to a happily-ever-after that can be established in The Network's parameters. I felt pretty darned happy with the relationship resolution between Natalie and Reb and I think you will too. The shock and awe portion? Oh you'll just have to read this book. My mouth dropped to the floor when I got to chapter 51. There's no way I'm going to give spoilers about this ... it has to be read to be believed. And I'm still not sure if I can believe it yet. I can almost envision Karen rubbing her hands in wicked glee after coming up with this twist. She's a very devious author. That said, I'm more than ready for the next adventure." ~The Long and Short of It Reviews

4 Stars! “We heard a lot about Rebel in the second book. BOUNTY ON THE REBEL’S HEART is exciting. When the action starts, it doesn’t let up and you’re swept right along with it. There were some surprises and that’s always fun. I love that the women in this series aren’t helpless. Natalie is saving Rebel—not the other way around.” ~IvyD for Manic Readers

4 Stars! "Espionage and intrigue are key components in this new installment of Wiesner's Incognito Series. From the heroine who isn't quite who she seems to the hero with the mysterious illness, this book grabs you at the first page and doesn't let up on the action until the last page. When something goes wrong with Natalie's team, the two go undercover to stay alive--and, in the process, find love." ~Cindy Himler for Romantic Times BOOKreviews

4 Angels! "This is another great story by Karen Wiesner. The characters she creates are so bold and full of life that you expect them to jump off the pages and the world they live in is so vividly portrayed that you feel like you are experiencing it right along with the characters. BOUNTY ON THE REBEL'S HEART is a book you won't want to miss. It's so full of danger, passion, and suspense that will keep you reading long into the night." ~Fallen Angel Reviews

“BOUNTY ON THE REBEL’S HEART does not disappoint. This is a fantastic suspense novel, Natalie/Adrienna and Reb are a great team. I’m so fascinated by this society Karen Wiesner created. I can definitely see these books as serial movies. Her characterization is so strong and the characters are full of passion for the work they do and the people they love. BOUNTY ON THE REBEL’S HEART is the third installment to the Incognito Series, but it can definitely be read as a stand-alone.” ~reviewed by Ley for Joyfully Reviewed

"From the Incognito Series by author Karen Wiesner, Book 3: BOUNTY ON THE REBEL'S HEART is another compelling "to die for" story! Trained operatives of the covert organization, The Network, deal out absolute justice when government organizations and the law fail. Natalie Francis runs against the clock to unearth the evidence. BOUNTY ON THE REBEL'S HEART is a fabulous read-as addictive as the first two book in the series, NO ORDINARY LOVE and UNTIL DEATH DO US PART. The Network series would make a great TV Series. A heartstopper filled with action!" ~Pamela Faye for Rolling Seas Reviews

"Once again the masterful pen of Karen Wiesner has written a powerful novel. The romance between the two main characters is sexy and hot. The idea that The Network could actually exist is an intriguing one. As the tale of Reb is brought to a satisfying end, the reader cannot help but wonder whose story will be told next. I am always anxious to read what the fertile mind of Karen Wiesner has produced. She is a masterful storyteller and needs to be on everyone's automatic buy list." ~Dawn Myers

"Karen Wiesner's ongoing Incognito Series definitely is one not to be missed, and this book, BOUNTY ON THE REBEL'S HEART, is just one more installment that will have fans on the edge of their seats and wanting more. Magnificent." ~Tangela Williams for

"The Network, in this story, really comes across in a Machiavellian, omnipotent, and omnipresent way--it is becoming a character itself. Ms. Wiesner's strongest point as a writer--her ability to create a fully developed, detailed-oriented world with its own rules that readers are invested in and believe--is as strong in BOUNTY ON THE REBEL'S HEART as in the first two books in the series. If you are the type of person who likes to see the sights on your way to a destination, than this book might be more satisfying to you than those who prefer to quickly get to where they are heading." ~Nickole Yarbroug for Romance Reviews Today's_heart_4-20-07.htm

"Book 3 of the Incognito Series...was filled with some action and great twists; especially at the end. What doesn’t change is the action and romance. Karen Wiesner does a great job at paralleling these. She doesn’t overload you with too much romance and action, but at the same time you are definitely not lacking either. The ending is something I won’t give away, but it is wonderful and is something you wouldn’t predict." ~reviewed by Ashley Merrill for Front Street Reviews

"This story leaves off where Book 2 ends…sort of. Natalie Francis, a low-level op is going on an undercover mission to retrieve information on the Network gathered by Rebel Porter (Raven’s partner). What happens, though, when she falls for the subject…again? This story is full of drama, angst, comfort, regrets, and love. Natalie is confronted with dilemma after dilemma as she tries her hardest to save herself, the network, and the man she loves. Once again, Ms. Wiesner has demonstrated her capability to make the unreal seem real. The whole book is like watching an action packed movie. This is definitely a good read, and I highly recommend it." ~reviewed by Aisha S. for TCM Reviews

“The third Incognito Series book is a terrific suspense thriller filled with superb characters and plenty of plausible exciting twists that keep the audience reading to learn what happens next especially to Reb and Natalie. Though BOUNTY ON THE REBEL'S HEART can stand alone as a fabulous action-packed tale, fans will want to know how Reb and Giles got to the points where both are hiding. Karen Wiesner has another triumph in a winning series.” ~Harriet Klausner for Midwest Book Review

Dead Drop Reviews

5 Books! "The previous book, BOUNTY ON THE REBEL'S HEART, had me thinking the author might be heading towards more mainstream romantic expectations. As the first chapter unfolded in DEAD DROP, my throat constricted with tension and my breath labored with anticipation. The feelings that grabbed me in the previous books are back, stronger than ever. This time we're seeing a different perspective--the repercussions The Network leaves behind once someone is "recruited". Once again, emotional drama embraces pain, hope, passion, anger and betrayal as Ms. Wiesner sharpens our focus on Perry and her son Danny and what they went through once her husband and Danny's father, died. Perry is cool. She's a strong and tough woman who is equally strong in her love and devotion to her son as well as to her job. I was tickled that she got away with what she did to Angelo for as long as she did. I felt like cheering, "You go, girl!" I appreciated how well Perry's character was written, although there was one point where I wondered, "Would someone be devoted to someone who was considered and accepted as dead for as long as Perry's character had?" It made me think. It made me contemplate how I felt about my own loving relationship. If I had Perry's training and keen sense of observation keeping in mind the field she was in, could I have done and felt the same way? I have to say, 'yes'. I also think that Perry has much in common with women whose husbands or sons are MIA in any military conflict. I find Karen's depiction in that regard quite astute. Whether she planned that or not, I don't know. But in my opinion, that's pretty powerful. As for the hero? It still astounds me that Roan Emory is a white hat guy. He has a lot of issues, most of them The Network gave him. What do you do when you’re the enemy, but not? How do you feel when you are revealed as a White Hat guy but no one believes you? Coming to accept Roan as a hero wasn't as hard to do as I thought it would be. Why? Because Karen found the perfect foible. The key to any romance reader's heart is a truly tortured and conflicted hero who has known love and through no choice of his own, had it ripped from him. And when he's been brutally trained and programmed to turn his back on a true love he'd already possessed to become a creature of duty? When he's faced with that reality, what is there left to live for? The Network never allows agents to retire back into the world. In no way can I see the character of Roan Emory chained in such a way and still keep his sanity. Once upon a time, I was cheering for his demise. This time I was cheering for Roan to succeed in his mission. Because this time, it was personal. Remember too, thanks to The Network's ice maiden, Shannon McKee, and her denial of emotions, she destroys any hope of hope and I think she's as worse an enemy as the terrorists. Heck, even Frankenstein found love and emotion. Nature can be delayed but not denied. And Angelo? I'm keeping my eye on him. He has me warming up to him in a big way in this book. I hope the rug doesn't get ripped out from under my tender appreciation of his character. After all is said and done, DEAD DROP met my romance book needs. It embraced strong and pure passion and love, it held my absolute attention with its suspense and high tech wonders and the characters made me care while I cried, bit my nails and ate lots of chocolate as I read wide-eyed while wondering if love, Perry, Roan, Angelo and Danny would survive. DEAD DROP is dead on. And I'm ready for more." ~Xeranthemum for Long and Short Reviews

Joyfully Reviewed Recommended Read! "DEAD DROP is another great installment to the Incognito Series. The lead up to this fourth book is well worth the wait. I think this is the most emotional of the previous stories and so far my favorite. Each story of the Incognito Series intensifies the series and keeps me wanting more. The action in this installment is top notch and the storyline made it hard for me to put this book down once I started it. It’s difficult for me to give specifics of the book for fear I may give to much away, but I highly recommend DEAD DROP. For any suspense novel lovers and for fans of Karen Wiesner ‘s Incognito series, I Joyfully Recommend DEAD DROP to you." ~reviewed by Ley for

5 Angels and FAR Recommended Read Award! "DEAD DROP is another exciting adventure in the Incognito Series. Perry is one strong, determined lady that will stop at nothing to protect those that she loves. Even with all the heartbreak she has suffered in her life and the derision she has faced for her belief that [the man she loves] was dead, Perry stands up and does what needs to be done while keeping hope alive. Roan has had his choices taken away by The Network and only survives by putting the work first and keeping his past buried. Author Karen Wiesner has once again surpassed my expectations with the Incognito Series! Her characters have such life and passion in them that they stay with you long after the story is over. And I have to say that I love a book that keeps you in the moment and gives you no time to think ahead of what might be coming as DEAD DROP does. If you haven't yet had a chance to read this series then you are definitely missing out on a great read!" ~Tammy for Fallen Angel Reviews

5 Flags! "Author Karen Wiesner continues to demonstrate the enviable capacity to enrapture her readers within the first page or two of any story. DEAD DROP is no exception to this rule, for readers will find it a not-to-be-put-aside novel. As Book 4 in her outstanding Incognito Series about The Network, DEAD DROP works well as a series installment, but also as a stand-alone story. Readers, race to your nearest outlet and pick up DEAD DROP, then set aside a block of time sufficient to read it start to finish, because you will not be willing to put this book down until the end!" ~Annie for EuroReviews

5 Stars! "There is a one year difference between the ending of the last book [BOUNTY ON THE REBEL'S HEART] and the beginning of this one [DEAD DROP]. If possible, this story is even better than any of the previous. There is more going on than I can tell in the synopsis, dealing with an organization called R.E.D., but I can tell nothing without spoilers. This plot takes a while to fully develop; therefore, more characters are involved than usual. However, this also means that more is going on and the readers will have a hard time finding a moment to catch their breaths. There is little or no downtime in this story; I stress that. The middle is just as fast-paced and intriguing as the beginning and the end. The main characters are well developed and so are most of the secondary ones. All-in-all, I am beginning to believe that the author, Karen Wiesner, has one of the most fertile imaginations I have ever seen." ~Huntress Reviews

"WOW. This book, out of the so far eight-book series, is my absolute favorite. It is full of emotion, drama, and a past not forgotten. Roan Emory, the enigma, the world’s most dangerous man, the machine with no emotions, and the Network’s most valuable operative, is the center of this story. The machine begins to feel human again, as his past is replayed and begins to haunt him. The emotions and narration in this story are so real that it almost feels as if the reader is experiencing everything with the two main characters. The reactions, the emotions, everything in the story are just so incredibly believable. It is a page turner, a thriller, a romance, an action-packed novel, and everything in between, even a bit of sci-fi. I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in reading something interesting or enjoyable. It’s a fun, light read, but filled with drama and action to the brim. Five stars to Ms. Wiesner for producing another highly readable and enjoyable story about the Network and its members. Anyone who has read books 1-3, I hope this book will make you love Angelo more than you already do, like it did for me." ~Aisha S. for TCM Reviews

4 ½ Delightful Divas! "Karen Wiesner continues her Incognito Series with this fourth book, DEAD DROP. Each book in this series can be read as a stand-alone title, but a reader cannot get the full impact of the Network without reading each book. This book was just as fast-paced and suspenseful as the first three, and had just as much action. However, this book held a different tone. The Network and how it works was just as important in this book as ever, but I felt like I got a more up-close and personal look at the characters than I have to this point. I have met Roan before in the other books. The first time, I didn’t care for him at all; he was a killing machine with no feelings. Each time he has been mentioned since then, Karen has gradually given him a human side. I am very happy to have read his story. It helped me to understand why he was the way he was, and made me dislike the Network even more. Angelo appears again in this book, and as with the others, he proves that while he is loyal to the Network, he still has a human side and realizes that the other operatives do as well. Perry is a fabulous lady. I loved getting to know her. Her reunion with Roan nearly brought me to tears more than once. Despite the twenty-five years of believing that he was dead, she never gave up hope and never stopped loving him. I believe it was her sheer will, stubbornness and unconditional love for Roan that brought him back to life. Karen Wiesner is a master at creating suspenseful, extremely complex plots. Even better is her ability to bring to life powerful characters that hold you captive until the very end. The emotion is as real and deep as the danger at every turn." ~Melissa for Dark Diva Reviews

4 ½ Delightful Divas! “Okay, that’s what I get when I get into a series and don’t take the time to read the story summary…complete and utter shock! But oh my, what a great shock it was. Who knew that the Network’s most dangerous man had actually had a life before he was a Network operative? Frankly, even though we’ve learned that he’s not the monster—or at least the soulless machine—that he appeared to be in the first couple books, it still took me awhile to process that he actually had a reason to be as disconnected as he is / was. Man, what a hellish quarter of a century the man’s been through. If anyone can get through to him, it would be Perry. This woman has never given up the hope that the love of her life wasn’t killed in the accident that utterly changed her life. And while she has some awesome resources behind her, it’s her drive and her determination to get back the man she loves and save her son from being co-opted by the organization that, in many ways, destroyed her life. Once again, Karen Wiesner takes us on a journey that is not only fraught with masses of intrigue, oodles of tension and a cast of characters that by turns excites and utterly frustrates me. For a group that works so far behind the scenes that they’re basically total unknowns—except for a few people in very high places, they do a lot of good. And I do get that it’s their anonymity that allows them to do what they do, but … *shaking head*… something has to give. And I’ve only got another eight books to read before I—hopefully—get to an end where I’m not going to end up going ballistic. But Ms. Wiesner’s not let me down before, so I’m placing my trust in her that things will work out the right way…uh, which really means my way. *sigh* Nah, I’ll just follow along, swear from time-to-time at whoever it is that’s yanking my chain and rush onto the next book. I am totally loving the series, but I must admit to having to take a break now and again…until I get to the next book and can be heard muttering “why did it take me so long to start reading this one!?” And I will warn you, especially if you’re a fan of stories that are rife with all manner of intrigue, Karen Wiesner’s Incognito Series is one NOT to be missed. A word of advice? Make sure that you have a couple of books in reserve because sometimes, having to wait is killer…even if I’m the one that keeps me waiting until the next time I’m able to completely immerse myself in the world of the Network and the people who are too amazing to not know.” ~Kathy for Dark Diva Reviews

4 Hearts! "Karen Wiesner has continued this series with an exceptional story of one woman’s belief in her man, her intuition and her skills. Against all odds she does what everyone told her was impossible for twenty-five years. Parris is one of those characters we can’t help but admire. Ms. Wiesner crafts a story of intrigue and deception within agencies of the government whether covert or not that is easy to believe in the world we know. Dialogue, characters and their interactions are all well-constructed. It’s easy to get involved with the story. Mike and Parris epitomize the relationship good partners have during investigations. Young Daniel is well done as a courageous offspring of FBI grandparents and mother. The more we learn of Parris’ and Daniel’s story the easier it is to hope a future might be possible. This author builds the suspense well. She keeps us guessing and hoping right to the very end. This is a great read I didn’t want to put down." ~The Romance Studio

4 Stars! "Karen Wiesner penned an entertaining read of intrigue, romance, and adventure. Perry was an incredible character. She exhibits strength and passion. Fans of romance and suspense will enjoy this book." ~reviewed by Debra Gaynor for

"The fourth Incognito thriller, DROP DEAD, is an exhilarating tale that grips the audience from the opening déjà vu sequence until the final confrontation. The lead couple makes the tale as this is no second chance at love since the Network stopped the first time and prepares to intervene again. Although Karen Wiesner's latest book can stand alone as a terrific, character-driven action thriller, newcomers will want to read the previous saga (see NO ORDINARY LOVE, UNTIL DEATH DO US PART, and BOUNTY ON THE REBEL'S HEART) as these are some of the best novels around." ~Harriet Klausner

"DEAD DROP is a haunting love story with a melancholy but ultimately hopeful tone. Is it a necessity that Network agents sacrifice all of their personal happiness for the greater good? In DEAD DROP, readers will get an even greater sense of the emotional toll that kind of sacrifice can cost a person. The Network agents' jobs are important, and they do save lives. Favorite Network agent Angelo, third in Command, is back and trying to look out for both the emotional welfare of his agents and the Network, no easy task. Justine Fielding, the Network Communications and Systems Analyst, is reintroduced, her story will be told in the next book in the series. Ms. Wiesner has a gift for making readers care about her characters. Perry is a strong woman who believes that her fiancé did not die twenty-five years ago, and in a way, realizes she was wrong--the man she knew and loved is dead. Roan is a brilliant man who has learned to live in a state of numbness and is more afraid to feel again than he is of taking a bullet in the line of duty. There are no happily-ever-afters in the Incognito Series Books, but characters come to some kind of an understanding, and as a result, hope and renewal are reached. DEAD DROP is no exception; pick up your copy at Whiskey Creek Press today. I recommend it." ~Nickole Yarbrough for Romance Reviews Today

"DROP DEAD is yet another great story to add to the Incognito Series by author Karen Wiesner. Characters within in the Incognito Series are as volatile as the potential terrorist attacks that unfold. Though the Network trains its operatives to a level of unemotional fighting machines, operatives' hearts cannot be ruled. DEAD DROP is another story in the Incognito Series worthy of contemplation for a script for a 'Network' television series. An enjoyable read!" ~Pamela Faye for Rolling Seas Reviews

4 Cups! "This [book] made me wonder about 'white hats' and good or evil agencies. With Roan as a killing machine, I found that he did have his soul, after all, so family and love came through to save him. This is a telling story that shows us just what our government agencies might be doing and it is a very scary thought. It also makes me think about all our brave men and women that serve to protect us in the military and for the government. Also the price that may cost them with the loss of family, friends, trust, emotion and even self to get the job done." ~Lainey for Coffee Time Romance

"DEAD DROP is the fourth story of the Incognito Series. The reader will be drawn into Roan's story as soon as the first page is turned. Karen Wiesner saved the best storyline for Roan. While I have enjoyed the whole Incognito Series, Roan's story is my favorite. It is a powerful statement for the strength of love being able to make changes in one's life. It is also a wonderful statement of everlasting love--the one we are all looking for in our own lives. If you have not read any of Karen Wiesner's series, you need to get acquainted with this multi-talented writer." ~Dawn Myers for Writers Unlimited

"[A] well-written story, Book four in Wiesner's Incognito Series has an interesting storyline and a strong heroine who believes in the power of true love at any cost." ~Barb Anderson for Romantic Times BOOKreviews

Under the Spell Reviews

5 Angels! "What else can I say about this series that hasn't already been said? I have been lucky enough to have read each book in the series as it's come out and they just keep getting better and better. UNDER THE SPELL is no exception. It is full of the action, adventure and mystery that abound in the Incognito Series. The sexual tension between "Justine" Gina and Alex keeps you eagerly reading as you wait to see how it will finally turn out. This book has a lot of things going on and secondary characters that add to the mystery but the author never loses focus of the main characters. Author Karen Wiesner has a huge hit on her hands with UNDER THE SPELL, and I'm eagerly anticipating book 6, RENEGADE'S ROSE!" ~Fallen Angel Reviews

5 Books! "If you've been following Karen Wiesner's Incognito Series, you are now well versed in its baseline motto; once you join The Network, whoever or whatever you are is dead - to yourself and anyone you will leave behind. There is no going back--ever. Ms. Wiesner, the queen of the 'what if?' scenario, once again plays with the rules of her world by having one of her characters, Justine, get offered the unthinkable--a chance to go back to being the person she once was. Whether or not the author intended this as a real life lesson, this story shares a warning to youthful readers who, as young adults, might be chomping at the bit of life and are resentful of the restraints they believe they are under. Perhaps they've even been bombarded with the advice all generations seems to be a recipient of: Don't rush into things; you have your whole life ahead of you; Tomorrow is another day, You're too young to know all there is about life. Gina Calhoun made that classic move; she joined The Network to escape the stifling thumb of her father and the spurned love of her life because she was convinced things would never ever get better. She was doomed to stay in the rut that was her life. She knew what was what and made her choice. Oh, the wisdom of youth. Justine a/k/a Gina Calhoun, is now a woman who must go back home to face more than just the investigation into traitorous activities. (Get ready for some surprise twists in solving this case folks, it’s a doozy!) She has to face the fact that what she believed about her father and his intentions at the time might have actually been colored and distorted by her youthful passions. In the process of facing the past she also has to face her preconceived notions about the man she loved and left behind, Alex Lynch. I enjoyed Alex. He was a man’s man even in his youth. His traits of honesty and loyalty are laudable. However, his stalwart belief in Justine/Gina’s father made him, in her eyes, weak, uncompromising and obsessive. Justine viewed his words of young love as questionable and insincere when he would not do as she wished back when she was ‘Gina’. I found it interesting that for the most part, Alex remained the same and those traits now made more sense to Justine. Alex wasn’t uncompromising, he just saw things more clearly. He wasn’t weak, he wanted it all too, but understood her dad’s position. To a point, I could see how Gina/Justine thought he was obsessive about the ranch, but I didn’t get the feeling he ever used her to get it. I enjoyed reading about her growth in understanding, yet I felt her pain. She can’t go back, she can’t have what she threw away – a love so special and real you want to rail at the unfairness of it all in her behalf. Yes, Alex and Justine/Gina love each other. There is passion and yearning and so many moments where you feel that theirs was a love that could have taken them onto their Golden Years. Yet Justine belongs to The Network. Oh, what to do? After reading this review you might be wondering many things. Who really is the bad guy in this story? Why didn’t I talk more about the suspense and action? Mostly because I really fell for the romance of Justine and Alex and that made a bigger impact on me. As for the future of their relationship you might ask, “Can there be a compromise? What does the author come up with this time that satisfies the romantic in all of us? Can Justine possibly hoodwink The Network?” I can tell you that what ends up happening makes me believe in the impossible. Another thing I can say, Karen Wiesner has me Under the Spell, and loving it!!" ~reviewed by Xeranthemum for The Long And The Short Of It Reviews

5 Hearts! "Karen Wiesner continues to weave some excellent storylines for this series about the covert operations of The Network. This time we get to go to working cattle ranch near Lubbock, Texas. The suspense is well done as suspicion falls on Alex and some unknown people who are searching the ranch when everyone is away or busy. Alex and Gina, against their better judgment, reheat a romance that was burning between them before she left. The characters are well done as we see both of them fighting to avoid a broken heart but unable to say no to each other. There's great contrast and comparisons between Gina as a spoiled, stubborn, rich teenager, and the savvy operative she's become. Alex is one of those characters we can't help but adore as his honor and morals vie with his needs to be macho and take care of his woman. Ms. Wiesner builds the suspense with a little humor and a lot of romance to make it more fun. We're pretty sure of the culprits by the end but she throws in a twist that many readers may not guess ahead of time. This series continues to be full of variety and well worth reading." ~Dee Dailey for The Romance Studio

5 Stars! "UNDER THE SPELL is a beautiful love story. The plot has unexpected twists and turns. Gina and Alex make one of those unforgettable couples. Their romance is enchanting. UNDER THE SPELL has the action and adventure we have come to expect in this series. Karen Wiesner is an extremely talented author. I will be watching for more of her books." ~reviewed by Debra Gaynor for

4.25 Stars! "UNDER THE SPELL is well written. I felt the emotional attachment of Justine and Alex was done well. UNDER THE SPELL offers plenty of passion along with being an interesting mystery/thriller." ~Vee for Night Owl Romance

4 Stars! "More book space is spent on the romance than on the mission this time around. But do not worry, there is danger, as well as the surprise or two which the author, Karen Wiesner, is fast becoming known for. Excellent!" ~reviewed by Detra Fitch for Huntress Reviews

4 1/2 Delightful Divas! “Oh boy. Just when I think I’ve figured out how Karen Wiesner’s next book is going to go, she throws me a curve ball. And with this, the fifth book in her Incognito Series, UNDER THE SPELL, she proves once again that I don’t have a clue…and probably never will. But that’s okay ‘cause I’m usually pretty happy to follow along…unless of course it looks as though things may not turn out the way I want them to. I’m ALL about a happy ending, preferably an HEA—happily ever after. What’s surprised me the most about this series—or perhaps my reaction to it—is that these stories don’t have the classic all-ends-wonderfully-well endings. While I’ve been, not disappointed per se, even if the many and varied endings—in just five books so far—are not your, or rather my, typical HEA, I may not be completely thrilled but I do understand that these are the only way these stories could end…and I’m discovering that that, amazingly, works for me…mostly. I think it’s because that it’s not only the people that are so different in each story, or rather it’s the hero and heroine that are different while we do get to know the common characters a bit better with every meeting, but that the circumstances are all so unique. And sometimes both protagonists are members of the Network and sometimes only one is, so of course the endings are going to vary. And, love it or not, it’s one of the things that I most enjoy about Karen Wiesner’s stories. They’re each unique and as individual as the main characters, and with this author’s talent, that is very unique. In this book, UNDER THE SPELL, Justine, who in her previous life was Gina, has to return to her childhood home and discover who is betraying her country. The same thing that turned her entire life around years before is happening again. But this time she knows what is happening, if not who. And it’s discovering the who that is the biggest challenge. Going back to the Triple Aces Ranch and, more importantly, Alex Lynch gives Justine an opportunity that many of us never get: getting a second chance. Or is she going to have that opportunity? The mystery of who is working against the government is very surprising and there’s no way I’m saying any more about that! Let it be enough that I had no clue and, once again, Karen Wiesner blew the top off yet another of her books. Not only that, but she did such a wonderful job bringing to life Alex and Justine. I could almost put myself into their memories and all that they were feeling and, as the story progressed, it just got better and better. Then there were Justine’s off-site interactions with her teammate and the leader of the op, Dez Luttino. I’d heard his name before but liked finally getting a chance to get to know him—and I hope that we get his story at some point, too, because I’m all kinds of curious about him…even knowing a good deal of his past. But this is one thing at which Wiesner excels… and by no means is this the only thing: her characters and their continued development through their story and, for those who play much bigger roles in the books, each subsequent chapter in the series in which they appear. They are people who excite my curiosity, incite my frustration—some more than others—and always have me completely absorbed by what is happening. And the more I get to know, the more that I want to know. And in this book, UNDER THE SPELL and the Incognito Series to date, Karen Wiesner is showing just how deftly she is able to not only maintain the energy, but to increase it. All I can say is…WOW!" ~Kathy for Dark Diva Reviews

4 Delightful Divas! “The Incognito Series continues with Book5, UNDER THE SPELL. As with all the other books, I am blown away by the depth of the plot, the suspense, and the unbelievably real characters. Karen Wiesner has the Network and her characters down to an art. Justine returns home, to the ranch where she grew up, to investigate her father’s mysterious death. She meets up with Alex again, and it is obvious that neither of them have lost the love that they felt for the other. Their emotion was real, powerful, and I felt it to my core. This book seemed to have less action, but the suspense and twists and turns kept on coming. More than anything, I enjoyed the renewed love between Justine and Alex. If you haven’t read any of the Incognito Series, I recommend that you start with Book 1, even though each book can be read as a stand-alone.” ~Melissa for Dark Diva Reviews

"UNDER THE SPELL is Ms. Wiesner's fifth book in the Incognito Series. The agents in the Network are forced to give up so much--children, family, and friends--but in spite of their superiors, the Network's hard nose rules, and their own self-restraint, they cannot help but long for a sense of normalcy. It is an intriguing premise that keeps going strong through each book, and UNDER THE SPELL is no exception. Justine left her father's ranch expecting a life filled with more freedom but, ironically, ended up in a different type of cage. I loved the contrast between the twenty-first century technology, the coldness that is so much a part of Justine's life as an agent in the Network, and the one at Triple Aces Ranch. Justine's old friends are hardworking, honest, and salt of the earth cowboys and women, and when readers contrast that with the people who make up the Network and its constant intrigues, where no one is ever really free to completely let down his guard, it is hard not to sympathize. Readers will love Alex Lynch, who has pined for Gina all these years but is not about to let her return to claim the ranch he loves. With plenty of chemistry between its hero and heroine, nice dialogue and suspense, I recommend UNDER THE SPELL. Love may not triumph over all, but can it find a small place in the lives of those who are most deserving?" ~Nickole Yarbrough for Romance Reviews Today

4 Cups! "I loved this story. The action and the suspense had me guessing with every page. The clues are all there for the reader to easily see but yet it is not easy to figure out the ending. The agency that Justine/Gina works for is interesting and you never get the feeling you know exactly what they are all about. Ms. Wiesner has a flair for action and she proves it with this wonderful story. I look forward to reading the first books of this series and can only hope for more to come." ~Liadan for Coffee Time Romance

"The Incognito Series has been consistently one of the best thriller sagas on the market today. The fifth book will place newcomers UNDER THE SPELL of author Karen Wiesner (fans already are ensorcelled by this writer). The lead couple makes for a fast-paced plot as each realizes they still love the other, but neither trusts one another or their own heart. The espionage elements are cleverly designed to keep the audience and Gina struggling with the fact that Alex is certainly the traitor. As fans know, set aside the hours--this is a one-sitting espionage romantic thriller." ~Harriet Klausner

“UNDER THE SPELL is aptly named, Gina/Justine and Alex fall hopelessly under each other’s spell. This is, not surprising, another great addition to a fantastic series. Although UNDER THE SPELL is part of a series, it reads wonderfully as a stand-alone, as with all of the books of this series. UNDER THE SPELL is more on the romantic side, but the suspense of the novel is not compromised because of it. I enjoyed this story and I know followers of this series will, too.” ~reviewed by Ley for Joyfully Reviewed

"I really liked this book in the Incognito Series. UNDER THE SPELL did not go into much about the Network...but I loved the characters. This book felt like a western romance to me, because it takes place out on a ranch with a cowboy. Once Justine makes her entrance she quickly realizes that Alex, her past lover is sexier and more available than ever. This mission becomes ten times harder for her because she knows that he is a very likely suspect in case. The romance aspect of this story was incredible. It was hot and spicy, and I found myself falling for Alex as well. I really enjoyed Justine’s character and felt that she was very believable. The ending is a big surprise; something that I would not have guessed...and was an added bonus of excitement." ~reviewed by Ashely Merrill for Front Street Reviews

"UNDER THE SPELL is the fifth book of the Incognito Series. Once again Karen Wiesner draws the reader into the story with nonstop excitement and sexual tension. The story itself is super and the characters are electric. While I enjoyed Gina and Alex's story, I was left with an incomplete feeling. I wanted a nice ever after ending, but the Network storyline does not make that possible. The two lovers must steal the time they have together and keep it secret. I hope to read more about Gina and Alex in a future book of the series." ~Dawn Myers for Writers Unlimited

"Book 5 of the Incognito Series, UNDER THE SPELL is a romance that rises above the Chicago Network's uncompromising rule of no relationships within the organization. Karen Wiesner will surprise fans with this story in the series!" ~Pamela Faye for Rolling Seas Reviews

"The intriguing premise of this series, which is now up to book five, is based on characters renouncing their old life for a new life fighting crime. The Network demands duty before love, but love always wins out." ~Barb Anderson for Romantic Times BOOKreviews

Renegade's Rose Reviews

Best Book! "Reading RENEGADE'S ROSE was an exercise in tugged heartstrings, bitten nails from intense suspense, dry mouth from tension and excited elation at the best darned happily-ever-after (HEA) Karen's written yet in this series. Hunter Savage is a man determined to be his namesake. He wants to be the most dangerous man in the world , yet Karen gave me a view into his heart and the dreams he dares not reveal. Despite his intentions, his intensive Network training and his duty, he has always had a bright fire burning in his heart that never died, that the Network could never douse; his love for his sister Celine. In this story, I learned about Hunter's background and it was chilling, sad, and at times I felt a need to comfort the boy who became a man; never knowing love, the comfort of a loving mother's touch nor ever being told he mattered--that he was loved for himself. How could you not feel for this man? How could you not connect with this character? Karen had me all but crying at the injustice that befell him at such a tender age. That background is intrinsic for understanding the driving force behind his pursuit of the bad guys. In this installment, Kovac figures heavily as the leader of R.E.D., a terrorist group that has plagued The Network all throughout the series and has done something that aims a spike in Hunter's heart--Kovac kidnaps Celine. Can you imagine losing the one person who helped keep you from losing your soul to The Network's duty machine? Hunter is led to Tanya, another person who has had choices taken from her and who is forced to live a different kind of duty. Tanya is a character that I liked. When you first meet her, you have certain expectations, as does Hunter. As the story unfolds, you begin to marvel at how Karen's mind works because Tanya's duty is similar in nature to Hunter's. They both have to save someone whose love keeps them human, keeps them sane when everything and everyone around them wants to break them. Karen gives us little teases and hints along the way until a major light bulb pops on and your jaw drops. I had NO idea that... Darn, if I say anything else about Tanya, it'll be a spoiler and I don't want to do that. I was floored when a major portion of The Network's chess game was revealed which affects her and Hunter's sister. Suffice to say that, as with other people who have become, either inadvertently or purposefully, aware of The Network, they too cannot escape its tentacles. On [one of the last pages of the story] there is a line, a phrase that refers to #2, Shannon McKee, and I wanted to give Karen a High Five for writing that. I'm all excited. Finally a character that says in the book exactly how I feel about Ms. McKee. Yes! BTW, there is a part that might squick a reader out. It's a courageous and physically challenging moment that, had it not been done, would have altered the story's path. Still, just the visual thought of Tanya doing what she had to do, makes me shudder. Now, let's talk romance. [Hunter and Tanya's] relationship is touching and really awesome. It was passionate, desperate and an emotional roller-coaster. If you've read any of the previous books in the series, you know that Karen has their relationships working within the parameters of the world she set up. As much as us readers would have it different, it would lose its integrity if she messed with the rules. That being said, you, the reader, are in for a treat! If anyone can find a loophole, it's Angelo. Bless his chess master's heart, he produces a scenario that Ms. Shannon McKee is NOT happy about but could do nothing to gainsay. I am absolutely thrilled and I bet you will be too. You know what else I liked? Karen has Hunter, Celine, Angelo and even McKee talking about Roan Emory [from DEAD DROP, Book 4 of the Incognito Series]. It confirms for me that the HEA of Roan's story is intact and healthy. I appreciated that touch. Heck, even Justine's [from UNDER THE SPELL, Book 5 of the Incognito Series] HEA is intact. What a wonderful and masterful handling of this series. I feel like these people are real and most certainly these books read better than any soap opera I ever suffered through. In my opinion, RENEGADE'S ROSE is the most romantic of the series and a sure fire pleaser for all those adrenaline lovers out there. Who needs coffee when you have the Incognito Series?" ~Xeranthemum for Long and Short Reviews

5 Stars! "Karen Wiesner is a talented author. Her Incognito Series demonstrates that talent. She has formed a fictitious organization and totally persuaded me that it could be real. Her characters are strong and yet vulnerable. Wiesner weaves characters from previous books in this series into this book. Hunter and Tanya’s love story is superb reading. Fans of romance and suspense will enjoy this story." ~reviewed by Debra Gaynor for

5 Hearts! "Karen Wiesner continues this series with a great romance and edge of your seat suspense. Hunter is well done as a man who covets a title of the most dangerous man alive but he has a flaw. He can’t help feeling emotion, becoming vulnerable when he senses his feelings may be returned. Throughout the story he completes almost superhuman tasks with a large piece of shrapnel embedded in his brain, so I’d sure give him a title of the most determined man alive even if not the most dangerous! Tanya, wife of the villain, is a well-crafted complement to Hunter’s strength. She’s managed to become a great mother to Kovac’s kids under circumstances where many of us would just wallow in our misery at being trapped with such an evil man. Her own mother sold her to the highest bidder but Tanya never gave up or let that or her treatment by Kovac keep her down. Ms. Wiesner makes this an excellent suspense with some surprising twists that seem to be the trademark of this series. All are stand alone books with a well done diagram of where Network players fit in the hierarchy. She keeps me wanting more of these heroic men and women, so I can’t wait for the next in the series." ~Dee Dailey for The Romance Studio

4 1/2 Delightful Divas! “Each book in the Incognito Series just gets better, because there is more focus on the characters’ relationships and less on the Network. Not only that, but Angelo continues his acceptance and understanding of his operatives’ needs for human companionship. He is steadily working to make the Network a better place to live and work, and I am so happy to see it. As usual, Karen Wiesner has provided us with loads of suspense and emotion. The twists and turns will make your head spin, and the emotional, very real characters will steal your heart. The power players in the Network have amazed me yet again with their foresight and ability to play puppet master with their operatives. I recommend this entire series to anyone who is looking for a new romantic suspense series. The books are long and intense, and can all be read as stand-alone titles. However, I feel that a reader cannot truly appreciate the Network or the characters without reading each book in the series.” ~Melissa for Dark Diva Reviews

4.5 Stars! "[S]ome twists...took me totally by surprise. The story slows down a bit toward the middle, but this is necessary for the romance to begin and bloom. It also lets the author throw in an extra twist or two. Now if only Shannon, Angelo, and Lucy would get their own stories told." ~reviewed by Detra Fitch for Huntress Reviews

4 Delightful Divas! “Up until this book, RENEGADE’S ROSE, Hunter Savage has been one of the characters that has moved under the radar. I’d heard of him, a little, and seen even less of him, so it was a treat to finally be able to get to know this elusive agent. One thing that I found really interesting is that both Hunter and his sister Celine are members of the Network, and in this organization where emotional connections aren’t allowed, it’s even more amazing to realize. Of course once we discover, through Hunter’s memories, just why they’re both part of the Network it makes sense; especially when we find out just who it is that brought them into the organization. Hunter is an excellent agent, with one—as he sees it anyways—failing: he falls in love easily, or at least he needs to be needed. It’s something that he’s trying with every fiber of his being to eradicate. He wants to be the machine that his predecessor, Roan Emory, was. What he hasn’t realized yet is that he has his own strengths that Roan could never have hoped to duplicate. I think both Hunter, and to some degree, the Network underestimated him because of the emotional component of his makeup. I was surprised to find, even from the beginning, that once I got to know the man that there was much, much more to him than first appeared. And the more that I got to know him, the more respect I had for him and admiration. He’s one helluva great guy…just different than many of the prototype operatives that we’ve seen so far. Once again, Karen Wiesner has thrilled me with her story; the action, the character development and yet more of the Network’s mystique that is slowly being chipped away all combine to make RENEGADE’S ROSE an excellent chapter in Wiesner’s ever-intriguing and very beguiling Incognito Series. Now if only real life wouldn’t continue to get in my way I’d be a much happier reader; then I could finally get the answers to the most puzzling bits to date, or at least get closer to discovering just how this is all going to come to a satisfactory conclusion!” ~Kathy for Dark Divas Reviews

4 Hearts! "Karen Wiesner is a talented storyteller. This tale was full of unexpected twist and turns. Her characters were multi-faceted and yet well defined. An enjoyable read I would recommend this for those who like a little intrigue mixed with their romance." ~Rita for Night Owl Romance

"Award-winning author Karen Wiesner is a master at her craft. As the Incognito Series unfolds, I am drawn deeper and deeper into the lives of the men and women of the Network. Hunter and Tanya’s story is more than just a covert operation. It is the love story of two damaged souls that find each other. As the dynamic story ends, Hunter is shown to be a man of distinction and honor. The ending to RENEGADE'S ROSE was unexpected and a complete surprise. I am anxious to see how Ms. Wiesner weaves the new philosophy at the Network into her future novels." ~reviewed by Dawn Myers for Writers Unlimited

“The sixth Incognito romantic suspense thriller stars an obsessed hero struggling to prove his worth as he has misgivings about his skills and a desperate woman in peril whose qualms about his ability to save her and her children lead to increased self doubts. The action is front and center as the attraction takes a back seat to the failed mission and the aftermath to rescue Celine, bring Tanya and her children to safety, and take down the malevolent Black Pope. Fans of suspense thrillers will fully appreciate the latest Network escapades as Karen Wiesner takes a page from Maslow’s Hierarchy as safety comes before love.” ~Harriet Klausner

"As a top Network agent, Hunter Savage strives to feel nothing. The Network is a covert organization where duty is everything and falling in love is punishable by death. Hunter's desire to be more machine than man is understandable, but for him, seemingly impossible. Hunter knows of other high ranking Network agents who have secretly found a way to be together, but no matter how often Hunter finds himself involved in a sexual relationship with a female agent, in the light of day she is as cold as Chicago winters, as if they were never joined as one in the darkness of the night. A cold blooded, unfeeling machine is all that Hunter longs to be, and to capture Rex Kovac, the Black Pope, the notorious leader of one of the world’s most dangerous terrorist organizations, R.E.D. Kovac has been impossible to capture, but Hunter has finally pinpointed Kovac's location. Hunter soon realizes that the information that led him to Kovac is a trap, and the target, Hunter's beloved sister, Celine, a brilliant doctor who also works for the Network, has been kidnapped. Injured and determined, Hunter becomes a renegade, turning his back on the only life he has known in order to rescue his sister. And what of Tanya Kovac, the Black Pope's beautiful wife; is she the key to saving his sister? Is Tanya Kovac the key to fulfilling that part of Hunter who, no matter how hard he tries, longs to lay in the softness of a woman's arms for all time?

"RENEGADE'S ROSE is the sixth book in Ms. Wiesner's intriguing and suspenseful Incognito Series, and the most romantic and sensual out of all the stories. While most Network agents desire to feel something other than a sense of duty to their job, Hunter is a hero who feels too much. Sexual, sensual, devoted to his sister and the Network, Hunter longs to cut off the best part of himself. He is passionate, capable of great love and loyalty. Tanya Kovac is not what she seems, all beauty, softness, and vulnerability; it is only as RENEGADE'S ROSE progresses that readers remember that roses, although renowned for their beauty, can survive in even the harshest climates. With plenty twists and turns, [the] two main characters...need for each other sizzles. Ms. Wiesner is a skillful writer... I recommend RENEGADE'S ROSE for its multi-layered characters, romance, and hopeful tone." ~Nickole Yarbrough for Romance Reviews Today

“RENEGADE’S ROSE is such a great story. The action and suspense that’s expected from this series is definitely there. I felt the same adrenaline rush and edge-of-my-seat anticipation with RENEGADE’S ROSE, as with the previous books, as well as strong emotions for the characters. Karen Wiesner does a great job with surprising her readers with the unexpected, and there are plenty of unexpected moments in this story. With the great writing, terrific characters and storyline, the romance aspect of the story is bonus. With the lives that Tanya and Hunter lived, I could not help but root for them to find some true happiness together. I really enjoyed RENEGADE’S ROSE and the entire Incognito Series.” ~reviewed by Ley for Joyfully Reviewed

"This story was full of twists and turns and was non-stop excitement. I loved every minute of it and loved all the characters. Hunter meets Tanya, Kovac’s wife (leader of the terrorist group), and realizes that he needs to kidnap her in order to barter with Kovac for his sister. More twists and turns take place, and Hunter realizes that Tanya is more than meets the eye. He falls head over heels in love with her; she somehow gets through all of his barriers. His newfound love for her does not make it easy for what he knows he needs to do. I don’t want to give away the second half of the story because there are so many amazing surprises. Karen Wiesner does a great job keeping her readers at the edge of their seat and makes it impossible to figure out what is going to happen next. Nothing in this story is predictable. I recommend this story to everyone. It can be read on its own, or with the rest of the books in her series." ~reviewed by Ashley Merrill for Front Street Reviews

4 Angels! “I found the action and adventure of this tale to be top-notch and will continue to have this series at the top of my list.” ~reviewed by Tammy for Fallen Angel Reviews

Undercover Angel Reviews

Best Book! "The Incognito Series has been many things: engrossing, riveting, heart-thumpingly suspenseful, fast paced and exciting--not to mention intensely passionate. Get ready for the next level in UNDERCOVER ANGEL. At times, I found some of the stories in this series uncomfortable to read. Why do I say that? Because I am never unaffected by the emotional twists and turns Ms. Wiesner's characters have to struggle through to reach their happily-ever-after. UNDERCOVER ANGEL succeeds in wringing a caring connection out of me for the very character I had come to think of as the enemy. Sure, Shannon McKee, the top dog in the agency, works for the good guys but her inflexible stance against deep emotional relationships between agents has always rubbed me the wrong way. This book is one that I've been looking forward to for a long time. How would Ms. Wiesner handle this delicate challenge? How could she change the rules of the Network's platform without compromising its strength? How could she make me care for a woman that I'd come to revile? Prepare yourself for Shannon's courageous and painful awakening to truth. I have to share this with you. Once I hit chapters twelve and thirteen, my perceptions of Shannon McKee were blown away. I got my first real peek into Shannon's past, her heart and her fear...for the love between Shannon and Ron Blair. I mean, there's pain along with their love--how could I not feel for them? Through it all, the thought that their connection could have survived, that there was and is something there to save and to fight for has got to be as romantic as Romeo and Juliette. My gosh, Ms. Wiesner has me feeling sorry for Shannon. This character, a woman I've hated with great zeal because of how she treats her operatives and the rules she's enforced, ends up being all too human. A woman who has such tortured depths that she's drowned in them to the point she's forgotten how to be a woman, indeed she thinks that part of her might be a fatality to her goals. This is a tragic love story. Not so much about the man/woman thing, though there is that, but Shannon is a woman who's forgotten how to love herself. And she's scared. So very scared and, dang it all, I found myself rooting for Shannon with tears in my eyes. She's lost but can't face it. Not yet. Ron is her savior, her touchstone and the key to the emotional treasure locked, bolted and barricaded inside her. But how can a love that only had just started growing years before possibly survive the arctic winter Shannon had put it in? The reasons, the drive, the cold passion that drives her would have driven anyone else to their knees. Ms. Wiesner has written a powerful story of a warrior, a patriot and a human being with strong convictions. Shannon needs to rediscover how to deal with the emotional inferno that awaits within her before it destroys all that she's worked for. To do that, she needs to open herself to her past and the person from it—Ron. When Ron flashes back to the memories of their past, the dialogue has to be some of the most romantic and poignant than any Ms. Wiesner has written during this entire series. The heartfelt revelations and passion in a place so filled with evil intent and hopelessness truly is a stroke of writing genius. I dare anyone to remain unmoved after reading it. The catalyst comes when Shannon goes on a field assignment in the outside world and she comes face to face with all that she's done and all that she's forgotten. The pace picks up and, with tight and effective writing, you are emotionally dragged along with Shannon as revelations bombard her, one after the other. It all makes sense. Ms. Wiesner's talent for using strong descriptive language painted clear images of a character's turmoil and struggles, of yearnings and hope. Once again, Ms. Wiesner cleverly writes within the rules of this world yet manages to spin it on its axis, taking me on a new journey. There is nothing staid or comfortable in the Incognito Series--it constantly has me on edge. In UNDERCOVER ANGEL I was riding a see-saw of 'will she or won't she?' all the while keeping my fingers crossed that Shannon will. Ms. Wiesner also has kept the quality of grit intact in this latest adventure. The world of the Network is dangerous, fraught with peril and betrayals, determination and violence. The villain is a surprise on a couple of levels and I truly never had a clue who it was. If you've been following the Incognito Series, then this is a must read. I would advise readers to check out the previous books in the series because in doing so it will insure the same powerful impact on them as UNDERCOVER ANGEL has for me. There is no question that this book is Shannon McKee's story and it is worth the telling." ~Xeranthemum for Long And Short Reviews

FAR Recommended Read 5 Angels and FAR Recommended Read Award! "UNDERCOVER ANGEL by Karen Wiesner is the 7th book in Ms. Wiesner’s Incognito Series and I am definitely going to find and read the first six! I couldn’t decide if I wanted Shannon to choose Ron or Roman. And I couldn’t quite figure out if Roman really was the bad guy in the whole situation. The history she obviously had with Ron pulled at me, but at the same time I wanted to root for the underdog, Roman. The relationship that I learned was between Shannon and her father was something that I knew she needed to work through in order to be able to love again and with Ron she is able to do that. On the other hand, Roman obviously needed someone to believe in him and help protect his kids. The relationship between Shannon and Roman’s children is very telling. UNDERCOVER ANGEL is a definite must read by this author." ~reviewed by Kim N. for Fallen Angel Reviews

Featured Review and 5 stars! "Imagine the joy of discovering an author whose very own unique writing style combines the very best of Nora Roberts, Tom Clancy, Linda Howard, and Robert Ludlum by simply choosing to read a book that has a fabulous storyline. This actually happened to me! I have discovered a treasure trove of books written by gifted, innovative author Karen Wiesner, who has the skillful abilities to create a total story package of adventure, angst, betrayal, hardships, true love, sex, and heroism all within the highly trained, talented and lethal warriors, both men and women, who encompass the very best of America’s elite warriors from all branches of the armed forces. UNDERCOVER ANGEL, Book 7 of the Incognito Series by Karen Wiesner, is my first exposure to this author’s novels; however, it will not be my last. I am totally hooked on the premise of the storyline, I adore the characters, I am now officially addicted, and have ordered the first six books in this series, and pre-ordered Book 8 from my local bookstore." ~reviewed by Susiq2 for Manic Readers

5 Hearts! "Karen Wiesner continues this series with another excellent character study and edge-of-your-seat suspense. Captain Shannon McKee evolves far beyond the by-the-book leader with feelings buried under a superficial façade of toughness. Once there’s a breach in the wall that surrounds her emotions, we learn about what brought her to this point in her life. Without letting some of her feelings out, it’s unlikely she’ll ever be able to carry out her mission. She’s a gutsy woman able to multitask well! Inner workings of the Network are challenged and an unlikely villain has to be assessed at the same time her heart is breaking with memories. The author does a fantastic job interlacing the upheaval Shannon has in her personal life with her strength as an operative who is able to compartmentalize emotion while working on a complex task that calls for her to be intellectually sharp. The supportive personnel and dialogue involved in the story are also well developed. Ron Blair, her former lover who refuses to let her go, is gentle but determined in his pursuit of the woman he loves. There are a lot of dynamics involved in keeping the tale action-packed and making this book the best in the series to date. Ms. Wiesner seems to just get better with each one." ~reviewed by Dee Dailey for The Romance Studio

5 Stars! "The Incognito Series continues to pick up speed with excitement and romance. My only real disappointment, if you could even call it that, is the mission did not really begin until almost half way into the story. Do not worry though, the first half is in no way boring. Readers get to finally learn about Shannon's past and what makes her the stern, no nonsense, harsh leader that she is. After this, readers may think of the tough lady in a nicer way. Fantastic!" ~Detra Fitch for Huntress Reviews

4 1/2 Delightful Divas! “The fact that UNDERCOVER ANGEL is Shannon McKee’s story surprised me no end. Honestly I didn’t think her story was going to be this soon; I totally saw her as one of the last that we got to know. But I am so very glad that Karen Wiesner related her story now rather than later. Now I don’t have to hate McKee as much as I did. She’s the second in command…at least nominally. She’s actually at the top of chain of command and she was definitely the person I was happy to really, really dislike. Face it, we always need an adversary, don’t we? And as far as I was concerned, Shannon McKee was IT. Guess that shows how much I know. Karen Wiesner really knows how to keep this series going and maintaining the level of involvement that I experience. With each book I think, okay this is the best it’s going to be, and each and every time I end up eating my words. Good thing I’m enjoying the series so much or I may be in a lot of trouble.

“I’m constantly impressed at how each person whose story I’ve read is brought to life right in front of my eyes. Each and every member of the Network is there for different and yet often similar reasons. Except for McKee—I really don’t think she had any other option and I can’t imagine how enormous an amount of strength it took for her to step into her assassinated father’s shoes. He was the man that created and developed the Network to be the incredible power that it was. And, up until Shannon’s story, he was nothing more than a very shadowy individual. But in the telling of the daughter’s story, the father became more of a person. Most of what we came to know of Tom McKee was gleaned from Shannon’s memories, but Ron Blair brought a balance to the picture of the man who started it all. Actually Ron Blair—another person who’s been on the periphery so far—brings a balance to Shannon’s life and I really didn’t think that was possible. But then she was little more than a cipher and kept an air of mystery about her to keep herself from being hurt. What she didn’t realize—or she did but wasn’t going to acknowledge it—was that it was much, much too late to erect her walls; the damage had been done long before and it honestly tore at my sympathy. That was completely unexpected, let me tell you.

“So, yet again, the extremely talented Karen Wiesner has entranced me and even seven books into the series I’m still just as eager to learn, and read, the next book. Being able to keep readers captivated so far into a series—and these aren’t short stories either—is quite an accomplishment. We’re looking at 200, or substantially more, pages for each book. This is an author who can continue not only the momentum over a series but also create the utmost need to know more. For me that is the hallmark of a superb storyteller. And I’m here to say, once again, the Incognito Series is worth every page, every tear, every heart palpitation and every thrill contained therein.” ~Kathy for Dark Diva Reviews

4 1/2 Delightful Divas! “As I have said before, the books in this series just get better. This book gave me a personal satisfaction, which I have been waiting for since the first book. Throughout this series, I have been struck by the lives of the Network Operatives. They have given everything, including their freedom, to be an operative. With each book, the operatives find a way to get the personal relationships they needed in order to survive their lonely, dangerous lives. All the while, I am banging my head on the wall because Shannon McKee is so cold and relentless in her requirements of her operatives. When I read the blurb for UNDERCOVER ANGEL, I was excited and hopeful that I would actually get to see a human side to Shannon. I got more than I had hoped for in this book. Shannon had her reasons for why she has done things, and...I finally have some understanding and compassion for her. Heck, I even like her now! This book is still excellent and I am very pleased with the outcome. Karen Wiesner has quickly risen to the top of my list of authors to read. I haven’t read any of her books other than the Incognito Series, but after reading these, I look forward to enjoying more of her work. She is good at creating powerful and memorable characters, but even more, her plots are so complex and engrossing, I doubt I will forget them anytime soon.” ~Melissa for Dark Diva Reviews

4 1/2 Pixies! "UNDERCOVER ANGEL is book seven in author Karen Wiesner's exciting suspense-adventure Incognito Series. The ongoing tale of The Network, the world's most clandestine, most powerful law-enforcement organization, the Incognito Series leaves readers eagerly anticipating the next installment. A masterful rendition of character is a hallmark of author Karen Wiesner's many novels, as is a plot with more jumps and turns than a rampaging roller coaster, and tons of unexpected events and consequences. Readers on the edge of their seats will wonder what will happen next, as UNDERCOVER ANGEL unfolds with the speed of a riveting action film, and just as much detail in the settings. From Chicago to the Gulf Coast of Florida, with flashbacks and visits to Algiers, there's a setting for everyone and every character is right in place. Ms. Wiesner spins a tale of a woman overworked and on the brink of health and emotional disaster, whose drive for vengeance and whose unforgiveness of her father's errors compound to lead her to the brink of her own destruction. Her less empathetic traits are shown to indeed have a sound background, and the reader will find herself sympathizing with Shannon--and many of the other characters--despite their actions." ~reviewed by Frost for Dark Angel Reviews

4 1/2 Stars! "This seventh book in the Incognito Series is a winner. The plot is fast paced, intense and finishes with a satisfying bang. Shannon and Ron are an electrifying couple. Thoroughly entertaining!" ~reviewed by Barb Anderson for Romantic Times BOOKreviews

4 Stars! "UNDERCOVER ANGEL, like all of the Incognito Series, is a complex read. Karen Wiesner takes the reader on a journey into a secret organization. Shannon McGee is the second in command. She has high standards for those that work under her and higher standards for herself. Fans of the Incognito Series will want to rush to get the latest installment. UNDERCOVER ANGEL demonstrates the need for each person to have personal freedom. Shannon McGee is a multifaceted character. She strives to be strong and independent but, deep within, needs to be loved. The plot of UNDERCOVER ANGEL flowed smoothly, capturing my attention and holding it. I am curious to see what Wiesner’s next adventure will be." ~reviewed by Debra Gaynor for

“UNDERCOVER ANGEL is an excellent story. I loved every minute of reading and hung on to every word. The pain of being abandoned by someone you love is tough to deal with, yet Ms. Wiesner has made the character of Shannon tough enough to deal with it. Finding love even though you are scared is another aspect of the story that I enjoyed. Ms. Wiesner's Incognito Series just keeps getting better with every book.” ~reviewed by Liadanfor Coffee Time Reviews

"UNDERCOVER ANGEL is a wonderful story of a woman's personal growth and the complete understanding of her by a very astute man. Karen Wiesner is a total master when it comes to developing her characters. She takes a character you want to dislike, Shannon McKee, and then makes the reader care about her as the character grows and comes to fully understand herself and her own motives. Shannon becomes strong enough to admit when she is wrong and takes steps to change it. Ron Blair is the strongest character in the book because he is insightful enough to know that Shannon has to grow and come to know herself before she can be the woman he needs. He is kind, loving, patient and extremely intelligent. He is definitely the type of man all women are looking for." ~reviewed by Dawn Myers for Writers Unlimited

"The seventh Incognito thriller is a superb tale due to the characterizations that make the fast paced story line so much more exciting. Shannon and Ron are a fully developed couple with issues while Ortega is a complete adversary who shows a soft side as much as his tough exterior. UNDERCOVER ANGEL is a great entry in a consistently excellent series." ~reviewed by Harriet Klausner

"I was waiting to see how long it would take Karen Wiesner to focus one of her stories on the head honcho of the Network, Capitan Shannon McKee. Book seven does that and more. I found this story to be one of my favorite out of the seven. It was amazing, exciting, nail biting, and romantic. I loved every word of it! You finally learn the whole story surrounding why Shannon McKee is in the position she is in. The ending of this book is absolutely amazing and I assure you that you will never see it coming. I wish this story would have gone on forever and ever. I was so sad when it ended. I fell in love with the characters, I learned that Shannon is not the cold hearted woman she likes everyone in the Network to think, and you really learn a lot of cool things about the Network and how and why they run things the way they do. I think that is partly why I liked this story so much. Not only did you have a great action piece and great romance pieces, but the Network has been a piece of each and every book and I really feel like this story involves it even more so into the story and I really enjoyed that. I find it fascinating. I cannot wait to see what Book 8 will bring." ~reviewed by Ashley Merrill for Front Street Reviews

"This is an excellent story. I loved every minute of reading and hung on to every word. The pain of being abandoned by someone you love is tough to deal with, yet Ms. Wiesner has made the character of Shannon tough enough to deal with it. Finding love even though you are scared is another aspect of the story that I enjoyed. Ms. Wiesner's series just keeps getting better with every book." ~reviewed by Liadan for Coffee Time Romance

“UNDERCOVER ANGEL is another edition of this series that played on my emotions as well as kept me on edge with the suspense, drama and the adrenaline rush these stories exemplify. Shannon’s hard demeanor was penetrated and her emotions were spread thin between people she never expected herself to care about. What I love about this series are the strong women characters Karen Wiesner creates and Shannon is one of her best. This is the seventh installment of this series but, as with all the other books, it stands alone. And, as with the other books, nothing is ever as it seems.” ~reviewed by Ley for Joyfully Reviewed

Hard to Handle Reviews

5 Hearts! "Karen Wiesner seems to keep getting better and better as this series continues. The subjects are more challenging, the operatives for the Network more sensitive. Rules about relationships within the covert agency were relaxed in Book 7 and the agents seem to be thriving. Ms. Wiesner is extremely sensitive to the plight of sexually abused children in this book. She crafts her story well, building the intimacy between Nova and Dez slowly and patiently as one would have to with the suffering Nova still really hasn't totally recovered from. The author and I seem to be in complete sync. The punishment for the next sex offender Nova deals with is a piece de resistance of ingenuity. Gifted characters and the dating experience of Nova and Dez blended with the suspense of the mission scenario make this a novel I found hard to put down. It pulled me in on the first page and didn't let me go. I'm looking forward to Book 9 with high hopes from what I've seen so far." ~The Romance Studio

5 Books! "HARD TO HANDLE has the harshest topic and the most emotionally charged storyline yet of the Incognito Series to date. Ms. Wiesner is known for her dexterity, respectful yet hard-hitting storytelling, and it's alive and well in this installment. At first I didn't realize that the main female character is one that I'd met before. Nova is a woman who has many demons in her past which she has to deal with. Memories are the hardest to slay because sometimes they makes us who and what we are, for good or bad. It's what we do with them as we go forward in life that makes life worth living and fighting for. Or for some, to give up and turn away because it's just too hard, too painful. Nova was given a chance to do more than survive years ago. If you've read NO ORDINARY LOVE, the first of the series, you'll remember Nova. But she was different in that story, younger, a little wild and a survivor even then. HARD TO HANDLE kicks it up a notch, to an adult level with an adult theme. This story is not for the faint of heart. Dez is a character who's appeared as a secondary in UNDER THE SPELL, Book 5 [and BOUNTY ON THE REBEL'S HEART, Book 3, as the heroine's team leader]. He's got his own issues with his past and now, as lead character, he will have to face and reveal them to Nova and us. Dez is tough, thorough and ambitious; and that pretty much sums him up. That is, to everyone in the Network because he's kept to himself; his own heart is walled up and protected from everything and everyone. Dez has a reputation as a love 'em and leave 'em kind of guy but, as a romance reader, I knew it was a cover for something that went much deeper. Ms. Wiesner once again presents a character, a man, whose past touches feelings within a reader, so much so that you want to hold him--comfort that boy in the past and the man in the present. But that will be Nova's job, and the romance between the two heals in ways very unique to the talents that Ms. Wiesner brings to each and every book she writes. The conflict, personal ones notwithstanding, is ripped from reality. The disturbing focus of HARD TO HANDLE is hard to read. How the author dealt with the villain and the final comeuppance should leave you as it left me--fully justified and satisfied. Nova has guts and grit, and I marveled at her restraint. Oh, she lets loose and I felt like I was watching a female 007. She rocks! Her restraint comes from knowing just where to stop and get the most vengeance and vindication. What a clever solution, too. As you expect from the Incognito Series, this book continues the tradition of fast-paced writing, logical plot development, strong characters with vulnerable hearts that fall in love despite a forbidding environment, dialogue that puts you right in the thick of things and bad guys that make you want to toss your cookies. HARD TO HANDLE will grip you, make you think, make you feel and, in the final touching scenes, make you believe that love really can conquer all." ~reviewed by Xeranthemum for The Long And The Short Of It Reviews

5 Angels! "HARD TO HANDLE is the eighth book in the Incognito Series by author Karen Wiesner. It was great to read Nova’s (aka Piper Laslow) story--she first made an appearance in NO ORDINARY LOVE, the first book in the series. This story is packed with suspense, action and intrigue that prevents the reader from putting it down. Nova and Dez are enchanting, full bodied characters with plenty of passion between them and danger around them. Ms. Wiesner has penned another great saga in the Incognito Series, and I’m looking forward to the next." ~reviewed by Tammy for Fallen Angel Reviews

5 Stars! “Romantic suspense at its finest… HARD TO HANDLE is the best book in this series. The action was heart-stopping. The characters have depth. Karen Wiesner just keeps getting better. Fans of romantic suspense, do not miss HARD TO HANDLE.”

4 1/2 Delightful Divas! “Nova (Piper to those of you who have read Book 1) is a talented operative, but she is reckless anytime she is brought in on a mission involving women or children being abused. The Network knows her strengths and weaknesses, as they do all of their operatives. Of course, they play a master chess game in order to get Nova to carry out her mission in the way they want it to happen. I continue to be amazed by the foresight that the Network displays. Dez is also a great character. He has appeared in other books and I have always liked him, although he has always seemed to be the machine that so many operatives seem to be. I was happy to get to know his softer side. He and Nova make a perfect match and I was touched by the amount of time he took to show Nova how much he loves her. Karen Wiesner continues to make each book as good, if not better, than the previous. I am fully invested in each of these characters and the Network. Karen has made their world an alternate reality for me and I can actually imagine a covert agency such as this existing. If you are looking for a well-written, fast-paced romantic suspense novel, then I recommend the entire Incognito Series to you. Each book can be read as a standalone title, but why would you want to miss out on any of this series? My recommendation is to read every single one of these books in order, just because of their depth and the attachments you will form with the characters. They are full-length books, a few even more so, but all of them pass so quickly; you will find yourself amazed that you have read nearly 300 pages in no time, and disappointed because you want more!” ~Melissa for Dark Diva Reviews

4 1/2 Delightful Divas! “Both Dez and Nova are operatives I’m somewhat familiar with. Dez was on the mission with Justine when she fell in love once again with her first love and he’s been on the periphery of a few other operations. But he’s managed to remain elusive and really an unknown quantity. Nova, on the other hand, we met back in Book 1, NO ORDINARY LOVE, in which Kyle and Kira fought for their freedom. At that time she was 15-year-old Piper Laslow and was instrumental in Kyle’s success. At the end she entered into training with the Network. I really hoped that at some point her story would be one of the series and in this, HARD TO HANDLE, Karen Wiesner has given her readers more than I could have hoped for. Right from the beginning the rawness and horror of what Nova is party to is shocking and for some people it may be hard to take. But what happens, as the book goes on, is very much instrumental to the plot and I honestly did not feel that anything was gratuitous. Dealing with sexual abuse is not easy and being able to handle it with the deftness and emotion, without completely overwhelming the reader, that Wiesner does is something I’ve found in any of her stories. And don’t forget, the Network exists for one reason only. To be able to deal with evil in its many forms without having to be accountable to the public at large. Yes this is fantasy, but as a woman and mother, the idea of someone, some group, being able to mete out justice without having to account to society as a whole, is something I’ve pondered. Especially when I’ve heard about some of the horrors perpetrated by those in power…those who are supposed to protect. For them, in my vengeful heart, there is nothing too drastic that they don’t deserve. And Karen Wiesner in her Incognito Series has done just that. Okay, and yes I can be somewhat bloodthirsty when it comes to those who do evil for evil’s sake. The conclusion of HARD TO HANDLE was everything and more that I could have wanted, and once again, the scope of knowledge displayed by those high up in the Network is mind-boggling, but it totally makes sense. Now I’m off to read #9, DANCE IN SHADOWS, and you won’t believe who is featured in this book!” ~Kathy for Dark Diva Reviews

4 Stars! “Author Karen Wiesner tackles two difficult subjects, human trafficking and molestation, and opens the eyes of readers to the uglier sides of the world. I strongly urge anyone who has personal ties to either subject NOT to read this book. However, I feel everyone else should. Unless people are made aware of what is still happening (all too often), it will continue and worsen. I applaud this author for researching two very dark and nightmarish topics and then dragging them into the light for all to see. I found this story to be complex, emotionally intense, and totally unforgettable. In a word, "Wow!"” ~Detra Fitch for Huntress Reviews

"The eighth Incognito thriller is an exciting romantic suspense tale that digs deep inside the soul of an adult who suffered a childhood trauma that never left her and impacts her adult relationships. Filled with plenty of action, the story line is somewhat different than the previous magnificent seven due to Nova who brings plenty of psychological baggage with her on the mission. Karen Wiesner writes an excellent entry filled with angst and action." ~Harriet Klausner

"Having read the previous seven books in the series, it came as no shock that this book lived up to its expected potential. Karen Wiesner has once again given her readers a fantastic story filled with action and romance so hot that her readers become putty in her hands. Karen Wiesner had me at the edge of my seat the entire time. My romantic side was anticipating when Dez and Nova would realize that they were made for each other and when the time would come when they just couldn’t keep their hands off of each other. My action pact side couldn’t wait to find out why it was that Nova was so drawn to this young girl who hasn’t spoken to anyone in over a year, until Nova came along. I was not disappointed in either of those instances. This book can be read alone, or in order with the rest of the series. However you decide to read it, this is one that will not disappoint!" ~reviewed by Ashley Merrill for Front Street Reviews

"HARD TO HANDLE: Book 8 of the Incognito Series is a story with a little bit of everything from drama and romance to action and suspense. It was a thrill to read it from beginning to end. Nova, the young girl with a terrible background, is thrust into a world where she can finally help. However, her heart overrules her head, and she gets herself into difficult situations, where her superiors have to get her out. Dez, Nova’s colleague is assigned to keep her in check and become her superior again. The feelings they harbor for each other come out as they “coincidentally” become neighbors. Nova, with the help of Dez, is able to complete the most important mission she has ever had, only to find out she has been betrayed. This book is definitely a good read. HARD TO HANDLE is a story with with many twists and turns thrown into it, making it highly enjoyable to read. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a little bit of action with romance and suspense thrown into it." ~reviewed by Aisha Siddiqui for TCM Reviews

"This is a very suspenseful story with interesting characters and a lot of action. The author provides a very good organizational chart and describes the workings of the agency well. The main plot was pretty engrossing, as was the subplot of the enslaved girls, and I liked how it was all tied together in the end." ~reviewed by Maura for Coffee Time Romance

"Karen Wiesner penned the perfect title for her latest novel in the Incognito Series because the main character, Nova Granger, is one operative who is definitely hard to handle. I like Nova Granger because she is willing to defy her superiors and follow her heart to do what she knows was right. Nova overcomes her personal demons brought about by her own father and uses her determination and instincts to protect children. She also overcomes her aversion to men to find a great love. Once again Karen Wiesner has showed her undeniable skill in creating characters who tug on the reader’s heartstrings." ~Dawn Myers for Writers Unlimited

"The eighth Incognito book opens with plenty of action. Interesting characters and expertly written action scenes will keep your attention and pique interest for the next book." ~Keitha Hart for Romantic Times BOOKreviews

"I enjoyed this book and felt the author dealt with the subject of sexual abuse of a child in a frank manner. Some readers may object to the amount of detail in the scenes but she didn't glorify the abuse. She used the amount of detail in the scenes to explain why Nova became the woman she is today. I liked that Dez was patient...and was prepared to let her lead the pace so that she could see that [love] between two consenting adults could be a beautiful thing." ~Laura for WRDF Review

Dance in Shadows Reviews

5 Delightful Divas! "My first thought when I read the blurb for DANCE IN SHADOWS was, "Finally!" Finally I get to know Angelo better! Angelo has been an important part of each and every book of the Incognito Series. He has been such a strong secondary character. Not only that, but he was the one person in the upper level management of the Network who realized that the operatives needed to have a human life, complete with emotions and relationships. Well, maybe not the only one who realized it but at least the only one who was willing to wage a silent war to get it. In each book, I only got a small piece of how great Angelo truly is. He does his job well and he's completely loyal to the Network, but he also had compassion for the operatives, and that compassion would peek through in the other books. DANCE IN SHADOWS gave me even more than I had hoped for. I got to meet Angelo, up close and in person, and he was a more satisfying character than I could have imagined. Plus, an operative was finally one step ahead of the Network. I have been somewhat irked in the other books by the fact that the Network is always one step ahead of the operatives, which is to be expected, but they didn't let their operatives in on what was really going on. Master Chess players are what they are. However, Celine finally gets the one-up on them. It was perfect! The relationship between Angelo and Celine was more emotional and drawn out than some of the others in this series, which was fitting for both of these characters. I loved getting an inside look at Angelo and Celine and their relationship. The ending only leaves me with more anticipation for the next book in the series. I see changes and a bright future for the Network operatives, and can't wait to read about it. This is, by far, the best book of the Incognito Series yet!" ~Melissa for Dark Diva Reviews

5 Hearts! “Karen Wiesner continues this excellent series about the heroes and heroines of the Network. Celine and Angelo's story is unusual because of their thirty year age difference. I think Ms. Wiesner manages to convey well that love doesn't seem to care what age people are. They've both tried to cope with their difference and the rules. But for every rigid rule made for the sense of security it gives those who make them there seems to be someone or, in this case, many people whose lives are too complicated for rigid rules. Again the leaders of the Network have to step up and face challenges within while facing enemies that want to destroy the organization from outside. The issue of depression is handled well, I think. The author digs down deep into the personalities involved and finds the answer that works for the majority of people. Celine has to find a way to believe in herself before she can want life. A child is one thing, but she also has to believe that she's as capable and as important to others as they know she is. Angelo has to deal with his own fears before he can be more than an automaton constantly in charge of everything around him. This is another superb job done by Ms. Wiesner. The characters and their lives come alive in ways most of us can relate to on some level.” ~reviewed by Dee Dailey for The Romance Studio

5 Books! “DANCE IN SHADOWS explores the depths of what happens to a man when everything he cares for is ripped from his life and the kind of woman who eventually heals his soul–with him kicking and bucking the entire way. When I first started reading DANCE IN SHADOWS, I was all set to read about ‘The Immortal’, Angelo. The man who recruits agents for The Network, who seems to think five steps ahead of everyone else and is infallible in anything he says and does. Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? It turns out that Angelo has a tortured and tragic past which should have destroyed anything remotely human inside him, and turned him into the perfect Network machine. Except, his loss didn’t kill his compassion, his understanding, and his wanting a happily ever after…for everyone else, not himself. If you’ve read the series, you’ve seen him stick up for his operatives, indeed even do the unthinkable on their behalf. How can a man live by two sets of beliefs? He can’t and neither can Angelo, which this story explores in heartrending detail. He, more than anyone, needs the saving grace that only love provides. One of the previous books, about #1, Shannon McKee, was intense and I thought her story was the height of which pain can go. Not so. Angelo knew love, knew the joy and knew to his very bones how precious love was…and was determined to never be vulnerable to that pain ever again. Too bad he’s so stubborn. This is the story of love reborn. Celine wasn’t a character I really followed. I knew her as Hunter’s sister and I knew she was brilliant. Nothing in the previous books prepared me for Dr. Celine Savage. I’ve heard of the phrase, ‘doctor, heal thyself’. The irony is, they usually can’t, and neither can Celine. Ms. Wiesner has the knack for taking what you think you know and leading you on a bit until you are complacent, then she rips the rug right out from under you. At first I really wasn’t too keen on Celine being Angelo’s heroine. She’s got some seriously bad mojo weighing her down and it certainly affected me. I scoffed that such a person could be that smart and that compromised all at the same time. Then came that groaned, ‘oh no’ moment when all that changed. Then I realized that Celine is a victim and, although pushed to excel in education and medical talent, was kept in a protected corner, pre-ordained by the people who claimed to care for her the most. How does a character grow and thrive in that kind of environment? Unless he/she finds the will to fight, they don’t. DANCE IN SHADOWS then becomes a book about personal growth, redemption and validation. These are very challenging concepts in a world that usually crushes the weak in favor of the strong. This book’s strength is the personalities of Celine and Angelo, their dialogue and interaction and the emotions that grip a reader from chapter to chapter. I had serious doubts at times that this romance was going to survive. Not because of The Network’s dictates and mandates which dogged the previous books, but from these characters’ own internal demons. This story is compelling and engrossing... Yet nothing good comes easy, ecstasy doesn’t fulfill without trust and a happily ever after is only guaranteed when it’s yearned for and worked for by both parties. Throw in a few enemies determined to destroy them both and you have effective tension and suspense to keep your eyes glued to the page while you ask yourself, ‘what can possibly happen next?’ Only Ms. Wiesner knows, and I eagerly look forward to the next gripping tale from her talented mind.” ~reviewed by Xeranthemum for The Long and Short of It

5 Stars! "Karen Wiesner returns us to the Network and the agents that keep citizens safe. The life of the agents is duty. Duty first, last and always. Angelo Pluzetti could be the poster boy for the Network. He is always professional. He buries his feelings. His loyalty lies with the Network. Celine was in love with Pluzetti. He could not open himself up to her. The memories of watching his family die in a car bombing still haunted him. He was afraid to give his heart to anyone for it might place her in danger. When Pluzetti is kidnapped, a pregnant Celine will stopped at nothing to rescue him. This is book nine of the Incognito Series. I recommend reading the previous books—which are all good and you will enjoy them. The Network seems cold and brutal. However, Wiesner brings out the human quality of each of her agents. Wiesner has a talent for taking readers on a thrill ride into, danger, intrigue, and romance." ~reviewed by Debra Gaynor for

4 ½ Delightful Divas! “I never, in a million years, expected that Angelo’s story would be number nine in the series. I don’t know if the next three books were planned beforehand, but I was sure that we wouldn’t be party to Angelo’s coming to terms with love until the very end. And, I had no expectation whatsoever, that the woman who captured his heart would be none other than Dr. Celine Savage. You could have knocked me over with a feather with that revelation! Once again Karen Wiesner has woven a tale of intrigue and romance, but, whereas there is usually a huge threat from the enemy, in DANCE IN SHADOWS, I found that the bulk of the tension was fuelled by the emotional see-saw that Celine was on. Man, I had no idea that she was going through all she was, and it wasn’t all connected to her feelings for Angelo, although that didn’t help. And then there was Angelo’s dilemma. I could understand where he was coming from, especially when we knew his history and the reasons why he joined the Network in the first place. But oh it was still heartbreaking to see what both he and Celine were going through. Then of course there was Angelo’s awareness of how Hunter was likely to react when he became aware of the relationship between his baby sister, of whom he was extremely protective, and the man he saw more as a father than the one he’d had. With her consummate skill, Ms. Wiesner made everything so immediate and visceral that it was like being there, if not one of the participants. I could feel the pain that Celine was going through; her doubts and the fears were mine. But I was able to step back while Celine was trapped within the maelstrom she lived. I also really liked the rest of the mystery. Oh, did you think that the emotional turmoil was all there was to Angelo and Celine’s story? Oh no…Wiesner had a few tricks up her sleeve that completely took me by surprise. And once again I’m left barely able to figure out just what train went through here. But I sincerely had the ride of my life!” ~Kathy for Dark Diva Reviews

4 1/2 Stars! "Wiesner writes with passion, and book nine of her Incognito series is one of her most passionate to date. It's a story about the power of love and how it can destroy--and heal. It shows how two individuals can overcome any obstacles and be stronger together. There's also plenty of intrigue to keep you turning the pages." ~Barb Anderson for RT Book Reviews

4 Stars! “People often forget that those in the medical profession are just as susceptible to depression as the rest of the world. In fact, people in the emergency fields (law, medical, fire, military, etc.) see and deal with a lot more of the world's uglier sides. If anything, they would be even more susceptible to depression than the rest of the public. I am glad the author chose Celine to represent this. There are also other events going on within the story that I omitted from my synopsis for fear of revealing spoilers. As you read, be ready for some twists and surprises. This is an excellent addition to the Incognito Series. I eagerly look forward to the next exciting episode.” ~Detra Fitch for Huntress Reviews

4 Cups! “Celine and her brother, Hunter, were raised in the Network after the death of their parents. Neither one had a choice. Celine is a brilliant doctor and researcher, but feels like she is living in a cage with no chance at happiness, especially since Angelo has rejected her. Angelo is one of the most senior members of the Network and is known as The Immortal, due to his youthful looks. Thirty years ago he watched as his wife and two children were blown up in the family van. This ended his career as a CIA agent and is the reason, or one of the reasons, he uses for rejecting Celine's love. A serious suicide attempt by Celine shakes Angelo's resolve to hold himself aloof from the beautiful young doctor. All she ever wanted was his love, and he was unable to give it to her. She acts out in self-destructive ways leading to the suicide attempt. Despite an enemy's threats upon his life, he goes with her on a vacation that both of them need. The vacation turns out to be way more exciting than either expects. The two main characters in this story are vividly written with their fair share of human flaws and more. Celine is trapped in a life she never chose and in love with a man who tortures her with mixed signals. The gifts he gives her over the years are a prime example, and I cannot fault her for believing he is interested. The suicide attempt and its aftermath are described very well and with accurate details. The rest of the story is full of romance, hope and a great deal of excitement and suspense. This is an excellent addition to a very good series.” ~reviewed by Maura for Coffee Time Romance & More

“This book was absolutely fantastic. It delves deep into the themes of letting the past control your future, embedded by Angelo, and not believing in yourself, embodied by Celine Savage. Although the relationship between the two sounds a bit strange, especially after learning that Angelo is like a father figure to Celine's brother, the reader gets used to it quickly and, by the end, feels like it could be no other way. The story itself is exceptional like the rest of Ms. Wiesner’s work, with an added bonus of surprise. We do find out some surprising insider information about Giles Jameson and R.E.D. (the terrorist group). I personally love Angelo’s history and how Ms. Wiesner tells his story and why he’s so oxymoronic. It was a great read, once again, and although I will forever love Roan Emory’s story (DEAD DROP, Book 4) more than anyone else’s, this definitely comes in a close second.” ~reviewed by Aisha S for TCM Reviews

"Having read the eight books in the series that led up to this one, it never ceases to amaze me the creative ideas that Karen Wiesner comes up with. After the fourth and fifth book in the series I started to become skeptical that she was beating a dead horse with this series, but one again she has proved me wrong! I am very happy for that fact! This series has been full of excitement and never-ending drama. I love the passionate romance that goes on between the main characters of each book as much as I enjoy reading about their unique situations and places among the Network chain of command. Karen Wiesner once again holds nothing back with her skilled knack for hitting her readers right in their hearts with love so fierce it loves your breathless. Her character descriptions are amazing. You cannot help but admire each and every one of them. This book could be read solely without reading the other eight in the series, although you will have a better appreciation for all the characters if you read the series from the beginning." ~Front Street Reviews

"Years ago, Angelo Pluzetti's life changed when his beloved family was murdered. He joined the Network, whose mission is to obliterate criminals. He became Head of Network Operations as his passion and willingness to die yet protect his “family” of operatives have become so renowned; his enemies from powerful Revolutionary Echelon Defenders (R.E.D). need him eliminated. He has one Achilles’ heel, twenty-nine years old Dr. Celine Savage. She has loved him for what seems to her an eternity, but he conceals his deep regard for her from everyone especially Celine and his adversaries. However someone must somehow know because Celine is a target so he needs to keep her safe; not realizing when they are both captured by R.E.D. her inner strength gives him the extra courage he needs for both of them and their unborn to survive. The ninth Incognito romantic suspense thriller is a great entry in a super saga. Angelo and Celine are a fabulous pairing as each is attracted to one another, but hide it for differing reasons (besides what is described above). Besides the enemy neither wants to face the wrath of their boss Shannon. Filled with action and sexual tension, fans will enjoy the lead couple as they DANCE IN SHADOWS rather than with the stars." ~Harriet Klausner for Genre Go Round Reviews

Hypnotized Reviews

You Gotta Read (highest rating)! "After being captured, tortured and finally rescued four years ago, Rhiannon Murray decided she wanted more out of life and love than what her team leader Noah Harlow could give. Trying to break clean from her former lover, she requests transfer to another unit in the network. Noah sees to it all her requests are denied. As team leader, he's determined to make sure she's safe, but is there more than lust lying under his cool exterior? Can he truly give Rhiannon his heart? Dr. Sherry Mansfield amazing mental ability is being misused by her husband, the leader of a terrorist cell and coveted by an even more dangerous group, but when she used a young suicide bomber to deliver a plea for help, the Network send Rhiannon and Noah undercover into the heart of danger as married counselors for a troubled teen ranch. How long will they be able to fight their close quarters and their hearts? Having read a few of the Incognito Series by Mrs. Wiesner, I applaud her ability to keep up the suspense all the way through book ten. Noah and Rhiannon's story doesn't disappoint with non-stop tension, steamy love scenes and subplots that make you say, "What? No way!" An absolute pleasure to read, I hope HYPNOTIZED won't be the last of this series." ~You Gotta Read Reviews

5 Books! "Emotional investment and sympathy for the heroine grips and twists your heart as early as the opening scene in HYPNOTIZED, the tenth book in the Incognito Series by Karen Wiesner. Intermixed with a tale of suspense and intrigue is the very personable story of Rhiannon. She had a life-changing event that turned her beliefs upside down and sideways. What she accepted of her life and of herself no longer holds true and now she’s on a very difficult journey of discovering what and who she wants for and in her future. Not easy when we’re talking about The Network, the super-secret agency that produces more heroes and heroines than the world will never know. She embraced the old company policy that falling in love meant corruption of their efficiency and was to be avoided—with dire results if caught breaking the rule. She is now willing to embrace the tantalizing new option in The Network, that love can be openly pursued and enjoyed—but there is a glitch. The one man who Rhiannon would dare to test the new policy with is stuck like a burr to the old policy, and it’s breaking her heart. But, true to the strength of character that Ms. Wiesner imbues her female agents with, Rhiannon is another woman who gets the job done while hiding the torment inside of her. The big question is how is she going to get her man? How can she get him to embrace and believe the new policy of tolerance is real?

"Noah is a stubborn, over-protective, self-sacrificing professional who doesn’t recognize love even when it’s smacking him upside the head. He has all the internal self-dialogue to prove to this reader that he really does love Rhiannon, but his mental blinders are so thick, he can rationalize it all away. Noah is a strong, principled man who has her under his skin so bad, he turns Neanderthal when he sees a threat to his mate. And he still rationalizes it away. It was romantic torture. Watching it unfold is fascinating agony.

"The internal conflicts aside, the threat to life and security comes from a compelling source; the ability for someone to hypnotize people into doing terrorist acts. The choice of unwilling victims is a bit disturbing. I’ve found that Ms. Wiesner does not shy away from controversial subjects. She tackles them head on and solves them in a way I wish were really possible. The research involved to make this seem plausible had to have been astounding. The possibility that someone somewhere could actually think of doing these vile things raised the hair on my arms as I read. The build-up of suspense during the tale kept me turning the pages because the villain is a stroke of genius. Dialogue is crisp, fast-moving and authentic-sounding. My adrenaline was pumping when the plot picked up speed and raced towards the exciting battle and its pivotal outcome.

"As I’ve come to expect, Ms. Wiesner’s grasp of the perfect kind of HEA for each of her characters’ personalities and situations is spot on. When finally Noah and Rhiannon overcome external and internal obstacles, it’s satisfying and romantic. HYPNOTIZED kept me riveted, emotionally invested and entertained all the while expecting and getting a well-rounded, expertly told tale. It’s adventure from the comfort of your couch.” ~Xeranthemum for LASR

5 Delightful Divas! “Karen Wiesner’s HYPNOTIZED is the tenth book in her Incognito Series and, right from the very beginning, there was an energy that I could almost feel, especially when Rhiannon and Noah interacted. Frankly I was quite surprised because I don’t recall this happening before; I mean there have been plenty of times that I would get a strong sense of what was happening or the emotions would seep off the pages. But this was a totally different kettle of fish and, even after having raced through the story, I’m still at a loss to understand just what happened. Rhiannon and Noah had been introduced—although that may be too strong a word—in book four, DEAD DROP, when they were kidnapped by terrorists. We learned some about the torture that both Rhiannon and Noah endured, but it was a very bare bones recitation. Suffice it to say that getting the full details and then, from there, the story of Rhi’s and Noah’s romance was an eye-opener. Oh, and that’s the other point I found quite interesting; Noah is a by-the-book kinda guy and yet he and Rhiannon had a relationship when repercussions for agents ‘fraternizing’ were extremely serious; the threat of deadly seriousness existed. Karen Wiesner’s intense focus on Rhiannon and Noah, their individual and shared pasts, their thoughts and feelings and what’s happening now, they both become so real. I especially love that we see a part of Noah that no one else—except maybe for Angelo—knows exists. Even Rhiannon can’t see exactly who the man is, but then with her past and the walls that she’s erected to protect her heart, it’s very understandable.

“Like so many other operatives in the Network, neither Rhiannon’s nor Noah’s pasts were anywhere near ideal. That’s one very common thread I’ve found throughout the series, but it makes perfect sense. Why else would you commit the whole rest of your life, your very self, to a faceless, nameless organization if growing up had been normal? And that’s something else that Ms. Wiesner does a very good job at—taking sometimes damaged people, or at least people who had no one else in their lives, and making them believable as one-half of a couple. She makes them likable regardless of any negatives we know about them. Seriously, many of the characters in the previous books—and HYPNOTIZED—are people I didn’t have a very high opinion of. But by the end of their story, I’ve made a complete turnabout. And it’s due entirely to Wiesner’s ability to get below the surface so that we really know these people.

“HYPNOTIZED has some very surprising elements and Wiesner’s mastery of twists and turns once again guarantees a book that will keep you fixed on the story. You really don’t want to miss a thing. And even for the tenth book in the series, I had a great deal of trouble putting it down. Each story is so unique and so very much its own that I’m still rather awe-struck. And once again to Karen Wiesner, I say thank you.” ~Kathy for Dark Diva Reviews

5 Stars! "Karen Wiesner is a master at combining espionage and romance. Her stories in this series are part thriller and strong on the romance. The plot moves along at a swift pace. The suspense quickly builds to the climatic ending. Fans of romance, suspense, mystery and spies will enjoy this series." ~Readers Favorite

4 1/2 Delightful Divas! “HYPNOTIZED by Karen Wiesner is the tenth book in the Incognito Series. I have read each and every book, and I have to tell you that they are all fantastic. They can be read as stand-alone titles, but why would you want to when you would miss out on so much? In this book, I got to know more about Rhiannon and Noah. I have met them in previous books, and theirs was a great story. Each of them have issues from their past, as most of the operatives do. As always, I am amazed by the sheer knowledge and cunning that the Network has. They have, once again, played chess master with this mission. I keep thinking that one of the operatives is going to get a one-up on this organization, but it never seems to happen just the way I think it will—which makes for an excellent book filled with suspense and adventure. If you have never read one of the Incognito Series books, then I highly recommend that you read them, but start with the first book, NO ORDINARY LOVE. I promise that you will not be disappointed! Karen Wiesner has once again created a complex, well-written plot, with realistic, well-developed characters. She is a master at writing, and I am always impressed by her obvious knowledge of the Network and the operatives. I may have read each book and be invested in the story and people involved, but never could I hold it together enough to create such an in-depth and thought-out book.” ~Melissa for Dark Diva Reviews

4 Cups! "Rhiannon is a woman with a tortured past, one that predates even her work within the Network. Noah had a loveless childhood with parents who did not coddle him, but did not show any affection either, which led him on a path similar to how he was raised.The twists and turns of this suspenseful novel grip the reader and will keep anyone guessing. The storyline kept me coming back for more and the action-packed ending was very fulfilling and definitely left me with a smile on my face." ~Danielle for Coffee Time Romance & More

4 Stars! “Wiesner continues her Incognito Series with book 10, which focuses on Noah and Rhiannon, a couple with a complicated, passionate history. This story offers everything readers have come to expect from this series of late: intense relationships, emotionally charged situations and covert operations.” ~Barb Anderson for RT Book Reviews

4 Stars! “This story is still full of the romantic suspense which the series is well known for, but it also includes some paranormal elements. This adds a spicy zing to the story's flavor, which intrigues me to no end. If you are looking for story with engaging characters, as well as romance and suspense, look no further than this story by Karen Wiesner.” ~Detra Fitch for Huntress Reviews

“The sizzling sexual tension between operatives Rhiannon and Noah keeps the pressure up for the entire book, with a surprising sting at the end. The plot winds around and around with relationship ups and downs between the two main characters and the people they work with. Nice descriptions, good character building and great pace.” ~Sally Vanessa Hearne for Between the Lines Reviews

"The latest Incognito romantic suspense is a terrific, action-packed thriller starring two super protagonists. The irony of the assignment enhances the fast-paced plot as Rhiannon does the undercover masquerade job because she is a strong, dedicated individual; her preference [for a partner] would be anyone but the man she loves. Ironically, Noah, the brute, wants her but his values make it impossible for him to go after her as he feels that it is inappropriate for a superior officer to make love with a subordinate even if he cherishes her above his own life. All this passion is inside a strong rescue mission as Karen Wiesner provides her tenth Incognito winner." ~Genre Go Round Reviews

Mind Games Reviews

5 Books and Book of the Week Nominee! “This is about a romance that defies death and betrayal and rises above the intrigue to soar into the stratosphere of pure love despite, or in spite of, the machinations of others. I wasn’t too sure about Jocelyn at first. I’ve heard her name throughout the Incognito Series and I know she can play hardball with the bad guys and win. What I didn’t know about was the damaged woman inside that hid and was in pain. Here is a character whose job it is to get into other people’s heads. To cure them, or to break them—she did it effectively. Ms. Wiesner gets a reader into Jocelyn’s own head and it is not pretty or happy or hopeful. At least, not from her point of view. Add to that the devastating news that she’s given and it’s remarkable she didn’t completely lose it. Jocelyn is an agent, trained with everyone else but never went into field work. Her training comes in handy when she least expects it. Her fortitude is tested along with her sense of self. Everything she has known is challenged and undermined. Who does she believe in? Who can she trust? Can she even trust herself? This book takes a reader deep into the mind of an abused and tormented woman. It shows how strong a woman can be and through each revelation and revealing of each clue, we see a broken woman come back to life. She stands up to be counted as a survivor and this reader totally was committed to watching Jocelyn win. The cost is high but the rewards are as romantic as this reader could wish. Chase is the man from Jocelyn’s past as well as her present. This book takes a reader on a journey where Chase has to face his inner demons if he’s to have any place in Jocelyn’s future. When the book starts, he and I had absolutely no idea just how dangerous, traumatic and shocking his course would be. As each scene unfolded and clues were dropped here and there, a reader gets a peek into this man’s own nightmarish reality. He has genetics against him, and although he has a sense of it, once he is forced to face the truth of it and its ramifications, Chase’s reaction is what every reader could wish. In the meantime, I was treated to flashbacks and memories which helped me understand how he became the man he is and why he needs to become the man he should be. There was never any doubt that Chase loved Jocelyn--but love isn’t always enough. As I’ve come to expect from Ms. Wiesner, this eleventh book in the Incognito Series remains strong in elements of surprise, freshness and excitement. The convoluted, far reaching plot against the heroine and hero was another masterful handling of intricate detail and creative villainy. I thought I had it all figured out; right until the last shots were fired. I just sat there stunned. How cool it was that I had no idea who it was until the author wanted me to. I had an idea but at the last second, she pulled the old switcheroo. And yet, all I felt was a profound sadness because so many lies and deceits hurt two very beautiful people. Does the end justify the means? You bet. That Shannon from Oversight, the big cheese in charge of The Network did her clever Chess Master maneuvering again and darn if she wasn’t right--again. And even if a reader has never read any of the Incognito Series before, this book can stand alone with only Jocelyn and Chase’s story to carry it. It’s strong and well written. MIND GAMES, the 11th in the Incognito Series, continues the premier legacy of writing that Ms. Wiesner has imbued all her books with. This reader enjoyed well developed characters, amazing thought twisting intrigue, absolutely wonderful romance and emotion, and sensual and passionate scenes between Jocelyn and Chase as they reaffirmed their love that refused to die as it survived incredible odds. This story kept me on the edge of my seat and I read it in one sitting. I give this story a definite recommend to all romantic suspense readers because this book represents what this genre is all about. It delivers romance with meaning.” ~Xeranthemum for Long and Short Reviews

5 Delightful Divas! “Wow! Okay, once again I’m feeling gob-smacked after reading one of Karen Wiesner’s Incognito books; this time it’s the eleventh book, MIND GAMES, and all I can think of is Mind games? It’s sooo much more than just games! and I’m not talking just about what Jocelyn and her ex-husband went through. My heavens, Ms. Wiesner has a serpentine imagination! Frankly, it’s no wonder that the series has, even after eleven books, stayed so incredibly intriguing and even breath-stealing. I may have thought that she threw some curveballs before, but this time? I don’t have the words to describe my feelings when I realized just where she had taken us…and I mean that it wasn’t until the very end that the biggest of them became clear. There were some pretty big surprises throughout, and I thought those were amazing, but where we’d been taken when the book was finished was leagues from where we’d been when MIND GAMES started.

“For me—and I know I’ve said this in regard to some of the other books, or characters, in the series—I was stunned when I discovered whose story this was, and how the two of them were connected. You could have knocked me over with a feather; then when I found myself more than a little sympathetic for what Jocelyn was going through…wow! But I’ve also said that a number of times before. And, out of the blue last night, I came to the realization that the reason for the surprise, if not out-and-out shock, about those who are featured in the books is that they are for all intents and purposes, complete and utter strangers. Even to people who’d known them for two-and-a-half decades…or more. I may have *thought* that I knew what Jocelyn was like, but I didn’t have a clue. And to find out just who the man in her life was? I didn’t see that one coming at all. And I’m definitely not going to spill it here. If you want to know, you’re going to have to read the book for yourself. Of course if you’re smart—and if you’re reading Ms. Wiesner’s books then I’d have to say you’re smart indeed—then you’ll work through the series just as I did. Because with each story told, with each pair we get to actually know, everything becomes more and more clear. To be honest, although I know the *who* in book 12, I haven’t clue one as to how this is all going to end. And, as much as I may think I know exactly where the subterfuge comes in, even after these many books, I am not at all sure just where Karen Wiesner is going to take us. And in a series this long, well, who’da thunk it? Not me! And, if you’ve also been reading the Incognito Series, and are honest, then you’ll feel just the same…at least I hope you will because I’d hate like the dickens to be so on tenterhooks yet again, all by myself.” ~Kathy for Dark Diva Reviews

4.25 Stars! “I love mystery/suspense romances. They give you just enough of everything to keep you reading. MIND GAMES is a very good example of knowing how to measure everything out so you are never bored or getting too much of one thing. Chase and Jocelyn's relationship is a very big selling point of the book for me. I love how they are written. At first Karen Wiesner kind of makes it sound like they don't belong together, but the more you read and find out the more you realize it’s not them personally that don't belong together. They do in fact complement one another very well. It's their families and sometimes their lives in general that has made it hard for them to get along. Also, in my opinion, nothing can rekindle a romance like a mystery, to show you where you true loyalties actually lie!” ~Danielle for Once Upon A Romance

4 Stars! “With only one more title left in this riveting series, author Karen Wiesner is pulling out the big guns to tempt her readers. While reading each story of the series, I have come across the character of Jocelyn more than once. I, too, believed Jocelyn to be hard and uncaring. This story finally tells readers why Jocelyn seems to function as a robot. It explains the various responsibilities her job title entails and the horrible choices she is forced (all too often) to make. Yet the author has succeeded in making Jocelyn HUMAN. The character of Chase is a good example of a flawed hero. In light of his revealed background, his wariness of others is totally understandable. Readers need to be ready for the unexpected as this story unfolds. Complex situations, combined with numerous multi-layered plots, create an intricate tale of mystery, lies, betrayals, and a second chance at love. Karen Wiesner writes drama at its finest!” ~Detra Fitch for Huntress Reviews

“In the Chicago underground, for over two and a half decades, Dr. Jocelyn Dominica has been the chief of the top secret Network Psychiatric Department. Those who meet her, even her clients mostly field operatives, consider her an iceberg as she never displays emotion; and has not since her marriage to Oversight Board member Chase Giovanni ended. Over the years, both have acted professionally as each understands the mission comes before hurt feelings—the only way to leave the Network is in a body bag. Recently Jocelyn has begun to notice a decline in her mental skills. Medical informs her she suffers from an incurable brain tumor. When she informs Chase she has a few months left to live, he is mortified. He never stopped loving his Jocelyn. As her health deteriorates, Jocelyn is placed on medical leave and moved to a safe house high in the mountains where she is expected to die. Her only companion is Scout the German Shepherd who will protect her and Matt the paramedic who will relieve her of pain. Chase wants to be with her as she is dying, but duty comes first as he works a sensitive case with ties to the President. Jocelyn calls him to inform him Matt has vanished and someone wants to move up her death date to yesterday. However, when Chase follows up, Matt insists he has been there the whole time. Incognito 11 us a terrific thriller with, ironically, a heartfelt heroine who has been the ice queen until now; as readers will get to know Jocelyn and what motivated her seemingly detached aloofness. Chase is terrific as he is jealous of Matt and even Scout because he wants to be with his beloved as she prepares to die. As always with this powerful saga, the story line is fast-paced but extremely complicated as Karen Wiesner moves forward her overarching theme with several interrelated subplots.” ~Harriet Klausner

Dark Approach Reviews

5 Books! “The Incognito Series ends with a hard-hitting, gritty yet cautiously optimistic bent that delivers exactly what readers have come to expect from the talented Ms. Wiesner. I’ve often wondered how the author was going to pull off the final chapter and what astounding dark secret she would explore to a reader’s adventurous satisfaction. How could it be as diabolical as some of the exploits the Network has had to deal with in the past? What other dastardly thing had yet to be explored and conquered? I couldn’t wait to find out. This final story in the Incognito Series, DARK APPROACH, deals with Victor and Lucy. Lucy ends up being more special than anyone ever expected and it is revealed early on during the course of this tale. Shannon McKee, the head of Oversight who usually sticks her head and hand into the situation with brutal manipulation, is missing from this tale but Angelo, second in command, more than makes up for it when he has to play the most important life and death chess game of his career. In fact, even though Angelo has had his own happily ever after in DANCE IN SHADOWS, in my opinion, he is even more heroic in DARK APPROACH. The sacrifices he’s had to make over the long course of his time in the Network, with an end game that might or might not come to fruition, had to have been a severe and burdensome pressure on his heart and mind for that entire duration. In fact this book makes him all the more human because it gives readers an honest and open view of what demons drove Angelo, and it’s a whopper. I will say that…I sort of wanted to shake Lucy a few times [in the beginning] and tell her to snap out of her waffling and whiny attitude. But I stuck with it because I knew the caliber of Ms. Wiesner’s writing and figured she was painstakingly setting a reader up for what was about to happen and I should just let her do it. How right I was. Once Vic and Lucy get mixed up with the remnants of the terrorist organization who has finally found the ultimate weapon to take down the Network from the inside, the insipid waffle turned into a waffle iron and a reader gets hit with it right between the eyes. The action, the drama, suspense and the truly morally and ethically offensive plan against the Network is revealed. As usual, a reader’s emotions are engaged once Vic and Lucy realize just what it was they were seeing inside the terrorist cell. Sure there was horror, but fear, anxiety, anger and hopelessness rear their ugly heads too. Despite it all, the steadfast and burning love that Vic and Lucy have for each other rings true. It’s the internal dialogue that sheds light on it for a reader. With their determination and skills taught to them as operatives, their belief that they could pull off [leaving the Network] never ceased—dimmed maybe, but never truly stopped. They really are a credit to the Network and to each other. The interesting personal dynamics aside, this story does justice to the series. It presented a solid happily ever after for Vic and Lucy, which I enjoyed, and delivered a promise for a hopefully ever after for network operatives in the future. DARK APPROACH also touched base upon the very real possibility of the moral dilemmas scientists face today [with human cloning]. Yes we might have the technology but does that mean they should do a thing just because they can? The book reveals a very plausible reason why there is and should be a line in the sand. Sometimes the ends do not justify the means, and the author had Angelo face that very fact. Yes, they can make hard and difficult decisions but some things really are taboo and there’s a darn good reason why that is so. I happen to agree with Angelo and Celine, the doctor whose research it was, and in a roundabout way, the author too. The conflict, plot and delivery were well thought out and executed, and the drama once again kept me on the edge of my seat. DARK APPROACH is the end of a series that never became complacent, stale or predictable. The only thing I could count on was the hero and heroine would somehow some way, despite and in spite of all the risks and dangers, find the loopholes to love and flourish. This story delivers on that promise as well. The difference this time is that Vic and Lucy weren’t alone in wanting their happily ever after. They had some powerful help and it was bittersweet. Another good thing about this book is that it really can stand alone. I’ve followed this series from book one and found it to be a consistent element--all these books can be read alones because Ms. Wiesner focused on the hero and heroine but always provided just enough background to make it all fit without it ever coming close to an info-dump. Sure, it helped to have read the other books because a reader catches the deeper undercurrents--you know, to find out why it was easy to hate some characters and then be astounded when a reader found she couldn’t dislike them anymore because she got to know them as people and understood what made them tick. The Incognito Series was a wild and intense ride all the way through with some powerfully awesome and stellar writing to make it all come together in a memorable fashion. Thank you, Ms. Wiesner, for a truly riveting and entertaining reading experience. It was the best.” ~Xeranthemum for Long And Short Reviews

5 Hearts and Sweetheart Award Nominee! “Karen Wiesner wraps up this excellent series with another thriller. A fan since the first book, I’ve always found it hard to believe she could keep this as exciting as she has throughout. This one is as good as the eleven installments that came before it. Character building excels as people who have skills that can kill if needed are humanized. In Lucy's case, sometimes she seems like a whiney little spoiled girl, but not when we're reminded of what she's been through to get where she is. For Vic, being the son of a man who is constantly trying to destroy The Network has made him even more honorable than most. Being swayed by the love he has for Lucy doesn't stop him from maintaining that sense of responsibility to those who saved him from a fate worse than death. This book will grab you and refuse to be put down from first page to last. A sense of impending doom keeps the suspense heightened throughout. One wrong move and things can go so badly. If you enjoy suspense with a love story better than Romeo and Juliet, any of the books in this series is a winner. I'm sorry to see them end but this finale couldn't be any better.” ~Dee Dailey for The Romance Studio

5 Delightful Divas! “The final story—DARK APPROACH—in Karen Wiesner’s Incognito Series was a surprise, but it was also exactly right. Vic Leventhal was a character about whom very little was ever revealed throughout the series, but he was also always there somewhere in the background. Finding out this was his story left me wondering what I had missed. And Lucy Carlton—I never would have thought that hers was a character we’d ever learn about… I wasn’t sure I’d want to. When it’s mentioned in the story description that she and Vic are disillusioned—well, that is no surprise at all. I don’t think I’ve ever encountered Lucy when her disaffection for the Network wasn’t front and center. But, as usual, Ms. Wiesner knew exactly what she was about… you’d think I would have learned that by now. I know I’ve said this in many of my reviews of the stories in the Incognito Series, but the tension throughout DARK APPROACH was on-the-edge-of-my-seat thrilling, and I honestly didn’t know which way things were going, or how they’d work out. I think that’s one element about Karen Wiesner’s books that really keeps me hooked: even knowing these are romances, I was just never totally sure that things were going to work out. Part of it is that many of the HEAs throughout the series are not typical of the genre but, because this is the Network, they make excellent sense. I will say that, unexpectedly, I found this to be one of the more emotionally intense stories in the series, especially when one of the protagonists was not one of my favorite people. But Wiesner is a master at getting the reader connected and involved and that was never more obvious than in DARK APPROACH. If you are a fan of intrigue and mystery combined with romance; if you enjoy a story that is tinged with darkness and if you enjoy the unexpected, then I strongly recommend Karen Wiesner’s Incognito Series. And now, with all twelve stories available—no waiting—this would be the perfect opportunity. They are incredibly intense, emotionally as well as story and character-wise. But they are fantastically satisfying and, while not your typical romances, they’re riveting, compelling and ultimately re-readable. Wow!, they definitely would be a wonderful addition to my bookshelves. Ms.Wiesner, thank you!” ~Kathy for Dark Diva Reviews

4 Stars! “The final book of the Incognito Series is spellbinding. Readers won’t be able to put it down until the last word has been read. As Wiesner revisits the Network, the world’s most covert organization, she has definitely saved the best for last. The cat-and-mouse game that plays out is absolutely fantastic. The reader never knows from one page to the next which characters are good or evil. Not only is the adventure A-plus, but the romance between Vic and Lucy is enchanting.” ~Amy Lignor for RT Book Reviews

4 Stars! “This is the long awaited conclusion to the Incognito Series. When it comes to Vic's character, I cannot help but like him. He thinks up brilliant strategies to keep Lucy safe, yet manages to allow him to keep his honor intact. He always does the right thing, even if it puts himself at risk. That is, as long as it ONLY puts himself at risk and not Lucy. Vic's only real flaw is not being able to deny Lucy's whims and fantasies. All-in-all, this story is the perfect way to end the Incognito Series. Karen Wiesner keeps her complex characters true to their separate personalities, while giving her readers a suspenseful romance that will keep them breathless. I look forward, very eagerly, to seeing what this author comes up with next.” ~Detra Fitch for Huntress Reviews

4 Cups! “This story is a welcome addition to a very good series. Vic and Lucy are great characters, and Ms. Wiesner has brought them and all of their hopes and dreams to life. The plot is intricate and suspenseful with lots of twists and turns. I never knew what would happen next. The relationship between the two main characters was very tender and loving despite their profession, and Kovac and his cohorts are chillingly evil. This long running series keeps getting better and better.” ~Maura for Coffee Time Romance & More

4 Stars! “This is the final installment of Karen Wiesner’s Incognito Series. For those who have followed the series from book one, I know you have been awaiting this final chapter involving the Network. This is a cat and mouse tale to the very end that is sure to delight the readers of this excellent series. As usual, this book is filled with suspense, thrills, and romance. I’m more than a little sad to see this series come to an end.” ~Readers Favorite

“This is an incredible finish to a strong saga as the key threads are tied up in an intriguing ending. Fast-paced from the onset, fans of the long running Incognito Series will appreciate the final confrontation as Karen Wiesner pulls off a terrific twist. DARK APPROACH climaxes the dozen super thrillers with a great curtain call. ~Harriet Klausner for Merry Go Round Reviews

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