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Leather & Lace Reviews

"A great read. Karen Wiesner has a way with characterization. All her characters are different, with complex backgrounds, individual voices, and oh so compelling." ~Lisa Ramaglia for Scribes World Reviews

5 Stars! “Karen Wiesner’s LEATHER & LACE is a bad boy-good girl novel that had me rooting for wild bad boy Rod to be the hero. Bethany is the only person who had faith enough in him to think he would change—that is, until she started realizing he was treating her just as he treated all of his other women. That is when Bethany took control of the situation. Rod was devastated because he really did love Bethany and wanted to be true to her. This was a book I read in one sitting. This well-written, short novel has characters who are charming and delightful with a relationship that keeps the reader intrigued until the very last page because you want to find out what happens with the two lovers. If you enjoy a good, fast-reading romance, you will truly enjoy this book. I encourage you to grab a copy for yourself.” ~Readers Favorite

4 Stars! Recommended! "A contemporary romance in every sense of the word, LEATHER & LACE explores all the ramifications of a red-hot mutual attraction between a womanizer and a shy, somewhart innocent maid--and does it with considerable finesse. Rod Summers is leather, all bare-chested, leathered-panted bit of him. Bethany Briggs is lace, a blushing, relatively naive woman of inexperience. Yet when they meet, sparks are visible in the next county. They are smitten, aroused, yearning, and all the other words that have been used to describe a man courting a maid--and courting intently. Can such a match every come to fruition? Karen Wiesner writes a page turner that keeps the reader not only panting, but on the edge of her seat, wanting the two to find happiness, but in sincere doubt of the outcome until the end of the book. It's a very delightful book. If you're looking for a sizzling read, one with flawed characters, real situations, and a relationship that has to be, reach for LEATHER & LACE and enjoy." ~Under the Covers Reviews

4 1/2 Stars! "Karen Wiesner has crafted a decidedly erotic romance that won't let the reader go until the heart-wrenching final scene. It's a pleasure to read a story that lets out all the stops by an author who isn't afraid to show a hero and heroine who are real human beings." ~Affaire de Couer

4 1/2 Stars! "LEATHER & LACE, the first book of four in Karen Wiesner's Gypsy Road series, was a great read. Boy, could I empathize with Bethany being completely blown away by sexy, tenacious Rod. He's leather, she's lace, and what a fine combination they make. Karen Wiesner has a way with characterization. All her characters are different, with complex backgrounds, individual voices, and oh so compelling. Each of these "Gypsies" needs his/her own book. I'm glad Karen loved them enough to write their individual stories, and I'm extremely glad that her publisher had the foresight to grab them and run. Read LEATHER & LACE, you'll enjoy it. And, while you're at it, don't miss FLESH & BLOOD or FIRE & ICE, the next two books in the series." ~Scribes World Reviews

5 Stars! "If you are looking for one of those sit-on-your-porch swing, let-go-of-reality and daydream the afternoon away, Leather and Lace is your draught, being 120% proof pure escapism." ~author Joey Hill

5 Stars! "LEATHER & LACE will certainly put stardust in your eyes and warm your heart. Karen Wiesner has penned a treasure chest full of love and given us a heart full of hope and happy endings! Bravo, Wiesner!" ~Pamela James for The Literary Times

"Karen Wiesner creates an element of believability from the first sentence of this novel, ensnaring the reader in her magic and refusing to let go... Ms. Wiesner manages to create two characters who live in the reader's heart, long after the last sentence is read." ~The Word Museum

"Another gem from Hard Shell Word Factory! Karen Wiesner's LEATHER & LACE is fast-paced and entertaining. Rod and Bethany sizzle their way from page one to happily-ever-after." ~Cheryl Cooke Harrington, author of ROCK SOLID and FAST FOCUS

“At 75 pages, this is a short story for Karen, and it is great for those who don’t have enough time to read as they had hoped. Rod is the wild man in leather, while Bethany is the cute one in lace he comes to love albeit with a lot of problems. Karen’s description of Rod is an amazing one [that] makes him sound almost the perfect man... There is another man in Bethany’s life who tries to warn her off Rod, as he is seen as too much of a lothario in that part of town, but as Rod is a persistent character, she might not be able to resist him for much longer--not when he sends her flowers and knows how to please a woman so much. Karen can write tense romance novels, and this short is interesting to read.” ~Love Romance Passion

“The animal magnetism between Bethany Briggs and Rod Summers is palpable. Independent and educated, Bethany characterizes the typical working girl/aspiring entrepreneur eager to make her own way in the world. Leather-clad Rod has a bad boy image on the exterior but inside his heart yearns for a meaningful relationship that will domesticate him enough to lure him into a monogamous relationship. The two work to find a middle ground where they can meet while offering audiences some timeless lessons on listening to what the heart needs. The author perceptively captures the tough guy persona and the dutiful good girl ideal. The conversational tone of the narration and dialogue makes for an easy read and indulges the fantasy of the sweet girl-next-door winning over the free-spirited, risk-taking motorcycle dude.” ~BTSemag

Flesh & Blood Reviews

5 Stars! "Starts off with a bang and keeps you hooked! I found myself ordering out for pizza instead of cooking so I would not have to stop. EXCELLENT!" ~Huntress Reviews

5 Stars! “The emotions of JoJo and Randy sizzle on the pages as Randy is determined to get his woman! Ms. Wiesner has an excellence and the passion in writing her books that endear readers to seek out more of her books.” ~Linda on Goodreads

5 Stars! “This is a rather mixed up bunch of characters, and when I first started reading the book, I didn’t think any of them would change. But then that wouldn’t make for a good read, right? Karen Wiesner takes these four characters and writes an intriguing love story that will keep you reading to the end. With unique characters dealing with real life everyday issues, the author wraps the reader into the story, and you can’t figure out how it will end until the last pages. This is a great book for you to read if you enjoy romances. And if you have been heartbroken in a relationship, this book will encourage you, letting you see that you can overcome those hurts and be happy again.” ~Readers Favorite

5 Hearts! "Karen Wiesner has a knack for turning stereotypes around. It's her heroines who've learned life's hard lessons and guard their hearts against love, and the heroes who love and heal them. A refreshing change. Ms. Wiesner did this story so well that I didn't know until almost the very last page how it would turn out." ~Writers Club: Romance Industry News

"Intriguing! Ms. Wiesner has crafted a very readable story. The plot and subplots take intriguing twists, keeping the pages of FLESH AND BLOOD turning." ~Scribes World Reviews

“Ms. Wiesner has crafted a very readable story. The plot and subplots take intriguing twists, keeping the pages of FLESH & BLOOD turning." ~ Scribes World Reviews

"In FLESH & BLOOD, Karen. Wiesner vividly explores the emotional scars of a deeply troubled woman." ~Romantic Times Magazine

“If you like general romance novels that involve characters who have known a lot of pain and are damaged types, both this one and the previous one in the series (LEATHER & LACE) might be ones to read as they show the full depth of tragedy and the results of what love can do even in the most awful of circumstances.” ~Love Romance Passion

Fire & Ice Reviews

4 Stars! "Wiesner brings true talent to the genre. Packed with emotion, sexual chemistry, three-dimensional characters and a well-developed plot, FIRE & ICE is a page-turner from start to finish." ~RT Book Reviews

5 Stars! “Emotions fly and tensions soar as this story unfolds between the covers of this book. Karen Wiesner writes another contemporary fiction with enough excitement to make readers keep turning the pages to the very end. FIRE & ICE is an enjoyable read that deals with everyday real life issues. The wonderful thing about this book is that it is short, fast-pace and easy to read so that it will fit right in with your schedule. I highly recommend FIRE & ICE for those looking for a good contemporary romance to read. I encourage you to grab a copy today for your enjoyment.” ~Readers Favorite

4 1/2 Stars! "Set in Wisconsin, this mainstream novel has a mixture of traditional values and contemporary reality. Tightly written and fast-paced, the story deals with serious issues every modern woman must face. Wiesner's work will appeal to fans of more sophisticated women's fiction without alienating the romance genre crowd. She blends both fields with skill." ~Julia Ann Charpentier for Affaire de Couer

4 1/2 Stars! "With each Gypsy Road book I read, the main character gets more and more intense. If Jon is this intense, internally and externally, I can't imagine what Blackie is going to be like--maybe I'll need to keep the tissues handy. Since I'm a sucker for tortured heroes (you should see my books!), I can tell you that FIRE & ICE is one terrific story. Jon Rushing is one of those heroes who will touch your heart and stay with you long after you've finished the story. Karen Wiesner is definitely a writer to watch." ~Scribes World Reviews

"The storyline gripped me from the moment I read the first line. This is the perfect book to sit down with on a rainy night and devour while everything else in the world is invisible. A truly entertaining book for anyone." ~Inscriptions

"Karen Wiesner's FIRE & ICE is the perfect book to curl up with on a cold winter night. The tension sizzling between these two, as palpable as it is intense, heats up every page! In Ms. Wiesner's skilled hands even the seemly mundane ins and outs of everyday life become exciting and vibrant. I HIGHLY recommend it!" ~Rebecca Sinclair, author of MURPHY'S LAW

Vows & the Vagabond Reviews

5 Stars and Reviewer's Choice Award Winner! "They say "save the best for last." It's definitely true in this case. The last was absolutely the best for Karen Wiesner's Gypsy Road series. This book had me choked up and ready to cry far too many times, and I find myself wanting to pick it up and read it again. (Yes, I know it's an e-book, but it's on my Rocket eBook reader so I CAN pick it up. Bet you were trying to picture me juggling my tower, keyboard and monitor...) I was right when I said that if Jon was that intense of a character, Blackie would be something else. He was phenomenal. Talk about deep issues! And Lori--she wasn't the pure, innocent heroine we normally get (she was a wild teenager); she was actually easier to identify with and feel for. Karen Wiesner writes deep, gritty characters--real people--not the usual "perfect" people, and she does it well. Get this series and enjoy it, guys, and I'd recommend getting disk copies rather than downloads-you want these for your keeper shelf!" ~Scribes World Reviews

5 Stars! "Karen Wiesner's imagination gives readers a gift in her Gypsy Road Series. VOWS & THE VAGABOND pits a magnificient hero with a heroine who is everything he wants and needs. A poignant, moving story with a hero to die for." ~Rickey R. Mallory for Affaire de Couer

5 Stars! "VOWS & THE VAGABOND is a very tastefully written tale of romance which will have you reaching for the Kleenex box in some places--but you'll love every moment of it! Karen Wiesner presents her fans with a delightful page-turner and when you're done, you'll want to go back to read it again! This one's a definite keeper!" ~Midnight Scribe Reviews

4 Stars! "Sweet, silky, sensual--Lori's lingerie will surely capture the crowds as her spirit has captured Blackie's haunted orphan heart. The successful illustrator pours his guarded heart into his work, drawing what he believes is true--a comic book presentation where he is the Gypsy unworthy of, but in love with, the fascinating Princess. As Blackie illustrates his world for comic fans, the author of this sweet romance illustrates the conflicting passion of Lori and Blackie. As Marc Norman and Tom Stoppard wrote, "Love knows nothing of rank or riverbank! It will spark between a queen and the poor vagabond who plays the king..." So seems the love of these two; both in their reality and in their comic book personas, however they are drawn." ~Kerrie Colantonio for Romantic Times

4 1/2 Stars! "If this were a Harlequin it would have to fit into the Blaze line. In other words, hang on to your arm chair, this borders on erotica. Not because of the love scenes so much as the tremendous age difference and shocking situations. Well written, worth a read especially if you like the steamier romances." ~Just Views

"Characters so alive they pop out of the page to grab you, a dilemma so delicious it reaches every cavity of your heart. Karen Wiesner, the queen of sexy romance, has once more written an emotional drama that sizzles with sensuality. Her riveting tale about the healing power of uncompromising love beats all my secret fantasies." ~author Christine Spindler

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