Days 14 and 15: The Evolution of Your Story
Chapter Four of FIRST DRAFT IN 30 DAYS
by Karen S. Wiesner

Please note that everything on this page is meant to be a supplemental to what's contained in my book FIRST DRAFT IN 30 DAYS.
Unless you've read that, much of what you'll read on these example pages won't make sense.
I highly recommend reading FIRST DRAFT IN 30 DAYS first.


Paranormal Romance
by Karen Wiesner

Story Evolution The Beginning

Part I: The Beginning (plots, subplots and conflicts are introduced)

1. Conflict is Introduced
Detail the major conflict: Natas Sevil, a demon who can take the form of man or animal (specifically, a wolf), is determined to destroy Cassidy Christopher by killing the women he loves.

2. Story Goal is Introduced
Detail the major story goal: To trap the demon back in the music box, and bury it beneath The Protector. To do that, the relationship between Robyn Warren and Cassidy Christopher must be established. Cass' fear of failing to protect and meet the needs of the women he loves keeps him from giving in to the love between him and Robyn.

3. Characters Are Outfitted With the Story Goal
List and briefly describe the characters who will be involved in reaching the story goal and defeating the conflict, along with their strengths and weaknesses:

1. Cassidy Christopher. Cass has lost two women to the demon Natas Sevil, and he almost lost his daughter Maddie a year ago when the demon attempted to take her. He rescued her just in time, but Maddie hasn't been the same since. Unknown to Cass, he has an enemy driven by jealousy. That enemy unburied the music box, causing The Protector (a special tree that acts as a "cage" to the box) to die, years ago. This act caused the death of Cass's wife (and Maddie's mother), Evie, and the woman he was involved with years afterward, Gabrielle. He's afraid to give in to love, especially with Robyn, whom he already has deep feelings for because of their telepathic connection and knows she feels the same. He's afraid he'll be unable to protect and meet the needs of the women he loves. For that reason, he's vulnerable to the fresh attack when Sevil escapes on what was supposed to be a routine prison transfer. Love makes him a target, but without opening himself to love, he can't vanquish the evil stalking him.

2. Robyn Warren. Robyn is determined to make Cass believe, like she does, that their love is destined. When Maddie attempts suicide after the demon escapes and warns her that he's coming for her, Robyn knows she has to go to Cass and Maddie, her only family. She can't escape the feeling that she's meant to be with them during this time, and, given that leading, she packs the music box Cass gave her years ago (after The Protector died, using the wood from the tree) with the acorn from the tree inside.

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Paranormal Romance
by Karen Wiesner

Story Evolution Middle

Part II: The Middle (plots, subplots and conflicts are working together to create a tug-of-war between the story goal and the conflict)

1. Characters Design Short-Term Goals to Reach the Story Goal
Character 1: Cass
Briefly describe his first short-term goal and how he'll go about reaching it: After getting Maddie to the hospital after her suicide attempt, Cass calls his neighbor of all his life (a cop), Kevin Sheridan, to find out what's happening--why Maddie attempted suicide and wrote "natas sevil/satan lives" on her mirror. Cass & Sheridan's background: Cass saved Sheridan's brother Jimmy when he was 3 years old. The little boy climbed Cass' white oak tree (known in Portage County as The Protector) and then couldn't get down. Cass went up and got him. Sheridan now feels he "owes" Cass for this. Their relationship is not friends/not enemies. Sheridan takes care of Jimmy now. Cass knows something happened to cause Maddie to go over the edge, and Sheridan tells him Natas Sevil was being transferred from Wausau to Milwaukee. The van stopped in Plover at a fast food restaurant. The guards were found, with their guns, in heavy sleep. The woman who served them through the drive-through window was found dead in the back parking lot, all the bones in her body crushed but with no visible outside wounds. The winter snow covered all tracks. It's believed Sevil escaped on foot on Hwy 54, which is where Cass lives. The police have witnesses who saw something through the blizzard that looked like a wolf, but getting closer saw it was a man. Sheridan has always ridiculed Cass because of his belief in "hocus pocus". Sheridan was the first on the scene after Sevil's attack on Maddie a year ago. When Sevil was taken to the Marathon County Jail that time, he killed a female guard after lulling the male guards to sleep.

Character 2: Robyn
Briefly describe her first short-term goal and how she'll go about reaching it: When Cass calls Robyn to tell her about Maddie, Robyn tells him she's coming there. She knows he has doubts about it, because he's always resisted her--*their*--feelings, but he insists she stay with him. He tells her he'll pick her up from the airport.

2. Quest to Reach the Story Goal Begins
Briefly detail the events that take place: Robyn arrives in Plover, and the sense of destiny--that she's a necessary piece of the puzzle that's about to take place--falls in place as soon as Cass and Robyn see each other.

3. First Short-Term Goals Are Thwarted
Briefly detail the events that take place: Cass has to steel himself even harder against his feelings for Robyn, since he alone realizes at this point that the telepathic connection they've shared for years is real.

Maddie is in a coma. Maddie's shrink, Dr. Blomberg, tells them the coma is induced by her fear. Her psychological mind is protecting her from further harm, but he tells them there's no reason to believe she won't come out of it soon. Robin knows he's trying to pacify them. She doesn't trust Dr. Blomberg. He never believed Maddie (that Sevil isn't human.) He believes that Maddie's been having paranoid delusions.

4. Characters React With Disappointment
Characters: Cass and Robyn
Briefly describe their reactions: Robyn is heart-broken, seeing Maddie at the hospital. Cass is terrified that he'll lose his daughter through his own failures, and he doesn't know how to keep himself in check around Robyn at the same time he tries to protect her. On the ride to Cass' house, Cass tries to pacify Robyn too, by telling her Maddie is strong-willed. They both know that's true, but after the past year since Maddie's attack everything has changed about Maddie.

5. Stakes of the Conflict Are Raised
Detail new stakes of the conflict and how they affect all subplots: They go back to Cass' house and walk out to his workshop. They find (human) footsteps outside and the padlock is broke. Cass says sometimes the McKee boys (Cass' neighbor on the other side) play in there. He's told them countless times not to; some of his equipment could be dangerous. Unexplainably, not 30 minutes later, when the police arrive to search Cass' property in an effort to locate Sevil, the footprints Cass and Robyn had seen by the workshop are gone. The snow hasn't drifted, there's no wind, and it hasn't snowed since they went inside a half hour ago. Around the south side of the barn are prints, but these look like they're made by a dog, not a human. Sheridan says the prints don't belong to his dog. When they go inside the barn, a dove flies at them, and Sheridan is utterly terrified at seeing it. Even after he realizes it's just a harmless dove, he seems afraid. Cass wonders if he really does believe in the hocus pocus he likes to ridicule.

Cass' headaches--which have recently returned--are excruciating for him.

A furious Dick McKee (Cass' neighbor to the other side) and his 2 sons come after Sheridan told McKee what Cass said about the break-in of his barn.

6. Characters React to the Conflict
Character 1: Cass
Briefly describe his reaction to the conflict: The animosity between the McKees' and Christophers' goes back quite a few generations. Cass points out that the boys have broken into his workshop before. He doesn't want them to get hurt. He doesn't know why McKee is his enemy--Cass tries to keep to himself and not make trouble, yet McKee seems to hate him.

Cass wonders why Sheridan was so spooked by the dove (the dove is pure white, an albino--WI has only mourning and rock doves). This dove has been around a long time (over 20 years) and never migrates. Cass had seen it often on the property, and he's soothed by its presence, just at The Protector soothed him when it was alive.

When they visit Maddie, Cass sees how shaken Robyn is, and it bothers him to see her faith wavering. He unconsciously realizes that he has to protect Robyn because Sevil is out there somewhere. He can't leave her alone.

Character 2: Robyn
Briefly describe her reaction to the conflict: Robyn's feelings for Cass are stronger than ever. She considers him and Maddie her family, but Maddie had been pushing her away for the past year. Robyn knows she wouldn't have invited her for Christmas this year. Would Cass have? When Cass says he would have, and that Maddie's situation during the past year has made him feel like he's failed as a father, because he couldn't save her, Robyn soothes him. The telepathic connection between the two of them seems unbearably strong--and real. Robyn wonders if it could be real. And if it is...that means the erotic encounters she's believed were only dreams really happened.

Unknown to Robyn, Sevil has seen her, and because Maddie is well-protected where she is and because he doesn't have much time (the 25 year sleep is coming upon him and he'll have to go to it; needs a woman to sustain him during the years he'll sleep before rising again to do as he'd been created to do). Robyn becomes his target, if Sevil can just lure her away from Christopher by sending the static (which results in headaches).

7. Characters Revise Old or Design New Short-Term Goals
Character 1: Cass
Briefly describe his new second short-term goal and how he'll go about reaching it: Knowing Maddie would want them to carry on, Cass and Robyn go through the motions of their usual family Christmas traditions. Spending time with Robyn makes him ache for her the way he's only been able to salve through their mind connection. Realizing that if Robyn found out that the connection is real, he may be able to protect her through it, Cass let's her know that their telepathic connection is real.

Character 2: Robyn
Briefly describe her new second short-term goal and how she'll go about reaching it: Their telepathic connection is real, yet Cass is determined to keep his feelings for her in check. He unconsciously believes if he doesn't allow himself to give in to his love for her, he won't lose her. And Robyn resolves to make him realize he'll never lose her no matter what.

8. Quest to Reach the Story Goal Is Continued
Briefly detail the events that take place: For the past year, Robyn (with the help of her "internet enthusiast" friend James) has been trying to find out more information on Natas Sevil, the Sweet Dreams killer. Now she knows she has to find out something to help her and Cass save Maddie from this demon.

9. Short-Term Goals Are Again Thwarted
Briefly detail the events that take place: Cass has tried blocking Robyn out all day because his emotions are so strong, he'd ended up kissing her. In his mind, he realizes she's not with him anymore and calls for her. He realizes that Sevil is calling for her, trying to lure her to him. In his mind, Cass shouts for her to stay with him. He hears a creak on the steps, then she's back with him.

While in the clearing near The Protector, Robyn feels completed disconnected from herself for a moment. Cold, ice cold,...darkness...waiting... A few lines from "Nearer my God to Thee" come to her--this is the melody the music box Cass made for Robyn plays.

10. Characters React With Disappointment
Character 1: Cass
Briefly describe his reaction: Cass now knows the only way he can protect Robyn is to go to her fully in his mind, lay down with her the way he has in their telepathic encounters and hold her to him.

Character 2: Robyn
Briefly describe her reaction: Robyn is terrified. She doesn't know what happened to her in the clearing, but she knows she's in danger too. Robyn tells Cass she brought the music box with the acorn with her, and he agrees that it's good she did that, but neither of them understands why.

11. Stakes of the Conflict Are Raised
Detail new stakes of the conflict and how they affect all subplots: The hospital calls, saying Maddie is awake. She's hysterical, and Cass has to get down there right away so they don't have to sedate her again.

12. Characters React to the Conflict
Character 1: Cass and Robyn
Briefly describe their reaction to the conflict: Cass and Robyn rush to the hospital.

13. Characters Revise Old or Design New Short-Term Goals
Character 1: Cass
Briefly describe his new short-term goal and how he'll go about reaching it: When they get to the hospital, the doctor says they had to sedate her. She was hurting herself, but the sedative was extremely mild. She should wake soon this time. The doctor wants to try hypnotizing Maddie just before she wakes fully next time. Cass agrees finally because there's not much else they can do.

Character 2: Robyn
Briefly describe her new short-term goal and how she'll go about reaching it: Robyn asks Cass about his relationships with Evie and Gabrielle, the women he'd loved and lost. He tells her, revealing that he feels he can't protect the women in his life. He's never there for them. Fails them. Can't give them what they need. Robyn tells him she loves him, that will never change, she's not like Evie or Gabrielle. He knows they're meant to be together. They kiss, but Cass stops them, saying he can't love her, can't give her anything she wants and needs. Both frustrated and afraid, Robyn knows she has to convince him otherwise.

14. Quest to Reach the Story Goal Is Continued
Briefly detail the events that take place: Maddie's doctor hypnotizes her. She opens her eyes--her eyes are glowing preternaturally. She says, "He's still here. He's waiting to hurt... to punish..." The doctor asks, "Where is he?" Maddie says, "I am it. It is me." The doctor asks again, "Where is he?" Maddie says, "Cold, ice cold...darkness...waiting... The sleep is coming. I can hear the music." She starts to sing "Nearer my God to Thee", swaying. Robyn is terrified. This is what happened to her in the clearing by Cass' tree. Is it simply coincidence that it's the same song as the one in the music box? The demon releases Maddie. Maddie says to her father, "Take care of Robyn. Don't let her out of your sight. That's what he wants. She needs your protection."

15. Short-Term Goals Are Again Thwarted
Briefly detail the events that take place: From the hospital, Cass calls Sheridan. The search for Sevil has been officially called off. They believe he has an accomplice hiding him. He could be anywhere. They've issued a press release for citizens to be on guard. Cass thinks, "That won't do any good." Sheridan sounds unhappy about this too. He assures Cass he'll make sure Maddie is protected. Sheridan asks Cass to check on his brother Jimmy on his way home, since he'll be home late. Cass does this, but just before he leaves, Jimmy says, "He's after your girlfriend, Christy. He's a wolf. I want to protect her too. She's so pretty, almost as pretty as Maddie." Cass asks, "When did you see her?" Jimmy says he sneaked out yesterday and saw her while his brother was over there with the rest of the cops. Jimmy says, "I want to protect her too, but I don't want the wolf to rip my heart out with his teeth."

Cass' headaches become increasingly worse. Only Robyn's touch sooths them now, but he knows this can't continue. Maddie was right. Robyn is in danger. He doesn't dare leave her alone for a moment. He's afraid he'll fail to protect her just like he had his daughter and all the women he's ever cared about. But each time they're together, their need for each other is stronger and harder to deny. They almost make love.

16. Characters React With Disappointment
Character 1: Cass
Briefly describe his reaction: In an effort to protect Robyn, Cass separates from her for the day, giving her his pager and a car.

Character 2: Robyn
Briefly describe her reaction: The car breaks down barely 2 miles past Cass' property. McKee gives her a jump, and they talk. McKee suggests that she go back to CA, saying that there are forces at work here--worshippers of the Ancient One have loosed the demon, which is why The Protector died. McKee doesn't sound sane. Robyn wonders if Cass put him up to saying it, and thinks, "He can't get rid of me that easily." Robyn is frustrated. What can she do to prove to Cass that he's not a curse to women?

She goes to the library, and researches Natas Sevil, Sweet Dreams killer. She finds newspaper article in town archives about a cult called the Sweet Dreams Worshippers. They worship "the Ancient One." The police arrested them on Christopher property (when Cass was a teenager) around the tree commonly known as The Protector. A young woman was offered up as a ritual sacrifice. Her bones were crushed on the inside but no external wounds.

She meets up with Kevin Sheridan in the mall and he asks her to have dinner with him. She goes, and he tells her about his brother Jimmy--that he hasn't been right since he climbed The Protector, and he needs someone to take care of him. He does strange things and has hallucinations. He doesn't seem to remember or realize what he's doing. Kevin says, "I've found him out in the middle of the woods in the dead of night and in winter, dressed in his shorts, pawing at the ground and crying, "Put it back! You did this to me." (Kevin is talking now as if he's in a trance, tears are in his eyes.) Jimmy never knows how he got there.

Kevin also tells her he had a thing for Evie throughout high school. She only had eyes for Cass. And he dated Gabrielle just before she met Cass. She dropped him for Cass.

17. Stakes of the Conflict Are Raised
Detail new stakes of the conflict and how they affect all subplots: Just as Robyn is drifting off to sleep that night, she hears a voice in her head, telling her to come to him. In a trance, she rises out of bed. Cass knows something is wrong when he can't contact Robyn through her telepathic connection, and he rushes home to find her walking toward the barn as though in a trance. He arrived just in time.

Later, when all the power goes off in the cabin and they go out to start the generator together, they're chased by a wolf--which is impossible. There are no wolf packs in Plover. Yet they both know whatever it was wasn't human, even if it wasn't in the form of a wolf.

Maddie is well again, and she'll be coming home on December 27th.

18. Characters React to the Conflict
Character 1: Cass
Briefly describe his reaction to the conflict: He realizes how close he was to losing her, and his conflict is even more heightened. He doesn't know where to turn, but he knows he can't leave her and he can't block their telepathic connection. He feels Sevil nearby, just like he did before he rescued Maddie a year ago. Back then he'd just felt. . .static in his head and a pervasive feeling of pure evil. One that wants Robyn this time. His feelings for her are too strong. The sense of destiny with her is impossible to ignore. It's as if they'd been lead to each other for some unknown reason. Another voice in his head tells him to hold onto Robyn. That he's chosen, destined and only together can he and Robyn defeat it.

Character 2: Robyn
Briefly describe her reaction to the conflict: Robyn is terrified of what's happening to her. They attend the Christmas service at Cass' church. When they sing "Nearer my God to Thee", she feels like she's not there again, like she had in the clearing that day. She gets a chill down her spine and rushes out of the church. She won't say anything until they get home, then she says to Cass, "You feel it too. He's not after Maddie anymore. You know I'd give my life for her. But he wants me now. He doesn't have much time and you. . . You can't protect me if you keep your damn precious distance."

19. Downtime Begins (proceeds the black moment; the characters are close to giving up for good because the story goal seems impossible to reach)
Detail the events that lead to downtime: Cass tells her he loves her.

20. Characters React to the Downtime
Character 1: Cass
Briefly describe his reaction to these events: Happiness and fear

Character 2: Robyn
Briefly describe her reaction to these events: Happiness, fulfillment, as if destiny has been satisfied as well

21. Characters Revise Old or Design New Short-Term Goals With Renewed Vigor
Character 1: Cass
Briefly describe his desperate short-term goal and how he'll go about reaching it: Feeling desperate, feeling he can't win any way he turns, drives him almost as much as his love for Robyn does. He believes he can't turn back from this course, even though he still fears losing this woman he loves more than life itself. He makes love to her.

Character 2: Robyn
Briefly describe her desperate short-term goal and how she'll go about reaching it: Robyn has always known she belonged to one man--Cass. They belong together. The dove in the window in confirmation to her that they're doing what they must.

22. The Quest to Reach the Story Goal Continues, But Instability Abounds
Briefly detail the events that take place: Cass and Robyn hear the wolf outside the door again, and they try to lose themselves in the love they've waited a lifetime for.

23. The Black Moment Begins--Story Goal (Just as all feared, short-term goals made in desperation are thwarted and the stakes are raised to fever-pitch with this--the worst of all possible conflicts)
Briefly detail the events that take place and how they affect all subplots: Sheridan shows up early in the morning; he can't find his brother. Cass and Robyn get dressed, and they go out to search. They find Jimmy dead in the woods, in the clearing where The Protector was. Jimmy's heart has been ripped out. Robyn hears Cass say in his mind He said something... "I want to protect her, Christy, but I don't want the wolf to rip my heart out with his teeth." They'd heard the wolf howl last night and ignored it desperately. At what price?

Robyn hears another voice in her head: Soon, my sweet, soon you'll be in my arms and we'll be together in the beautiful darkness.

24. The Characters React to the Black Moment (Characters react to this major conflict with a sense of finality--the quest stands on the edge of a knife)
Character 1: Cass
Briefly describe his reaction: He realizes there's no turning back now. Something is going to happen, something he feels utterly powerless to stop, especially with Maddie coming home the next morning.

Character 2: Robyn
Briefly describe her reaction: She's being lured, and she knows when the demon calls to her she has no will but to obey.

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Paranormal Romance
by Karen Wiesner

Story Evolution End

Part III: The End (all plots, subplots and conflicts are resolved)

1. A Pivotal, Life-Changing Event Occurs
Detail this event and how it affects all subplots: Robyn finds her laptop set up in her room at Cass' cabin, and Cass wasn't the one who set it up. There's an e-mail from her friend James. Sevil has a cult following in Plover. They've got a website. James found a message on the web site put there with special software--only those who have it can read the message. James found that the leader had left (leader used to live in Plover, WI), denounced his faith in the cult because Sevil killed his mother (the woman guard at the Wausau prison). James talked to him online. He said someone dug him up. He was trapped in the music box under The Protector and someone unburied him and let him loose. If he's not recaptured in the music box, he'll go into the sleep and rise again in 25 years and it'll start all over again. The only way to lure him to the magic oak tree is with bait--a woman. They have to dig a hole near The Protector at least 3 feet to hold it (otherwise the spirit can rise again). The music from the box will lure him to sleep, lure him into the music box. Then they have to lock the box and bury it again with the acorns on top. Cass is unwilling to believe it because it means risking Robyn. Robyn says they have to do it. Maddie comes home tomorrow, and they can't allow the demon to go after her again.

2. Characters Modify Short-Term Goals One Last Time
Character 1: Cass
Briefly describe his final short-term goal and how he'll go about reaching it: Cass will go and dig the hole. They'll stay together through their mind connection.

Character 2: Robyn
Briefly describe her final short-term goal and how she'll go about reaching it: Robyn will lure the demon to the tree once the hole is dug, then they'll lock him in the music box and bury him with the acorns.

3. The Showdown Begins (Story goal and opposition to that goal come face to face, no hiding as in the middle of the book)
Showdown details (including all main characters who are involved): Robyn is in the house, listening to Cass' voice. About 8 minutes go by. She hears a noise upstairs. The connection with Cass is broken. She hears another voice in her head. She's helpless to ignore it. Cass realizes Robyn is no longer with him and shouts in his head and out loud. When that doesn't work, he drops the shovel and starts to run back toward the house. But the pain in his head suddenly becomes blinding. It rips through his brain. He cries out and falls to the ground. Robyn is moving up the stairs, toward the voice biding her to come. She reaches the landing and hears another voice in the back of her mind--I love you, Robyn. Robyn! Listen to me! With his head still splitting, Cass forces himself to his feet and into a dead run, calling Robyn's name, begging her to hear him. He can't lose her.

She suddenly breaks through the trees. She's running, panting and weeping in fear. She tells Cass he's after her. Cass grabs her arm, turns and they both run in the direction of the oak stump. He knows he didn't dig a hole anywhere near 3 feet deep. But when he turns, Kevin Sheridan is there. He dug the hole. Sheridan shouts, "Get the box!" Cass wonders how he knows, but there isn't time. As he removes the music box from his jacket pocket, he looks back to see something...inhuman closing in on them. He drops the key to the music box as he's trying to insert it into the music box. The three of them drop to the group, trying to search the dark ground for it. Robyn finds it, and Cass winds the box all the way up. "Nearer my God to Thee" starts to play. He sets the open box in the hole just as Robyn screams and the thing leaps at her. Cass pushes her out of the way. The air around them suddenly changes. Icy wind picks up. The creature starts to whirl slowly, obviously listening to the lulling music in ecstasy. The creature is losing shape and the wind is growing even stronger, howling. The sky has never been so black. Cass feels himself being pulled into the whirlwind until Robyn screams his name in his head, says, No, Cass! Hold me! Hold onto me!

2. The Opposition Is Vanquished and the Conflict Ends
Details: They watch as the creature slowly loses shape, becomes the wind drawn into the music box. The lid snaps closed and the night is suddenly dead quiet. They look at each other in surprise, relief, and then Sheridan says, "The seeds." They both take out their acorn and drop it in the hole with the music box. Cass buries the box with the acorns. While he shovels the dirt, snow and ice in, the stars come out again. As they're all walking back to the house, they look back to see the dove sitting on the filled hole. When they go to the tree the next morning, a full grown oak tree stands there.

3. The Story Goal Is Achieved
Detail resolution plot and all subplots:
1. Cass and Robyn kiss when it's done. Cass says he thought he'd lost her. Thought he'd lost her when she wouldn't answer. She says his love was stronger than Natas' hate.

2. Sheridan tells them he was in love with Evie, but she fell for Cass. His granddad used to tell him about a special music box buried under The Protector (the music box was carved from the wood of the same tree). The box was hundreds of years old. If anyone unburied it and opened the box, they would unleash a demon that would destroy whoever owned the property The Protector is on. Once the demon was loose, the tree would die. Sheridan unburied it after Cass married Evie, but he didn't open it. He kept it in the house, somewhere Jimmy wouldn't find it. Sheridan believes it affected Jimmy adversely all those years, and the demon killed him. Sheridan was afraid to open it after he dug it up. He didn't really believe his granddad's tales when he unburied it, but he wanted to hurt Cass. He couldn't believe it when he found it. Sheridan says, "And that damn albino dove did everything it could to stop me. It damn near pecked my eyes out. I didn't unlock it, but it didn't matter. The demon inside still drove Evie insane. Her only escape from him was to kill herself. When Gabrielle dropped me for you, I was committed to seeing you suffer for once. I unlocked it. I swear to you, Cass, I've regretted it from the minute I let it out. I wanted to turn back time. I wanted to tell you somehow. It was furious when Gabrielle killed herself before it could. I thought maybe I could control it. But it had no other motive than to destroy. Then he tried to get to Maddie. And then Robyn. Everybody you love. I'm sorry. Tell your children. Tell your children's children about this. I'll do the same. Make sure no one ever releases it again."

3. Maddie back to her old self, completely recovered without the evil hovering over her.

4. Characters React to the Resolution of the Plot and Subplots
Character 1: Cass
Briefly describe his reaction to the end of the conflict: It's over. His headache--the static is completely gone. He's shocked that anyone could hate him so much, especially since he had no idea about any of it.

Character 2: Robyn
Briefly describe her reaction to the end of the conflict: Robyn feels everything that happened was meant to be. It's what brought her and Cass together finally.

5. Black Relationship Black Moment Is Addressed
Character 1: Cass
Briefly detail his reaction: His fear over loving Robyn isn't completely over. He remembers how much Evie and Gabrielle relied on. They expected him to provide every bit of their happiness, and he failed them by not being able to give them what they needed. They became different people because of that, and so did he. He never wants to stop Robyn from being who she is and doing what she needs to do. He tells her that, if living in CA, working where she works and seeing him whenever they've both got time is what they have to do, then that's what they'll do. He doesn't want her to change from the woman he's in love with. He wants to give her whatever she needs, make her happy, but he can't be everything. He can't do everything for her. She has to have other things that fulfill her.

Character 2: Robyn
Briefly describe her reaction: She's devastated by Cass' willingness to let her go after all they've been through. How can he love her if he doesn't want them to be together? When he voices his fears that she'll change and become like Evie and Gabrielle,--completely dependent on him--she says she has other things. She'll always need to be productive and independent, but she loves him and needs to be with him every day.

6. Characters Revise Their Life Goals (They've learned what they're capable of, they've gained that which is most precious to them, and their life goals are revised or made anew; in a romance, the hero and heroine break through the final barrier and accept their love and a lifetime together)
Character 1: Cass
Briefly describe his life goal: Cass wants everything she wants--a life together, growing and loving together, living their lives as whole individuals.

Character 2: Robyn
Briefly describe her life goal: She wants to get married and have children with Cass. She wants a happily ever after. Finally, she'll have the family she's always wanted. When their minds link later and Cass asks her if she's there, she tells him she'll always be there for him.

7. Possible Re-Emergence of the Conflict or Opposition
Details: A hundred years later, an ancestor of Kevin Sheridan's is walking with his dog in the woods between the Sheridan and Christopher properties. Jay is thinking about the hot young beauty his rival and neighbor, Joseph Christopher, has living with him. Christopher has all the luck; it's like God Himself is on his side. What Jay wouldn't do to one-up Christopher, take him down a notch or two. Dog stars to whimper and dig beneath the tree called The Protector. Jay hears music coming from beneath the ground. An albino dove flies in his face. He waves it away in annoyance and starts to dig...

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