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Rave Reviews for
Karen's Wiesner's Angelfire Trilogy
Falling Star, Book 1
First Love, Book 2
Forever Man, Book 3

Falling Star Reviews

5 Hearts and Sweetheart Award Nominee! “It has to be a lucky day -- I get to start a new trilogy by one of my favorite authors, Karen Wiesner! Before even starting, I expected to love this newest series because I look for anything with Wiesner's name on it. And I was definitely not disappointed. Karen Wiesner has done what she does best—write a heart-stopping book with a multi-dimensional plot. Her characters were so complex. There was a tremendous amount of information given which developed the series even more fully. I felt the story flowed and I, literally, had trouble putting the book down. True to her reputation, she delivered a vibrant storyline with breathtaking events. From the pulpit to the strip club, it was told in such a way to not offend. It did, however, present a beautiful love story. She always presented controversy with details. The flow of her book was even more compelling. I highly recommend this book. It's a great start to what promises to be a fabulous series. I cannot wait to read more!” ~Brenda Talley for The Romance Studio

4 1/2 Stars and Top Pick! "Though spicy, FALLING STAR is tastefully written and the Christianity real. The characters struggles offer hope to those of us who stumble along the path on life's electronic gem!" ~Romantic Times Magazine

4 Books! “If you enjoy good quality reading with a great ending and wonderful characters, this is a story for you. Aurora and Nathan are great characters who will pull you in and keep you page turning until you can’t wait to pick the next book in this trilogy. FALLING STAR was something that hit me unexpectedly. This book was nothing that I was anticipating when I started reading, but the story drew me in and I couldn’t stop until I knew how it ended. The characters were so well written that it was hard to not imagine this story being something that happened in real life that I was just watching as it unfolded. Karen Wiesner is definitely on my keeper list.” ~Dianthus for Long and Short Reviews

4 Stars! "FALLING STAR is a keeper for any bookshelf! I have to admit that I started this novel expecting to have a little trouble identifying with the heroine. She and I have nothing in common, and I thought that I might have to work at feeling involved in her story, but nothing was further from the truth. From the first page, I was interested and absorbed. I cared about the characters and I cried for them when their lives didn't go the way they should. I recommend this book to any lover of romance, and I won't hesitate to pick up the next Karen Wiesner book I find for sale." ~Ivy Quill Reviews

5 Stars! "Is this e-book a New York reject? Maybe, but not because FALLING STAR isn't damned good. No, it's more likely because the heroine is far from perfect. She could be any one of us, or someone we know and care about, and that hits too close to home to be the fantasy the marketing people in NY think we want to read. FALLING STAR was a very emotional, very real story. I understood what she felt, what she was going through, and hurt right along with her. If that's not the kind of story the marketing-gods-on-high think I want to read, then maybe they should switch to another product--like bubble bath. Buy FALLING STAR and be prepared to sit a spell; you won't be able to put it down." ~Scribes World Reviews

5 Stars! "FALLING STAR had some of the most complex, wonderful characters I've ever met. The plot Karen Wiesner weaves is based on internal conflict of unrequited love in several forms, but I didn't find it tedious in the least. Personally, I like spice in my stories, but for a book with no actual culminated sex scenes in it, the sexual tension is very high. FALLING STAR isnt marketed as an inspirational and I suppose the language could be a bit strong for some that seek that genre. However, the themes of service to the ministry and a life devoted to the service of others are prevalent. All in all, FALLING STAR is so well done I can heartily recommend it to all." ~Romance Communications

5 Stars! "This is certainly a different type of hero and heroine! I wondered how the author could get together a preacher and a stripper. Well, she succeeded! Rori may have started off her life badly, but she became someone that I proudly cheered on to victory. Brava, Karen Wiesner!" ~Huntress Reviews

4 Stars! "FALLING STAR is a wonderful contemporary romance that hooks the readers because of the delightfully humanistic lead female protagonist. Though Nate is a wonderful person and his daughter precocious, Rori owns the novel chapter, page, and word. Readers will admire her for she refuses to allow life's left hooks to keep her down on the canvas. Fans of a warm second chance at love tale starring people readers will cherish should read Karen Wiesner's beautiful book one of the Angelfire trilogy and obtain the other two novels, FIRST LOVE and FOREVER MAN, as soon as possible as this reviewer plans to do." ~Harriet Klausner

5 Stars! "Packs an emotional wallop! I've never seen a writer more adept at capturing the emotional complexities of the human experience. Her love stories are bold, fearless, and unforgettable. The world of women's fiction is a better place because Ms. Wiesner is in it. I loved FALLING STAR. You will, too ... so clear off some space on your keeper shelves." ~author Michele Bardsley

4 Stars! “FALLING STAR, which is the first book in the author's Angelfire Trilogy, is a first-rate Christian romance. It is well written. Major and minor characters are believable, and the plot unfolds nicely with Nate and Rori keeping steamy, but chaste, relations until their marriage. This is a delightful read for Christian romance readers.” ~Alice D. for Readers Favorite

First Love Reviews

5 Hearts and Sweetheart Award Nominee! “This book is another classic Karen Wiesner. She took some vaguely-connected people from the same hometown and expanded on the series in a fabulous continuation. You could read this book as a stand-alone, but why would you want to? These characters were impressively written. Their multi-faceted personalities gripped my interest and never lost their pull on my heartstrings. These two main characters were so believable. It was as if I was there watching the interactions in person. I didn't want to put the book down. This book had emotional consequences and just expanded my interest in Wiesner. She completes her books so well she is definitely on my "must-read" list. The secondary characters were introduced to the readers so that I wanted to know them even better. I couldn't help but love them. I highly recommend this book to everyone. The sensuality was slight and well-written. This book is complex and, in my opinion, one of her best. Kudos, Karen!” ~Brenda Talley for The Romance Studio

4 ½ Stars and Top Pick! “This is the second book in the Angelfire Trilogy, and after reading the first book this book was an amazing follow up to the first story. The first story was about Aurora Mason, Brett Foxx and Nathan Jovanovich. These characters are mentioned again in FIRST LOVE, especially since Brett is Darlene’s older brother and Jace is Nathan’s brother in law. While both Darlene and Jace were mentioned in the first book, this is the story that really lets them shine. Usually when it comes to trilogies, the second book is just filler between the beginning and end stories, but that is definitely not the case here. This was a great story that was extremely enjoyable to read, the characters were very developed--almost seemed like people you would meet on the street--and the plot line was wonderful. This is a story that I will definitely read again and cannot wait to get to read the third and final book in this series. Anyone thinking of picking up this series should just not think about it and do it. You will not be disappointed!” ~Bibliophile For Life for Night Owl Reviews

4 Stars! "Readers will not be disappointed by FIRST LOVE. The characters are endearing and Ms. Wiesner really gets into the thoughts of Jace and Darlene and what motivates them." ~Hope Stephenson for Romantic Times

"FIRST LOVE is the second book in the Angelfire Trilogy, and after reading the first book I couldn't wait to begin this one. I wasn't disappointed. Karen Wiesner has a way of bringing characters to life. With her evocative and to-the-point description, I instantly felt that I knew both Darlene and Jace personally, that I had seen them grow up and knew every step in their lives that brought them to the course of events in the story....on the first page I already had a sense of both Darlene's present and her past. The writing continues throughout the book in that same compelling style which kept me turning pages, only coming out of it to get a fresh can of soda now and then. Karen Wiesner has delivered yet another winner in FIRST LOVE!" ~Ivy Quill Reviews

"Author Karen Wiesner has an amazing list of books to her credit, and FIRST LOVE is no exception. Very enjoyable!" ~-Gay Toltl Kinman, author of The Mystery of the Missing Miniature Books

"Karen Wiesner has...created a wonderfully emotional romance. I had to keep reading to discover how Darlene and Jason could overcome their past and find a future together. A totally satisfying story." ~Barbara Edwards, author of ANOTHER LOVE

4 Stars! “This is a heartwarming story. Author Karen Wiesner does an excellent job of combining love and lust in this book without the need for scenes that are too graphic. She has a wonderful grasp of the emotions a woman feels about the man that she wants but is afraid she shouldn't have. The scenes were intimate in that the characters bared their souls and thoughts to one another. I really enjoyed this book. I don't read books in the Romance genre, but this book was a pleasant surprise and may interest me in pursuing other titles by this author.” ~Lori M for Readers Favorite

4 Stars! “In this story, both Darlene and Jace have major emotional turmoil. The main trouble between them is Darlene’s feelings of being unworthy and her refusal to tell Jace how she feels. I simply could not understand Darlene’s stubbornness until she finally told Jace how life with her parents had been. The author clearly shows how vital communication is in a relationship. Though this is the second title in the Angelfire Trilogy, it is a stand-alone story. You do not have to read any other title to enjoy the tale. If you are searching for a light romance, something perfect to take with you on vacation, then this is it. I loved every minute with Darlene and Jace.” ~Huntress Reviews

Forever Man Reviews

5 Hearts and Sweetheart Award Nominee! “I started this book with unease. In the first place, I did not like the character of Brett Foxx [in previous books in the trilogy]. I couldn't imagine how Ms. Wiesner could capture my attention with a man who had caused such sorrow in the previous books. Wiesner did what she does best—captured my attention and forced me to allow her to captivate me. Brett Foxx had changed from the man we knew in the first two books. I only read a couple of pages before my ideas about reading this book changed. I couldn't put it down. The relationship of Savvy and Brett followed no set plan. Wiesner definitely does not write "cookie-cutter" stories. This book, I believe, was my favorite. It was intense, emotional, and beautifully written. These two characters are some of the best I've read. The secondary characters, as well as outside forces that created the storyline, were effective in telling this dynamic story. The characters were obviously directly opposite in lifestyle and income. They dressed differently, reacted to others differently and yet they managed to grip my heartstrings. The sexuality was emotionally gripping. I highly recommend this book, in addition to the others in this trilogy. You won't be sorry to have read this book as well as the others.” ~Brenda Talley for The Romance Studio

5 Stars! “FOREVER MAN, Book 3 of the Angelfire Trilogy by Karen Wiesner was wonderful. It is a pure love story containing sex without the details and characters you can’t help but root for. They become entangled in each other’s joy and pain and supply the needed support for each situation. We watch as this love blossoms and flourishes and cheer and cry with them during the good and bad. Karen Wiesner has a winner in FOREVER MAN. It is the kind of book you can’t put down but hate when you come to the last page. If you enjoy a good love story without the smut, don’t pass this one by.” ~Trudi LoPreto for Readers Favorite

4 Stars! “Top American writer Karen Wiesner has excelled herself with FOREVER MAN, and how she has her characters interact in a realistic way is amazing and thought-provoking. She has the ability to make the reader feel exactly the way the character feels.” ~Love Romance Passion

"Brett Foxx is every woman's bad boy fantasy. Lawyer Savannah O'Brien secretly lusted for her one-time client, until he abruptly ended their professional relationships. Years later, their paths cross unexpectedly and sparks fly. The conclusion to the Angelfire trilogy sizzles. ...the author has created two complex characters with pasts to explain their faults. Individually, they shine. Together, they're full of sexy, fiery chemistry..." ~Gina Bernal for Romantic Times

"Ms. Wiesner's characterization is incredible. She can take a character, no matter the background or the lifestyle, and make that character so real that the reader feels they've met this person somewhere before. The story moves quickly and the pace kept me involved at all times. The interplay between Savannah and Brett is lively and real. And when the truth comes out about Savannah's father . . . well, I couldn't give it away, but you have to read this book! Trust me, FOREVER MAN is a story you won't want to miss!" ~Ivy Quill Reviews

"Karen Wiesner has a clear winner in the powerful FOREVER MAN, third book in the Angelfire Trilogy. The journey of these multilayered, unforgettable characters, the dangerous Brett Foxx and successful lawyer Savannah 'Savvy' O'Brien, take the reader from deepest, unhealed wounds to redemptive love." ~Linda Opdyke, award-winning author of STONES THROW

"You're looking for the steamiest ever love scene in a Laundromat? You're yearning for a hero so mesmerizing you want to drag him straight into your bed? You've struck gold! This book is so hot it glows in the dark. FOREVER MAN is the fourth novel I've read by Karen Wiesner. All of them are exquisite and somehow she manages to get even better with every new one. Throughout her strong, gripping narrative I can feel that she gives everything when she writes. On every page, static sizzles between Savvy and Brett. The perfectly timed build-up of passion climaxes more than once in scenes so outrageously sexy that I had to read some passages twice to make sure I didn't miss Wiesner's fine language and crisp style, not to forget her wonderful sense of humor." ~Sexy Cybook

Rave Reviews for
Karen's Wiesner's Angelfire II Quartet

Only the Lonely, Book 1
Midnight Angel, Book 2
Shadows of the Night, Book 3
Promises in the Dark, Book 4

Only the Lonely Reviews

5 Stars! “The first Angelfire II tale is an enjoyable contemporary romance as the inadvertent other woman and the once obese still alone man fall in love while pretending to be an item. Karen Wiesner delightfully captures the mindset of the protagonists; as he lost the weight but psychologically feels fat and she lost the cheater while psychologically feels a need for the chutzpah philanderer. Readers will enjoy this entertaining tale as ONLY THE LONELY know how the lead couple feels.” ~Harriet Klausner

5 Stars! “WOW, this series is so GOOD that I can't wait for the next book! I loved that Mikey lost an incredible amount of weight and loved Diane Hoffman from afar. As he came from a bad childhood, he’d never known what love was and thought he didn't deserve it. Mikey is quite shy and has no idea he’s a hunk, nor does he feel comfortable with attention. I'm glad he ran to the rescue every time Diane called. I'm encouraged that Diane followed her boyfriend when he started acting suspiciously. She learn that, after ten years of being in with Robert Drake, he’s been living a double life. He’s married and has children; now she’s the OTHER woman! For ten years, Robert has strung her along. Diane wanted nothing more than to be married and have children of her own. Now that would never happen. Despite what she now knows he’s married, Robert wants to continue their affair. Diane realizes herself she’s weak-willed around him. Can Mikey help her find her strength?” ~Linda’s Reviews

4 Stars! “Mike Lund is the kind of guy that you don’t really notice at first. He’s quiet and shy, and because he spent much of his young life overweight, he doesn’t have the confidence he should. But, thanks to his skills under the hood, he skirts on the fringe of the popular crowd. ONLY THE LONELY is the story of Mike and his friend Diane, one of the many female friends for which he has carried a torch at one point. Diane takes a job at Foxx Body Shop, where Mike works, after she finds out her boyfriend and boss is someone else’s husband and father. Karen Wiesner does a good job illustrating the emotions both Mike and Diane feel about her previous relationship, as well as the attraction they both refuse to acknowledge. What is so great about ONLY THE LONELY is that while Mike is helping Diane stay strong and stay away from her lying cheating ex, Robert, he is slowly showing her what it feels like to have a solid relationship with a faithful man. Seemingly out of the blue, Diane starts to see Mike as more than a quiet, overweight guy who drinks a little too much. But Mike thinks it’s too much to hope that Diane sees him any differently than she always has. Karen Wiesner did a great job with this story. ONLY THE LONELY offers a good time with great characters, and I look forward to reading more from Wiesner.”

4 Stars! “Sometimes it is difficult to notice someone special when they are close to you. Mikey is such a person. It takes Diane awhile to notice his uniqueness; to see what is below the surface. Due to Mikey’s shyness and his ability to fade into the background, he has a keener eye than most and sees into Diane quickly. Wiesner puts pen to paper in such a way that these two characters are crystal clear and seem more alive than the people around me in reality.” ~Huntress Review

"The writing lures readers into Diane’s life, evoking their compassion and their interest to see how she’ll fair after a ten-year affair. She seeks a pretend boyfriend and turns to garage mechanic Mikey Lund, who has been hiding his crush on her for years. This is a story about missed chances as well being a classic love triangle as Diane teeters between a reprobate and the man who genuinely cares about her. The author writes with clarity, showing a deep connection to the characters." ~BTSemag

Midnight Angel Reviews

5 Stars! "The second superb Angelfire II drama (see Only the Lonely) is a tremendous second chance at a loving relationship. The former BFFs want to face her health crisis health together if the ailing heroine can trust him to be there for her though he never left her heart. As with the previous entry, the respective mental states of the lead couple turn this into an insightful drama. Whereas Rox deals with her cancer her way; frightened that he will lose her forever Jamie struggles to overcome his unworthiness low self-esteem to support his beloved in sickness and in health." ~Harriet Klausner

"The character of Roxanne knows she is beautiful; however, she honestly never lets that go to her head. Modeling started out as something to pay the bills. All she wants is to play music. Unfortunately, it takes a life threatening illness to make her stop and think her life through. This is true for so many people in the world today. Author Karen Wiesner shows this very well in this story filled with romance, drama, and second chances." ~Huntress Reviews

Shadows of the Night Reviews

5 Stars! “Take two broken and scarred people, a ruthless father that beat his children until they had the sense to leave, a raped girl whose parents didn't believe her for their political gain, mix in two decades of living with dark secrets before they found each other to learned how to trust and fall in love, and you have one hell of a story! Ms. Wiesner will make you weep and laugh at this very touching book that will claim your heart!” ~Linda's Reviews @ Goodreads

5 Stars! “The only thing my mind will come up to say right now about this story is, ‘Wow’. I just finished reading SHADOWS OF THE NIGHT and I have such a wonderful sense of satisfaction. In a way, Ty and Cherish actually heal each other. Karen Wiesner’s dedication to writing heartwarming stories comes through loud and clear in this gem.” ~Huntress Reviews

Promises in the Dark Reviews

4 Stars! "'You’re a hypocrite' rattles around in Sapphire Stephenson’s head. Guilt plagues her. Does her daughter Yasmine know about William “Deck” Decker, the bouncer at bar, the man who’d saved her from being raped and now takes her breath away in the bar’s office after her bartending duties and his bouncer duties are over for the night? Being a good example for Yasmine, her sixteen-year-old, has been Sapphire’s mission in life. She hasn’t brought a man home in ten years. On the run for most of Yasmine’s life, with only each other to cling to, they’ve been more than just mother and daughter; they’ve been best friends until recently. Beautiful, responsible, industrious, intelligent Yasmine, seemingly overnight, had become a rebellious teenager with a boyfriend too old for her. When Sapphire set rules, the angry 'You’re a hypocrite' spewed out of Yasmine’s mouth. Deck, tough, handsome, mysterious, and long-time customer, has stopped his heavy drinking and turned bouncer after Sapphire’s near rape. He’s know her for years and used her for a shrink as he sat at the bar drinking himself to numbness night after night. Rejection, he can't come to terms with, has shredded his self-esteem—for some reason he’s been deemed unworthy in his own estimation to be loved by his own mother and the women he’s protected and loved--still loves. Deck’s 'Whatever you want, honey,' sounds like a promise to Sapphire. But are promises made in the dark meant to be kept? Once burned, twice shy, Sapphire questions her own actions, but being with Deck feels so right. They all have emotional miles to go before they can find their happy-ever-after—making captivating reading. Karen Wiesner does a super job of making a book that is in a series very readable as a standalone story. Her characters with all their flaws come alive and reach right in and touch the reader’s heart. As she weaves their backstories in, one’s heart grieves for the hurts they’ve suffered. Wiesner makes PROMISES IN THE DARK a memorable, vicarious experience for the reader." -Long and Short Reviews as well as posted in the San Francisco Review of Books

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