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+ the cutie-FRUiTy shopette!
welcome to my yum-yum shoppe! please purchase something from me today. if you do, you must link back my site in your cart next to the item you purchased from me. if you have any coupons, questions, or comments, please e-mail me so that i can satisfy your needs. thank you for shopping, come again! (please note that this shoppe has yet to be registered, take items at your own risk! also notice that i have no items in my cart and will have none until i am registered, thanks!!)

+ to join the yum-yum shoppe fun..
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[x] description
yummy slurpee.
bowl of rice.
smile button.
can of pepsi.
steaming latté.
potted fern.

[x] description purchased
sad button. kiwi

+ feel free to call me retarded; but i need help with making my items transparent.
if you want to help, e-mail me at! thanks.