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November Updates


November 1, 2002

Jay had some higher temps last night, 104+, so they put him on 2 antibiotics, one for his sputum and one for urinary tract infections.  His temp was down to about 100 at noon time and about 99 at 2:30 PM.  Stayed in bed today due to the temps.  Bummer, no rides outside or down the halls.  I can tell he was put out.

Jason had some bleeding from his outer ear.  The nurses could not explain it.  Hum,  Sarah, care to explain? 

Orthopedics on Tuesday (Jason will go to the appointment) and Dentist on Monday, eye doctor on Wednesday and a haircut on Thursday!  Man of man a whole week full of stuff.


Jay was back in the chair tonight though he was pretty sleepy.  Funny though, when we were leaving we were talking to the nurse outside of Jason's room.  When we looked back in the room Jay was wide awake.  Sarah went back into the room and started talking to him and BINGO he was asleep again!!  You tell me??!!!

Temps were pretty good.

November 2, 2002


Well, Jay had a rough night.  Would not calm down for the nurses so they called the Doctor.  He was given a pain shot of vicoden.  He had bite his lip and would not let go.

The Doctor called me this AM and said that they were going to send Jason over to Highland for a CAT Scan.  They said that they had found blood in his ear and wanted to verify what was going on.  I asked them if I could come and see him first.  I told them that someone had cleaned his ears Thursday night and caused some bleeding.  They were also concerned about his agitation.  So I went to the hospital.  His one hand was being pressured so I fixed that.  By talking to him and rubbing his forehead he started calming down.  By the time I left his respiration was almost normal and his heart rate was way down.  I got his mouth opened and gave him a mint stick with water and he loved it.  He really bite his lip bad.


His was much better, calmer and alert.  He was looking around and focusing when asked to.  Temps were pretty much normal but he was sweating like a pig.  He went to sleep early between 7 and 7:30.  He needed his rest from the night before.

November 3, 2002


Jason was doing better today.  He has his problems with biting his lip but he looks better today than yesterday.  Had some relaxing meds which seem to help.  He "dirtied" his Buffalo Bills shirt before the game and had to have it changed, so that's probably why the Bills didn't win.  Next week, we'll to put his shirt on just as the game begins.

When he heard his grandpa's voice, he would wake up.  Thanks Grandpa.

November 4, 2002


Well Jason had his Dentist appointment canceled today, will have to reschedule it.

He looked good today, though he seemed in pain from time to time.  The Speech lady came by and spent some time with him, he did good.

Later at night he had some trouble with his feeding tube.  It kept coming out.  The last time it happened, I didn't catch it right away.  When I went to take him back to the room I noticed a puddle under his chair.  Yup, it was the food stuff all over the place, he was soaked.  I felt so bad for him to be laying there in that stuff.  He gave me that look of "Ya know....".

November 5, 2002


GREAT NEWS!!!!  We were loaded for bear but the fight didn't happen.  Our and your prayers have been answered!  They agreed to fix the broken bones!!!  Pain and the hindrance of his rehab being the motivation. (It was also obvious from the x-rays that this hand was broken since the accident, not a new break.)

Jason will get his hands fixed December 5th.  Yes!  We talked to one of the Drs at Dr Jones' office, somehow there was a mix up about us being there.  They talked to Dr Jones over the phone and then updated us after they took x-rays of his left hand.  As we thought his pinky finger below the knuckle was broken and had re-healed in an awkward position.  That's why his knuckle looked the way it did.  They will have to re-break that bone and put a plate and 4 screws in to fix it.

The right wrist is a bit more complicated.  They intend to remove some bones and put plates and screws in to fix it.  It will be more mobile, sometimes not even noticeable, than if they fused it all together. 


We will have to call about his foot to schedule Drs appointments and surgery.  We will follow up on that.  At least we are making some progress now.  Keep your fingers crossed that things go as planned!

November 6, 2002


Jason had a pretty boring day today.  He seemed to have a migraine in the morning.  That may have been why he was so logy and pretty much out of it.  He was also tired from his visit to the eye Dr and from the previous day.  Respiratory didn't have to suction him late in the day as he didn't need it.  That's good.



November 7, 2002     Thursday


Well, Sarah D. Jason's head nurse called today, he had a high fever last night.  They have that under control but she asked if it was ok to raise his pain medication.  He has been experiencing more and more pain, due to the fractures, and they would like to ease that for him.  Since the surgery is already scheduled she thought it would be best for him now.

While we don't like to see him on higher pain medication, it makes him less alert, we don't want him to be in more pain either.  They will put him on a higher dose of the pain patch starting Saturday.   We will just have to tolerate it for now, for Jason's sake.

November 8, 2002  Friday


Jason had a pretty full day, Dentist and PT.  Took him for a walk outside.  He got pretty tired about 1:30 or so, which is usually the time they like to put him to bed for a nap.  He usually beats them to the punch.

The Dentist is going to build him a mouth guard.  The Dentist said that he asked Jason to open his mouth and he did, twice!  He has chomped on his lip again, it looked pretty rough.  Just when it was starting to looking better.  


Temps were good today as was everything else.


He was still pretty tired although he was alert for Marianne, Jake and Katie.  Once I got there he conveniently closed his eyes.  Sarah and Michele showed up but he still kept his eyes closed.  His hands and feet seem to be bothering him more lately.  Can't wait for the surgery!


Ya gotta love them!

November 9, 2002


Jason had a pretty slow day.  He was tired throughout the day.  May be from the pain medication, which was boosted today due to his increased pain levels.  He did get to go outside, but he may or may not have been aware that he was.  Temps have been up and down all day.

November 10, 2002


Jason acts as though the extra pain meds are putting him out of touch.  No awake very much, may have to talk to the Sarah Dalton, his head nurse.

He did have some visitors today, Bob and Kathy and their son, of course Sarah and Michele.  I heard that Jason tried to get Kathy sick, almost worked Jay. 

Jay looked good today, his lips were better.  Temps were pretty good as well.

November 11, 2002


Jay looked good today.  Not much change although he was a little more alert.  Had decent  temps and his respiration was better.

We took him for a walk down the halls and outside, he seemed to like it.  Pretty low keyed. 

November 12-13, 2002


Well we have had a couple of interesting days.  We met with the Doctor (Dr Jones) who will fix Jason's right hand.  He, at this time, recommended against having surgery on the left hand.  He does not believe that his injury is causing any pain to his left hand.  He believes that it is his "brain injury, or tone" that is cutting off blood flow to the hand which is causing the swelling and pain.

There is a procedure that neurology can perform that will paralyze the nerves in the left hand allowing his hand to relax.  Once this is done Jason should have  less pain or be pain free with that hand for several months with no lasting effects.  This would allow Jason to have corrective surgery in the future if he wanted to have it.

His right hand will require some re-construction which will still allow for use of his hand.  They will "stretch" his tendons so the hand can relax, which can be reversed in the future is need be.

We are still trying to pin down schedules with the nursing staff to help Jason along.  MCH staff has been great for Jason and someday he will tell them how much that means to him.

November 14, 2002


Jason was fighting a temperature all night and day.  Between 103 and 105.  Kind of in and out of it.  He has a Ears, Nose and Throat appointment tomorrow.  Some dried blood is in his ears again and this time it can't be Sarah as she was at school.


He does have an infection, back on antibiotics.  He also has a rash from the pain patch we think.

November 15, 2002


Jason has been battling high temperatures all day.  105 +  (105.8 at one time)

Obviously he was pretty much out of it.

He went to see the Ears Nose and Throat DR.  He took a lot of dried blood out of his left ear and said there was a cut that caused it.  His right ear had too much ear wax to tell, but he did not believe that he had an infection or internal bleeding from either one of them.

Temp finally came down tonight, 100.5 but rose to 103.5 by the time I had left.

Hopefully the antibiotics kick in soon.

November 16, 2002


Jay was much better today, his temps were down to normal.  Rash was much better.

Kind of quite today.

November 17, 2002

Jason 013.jpg (28518 bytes)


Jay had a sleepy day today.  His temp was about 101 in the AM and about 97.7 in the PM.  Acted as though not much bothered him and believe me, Sarah did everything she could to get a rise out of him.  Nada.  He was out of it.  Sarah and the girls pick on him pretty good, when he wakes up I'm sure they are going to hear about it.  For them, it would be worth it.

Jer, I hope he was a little more awake for you!

November 18, 2002






Well, believe it or not, we "think" that Jason may have been trying to talk today.  It happened at least twice, once with his girlfriend, Sarah,  and once with the nurse and nurse's aid when they were moving him from the chair to the bed.  Keep your fingers crossed, we hope and pray this is what is happening.

Temps have been good.  He seems to be experiencing more pain, especially with his left leg.  This is the one with the broken foot and had the broken femur.  Not  really sure what is going on here.

We, Kris, Joanne, and I,  had our Trach training today.  One step closer to being able to get a home pass.  The Respiratory Therapists said that Jason was ready for a smaller trach tube.  This will help him pass more air.  He needs to do this to get to the point of a voice filter.   The head nurse ordered it today.  

November 19, 2002


Jay was quiet today.  He was awake some but not as much as yesterday.  Temps were pretty good, less than 100.3.

November 20, 2002       



We (Kris, Joanne and Dad) all got our remaining trach and suctioning training today.  We all passed.  So now we can officially take him out, after the hospital OK's the request.  Besides Kris almost fainting and the look of horror on Jason's face when Joanne was suctioning him, all went well.  Everything seems to be falling into place to take Jason home on Sunday for the football game.  Keep your fingers crossed.


November 21, 2002                   

Jason again is sluggish, had a tough day.  He had a new smaller trach put in and some stitches taken out.  For the first time in 4 months he is passing some air through his mouth and nose.  Must be a shock to him to be able to do that.

His grandmother from Colorado came to visit him today, while he wasn't real alert we think he knew she was there.  He is resting quietly.

If you go up tonight don't expect to see Kris, she hurt her back moving Jason up the bed yesterday.


Jason's Botox injection is scheduled for December 3rd!!!!!

November 22, 2002


Jay has been about the same.  Running a slight temp.  He did get impressions done on his teeth so they can build the mouth guard so he doesn't bite his lip any more. 

We stole his wheel chair to fit it to the Van and to make the ramp for it.  This chair does not fit in the van as well as expected.  It will work though.

November 23, 2002

Kind of a gray day for Jason.  He was running a temperature up to 104 today.  We are hoping that it goes away so he can join us tomorrow for some FOOTBALL!!

Keep your fingers crossed.  Big day tomorrow for Jay.

November 24, 2002


BUMMER, Jay still is carrying a high fever and the Hospital recommends against him coming home.




We all were really looking forward to this but it will have to take place another day.

Jay did look pretty alert today, had a ton of visitors, Sarah and Michele and Cindy, Kris and Shelly, CJ and Melissa and Erin and Andrew, Robbie and Joanne, Steve and Nancy and Brittni and Grandma Hamilton, Dean, Kathy, Kaitlyn and Kristen, Grandma and Grandpa Engdahl and Jeremy, Uncle Chuck.  He has been breathing more and more through his nose, sounds like he is snoring.  We let him smell all kinds of different smells, Garlic, Coffee, Onion and Cinnamon.  We also let him taste popcorn butter and a chocolate ice cream bar and that gave him a brain freeze.  Sorry Jay.

November 25, 2002           


Jason looked well rested today.  Very tired.  Should be after the past several days of running a fever.  Speaking of which his temp was at 98 today, go figure.


November 26, 2002


Pretty quiet day, slight temp.


Jason, still tired, had no temperature (98.8).

Kris had just left and we, Sarah, Michele and Casey and Dad, were talking about how much Sarah abuses Jason when all of a sudden the double doors just outside Jason's room shut.  Alarms and flashing lights were going off.  Code RED friendship east 3.  Go figure a fire on the third floor. They made us close all the doors and stay inside.  About 15 minutes later someone came around and said it was now OK.

Jason slept through it all.


November 27, 2002


Another quiet day.  Slight temp though it was down to 98.8 when we left.  The nurses said they'd do their best to keep him fever free so he can go to thanksgiving dinner with us.  Should be good for Jay to get out.

November 28, 2002

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


It happened!  We were able to take Jason out for Thanksgiving.  He had a slight temp but faired well.  We think he enjoyed getting out for a while and it was a new and exciting experience for the family members as well.

We joined the Compton and Cowdery families for some turkey.  It was great to see everyone there.  Hats off the the Cowdery's, YOU'RE DOING GREAT!  Especially Lisa!  Remarkable.

A big thanks to all those who put forth to make all this happen.  Nice job.

We are all blessed through the support you have all given us and Jason.


November 29, 2002


Jason is having a restful day.  Temperatures are not too bad 101.8 or so.  We think he is recuperating from the big turkey day.  He was more alert than we thought he would be today.

Jay's next focus will be his ENT doctor and the repair of his hands .  And then his birthday!

November 30, 2002


Jay was pretty alert today for a little while.  Looked good.  Had some temps today but not too bad.