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May 3&4, 2003


Well when the girls went up to see Jason on Saturday, they said he was making sounds and had a face on like he was and had been crying.  If he was this could be another breakthrough.  He could be more and more aware of his state and his frustrations may be building.

We had him out on Sunday, lots of fun, watching everyone play basketball, got to sit by the pond and even got him up on our deck!  He seemed to be very alert and was watching everyone, especially Sarah when she bent over to pickup the ball.  Michele said " Sarah, Jason is looking at your butt!".  And he was!  Maybe,  just maybe!





















































New Picutres 003.jpg (62403 bytes)

This is that "great looking sexy guy, whos really caring and funny. He's also the weather man. He also has alot of money and a really cute butt!!!!

Sorry Bob!