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March 22, 2003

Jason was pretty tired most of the day, but he did keep his right leg bent down all day and got some good workouts on his arms.
We had a little scare tonight.  When he got up from his nap he had a coughing fit and didn't stop for almost 5 min.  When I went to suction out his mouth I noticed that the Yankir?? (the plastic tube we use to suction out his mouth and trach) was broken off.  He was fine for a few hours and then started having a coughing fit again.  He didn't calm down for almost 15 min. and had respiratory and the nurses in for a scare.  We don't know if he swallowed the piece of plastic or not and couldn't seem to pinpoint why he was coughing so much.  He finally calmed down.
Hopefully he will have a restful night and will be able to go out tomorrow.


Late:  Jason was resting peacefully, tired but otherwise good.  Lisa said he had been fine though he did give them a scare.  He was pretty relaxed.  Maybe the Botox is doing more than we thought.