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 March 20-21, 2003


When Jason is awake he has been very alert.  He looks in the direction of the voice talking to him. (With his eyes, not by moving his head, though he did move his head for Joanne when she said something to him, slight as it was). He does seem to be more sleepy lately, may be due to his alertness taking a toll on him.  Jason was outside today and enjoyed watching the birds and the squirrels. Brian and Wesley were outside as well.   

We'd like to welcome Michelle as Jason's new primary care nurse in place of Pattie.  As hard a job as it is, Michelle has been is terrific.  She is, as all of the nurses and CNA's, a very caring and wonderful person.  Jason became so accustomed to Pattie's way of caring that on Thursday's we'd notice Jason would be out of sorts because Pattie was off on Wednesday and Thursday and he knew she was gone.  We feel very comfortable that Michelle is just as competent and caring.  She's a mom of three children the youngest one being one year old.  She's been a nurse for twelve years and she is very passionate about her profession and cares deeply for everyone in her care. 

Special thanks Pattie for all she's done for us and for Jason.

If you see Michelle while visiting, please introduce yourself and let her know your relationship with Jay.  Thanks Michelle.