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March 16, 2003


Jason looked great even though he got his new pain patch today.  

He went to see Dr Jones today.  The Dr was not very pleased with the Botox treatment.  Was hoping for better results.  He will confer now with the Doctor that may be performing a Baclofen pump procedure that may help Jason with his tone for hopefully both his arms and legs.  This procedure allows a pump to put medicine directly to the spine which in turns reduces the amount of medicine needed to relax his arms.  This has sometimes worked well with patients that have spasms. After they confer Dr Jones's office will call us to let us know which direction we might take.

If they feel the pump will help we will wait for that procedure to happen.  Jason would first have to have favorable results to a pre-test.  If he does they can then install the pump and we will hope for good results.

If they do not feel the pump will help his arms then the alternative would be more surgery.  The surgery would slice the tendons to make them longer.  This would result in a weaker right hand but functional.

Doesn't end.  Someday soon we hope.