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Jason's Stats:        (IN RED updated 12-18-02)(In Purple updated on January 19, 2003)(Blue 3/8/03)

Broken left femur.  (Repaired 07/20/02)

Broken and Dislocated right wrist.  (REPAIRED Dec 5th. (Stitches out but pin is still in till Jan 16th) Pin out as of January 14th.  It happened early because he was showing signs of leakage in his arm at the end of the pin.  After they removed the pin he got a major Staff infection in his wrist.  He was transferred back to Highland Hospital on the 16th for surgery to remove the pocket of infection and for IV Vicomycin antibiotic.  Jason was transferred back to MCH on January 28, 2003.  Infection gone, will be on antibiotics until February 28, 2003.   March 4, 2003 Jason had Botox in his right wrist and elbow as well as his left elbow.


Broken left foot.  (Does not need fixing, repaired on its own)

Broken left hand.  (Not repaired) Botox Injection Dec 3rd.  Went well, now just have to wait and see. (Looks much better, starting to straighten out nicely)(Botoxed 3/4/03)

Broken rib. (Should be ok)

Severe brain trauma.  (Working on it, about a 10 on the Glasgow scale)

Off respirator.

Off oxygen. (They have put him on oxygen at night just as a precaution with the smaller trach)

Still has a trach.  Now has a smaller trach.  (11-21-02) (May get an even smaller trach soon)(12-19-02, Jason got the next size smaller trach today, a size 5 I think)

Pneumonia comes and goes, but is better. (Pretty much gone now)

Fevers come and go but have also been better.  (This has been much better lately)

Since July 19th, Jason was at ECMC for about 7 weeks, then to Highland Hospital for about 5 weeks, now at Monroe Community Hospital.