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Friday August 30th, 2002

It was another roller coaster day.  We got the okay to move Jason to the ICU at Park Ridge and when Rob got there, they were informed that Park Ridge doesn't take brain trauma cases.  After a lot of phone calls, we were okayed to move him to Strong Memorial Hospital, but that they didn't have an available bed and hopefully they will have one on Tuesday.
He still spiked his temp to 103 a few times today and the nurse had to put him on the cooling blanket again tonight to get it down.  It was down to 100 when I left at 8:00.
Speech therapy came in to assess him today and he sat up for a few hours.
Jason is moving his left arm (the right one is in a cast) more at the elbow now and really squeezes your hand when you hold it.  He was trying to move his legs and wiggle his toes a lot today.  He opens his eyes all the time now, even when you say his name, and stares at you like he is really trying to understand what is happening with him.  He sighed a few times today and moved his eyebrows.  He is doing really well off the ventilator and taking nice and slow and deep breaths.
Each day there is a little more progress that we can notice.
Thanks for your prayers!