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February 28, 2003


Jason was much tighter tonight but Sarah is back in town so maybe its just that he is excited.

Very sweaty but otherwise pretty good.

(Brian was still looking to get Wesley in trouble.)

Ethan was up tonight too.

This kinda looks like him.



February 27, 2003


Jason was again very tired and sleepy.  He slept most of the time.  

One good thing though was that he had his arms relaxed and down to about his waist.  That's very unusual for him.  His leg also had more bend in it.

I think this timeout is doing him a lot of good.


Oh yeah, Wesley is BACK!!!!  And of course Brian is trying to get him in trouble already!

February 26, 2003


Jason was tired looking tonight and somewhat unsettled.  He was jerking his leg quite a bit but he did relax his right arm pretty good.  Figured that he had a pretty rough day yesterday and needed some rest today.

February 25, 2003


Well we had quite the scare today.  The nurse practitioner called and said that they had to send Jason over to Strong Hospital immediately.  He had broken off his central line going into the main vein to his heart.  Which basically meant that he had a piece of the catheter that was still inside.  If it was it would have gone through the heart and ended up in the lungs.

We waited all afternoon in the ICU  and after x-rays they decided that there was NOT any broken pieces floating around or stuck in his lungs.

Turns out that sometimes when they put the Central Line in they sometimes cut the catheter to get it in smoother.  It looks like this may be the case here.

Jason faired well throughout the whole ordeal and was is going back to MCH tonight.


It wasn't till after 8 PM that Jason finally showed up at MCH.  He was tired and glad to be back.  Everyone there was great, asking how he was and what happened.  The people who work at MCH are truely a great bunch of dedicated health care professionals!


February 24, 2003


Jason looked very relaxed tonight.  Sleepy but very relaxed.  Good to see him that way for a change.  His arms and hands were down away from his neck, usually an excellent sign that he is comfortable.

Another day...

February 23,2003


Jason is being a slug and staying in bed today.  Actually he has been sweating so much that he has developed a rash and needs to "air out".  So he is to stay in bed for today and see if the rash clears up.

Looked good otherwise and was pretty alert.


February 22, 2003


Today must have been catch up day.  Jason was sleeping most of the day so far.  He got his new pain patch today so maybe that is part of the problem. 



Jay was better in the PM.  He was looking all around.  Didn't like the gourmet lemon sucker, had an awful look on his face.  He did leave his mark on Michele and I.  Oh well. 

February 21, 2003


Jason was doing well today.  He still guards his right wrist and keeps his arm pretty tight to his chest but his eyes look real good.  Looks all around and seems to focus in on who is talking to him.  He shows alot of signs of frustration.

If you visit, Jason needs to keep up his range of motion.  Mild stretching of his arms and legs, his feet and hands.  Just watch his eyes, they will tell you his limits.

February 20, 2003

Today we had a meeting with the hospital staff to discuss Jason's progress or lack there of.  His "tone" from the injury has prevented  his much needed therapy as the tone is too strong for any type of splint to work effectively.  There is too much pressure applied to his skin, which risks breakdown.  When the skin breaks down then there is a high risk of infection, which we all know Jason cannot afford.

So for now we are at a stand still with Jason and we will have to wait for him to heal more (his tone will have to ease off) and/or Botox injections to allow for more intense therapy.

Obviously not what we wanted to hear but that is the reality of the situation.  Jason appears to be close to communicating but unless he does we will just have to wait for him to heal.

Good news is that he could be alot worse off.  Knock on wood that he doesn't have many of the problems that are normally associated with this type of brain injury.

Restless tonight, tuning me out.  Maybe he  just misses Sarah, not sure.


February 19, 2003


Jason was agitated I guess you could say.  Something is bothering him, not sure if it is his wrist or something else.  Very frustrating for all of us as well as Jason, I'm sure.  He does look pretty good and is very alert. (Would almost like to see him drugged up again if it would take his pain and frustration away)

Still guarding his right wrist.  Lack of therapy is hurting him.  Getting very tight.



February 18, 2003


Hasn't said Sarah yet!


Still uptight and sweating quite a bit.  Probably due to his right wrist.  Botox should help if they will do it.

Very alert though.

February 17, 2003


Jason was doing OK today.  Sweating quite a bit but otherwise OK.

February 16, 2003


He was very sweaty today, but very alert again and trying to sit up alot.

He watched most of the race, Yeah Dale, Jr., and watched the making of the Top Gun video.  He didn't take his eyes off the TV.

Another interesting day, Jackie, hope your thumb is doing better, Marianne, hope your Mom is doing better.


February 15, 2003


Well, never a dull moment.  I haven't been up to see Jason yet as we have spent the morning in Parkridge Hospital.  Joanne fell down the stairs and broke her ass err... her tailbone.  She's OK but sore.


Jason was still pretty tight in his arms.  He was pretty alert though.  Still having some problems with his skin in his right hand.


February 13, 14, 2003


Jason is about the same, he's pretty alert but his right wrist is still a problem. On March 4, he will have a botox injection in that wrist because they no longer can put the splint on due to the skin is breaking down and it hurts him.

He seems like he really wants to talk though, Sarah, Michelle and Cindy all said that they thought he said "Sarah" last night.  Consider the source!

The occupational therapist is trying to make him move his arms on his own and it seems difficult for him, but hopefully when the right wrist isn't an issue anymore that will help.


February 12, 2003


Jason was about the same as last night, though he was a little more alert.  Moving his arms and legs.  Still showing discomfort with his right arm and wrist.  I guess we are going to put up with that until at least March 4th when he goes back to the Botox Doctor.

If you visit, he is having problems with skin breakdown by his right thumb and hand.  I tried to separate his thumb from his fingers to allow air to get in there.  I ended up putting enough paper towel between his thumb and hand to allow airing out of the sore spot. 

February 11, 2003


Jason was fairly tired again today.  He was shutting people out again.  But this could be due to his increased medicine or from the physical therapy.  Mario ( one of the nurses) and Patty (Jason's primary care nurse) and Ellen (Jason's Occupational Therapist)  said that they thought that Jason was moving his arms voluntarily. Mario even thought he was holding his head up by himself on command.  If they are right this could be quite impressive.

There is still a concern about the skin breaking down from the splint.  The OT is going to call the DR to inform him of this problem and ask for recommendations.

The nurses wanted us to try different smells and tastes with Jason so we opened his Labatts Blue.  He smelled it and raised his eyebrows.  He didn't seem to react to taste as much as we thought he would but again he was tired.

He was really loose especially in his left arm.  Almost limp.  His right arm was still very guarded by him.  His legs were looser.

(He bit Cindy, Sarah's mom.  Hehehehe)


February 10, 2003


Jason has some problems with the right wrist.  The nurse was concerned about the skin breaking down.  OT came down and took the top part of the splint off and wrapped the bottom part and the wrist together with an ace bandage.

I can tell that this isn't going to work because the wrist is bending into a position that we do not want it to be in.  Not sure what the happy medium is going to be here.

He has also been on stronger muscle relaxants to help his tone and our ability to give him range of motion.  This doesn't seem to be working either.  The only thing it seems to be doing is making him sleepier.

February 9, 2003


Jason was having a pretty good day today.  He is steadily improving.  We think he likes his new 27" flat screen TV, now he can see it better.

The real news today is that Katie broke out in a rash on her face.  Not sure what was causing it but Cindy, the head-honcho Nurse Manager, said to try oatmeal.  Just so happened that they had some.  After mixing it up and letting it cool Kris put it on Katie's face.  Man, did it look disgusting!  The whole floor got a good laugh out of it.  Not sure if Katie liked it or not but think she liked the attention.

We did take some snap shots of it for Jason to appreciate later.  Thanks Katie for being a good sport?!

February 8, 2003


Jason was looking pretty good today.  No temps, slight rash on his right arm from the new splint, go figure.

His new 27" TV is waiting to be delivered.

February 7, 2003

Jason seemed uneasy today, unsure why, but he did have a little bleeding in his mouth because when his teeth were brushed, his gums were scraped a little.  Otherwise, his wrist is bending in the right direction and he seems to be doing OK.

Katie and Sarah are home and things are interesting to say the least.  We're glad they are here though, it's great!

February 6, 2003


Jason was noticeably tired today.  Usually the case after an outing.  He was fairly alert though and was giving the OT a hard time when we were there.  She could not move his right arm at all and was working on his left.  I walked over to him and gently pulled his right arm down and asked her if this is what Jason would not let her do.  She gave me a dirty look but then quickly ran over to get his elbow splint to put it on his arm.  That's the one that helps to keep his arm straighter.

He also got his hair cut today, looks great and no, Sarah, we didn't cut his eyebrows.

OK Sarah W, we are going to get Jason a new TV.  Somehow his died not even two years old.  Jason will think he is losing his vision if we don't get him a new one soon.  Very blurry.

February 5, 2003

Brian and Cindy (Jason's boss who was in the car accident with him and Sarah's Mom) came to visit Jason today.  It was hard for Brian but he was glad to see just how alert Jason was.  Jason acted as though he recognized Brian.

Ok, so Jason had the Dr's appointment today.  The doctor said that his "tone" had caused the wrist to bend in a fashion that would cause a "bone on bone" problem and is what was causing him so much discomfort.  He re-aligned the wrist and Jason seemed to calm down.  

So maybe, just maybe this has been Jason's problem lately.  The doctor has a new splint for Jason to wear and hopefully he can get his wrist back to normal.

When more is known it will be posted.

Man, he sweats alot!  (some of the nurses think this is directly related to his discomfort.)

The old splint was just not strong enough to hold his wrist straight.

He was quite alert, though pouting maybe because he misses Sarah, looking all around and chomping at the bit.  Jason (Sarah's brother) put Jason's hair into a spike look just as we got there.  Needless to say Jason did not look happy about it.  Back to normal now.


Somebody needs to get Cindy (head nurse honcho) a watch, she was still there at 7:30!

February 3&4, 2003


Well, its funny, you think not many people read the updates until you don't do one and wham you hear it from everyone.

Jason has been about the same.  Temps good, no infection, still on antibiotic until February 28th.

He is, however, losing ground to his "tone", when the brain injury causes his muscles to contract.  It is getting harder and harder to stretch (range of motion) his arms and legs.  His therapists are having one hell of a time.

A couple of things need to happen.  Either his muscle relaxation medicine has to be increased and/or he needs the "Botox" injection on his arms and legs.

His wrist may still be a problem as well.  He is still very protective of it.  Pulls it up towards his neck when he thinks someone is going to mess with it.  We have asked the Nurse Practioner to look at it and she agrees that something is not right.  She has made an appointment with the Orthopedic Doctor (Wednesday PM) so we can get an understanding of what is going on and to make sure the surgery has taken.

Even though he is still on some pain medication, he still manages to look all around his room and at the people talking to him.  We just have to keep encouraging him telling him that he is getting better and that it just takes a long time.

February 2, 2003 


Jay is doing OK today.  His temp is normal.  Sweating up a storm.  

His respiratory therapist said will get off the trach when he has developed enough muscle to swallow and breath through his mouth and nose. 

He had a special visitor today, Lisa Cowdery and Aunt Marianne came to visit and to encourage Jason.  Lisa is doing fantastic.

February 1, 2003


Jason looks good again today.  He was getting quite the workout from the girls, pulling and tugging and poking and all.  Payback should be interesting.


Temp near normal, sweating up a storm.