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To our friends at Monroe Community Hospital!

Sarah (Jason's primary care PA.), Cindy (Head Honcho), Patti (Jason's first primary care nurse), Michele (Jason's second primary care nurse), Henry (Top Dog in Respiratory), Amin (Respiratory), Lisa, Mussia, Trudy, Debbie, Debi, Laurie, Linda, Joanne, Falesha (you go girl!), Ron, Sandra, Shauntrece, Stephanie, Tabitha, Teah, Terry, Tracy, Barb, George, Thelma, Terry, Sandra, Chastity, Lisa (PT) and Karen (OT) and all the rest of the great people that helped Jason as well as our family through a difficult time and of course who could forget MARIO!

Jason's and our friends at MCH, Wesley, Brian, Tony and his very special hairstylist Denise!

He will and we will miss all of you, thanks for everything!  There is a reason you are in the business you are, we were so lucky you chose your professions.  Keep up the good work with all the lives you touch everyday.  God bless you all and keep you healthy and strong.


A Special Thanks to our friends at ECMC and Highland Hospitals


To our dear friends at Highland Hospital and ECMC we want to say thanks!

At ECMC, Francine, Janie, Beth, Karen, Nicole, Renee, Leslie, Regina, Kim, Kimberly, Kimmy,  Michelle, Michelle, Michelle, Betty, Ann, Dr. Bennet, Dr. Ragu, Dr. Flynn and our other friends who we missed.  And to our special angel in Emergency, Jackie who showed unconditional love for us when we were at our worst.

At Highland, Wendy, Beth, Lisa, Suzanne, Amy, Anita, Linda, Sue, Doug, Jackie, Josh, Dr. Shaheen, Dr. Morgan, Dr. Larson, Dr. Mead, Respiratory and Physical Therapists and all of the other student nurses and again other friends we missed.  Please know if it wasn't for your love for what you do and kindness, Jason wouldn't have been with us as long as he was.  We love you all.

Best Wishes to:  (From ECMC Trauma Unit)

Nabiel, Makkiya, Mom, Dad and of course all the brothers and sisters, we miss you all!!! We hope to hear from you soon! 

Millard and Pat, Sarah, Jason and Bridget, Jonathan and Jenny and all of Seth's wonderful friends who were there for them!  We wish you only the best.  Hoping that things are better.  Always remembering Seth and how he touched all of our lives. 

Buck, Fran, Kandi and Mark.  Wishing you all well and hope to see you again.

We realized that through this journey in our lives, true love comes from those we've never met and they leave the most impact on us.  Thank you all.

To all his friends at St. Bonaventure and Wilson High School a big thanks for all your support!!!!