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March 1- 2, 2003


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Jason looks great but still pretty tight.  He is in and out of being very alert to very sleepy.  I'm sure it is the drugs.  Hopefully when he gets the botox for his right wrist he will relax a little.

March 3, 2003


Well Jason is still uptight  but better than usual.  His arms were down to his side.  He was coughing up quite a bit but thats not necessarily bad.

Tomorrow is going to be an interesting day.  He goes to his Botox doctor and Dr Jones.  The Dr that did his wrist.  Hopefully they can do his right wrist so that a splint can be put on it to straighten it out.  This should be the top priority.  Then maybe the pain issues will subside and he can get on with therapy.

March 4, 2003

Well Jason did it, had his arms Botoxed today.  Haven't seen him yet but was told he looks better already.


Just seen Jason and he does look better.  His arms are down by his side more.  He was really, really tired though.  Sarah must be putting him through hell and back.  Haha.

March 5, 2003


We hope all this Botox and extra muscle relaxant medicines are worth it as Jason seems more and more out of it.  He is on the highest dosage of muscle relaxant medicine he can get.  And does he ever look it.  Tired to say the least. 


The Botox seems to be kicking in as sometimes his arms are at his sides.

March 6, 7, 2003



Jason did well today, more alert.  He had his trach plugged for several hours without any problems and that is pretty good.  His arms have been more relaxed and he just seems to be doing better.


Jason is coming home Saturday from 5:25 till 8:45 PM.  So plan your visiting hours accordingly. 

Yes Bob, you probably could use Botox!

March 8, 2003


Jason was a little tight but bright eyed.  He told me he was looking forward to coming home for a little while today.  He needs to get out and feel the weather.

He'll be on his way home about 5:30 or so.



Well he did it.  Came home for about 3 hours or so.  He really liked the rides.  He did well at home.  Think it was good for him to get out for a change.  He had a good time with Sarah, Katie, Jackie, Dorothy, Loran, Erin and Jack celebrating Katie's 25th birthday. Ok so maybe it was 23 or something like that, getting old is the point.

We have to apologize to Pattie as she had him ready at 8:30 AM.  She didn't get the message that he was going to leave at 5:30 PM.  Sorry Pattie.  We will do better the next time.  He ought to be pretty tuckered out for tomorrow.


March 9 & 10, 2003


Jason is doing very well. His arms seem to be relaxing more and more.  He is alert at times and drowsy at others.  He was pretty tuckered out today (Monday) probably from the weekend.

Wishing Jason's Uncle Rich well.  (He is in the hospital down in Arkansas.)

March 11, 2003


Jason had an up and down day.  His stomach seems to be upset and he may have been running a slight temp.

When we left though his temp was about 100 and both his arms were relaxed and down to his waist.  He was focused on you unlike when we got there his eyes were going back and forth a mile a minute.  He seemed to calm down.  Not sure what was causing him to act like that.  But he was much calmer when we left.  (It may have been Falesha putting the fear of God into him when we got there.) LOL

Michele, you did a nice job on his arm tonight.  (Jackie told Jason that his feet smelled, man oh man)

March 12, 2003


Jason was a little tired and his arms were somewhat tighter but he did look good.  He was able to move his arms down to his waist with our help.  Temp is fine.  He looked much better than yesterday.


Hoping that Uncle Rich is doing better and gets well soon.