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RE: Jason, Wednesday August 21st

Nancy Hamilton wrote:


Hi everybody,


Today's report on Jason was that he had a good day and was off the

respirator for 5 hours. They did a lumbar puncture (spinal tap) and an EEG.

The results of those test should be back in 48 hours.


He is opening his eyes, sometimes wide, sometimes half way but still isn't

focusing on anything yet. His fevers are less and less and it seems that the

infections are somewhat under control.


It is very difficult right now for the doctors to make any determination on

Jason's recovery. His brain injury is very very serious and the healing

process is extremely slow. There is just no way of telling how much healing

will take place and what functions if any Jason will have.


I will only be sending an update out every couple days unless there is a

major change in his condition.


Keep Jason in your prayers and take care,



Subject: Jason, Tuesday August 27th


I'm sorry to say there has not been much change with Jason. He remains in

ICU and is still fighting fevers associated with the double pneumonia. They

have taken cultures and we are awaiting the results to check if there is

anything else they need to be treating. He was taken off the respirator

yesterday morning at 8 am and remains off of it for now. He didn't open his

eyes or make much movement yesterday.

Hoping for a better day today. Keep praying,


28 Aug 02  1130pm

Jason ran a 103 temp pretty much all night and spiked two more temps during the day, 102 and 101, but the nurses got them down with a mixture of Tylenol and Motrin and also put him on the cooling blanket.  They took some more blood tests to see that he is getting the right amount of antibiotics or if he is allergic to them and that is why he is getting such high temps again.

The Doctors started physical therapy again and he also sat in the chair for about 2 hours.  His heart rate ranged from 100-135 because of the fevers.  He had his eyes open pretty much all day.
We will be checking with the Doctor who is in charge on Thurs. to see if he can be transferred to the ICU in Roch. right now.  The resident who was on duty tonight didn't see why we couldn't.



From Rob and Joanne:

Yesterday, Jason's fever went up to 105 and his heart rate that should be at 100 was up to 160.  

They put him on a cooling blanket and his fever went down and his heart rate went to 100.

Rob said Jason looked at him as if trying to focus and he moved his left arm.  Rob also signed papers to approve Jason's transfer back to Rochester. This could possibly happen within 10 days.


29 Aug 02


Jason had some high temps again today and so was his heart rate.  It got up to the 150's again, so they had to give him some pain medication.  The only culture that came back positive was for his sputum.  He only opened his eyes today when he was encouraged to do so.  The fevers really knock him out.  The Doctor wanted to put him in a room today, but they are still suctioning him too much.  He did sit in the chair for awhile.

We are working on having him moved back to Roch. early next week.  We can have him transferred to Park Ridge's ICU and when his temps are gone he can then go to St. Mary's and start rehab to get him to wake up.  He is still an 8 on the coma scale.

August 31, 2002


Jason was pretty much the same today.  Running temperatures up to 103 (though Motrin took care of the fever) and heart rates in the 150's.  He has the smaller metal trach  and has a new cast on his right wrist(4-6 more weeks).  He was sitting up in a chair (like an easy chair) but was pretty much out of it.  He had a shot of dilaudid  (sp?) for his heart rate, Walla, la-la land. 

Jason's Doctors are pretty sure that his temperatures are from the antibiotics but he needs to finish out the course of the antibiotics (several more days, 4 I think).  We hope they are right.  Most if not all his infections appear to be gone.

Tomorrow, another day.