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RE: Jason, Wednesday August 21st

Nancy Hamilton wrote:


Hi everybody,


Today's report on Jason was that he had a good day and was off the

respirator for 5 hours. They did a lumbar puncture (spinal tap) and an EEG.

The results of those test should be back in 48 hours.


He is opening his eyes, sometimes wide, sometimes half way but still isn't

focusing on anything yet. His fevers are less and less and it seems that the

infections are somewhat under control.


It is very difficult right now for the doctors to make any determination on

Jason's recovery. His brain injury is very very serious and the healing

process is extremely slow. There is just no way of telling how much healing

will take place and what functions if any Jason will have.


I will only be sending an update out every couple days unless there is a

major change in his condition.


Keep Jason in your prayers and take care,