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28 Aug 02  1130pm

Jason ran a 103 temp pretty much all night and spiked two more temps during the day, 102 and 101, but the nurses got them down with a mixture of Tylenol and Motrin and also put him on the cooling blanket.  They took some more blood tests to see that he is getting the right amount of antibiotics or if he is allergic to them and that is why he is getting such high temps again.

The Doctors started physical therapy again and he also sat in the chair for about 2 hours.  His heart rate ranged from 100-135 because of the fevers.  He had his eyes open pretty much all day.
We will be checking with the Doctor who is in charge on Thurs. to see if he can be transferred to the ICU in Roch. right now.  The resident who was on duty tonight didn't see why we couldn't.