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27 Aug 02


Jason had a rough couple of days.  His temp was up and down all day yesterday (Mon), his heart rate was in the 120's to 130's and he didn't open his eyes much at all.  On Tues it was up to 105 and his heart rate was in the 160's.  They put him on a cooling blanket and gave him Tylenol and Motrin every couple of hours and it finally broke around 5 and his heart rate was down to around 100.

His sputem (spit and saliva) came back that it was infected (the dr said it was very green) and said he is on the right antibiotic to try and get rid of this infection and the fevers.  They also did a lumbar puncture again to see if his spinal fluid was infected, but that came back clear.   The pneumonia is now only in the bottom of his left lung.  That is finally starting to clear up.
He was in the chair for a couple of hours yesterday and today and still hadn't really opened his eyes at all.  So, we were very surprised when we went in at 7:30 to see him with his eyes wide open.  His temp was finally gone and his heart rate was very good.  This was the most coherent he has been yet.  He really seemed like he heard what we were saying and was really trying to focus on us.  It was so good to see his eyes again.
He has been off the respirator since Mon at 8:00 a.m. and is doing really well.
Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.  We are getting a website going to keep you updated so that everyone can check there for any news.  I will let you know when it is ready.