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Dec 1
@ Hairy Marys

Can of Worms
Wedesday Dec 7
@ House of Bricks

North Lincoln
Media Lab
In This Moment
Time Is Enemy
Thursday Dec 8
@ Hairy Marys

When we Fall
My Dearest Apollo
Bleached Black
Playing With Matches

Thursday Dec 8TH
@ House of Bricks

Alien Ant Farm
Dec 11th

@ Val Air Ballroom

Dec 9
@ Vaudville Mews

Rude Mood
Friday Dec 9
@ Keysters

Friday Dec 9 - All Ages -5pm
@ Hairy Marys

With special guests:
GaiDen Gadema
and DJ Really Real
Friday Dec 9
@ House of Bricks

War of Ages
12 Guage Valentine
An Airbag saved My Life -
House of Commons

Friday -Dec 9- All ages - 5 pm
@ House of Bricks

Jethros All Stars
Friday -Dec 9
@The Hull Tap

Final Mix
Friday Dec 9
@ Borboun St

Melody Makers
Friday Dec 9
@Smokey's Barbecue

Axis Band
Friday Dec 9
@ Plow Boy - Ottumwa

The Bob Pace Band
Friday Dec 9
@ A.k. O'Conners
- West Des Moines

Anthony Gomez
Friday Dec 9
@ Blues On Grand

Friday Dec 9 - 9pm
@ The Bali House - Ames

Black Market Fetus
Toxic Vomit
The Creepy Kid - ALL AGES
Saturday Dec 10 - 5pm
@ Hairy Marys

Saturday Dec 10 - 21+
@ Hairy Marys

Duece - The KISS Tribute band
w/ ColdFiltered
Saturday Dec 10 -
@ Keysters

The Albino Spiders

Saturday Dec 10 -
@ House of Bricks

Unidentified Suspects
Skin of Earth
Saturday Dec 10
@ Vaudville Mews

Saturday Dec 10
@ The Hull Tavern

Saturday Dec 10
@The Crozs Nest

Red Chemist
Saturday Dec. 10
@ Raccon Riverr Brewing Company

Jethro's All -Star Jam
Dec. 10
@ Kenny D's

Breakin Ground
Dec. 10
@ Westport Lounge

Big John & 39th St Band
Saturday Dec. 10
@ Blues on Grand

3AM Band
Dec. 10
@ The Cosmopolitan Lounge

Dec. 10
@ Westport Lounge

Catch Local Licks with Suzy
On Lazer 103.3
- Sunday Night at 11pm

The Good Life
Eagle Seagull and
Me Too Bob Dylan, Me Too
Monday Dec 12
@Vaudville Mews

The Bob Pace Band
@ Blues on Grand

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Rob Thomas
Dec 4
Des Moines Civic Center

with Special guest
Cold Filtered
Dec 10
@ Keysters

Bad Company
Cold Filtered
@ 7 Flags Event Center
Clive, Iowa

Paul Revere and the Raiders
and The Echo’s Five

Dec 31st
@ The Val Air Ballroom


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    New Tracks Added

    1. Soul Sick
    MP3 link (for non - poders)
    2. Dark Mirrror
    MP3 link (for non - poders)
    3.On A Pale Horse
    MP3 link (for non - poders)
    4. Calous Clip -
    MP3 link (for non - poders)
    5. The Cassandra Disease
    ( mp3 format)
    6. Cold Filtered
    (mp3 format)
    7. Roze
    (mp3 format)
    8. Gimmick
    ( mp3 format)
    9. Only
    (mp3 format)

    Randys Rants & Reviews :


    Welcome back to another addition of Randy's Rants and Raves..NO.3

    If your one of the hundred bands that submitted a 2 song demo cd to Q102 ..Your probably scratching your head and wondering what the hell just happened. I'm not a sore loser..I didn't submit anything and this is in no way meant to be disrespectful to any of the finalists or the winner....Congratulations.

    But why would Bon Jovi ask Q102 to find them an opening act? Q102 is like one step above Van and Bonnie..At least if those 2 excuses for radio DJ's were going to pick a winner you might of got a chance to audition at a local grocery store opening and Rush Limbaugh could have been an expert judge...A drunken 2 year old could of ran this thing better! I would like to go on record as saying ..THEY DIDN"T PICK THE BEST 5 BANDS.

    I would have had at least a couple different choices. Some marketing Guru must of noticed that the ratings on Rock Star INXS turned out very high and people really do have a interest in unsigned artists.
    I sincerely hope this is a trend that other big name national acts will follow..When they roll into town to entertain us and get our concert money. I wonder how much money BonJovi is going to save over the course of this tour by using local talent.

    KCCQ in Ames The "garage" Sunday nights Does Local Bands for an hour ...Has anyone besides me noticed that the local licks shows air in the worst possible time slots. It's better then nothin, but late Sunday nights. I think we deserve better then that.. I'm not going to shut up until local bands are getting in some kind of rotation..

    Lets talk a little about ASCAP/BMI ..I want some feedback on this !

    You all know how it works.
    They go around to all the bars that have live entertainment or a juke box and collect money. I have had bars tell me they love supporting live entertainment, but might have to stop because of ASCAP/BMI ..

    It's all in your favor if your
    Bruce Springsteen or Bob Dylan.
    Like they need the cash. But if your just a local musician trying to go
    out and do some gigs it's going to hurt you. Lets take a look back.

    It's things like Napster and tape traders, who really broke Metalica. I'm not one to sing the praises of bar owners..But they are a necessary evil. No bars/ less gigs Jillies in Marshalltown, D& J Tap in Reasonor and Johnny Mac's here in Des Moines are just a few of the Live Music venues dealing with this problem.

    I'm going to cover ASCAP/BMI in more detail..after I hear from you readers...

    I was lucky enough to catch
    doing a set at the Den
    a few weeks ago. This band is loaded
    with potential and it was like old home week.. Lots of support from other musicians.. Just the way it should be ....

    Jethro always puts on a great show,
    I caught him at Kenny D' with a strong supporting cast ..Paul Thompson was setting in on drums..This guy is a world class player. RearView was in the shock and awe mode on a Friday night first set at Bourbon Street. Right from the first song they kicked some major ass. I like this band and with their 2 guitar attack they pulled off some impressive tunes www.rearviewrocks.com

    3 A.M. was in great form the night
    I heard them at Johnny Mac's..Bonnie the lead singer brings alot to the table ..3 A.M. is a very consistant band . Every time I hear them they just keep getting better.¦www.3amband.com

    It's great to see Joel Andreas is back out gigging with his band Can of Worms . Joel has one of the best stage raps in the business.. You never know what he's going to say next between songs. www.canofworms.net

    I would like to send a shout out to Mike Fitzpatrick..I think Mike is one of the most underrated guitarists around.. This guy has the midas touch. Any original Brother Trucker song he touches
    just get better.www.brother-trucker.com

    In case your wondering whatever happened to The Saturn Cats..
    Check out www.rebeltrain.com.

    Jim Tupper at Ground Zero Music in Indianola informed me they are moving and don't want to take alot of gear with them.. So there are deals to be had.

    Check out Knucklebone when you get a chance and talk to the bass player Jack. This guy is not only solid as hell on the bass ..He is a great tattoo artist at Skin Kitchen.. www.knuckleboneband.com

    Eric Coleman
    has been on the central Iowa music scene for many years doing all kinds of projects Eric's latest venture is mixing comedy with accoustic guitar and he's building quite a following, with 2 albums under his belt and a couple compilations in the works.
    Eric is keeping very busy

    Mike Aceto is one of the most respected accoustic guitar/vocalists playing around our fair city. People love this guy wherever Mike sets up.. www.mikeacteo@juno.com

    Mike Shriner has been playing his accoustic guitar and doing the Neal Young tribute for so long he's almost a household name around in DesMoines Music circles, Mike is spreading out and adding a few other choice covers and a couple sweet sounding originals ATTENTION bands Mike is looking for opening slots..

    Lance Mascaro or LX8 (Check it out a stage name)Is a real up and comer Lance has a very soulful voice and backs himself with a double neck accoustic. He just got back from a sold out standing room only gig in Red Oak Iowa, Keep an ear out for Lance./LX8

    FIZGIG is another new band in DesMoines to watch out for - They are doing a lot of modern covers and feature a female singer.. The Horse Shoe Spatulas have been around 6 or 7 years ..They are doing all originals and just keep getting better and better..Post Pop New Wave very experimental rock.

    Last but not least this month.. I want to
    get one last plug in for the IRRMA Benefit Show.. If you like old school classic rock.. It don't get no better then this.. 60's & 70's All Stars ..The Spartans /Rhythm's Children / Soulution / The Pelican Peace Band & The Last Shades of Dawn.
    All hall Of fame Bands @ Val-Air Ballroom Saturday, Nov.12th

    Dan Nissly, IRRMA Board Member and also the very capable drummer
    of the Pelicans
    , told me their last gig was in 78 at Inspiration Point, they never came back to DesMoines.The band then went to Detroit to give it one last shot
    and faded off into the sunset... 30 years later they are finally going to be able to
    tell their many fans THANKS and Goodbye.

    I want to expose your band..send
    info..bitchinings and compliments to... Randy

    Rants Archieve

    ... Send info to.:

    Randy VanHosen
    3102 State Ave.
    DesMoines,Iowa 50317
    or Email me


    Guitarist for
    The MK Ultra

    1.Rik What's up with The MK Ultra ?
    Who is in the band?

    Not much is up with us at the moment. We're taking a break to write and record material. We've been playing the same stuff for a while now so we're ready to move on. Plus, I am ready for an extensive period of hibernation. I hate Iowa winters.

    The band is……….
    Jeremy Morse on drums, Trent Malven on Vocals, Alex MacConnell on Bass, Me on guitar

    2.Why the Name ?

    Jeremy and I thought of it during an night of drinking at Flanagan's pub. I know,
    I should have some kind of semi-intelligent answer but that is the truth.

    3. So your celebrating Thanksgiving ...what is the best thing about it ? Is it better then Guy Fawks ?

    I'm not sure about the best thing about Thanksgiving.

    I'm English so I'm not really into it. It is in no way better than Guy Fawke's night. November 5th was my 2nd favourite holiday after Christmas. I loved the bonfires and fireworks.

    4. Tell us a little about yourself - your from
    Liverpool, England ?

    Oh, well, I'm actually from a town (port) outside of Liverpool called Fleetwood. It's a good town full of good hard people. It's windy, wet, salty, cold. Lots of good bars, fights, nice promenade, beach which is dirty but at least it's the end of land…….

    I went to a parochial school there, which was bad, but also good as it helped shape what I do not believe in. Some friends still live there as do some family.


Metal Blast From The Past

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  Pitbull Daycare -
  Damageplan -
  Vicious Rumors
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  Pure Inc MP3
  Six Past Hell MP3
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Tony Alaniz
aka .. " Taco "
of Soul Sick

Matt Bieger

Tony Konecne
Jimi Pig

Kelly Moriarity
Artist & Drummer
Josh Brainard
On A Pale Horse
with Kiss Tribute
Duece @ Keysters
Dec 10th
Nate Fetus
Black Market Fetus
Randy Van Hosen
Of Roze
Ronnie Richardson
Of Full Throttle
Joe Corigliano
KGGO's "Joey the Ratt
of Calous
with Kiss Tribute
Duece @ Keysters
Dec 10th

John DIngman
Oct 22nd
@ Keysters


Chris Watland
Slaughter House 6

Matthew Lemons
The Cassandra Disease

Frankie Burke
of Slitheryn
Brian Burgett
of Cold Filtered
New Years Eve
Bad Company
& Firehouse
Gary Seddon
Cylinder &
More than This
Nov 5th
Longhorn Saloon
Barnes City , Ia
Bill King
of Roadshow
Lewis "Metal Blast From the Past" Brundige
..aka IOWASK8ER.
Kelly Heathcote
Full Throttle

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