20 Question and Answers with Frankie of Slitheryn

1- What are you up to this summer ? Touring , writing ?

Currently writing and touring, the new stuff is way heavy and we are getting ready to work with Greg from Mudvayne.

2- The name "Slitheryn" ..Harry Potter reference ?

What do you think? No, it could be? We liked the band name to start with the letter S, this way when our stuff is in the record stores we are next to Slipknot in the bins! Plus Silverchair is my favorite band and it starts with S.

3- Your brother T-Bone and you have been performing and playing how long together ?
Did either of you ever play in other bands ?
How did it start ?

Frankie Burke

of Slitheryn

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5 years or so, we have never played in any other bands, we started this band together and that's the way it will stay.

But I do have this solo thing I'm working on, I play all the instruments, drums, bass, guitar and growl, it's called "Frank Blood"

4. How did you and T- Bone hook up with Mike , Ant and Andrew ?

First we started with our cousin Ant.
He went to school with Mike, so he brought him over and we jammed and hit it off pretty good and then Mike introduced us to Andrew later after we let our first bass player go.

5. What's the best thing about playing and being from the Midwest ?

Every market we play in the Midwest is KILLER!!! Except Chicago, Chicago sucks big ass, jealousy runs pretty heavy in Chicago, we get no love, we don't mind, they don't have to claim us Davenport already did.

6. Your last effort was Produced by Cory Taylor , how was that whole experience and how did it come about ?

It was a blast, we learned a lot from Corey he was great to work with and fun to hang out with, we caused a lot of trouble after the studio sessions goof'n off and stuff. We met Corey from a fan that went to school with him and turned Corey on to us. Slipknot later came across a cover of Eyeless on Napster that some fan bootlegged and uploaded it. And then reached out to us to work with us.

7. Speaking of vocalist/ songwriters whom are the guys you look up to in the industry and why ?

Daniel Johns (Silverchair) I like his writing, he really knows how to put together a song. Lyrics, melody, groove, they got the whole package, my favorite record is Neon Ballroom. I also dig Helmet, wow! Super chunk, Wilma's Rainbow! Yeh!!!

8. Any road horror stories you care to share ?

The worst was when we were coming home from Detroit and blew a oil pump on the bus and spent the night sleeping in the garage as they fixed it. And then another time we played in Freeport, Il and some punks stole our hubcaps-"Bastards"

9. What is your favorite gig to date

The Flic in Belvedere, Il. The owner was a real prick to all the bands on the bill and his door man searched all of our back packs and we had our own stage water we brought in for the show, and he said we can't bring this in we had to buy water from the bar - $2 a bottle, screw that!

We slide it in the back door, played our show and the last song we destroyed the ceiling tiles above the stage, we ripped down the mirror ball hanging in front of the stage, basically we let this big tuff guy know he was a pussy for starting shit with a band that was playing for only $100 Another killer show was in Japan, a club called Club Citta', this has to be the finest room in the world, first class. The fans in Japan are insane, they love energy!
10. Do other members of your family play music or sing ?
My twin brother Michael, he DJ's and my dad played drums for 35 years .

11. Word association time (1st thing you think of)

Metal= Heavy
Chicago= sucks, we hate playing there Ozzfest= next year
Slipknot= Corey Taylor
Judas Priest= Old
Ant= Fro
Mike= Orange Hair
Andrew C= Crapmaster
T-Bone= Bro

12. Rate the Following singers ?
Vince Neil = on a scale of 1-10, = 3
Dee Snider = Who is he?
Robert Plant = 6
Ripper Owens = was he on Gilligan's Island?

Corey Taylor = 8
Phil Anselmo = 11
Ozzy = 9
Dave Williams = 7 RIP
Rob Halford = 8
Alice Cooper = She's good
Phil Anselmo and Dee Snider (Twisted Sister)

13. Ok part of our typical criteria - who should give it up and call it a day ( band or person) ?
Dave Chappell, Madonna , and, you know who you are!
14. What are you listening to these days , who are some of your favorites currently out there?

Superjoint Ritual, Helmet, Pig Destroyer, and my fav Silverchair

15. Any rock classics that us old folks might have dug that you see as and influence on your music? Or just dig listening to

On our music? Let's see, Sabbath, Pantera, Slayer. I really like listening to Grand Funk, The Who, Three Dog Night, Crosby,Stills Nash and Young

16. You guys ever run into other bands that are jealous of your talent and youth?

Yes, all the time. If they would just turn that negative energy worrying about what we are doing and apply positive into what they are doing, maybe they will be playing sweet gigs to.

17. The music business can be a hard life ...people get strung out ..burnt out ..and simply chose to leave it very often. Do you want to do this the rest of your life ?

Yes, I love music, I hope I can do this forever. I'm only 15, I guess I don't have to worry about bills yet.

18. Unlike most bands you guys deal with going to school and playing music being in a band , we admire your hard work and dedication.
What do you see as the bands biggest challenge in the next couple years.

Touring for months on end.
19. Enough serious shit ... what do you like to do for fun besides rock out ?

Ride rollercoasters, and record Frank Blood!
20. Anything else you would like to plug - website - label news - recordings- when can we look for you around here ..ect ?

Frank Blood!!! -


We will tour with Mudvayne in the fall, this should be killer!

Thanks a Ton Frankie !!!.... YOU ROCK !!
Looking Forward to you guys kickin some butt in the Fall and For Years to come !!

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