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MARCH MADNESS & St. Patricks Day

1. Hey Nate What's Happening with Black Market Fetus - New LP right ?
Why an LP ? - who is in the band ?

Well the band does have a new release on LP we originally were trying to have the record come out on both CD/LP at the same time but the label was concerned with how much it was going to cost torelease the vinyl. Sowe ended up going with our buddy Brad from First Blood Family who put out our split 7"/CD with Discider...this way we know he will do it and we co-released it so we could have more copies to trade around and bring more music into town to distro at shows. Other than that we already recorded for a split LP/CD with Wasteoid from Lincoln so be looking for that and just got back from a 4 day trip to Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, best turn out was 775 people...not to f*#king bad eh?

2. Green Beer - Guinness -
Harp or Irish Whiskey ?

Me personally I would say Green Beer as long as the beer they are
dying green is old reliable PBR but otherwise you can throw a couple shots of Whiskey on that bad boy and call it a party.

This Months Victim

March Madness & St. Patricks Day
With Black Market Fetus :

Vocals - Black Market Fetus

3. Protestant or Catholic or
Potato Head ? ..Unified Ireland or Independent Ulster ?

I am just going to go with....Potato Heads are pretty kick ass!!

4. You recently did a Hairy Marys ( named for a lovely Irish Lass I am sure ) show which really showcased your local following - how long have you guys been at it now. When and how did the band start ?

We have been around for 7 years now, we started because myself and a friend of mine "who is no longer in the band" decided to actually do something we enjoyed.Which was music, plus nobody else in town was playing anything interested, just a bunch of copy bands so we just started fucking around with what we had access to and in time we had some interest from friends like Robert our first real drummer and still current, Nick and Andrew the Smeltzer twins from heavy metal hell and more recently aquired Sam who has been a good addition to the band, makes it possible for us to play a lot wider range of leads and harmonys as well as him being a kick ass party animal.

    Over that time period we have toured the east coast 2 times, done the west coast, texas and back here and there and everywere, fests in Canada, Colorado, North Dakota, San Fransisco...you name it in the states and we have at least driven through it drunk or something. But we are very happy that people come see us now, there have been plenty of basment shows etc. that we have played for 5 or less people and we think that its killer that kids are looking at mainstream bullshit and saying f*#k record labels I want my fetus handed to me live!

    5. What other bands have you and the other fetus's hatched (played in ) ?

    The most prominent of side projects would be Robert and the Smetzers hardcore punkl band called C.H.U.D., They recently did a re-union show without the singer but still great times, they were around even before fetus and just seems on and off for a really long time, if they do another re-union check it out, its a good time..jokes and jokes and jokes. I was in another band called Despoil we only have 1 some on a comp LP calles "Foot Stompin' Barn Burnin Hardcore" that came out on a label from texas called fuck the facts, small press run but yeah anyway that was more of a sludge thing, fell apart because I did not have time to take it very seriously and I think others in the band did not take it as seriously as far as recording, touring etc....played a few shows though. Sam has been in a slew of bands the one that I can think of is Rusulka..Andrew was also in Wasted Generation...in all reality though we have been doing Black Market Fetus since age 16 so there has not been a shitload of time to take anything else as serious with being an actual touring band with releases etc.

6. Who do you see as the key influences to your Music ?

Ourselves and Heavy Metal Demons...but really I dont know we all listen to everything, we hate elitest f*#ks that only listen to one thing,once on a record we put POWERMETALGRINDCRUSTTHRASHVIOLENCE as our description!! people just need to chill out and understand that there shit stinks just as bad, but for sure worse than ours does.
7. I am sure they differ from person to person in the band - any others you see as a heavy influence on the other guys in writing?

we listen to Grind Core, Stoner Rock, Thrash Metal I mean in one night of partying it can go from anything to, EXODUS, PENTAGRAM, MINOR THREAT, BLACK SABBATH, IRON MAIDEN, MISFITS, MUNICIPAL WASTE, DUST, Shit man just about anything, I did the favor of trying to leave out bands that people would be like "Who the fuck is that" because we all have mad vinyl collections and enjoy most of all obscure bands that are not major label bands or may have had only one release on on a label like Combat or Metal Blade when they still released bands with long hair...underground music is were its at, what happened to tape trading, vinyl, rockers everywere, like Saint Vitus said I just think we were born to late!!

2005 Hairy Marys
Catch them @ Vaudville Mews All Ages Show Wed March 23

8. What is your favorite hellhole ... do you have one ....what s the best gig you've done to date ?

Having a best gig is hard to say but we were very happy with that last gig at Hairy Marys, Minneapolis was really fun this weekend The Mala kills!! I dont know how to pick just 1 show I think as long as people get into it and rock out than its the best show, like stated above we have played for almost nobody and some of those were really fun because we just got loaded and had a fun time, it does not matter if you walk away with a bunch of money or if people buy your stupid merch its if they leave there thinking fuck man that was intense! and thats what we try to leave people with

Kewl Art - Not Worst Show ...
    9. What's the worst hellhole story of a gig you can think of ?
    Man that question is alot easier but at the same time how can one choose a single shit show, there are so many...I think off the top of my head I will go to Jugheads in Arizona....Once upon a time we showed up to our show on our West Coast tour and had been driving for a couple days, We role into our show and its at a place called Jugheads. Right away we can tell its going to be a shit show just based on the sign for the venue, it was a cartoon head making a "wacky" face and it just said Jugheads under the face...we all just looked at each other went fuck this, we go ahead and hop inside anyway because you know we already said we would do it. The guy cards us imediatly and at that time we were I think 18-19 so he said the law says we cant be inside unless we are playing, sat in the parking lot all night missing all the other acts and of course we were drinking in the parking lot anyway!!

    We go in play the fastest shit we can think of I bust my face open with the mike to piss the rednecks off and we cot paid $5 and asked to leave....well I guess it wasnt the worst show.

10. BMF seems to play a fair amount outside of the local scene travailing to Minnesota or South Dakota - What's the best thing about taking it these other places ?

Getting to play for new faces, seeing the coutry and most of all meeting people that feel the same way about music that we do. We play music for the most honest reason there is, because we fucking love it. Alot of bands in this town are always talking about how they are going to "make it" or "get signed" and any asshole from me to that homless guy I gave a nickel to earlier could tell them that its a lost cause and they are not that good, so these bands never release there own stuff and just wait and wait and wait until they break up, I mean it cant be all that good if you wont even pay to put it out yourself...who are we kidding here?

So when we go out of town we play an underground circut of venues with an underground A-list of bands and get a really great time out of the whole thing. We record the same way, alot of bands pay thousands for recording time so that they can sit on there demo for the rest of there lives, we record for cheap or free and there are 2000+ copies in circulation, I think it just comes down to the fact that you cant polish a turd. Its just great to know there are other people out there that care about friendship and fun not money and popularity.

Black Market Fetus
"Midwest Meldown"
Now Available
in Limited LP format

11. I noticed that the label or independent label thing has changes a few times - what's your take on how to handle all of that?

Well for the first 3 releases we were 100% self released, after that a friend we met in Texas offered to put out
a 7" so we co-released it to make the pagaging better, then a friends band Catheter from Dever wanted to do a split 7" so we co-released it with them. And so on and so forth, alot of those releases are just the way this seen works, someone offers you a release so you write songs for it, go record them, get som artwork together and bam there you go, Of course there is a long waiting process when you are dealing with alot of D.I.Y. labels but then others are right on top of their game, it cost alot of money to put something out and especially to distribute it well.
So when these underground labels offer to do something you know it will take a little while because they are paying straight out of their pocket because they love the band, not because they think they are going to cash in on your music.
12. So you actually married a roadie .. lol .. most aspiring rockers hide there fact that they are married..you made your a festival and but it on the site ... how did this all come about ?
( by the way congrats to you both - it gets an A+ for down to earth shit in our book).

Well I am proud to be who I am and thats part of who I am and I consider my friends and the people that come to Black Market Fetus shows... along with the bands that I had play.. all family...and who else comes to a wedding more so than Family.

Thats what this is all about!! I am glad you see how honest of a thing it is, we didnt do some dome ass shit in a church why would we ? not religious...music is my religion so what better way to celebrate!

Nate and Randi Get Hitched Fest

13. So if you had to put a label on it - metal, black metal ,
thrash , hardcore would you could you should you ?

Like stated above I really like the POWERMETALGRINDCRUSTTHRASHVIOLENCE, I like to think we are a jack of all trades, just fucking rock out and get it done.

14. Who inspires your vocal styling or is it just the Whiskey ?

At first I just sort of did what cxame out but as it goes on there are small influences as far as how and when I do deep or high vocals, the one band that comes straight to mind in Warsore from Australia and them Extreme Noise Terror..old ENT Like the Peel Sessions. I feel what I do stands alone atleast some just based on the reaction I have recieved from people when playing out.

15. Who inspires your writing lyrically ?
One notices you are not afraid to take on issues in songs like "Starvation " , "Murder Machines" , "Sky on fire" ..and many more .... do you believe these are issues that more should be concerned with do you see these as a way of venting the frustration many have around these. Have you been drinking with Bono ?

Well when writting a song it almost always comes from something that pisses me off or has caused a great deal of thought, then there are other ones Like Brothers of Brutality that are about having a good time, I try to keep a balance of lyrics that talk about things that matter with still a little bit of fun shit here and there to make sure people dont take it to seriously, I think alot of things get ruined by bands taking themselves to seriously. I also do think that people need to think about shit more but they need to figure that out on there own, a bunch of capitalist drones wandering around wondering how they are going to make $$ or get laid or some other dumb shit.

I thought I was drinking with Bono once, turnes out it was just a corpse?!?!

Nate Envoking Mayham in the Crowd

16. Is it fair to say you have a world political view that you think is important to share ? Do you admire artist who do that ?

I like bands that have songs about important stuff and bands that are silly, there is a place for everything. I have the most respect for bands that do what we tend to do and not actually blab between songs about what the songs is or means to them or whatever, which I am sure you would get from seeing us live. I just would say there is a time and a place for everything and how fucked up the world is right now...there is certainly a time.

17. OK Rate the Following on a scale of 1 to 10 :

Metallica -
Kill em' All through Master of Puppets 9!! everything else negative1000
Helloween -
as far as power metal goes 10 any new bands trying to jack there style is jelous!!
Death -
10 Chuck was the sickest!!! he will be missed
Judas Priest -
Metal Gods and still proving it 10 Fucking metal horns in the air!!!
Garth Brooks -
Everytime he plays Johnny Cash rolls in his grave -10
Elton John -
great glasses so he gets a 3 for those but thats more like style point...can I just pass?
Pearl Jam -
No Comment...no worth it
Thin Lizzy -
Everyones favorite rock band especially in a night of Detox 10 rock & Roll Jailbreaks!!
King Diamond -
the name says it all "KING" DIAMOND!!
Check em' out April 30th In Minneapolis at see why he is a 10!!

Motley Crue - Shouls have stayed broken up, whats with that new metal shit they did for their return? ToFast for Love rates a 7high!! Dead Kennedy's -
Punk when it was still punk no Blink 182 Boy band crap, real songs about real shit 10!!
Ramones -
a little simple and repetative for my taste 5.

Last Years Summer Tour T Shirt ..
Who is that guy find out April 30th
In Minniapolis

18. Who are the local or National acts that you think people and labels don't give a shit about that kick ass? Any you have seen recently ?

Can I just say all of them, any bands that are underground are nothing to major labels, and people dont seek out music anymore they wait to see what Clearchannel has to offer and NMTV "Non Music Television" people just need to think outside the box. right now for sure I would have to say WASTEOID, CATHETER, CREEPY KIDS, FALL OF THE BASTARDS, AXES TO THE SKY and so many more, just look around seek it out and rock out with it!!

19. Who do you think (besides BMF) will really start to get a lot of attention in the year to come ...look into your musical crystal ball .. lol ..

Well I know for sure our friends MUNICIPAL WASTE, they just got signed to Earache so once there full album starts getting out there
I think people are going to really get into it, I also think and hope that there are alot more bands like 3 INCHES OF BLOOD that start coming out, they need to kill the new metal weaklings that wine into the mike...no room for pussies in heavy music, if your going to sing...sing for real yyyeeeeaaaahhhhhhh!!!! one that I heard out in Richmond was IMMORTAL AVENGER and there demo was so killer I do not see them staying silent for long...given they keep it up and get around.


Municipal Waste

19. What's in your CD player right now ? Or on your Turntable ?

I am in the middle of moving into a new house and actually will be getting all that done tommorow so this is the last thing I am doing before un-hooking my computer for a few days but off the top of my head this is the shit: 3 INCHES OF BLOOD "Advance and Vanquish", MOTORHEAD "Everything" OVER KILL "Feel The Fire" MERCYFUL FATE "Dont Break the Oath" STATE OF FEAR "Discography" MINOR THREAT "Out of Step" PENTAGRAM "Any and all.." and of course a shitload of 7" wheneve I get the chance to rock those out of the box, atleast a few times a week!

Party with the Big Dogs in 3D
20. Do you see the midwest as a place that a band such as BMF can grow - so many run to the costs?

It depends on what you mean by grow, my interpretation of the word I would say Yes because there are less distractions and you can focus on song writting and all sorts of other stuff like setting up tours, organizing releases and shit just think if you lived in a large city with shows going on all the time do you think you would have time to do this? but there is also the problem that alot of people leave and go somewere that it is easy for them to thrive so it can work both ways.

21. What's the best thing about playing in Iowa - what's the worst ?

The best thing is we get to party with all our friends and show out of town/touring bands what the fuck the 515 is all about!! the worst is there are alot of people that should come to the shows but dont because there friends band isnt playing or they saw us 5 years ago when we were not as good and think they can form an opinion, plus its easy for people to be lazy in this town and I think that can affect turnout also, people are like "oohh its a monday" well what the shit are you doing instead of it playing some dumb fucking video game, watching t.v. or trying to flex in the mirror, get your head out of your ass and get in the pit!!
20. Who does all the kick ass art work
for BMF ?

His name is JEFF METAL and he is the Bass player for the band WASTEOID, we love that guy to death, we just met him on our way through Lincoln to Denver when we partyed with those dudes for the first time and we have had a lasting connection of No Coast Fury ever since, check those guys out, I am going to try and get them here in June...maybe the 11th, check our website for upcoming shows.

    21. IS there anything else you would like to add ... your chance to say whatever you like -

    Well I guess all I can say is thanks for doing the interview, maybe someone will get something out of it but more likely it will piss off some weak bands, which is typical, please send hate mail to: fetusface@mchsi.com, we love when people tell us to take god into our hearts, that shits tops!!


Be sure to Check out Black Market Fetus @ The Vaudville Mews Wed March 23rd

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