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    1.Rik What's up with The MK Ultra ?
    Who is in the band?

    Not much is up with us at the moment. We're taking a break to write and record material. We've been playing the same stuff for a while now so we're ready to move on. Plus, I am ready for an extensive period of hibernation. I hate Iowa winters.

    The band is……….
    Jeremy Morse on drums, Trent Malven on Vocals, Alex MacConnell on Bass, Me on guitar

    2.Why the Name ?

    Jeremy and I thought of it during an night of drinking at Flanagan's pub. I know,
    I should have some kind of semi-intelligent answer but that is the truth.

    3. So your celebrating Thanksgiving ...what is the best thing about it ? Is it better then Guy Fawks ?

    I'm not sure about the best thing about Thanksgiving.

    I'm English so I'm not really into it. It is in no way better than Guy Fawke's night. November 5th was my 2nd favourite holiday after Christmas. I loved the bonfires and fireworks.



    Guitarist for
    The MK Ultra

4. Tell us a little about yourself - your from
Liverpool, England ?

Oh, well, I'm actually from a town (port) outside of Liverpool called Fleetwood. It's a good town full of good hard people. It's windy, wet, salty, cold. Lots of good bars, fights, nice promenade, beach which is dirty but at least it's the end of land…….

I went to a parochial school there, which was bad, but also good as it helped shape what I do not believe in. Some friends still live there as do some family.



4.5 - Is it true everthing is named after a Beatle In Liverpool ?
Any Good beatles storys ?
How did you wind up in Iowa?

Liverpool? ....Greatest city on earth - in my opinion, of course. Not everything is named after a Beatle, though of course, there is a lot of memorabilia. They were quite a big band, you know ?…….. Beatles stories? Well, I used to live just off Penny Lane - yes, there is a barbers and a bank. It;'s nothing special though there is a very good pub there and also a good Greek joint in Allerton. Nice carafes of wine…………by the way, Stella Artois and Carling Premier are the greatest beers on earth.

I ended up in Iowa………well my sister lives here. I came visiting her, met a girl, got married and had 2 kids. Then got divorced. So I stay because I love my son and daughter.

5. The first brits to land in America and make settlement where the Pilgrims ...they landed at Plymouth Rock ..
Do all the British land here Rock ?

No. oh wait - yes. I think we might.


5. So you where not part of the British Invasion ?

But who was your favorite band from the era ... I am thinking probably The Rolling Stones - later, Led Zeppelin ..

Ric rocks with the MK Ultra


The MK Ultra - Kickin it
Jeremy below

6. The MK Ultra have been working hard ..what plans are there in the near future for gigs , recording ? You just won the Roadhouse 69 battle of the bands ( Congrats )

Recording with Matt Sepanic in the near future.
Winning the battle of the bands was great. we did play very well but i was unsure right to the end. We were all slightly uncomfortable with the notion of a battle, with the sort of idea that whoever won was best - we entered the competition to win the prizes, not to prove our worth.



7. What other bands have you played in ... can you name them all ?

Not really. Many of them were formed at home when I was too wrecked to think……..there was a band I was in for 2 years in Sheffield that was awesome. We sounded like post Janes Adddiction mixed with Faith No More but with no rap or keyboards. Other than that I can't remember a thing - dark times

8. You have a background in music education ?
Has that been advantagous or hartache in playing with other musicains ?
  It's been ok. I have no expectations really.
It's rock music. If we're talking written music I expect you should be able to read what I write but rock is different.
Progressive Master
Robert Fripp

Below Eddie Van Halen
"Master of All Guitar "
9. Name Five Guitarist in Five different Genres of Music you dig ...and tell us what makes them great ...   Robert Fripp - prog-master

Eddie van Halen - master of all guitar

Steve Hackett - 2nd rate Fripp but I do
prefer Genesis (with Peter Gabriel, of course)

Roy Buchanan - great blues player

Johnny Greenwood - inventive

10. I am sure that other elements of music (besides guitar ) have influneced your writing and musicial pursuits - who are they and why ?
What bands have influenced you ?

Honestly, there really aren't. I mean, for rock band stuff, no. just guitarists and rock bands.

I have written stuff for other genres like when I was back at college I wrote for other ensembles such as string orchestra and the such and sure, there were other influences then. Like Wagner, Berio, Boulez etc.

As far as bands that have influenced me…..ummmm Free - I first picked up guitar because of Paul Kossoff.
The inside cover of Tons of Sobs was very influential. A long haired dude sat on a tomb…………..Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Cream. They are from my early years - like 4 - 13. Then Led Zep, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Van Halen, alice in chains, Soundgarden, Faith No More.

One of my main influences was my music teacher, Andrew Keeling. He taught me music theory at school, then guitar, then composition and reading music for guitar to get me into music college.
He played a major influence in who I listened to as a kid. He got me into King Crimson - he now works as a teacher and a composer. Works with Robert Fripp and the California Guitar Trio.
He's a phenomenal musician.

Paul Kossoff of Free

Andrew Keeling : Music Thoery Teacher


Trent Lead Vocals of the MK Ultra
fromally of Wad

11. Give us some background on the band - where are these guys from?

Trent used to be in Wad - Alex is a VETERAN of the music scene

Jeremy is from Pella and is my musical soul mate

12. Whats the one thing they donn't want us to know about them ?

They hate being in a band with me .

Chicagoland Veteran Bassist Alex

13. Give us your best crazy party or jam with a rockstar story ....or best gig ? (Have you ever played stonhedge ?)

Well best gig was with a band back at college playing at Lennon's bar in Liverpool. Also, wining the battle of the bands at Roadhouse 69 - not the winning, just the fact that we kicked so much ass. Never played Stonehenge - I have worshiped the sun there though!
14. Whats the worst gig you ever played ? Horror story time ?

easy - last gig I played in the band before the mkultra. I suffered from whiskyitis. Couldn't play.

15. Who is over -rated and over paid in todays music scence and should just quit... who is underated and underpaid that people should listen too ?

Who should quit? Staind. First, they can't spell, 2nd they are probably likely for the graetest rash of teeneage suicides since Goethe wrote and published "Tales of Young Werther"

Underrated? Aside from the mkultra? My best friends band, Golf Harris - oh that's one of my former bands. Also, Sparklehorse.. Porcupine Tree are under-rated.

Coldplay are over-rated.
Raging Slab are under-rated. Fields of the Nephilim were/are under-rated as were Warrior Soul.

Ric MK Ultra Above :
Underated Porcupine Tree below

16. Growing up in Great Britain as a kid , was the music scene that much different ? How ...what do you like or don't like about the differences?

The music scene was more diverse. I think that was cause of radio. More places to play but of course, in the UK it's smaller than Iowa but much bigger, if you know what I mean………….. I prefer the scene in England

  • 17. What is the one damn thing you always forget to mention in an interview ?

    Number 12 was a joke
18. Whats the best thing about living and giging in Iowa ? The worst thing ?

Best thing about Iowa is…..i don't know - it's ok. I like American people lol - that's the best thing. Worst thing is people don't come out and stay out.
19. If the MK Ultra was a Thanksgiving dish ..it would be ?

20. Give us an equipment run down :
Favorite Guitars -Amps -FX's

() Guitars - Ibanez - best value for money. Stick Duncan's in them….who knew?
Amp - Carvin X100B - awesome tube amp. Steve Vai and Frank Zappa used them

FX - Boss GT-8 - everything I could possibly need
21. As a guitar instructor have you ever meet a player you say ..holy shit ..what am I going to teach them ? Or are you still waiting for that one ?

Well, some students are so unsure of why they even want to play guitar that they are tricky to teach because I'm unsure of what direction to take…… I haven't met any student I've been unable to teach but some have been challenges. That's a good thing though.
  22. Looking at the and national scence - who has grabed your attention recently ... International also?

Opeth ....Porcupine Tree

23. What are some hints ..tricks or tips you would give our guitar playing audience in seeking to become better players ?
Any great new tools, any standard techniques that are often over looked?

Honestly, I feel slightly unsure of what to say here. I certainly don't see myself as some amazing guitarist who can advise others. So i'll just say, dump tab.

Learn stuff by ear - so what if it's not 100% accurate. If you get a feeling for the guitarist's intent you'll learn more.


I want to thank you Rick for being kind enough to speak to us Damn Yankees ! Visit MK Ultra @ MKULTRA.Com

Rock on ! God Save the Queen and Keep kickin ass !!


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