20 Question's: With Lewis "Metal Blast From the Past" Brundige..aka IOWASK8ER.

  1. Name: Lewis Brundige aka (IOWASK8ER) Started skating: 1976
2. Total years skating: Off and on last 28 years (still Skating)
3. Do you have a Skateboard website:
YES - Click here to check it out
4. Best News of 2003 :
That I can Still Skateboard at 40 and i'm free and still Trading Videos and doing eBay thing)
5. Worst News of 2003:
Knowing its winter time and I wont beable to skate on daily base's) its snowing right now!
6. Best Concert of 2003:
Shadows fall (skated with the band had a total blast of a time.
  7. Worst concert of 2003 :
can't think of any? (I try to make the best of thing's even Rock concerts)
8. Best Movies :
Rockstar, Almost Famous ,Joe Dirt, lol more into hard to find B-movies see link
Movies That Rock & B-MOVIES & LOW BUDGET :
9. Best Music Video Release:
There getting better, more & more are coming out on DVD - check out the latest
10. Best Video Bootleg :
Randy Rhoads Japan 2002 special 80mins (gave me goose bumps).



Lewis "Metal Blast From the Past" Brundige..aka IOWASK8ER.
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11. Hottest Hottie :
Female 80's Rockers like Lee Aaaron, Saraya, Doro, Iron Maidens, & Porn stars from the 80's that look like Ginger Lynn did back then lol.
12. Best Skateboarder :
Old School (Tony Alva, Salba, D.P) New School (Danny Way)
13. Best Skate Trick :
Myself One Wheeler's (see pic on front page ), Rock 'N' Rolls, Rollin 50/50's, Handstands and 360's all in 2003.


14. Best Skate Event:
1979 Roll'in Magic won the Highest air contest 4' 10" (see pic)

15. Best Skate Park :
Ones with Roundwalls and Good Concrete w/ Vertical walls the way they built them in the 70's)

16. Favorite Skate movie:
Dogtown & Z-Boys, Spinn'in Wheels, Chlorine, any 70's films
17. Favorite park ever:
Roll'in Magic Skatepark in Lenexa, Kansas & Funpark DM, Iowa
18. Least Favorite park ever:
The Parks with NO Roundwalls!! No Lines and all Rails & Stairs.
19. Favorite board ever owned:
70's quivers Alva, Rockit, Sims Quicktail, Elgato, Kryptonics foam,K-beam)
20. Most memorable skate moment :
Skating w/ Eddie Elguera & Dale Smith back in 1980 hometown park Brief comments: My Motto is Old School Skater's Make all the Trick's, so Go for the Vert Kid's & Get Old School!!