This photo is the very 1st LINE UP That Started the Band WHITE HOTT The Original Three in the Middle Terry, Johnny, Ronnie formed WHITE HOTT 1983 then Terry Picked up Guitar wizard Steve Anderson as seen in the photo below far left The 2nd Line up then Terry picked up Drummer Tim Kelly to make the 3rd and final line up & do the Album and a to take on the world and tour in 1987 the Rest is true Rock and Roll History .

The photo above is the 2ND Band Line up and then TIM KELLY joined the band as seen in the photos below and on the WHITE HOTT Album (Terry has a few Left still sealed and for sale email me for more info.

The Next Incarnation appears on the Album cover on Home page
Still a 5 piece * Far left its amazing how the newest member grew Tits and got so tall and convincingly sexy ..
Nah thats the Pilot ... they where a 4 piece - I think... is that Ronnie in the damn plane..nope ..they where a 4 piece.

One of the last Versions to date below