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  • Oct 14, 2004:

    For Immediate Release

    Subject: Cylinder announces new lineup :
  • Chariton,IA:

Gary Seddon, vocalist and guitarist for Cylinder announced today that the new Cylinder lineup is now complete.

Joining Seddon is Cylinder alumnus Brian Shounkwiler on bass guitar and vocals, along with new drummer Chris Fisher.

Gary reports,"Brian and I are very excited to have Chris aboard.We're in the rehearsal studio now and things are coming together very nicely.Chris has really stepped up to the plate on this project,and we're having a blast!"

Gary continues,"The new three piece format is allowing each of us to explore more territory musically.We've been able to keep some of the best songs from our previous set lists,and we're adding new songs all the time.We've also been writing some tunes, which we're really excited about.Rather than spend all of our time learning cover songs, we decided to get right to work on some original music.I can't wait to get these songs out onto the Iowa music scene!"

Look for Cylinder to reappear in 2005,complete with a new website,a new stage show, and a new bag of tricks for Iowa rock music fans!


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