Cylinder hales from Southern Iowa .
They will premire at The Red Zone in Chariton Iowa on Oct 25, 2003.- As a part of the Red Zones Anniversary Party.

Cylinder has grown out of the desire of reputable musicains to bring a combination of Current Rock and a few Classic Rock tunes together in hard hitting entertainment value for Iowa Venues. While acts give you classic rock or originals

Cylinder gives Venues an Alternative -
Current Rock Music performed live ( with a few older favorites thrown in).

Cylinder is:
Experienced bassist from Zero Zone and Azz Izz . Brian (the youngest of the band) keeps the rest of these veteren musicains grounded & plugged in to todays rock. Brian rips it up and energizes the band with the ShunkwilerThunder.
GARY SEDDON on Lead Vocals and Guitars -
After contributing as a supporting vocalist and guitarist for numerous Iowa bands during the 80's & 90's, Gary steps up to the center stage microphone and assumes lead singer duties for Cylinder. From today's hits to the classics of yesteryear, Gary's vocals and guitar finesse help fuel the high-octane Cylinder sound.
This Hard hitting Southpaw from Hell - currently still the anchor for Zef ,and has been for over 10 years - Greg looking forward to cutting loose on todays modern rock. Drumming diversity, knowledge and experience give him what is needed to fill the 8 Cylinder engine drive.

JIMMY CLARK - Guitar -
Jim is a experienced guitarist who has worked with serveral acts in and out of the studio from Minnisota (w/ Wheat Penny & MisConduct) to Florida (w/ Petroleum & Militants drummer Zak Faggen and 8UP singer Heath ). Recognized by many as an talent to be reckoned with - Jim is anxious to show audiences his amazing fretwork and bone crunching tone.


More to Come Soon !

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