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This Months Victim - Matt Biegger of Treblehook

1. Hey Matt
What are you up to ?
Tell us about Treblehook - who is in the band ?

I am currently in a band called Treblehook.A straight up rock band, reminiscent of the 70's, possibly the 80's. We are getting alot of comparisons to many bands and genres so it is hard to say what you will get out of it. We have just signed a deal with Mushroom Cloud Records.

Featuring Drew Larsen(bass) and Jarod Embree from RBN, and Casey Hooper. Also featuring Joel Ekman of Stone Sour on drums. Also Justin Appel is roounding out the line up on keys. And he is a fucking monster. We are currently searching for a long term temporary replacement for Joel while he is working on the new Stone Sour record/Tour.

Matt Bieggger

of Treblehook
Friday Sept. 16th
@ House of Bricks

2. How did you guys meet and get things rolling ?

Actually, it's a very long story,...
but the short version is this, I ran into Joel at lazerfest 2002 when my band Riverbottom Nightmare was playing. Joel and I have been trying to put a band together for a few years, but he had SS. So we started a side thing, and it turned into a full time thing. So Jarod (my writing partner) and Drew came over to the new thing, RBN broke up, and we found Casey and added Justin...wah la. It's been a long time coming, I hurt my throat and it took nearly 6 months to get my voice back. It's finally here. Yaaaaaay!!

  3. When should we look/ listen for in Treblehook , when do you guys plan on playing near Central Iowa.

As soon as we find a drummer, and we are very close, we will start booking shows for late summer early fall. Casey has been accepted to GIT so we want to log a few dates b4 he is off to school. ( Update : Joe
Corigliano will sit in on the posted dates )

Also Treblehookrocks.com contains about four songs if you want to check em out.

4. When did you start performing live , do you rember your first recording session ?

I started performing live in 10th grade with a band called Rotterdam. Then I moved to LA with Michael Curry, then we founded Atomic Opera, then I quit, joined Filthy Wilma, and Junk Poet, Saturn Cats, Hot Lunch, and on, and so forth...hahahaha. My first recording session was in LA at Carruthers guitar studio. It was a horrible experience. I hope none of those tapes are still in circulation!

(Saturn Cats : right ->)

River Bottem Nightmere
5. You have been in some noteworthy bands in the past - what are some of the others you played with - can you name them all ?

Let's see, all the bands.
I hope you have enough memory!
Rotterdam, NRG, Assault, Lexicon, Covenant, Yexotay, Filthy Wilma, Saturn Cats, Green 11, Hot Saki, Beat truck fatals, Lotion, Slack, Frog Lick, Junk Poet, Hot Lunch. Velvet Jones, Devil with Cheese, Riverbottom Nightmare, And now Treble Hook.

20 bands in 20 years!! Wow! What a whore! Some rock, some soul, some ska, some funk, some blues, covers, originals, yes and even some metal kids...

They all have some great stories, and i have been very blessed to have shared the stage and studio with so many incredible musicians.

Opening for Racer X in LA

6. Have you ever had any vocal trianing ?


7. Do you play any insturments as well as sing ( drums , guitar, keys) ?

I play guitar a bit, maybe a little bit of a lot of things. Depends on whos watching and listening as to whether or not I am any good. Oh and a mean skin flute.

8. Tell us about one of your Favorite gigs and why it was a damn good one?

Favorite gig?? Too many to mention.
I will always remember my first show in LA opening for Racer X.
And also Fishbone got up and jammed all night with us at Hairy Mary's.
One of my favoritie bands and they were on stage jamming with us.
Oh yeah, and playing with King's X last year...Unreal!

9. Any gigs that you rember as being particulary rotten - the pits - the worst.

Actually, the aformetioned show with King's X last year was a two-edged sword, cuz they are by far my favorite band of all times, and I just had my accident so my voice was wrenched. So I anesthitized myself with alcohol, and had a sucky show performance wise, but then later on I threw up off of the balcony at the 3rd street live where we had just played, and my vomit landed on someone below...OOOPs. Let's just say the guys were not impressed. I guess we'll never be asked back there again...

10. When performing live what is your microphone preference - any PA and Rack set up secreats you care to share with aspiring vocalist - or do you look primarily for a dam good sound man?

Well. a good sound man is paramount. But having said that, you just can't polish a turd either. But a bad sound man can make a good band sound bad. I have no tricks, just throw some slap back on there, and give me crowd...I do prefer shure mics...the beta series is the standard...

11. In order to get an idea who your influnces are and not make the rate these artist thing to stale ..

Who are some of your favorites from certain era's give us 2 or three :

Favorite 70's singers ?
Paul Rodgers. Robert Plant, Elton John, Stevie Wonder. Steve Walsh. Ian Gillan. RoNNie James Dio is God, Steven Tyler, Freddie Mercury, should I go on?!

Favorite 70's bands?

Zep, Bad Co. The Animals, Deep Purple, Steely Dan, Credence, Guess Who. The Who, ELO, Sabbath. Doobies, The Bee Gees...Kiss, Alice Cooper...Bowie...Willie and Waylon, Frank Zappa. Can I stop Now??

80's Singers - Halford, Dickinson, Geoff Tate, Karl Albert, Danny Elfman, Michael Hutchins, Terence Trent D'arby, Pat Benetar, Prince, and most of all the late Ray Gillen.
80's bands- Geez...ummm INXS, Oingo Boingo, Priest, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Ozzy, Vicious Rumours, Armored Saint, Metal Church, Ingwie Malmsteen, etc, so on and so forth. I gues it was the dawning of the metal years for me.

90's singers- By far hands down the winner is Chris Cornell. But. There is also Scott Weiland, Layne Staley, Doug Pinnick, Angelo Moore of Fishbone, Ani Difranco...and many more.
90's bands- Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Dada, Fishbone, Aquarium Rescue Unit, Screaming Headless Torsos, King's X, All my bands...

2000's singers- Corey Taylor, even though he has always said he looked up to me as a singer coming up, I always thought he had the goods, and now he has set the standard for any singer to live up to. Heavy or not. A true innovator. I am quite proud...oh, there are not that many new singers out there I am impressed with. I like the dude from Mars Volta he's incredible...Sorry I don't know his name. Umm what's his face from the Darkness caught my attention, and Aaron Peltz.

2000 bands- Velvet Revolver, Mars Volta, Audio Slave, SOAD, On a Pale Horse.

I also should say that I have been very influenced by many things and not just other singers...

Matts number one fan - influence and inspiration
( Son Jacob right )

Influnces by the decade





12.Are there any locals or - other vocalist that you have helped you out along the way ?

12. Well let's just say this is a small town and it's hard not to be influenced in one way or another by someone here. But people of note. I am older than most of my peers, but I have been inspired by Pelts, Michael Curry, Paul Thompson, Dave Cunningham, Tony Santi, All the guys from on a pale horse. Taco, Jay Lyon, Ephraim Zenh, Lemon and the guys, Jeff Banks. Scot Sutherland. James Biehn. Scott Dawson, Tom Murphy. Janey Hooper. Obviously Corey T, most the guys from SK, Dan Spain...
13. Any locals you have been particularly impressed as of recent?

On a Pale Horse is destined for great things, there are a lot of new bands I am impressed with. Ephraim Zenh are incredible. Wreckage. Wow. Fabulous. Treble Hook rocks.

14. Have you ever tried out for a band and not gotten the gig ...
if so who where the idiots...or regreted getting the gig .. ...

Ummm, I can't think of any gigs I didn't get, really.
I auditioned for Accept in 88, and didn't get a call back.
I sent a tape in to Adema, and they said I have a great voice but I wasn't what they were looking for. I got fired from a few for misbehaving. I have taken a few to the grave. Although I think Bruce Swink has me on that one!! I wanted the audition fore SK, but never got it. Good thing huh!!

On A Pale Horse

" destined for great things "

Treblehook Art

15. When your working on a song do you tend to write around the music or write around the melody line of a lyric ?

In TrebleHook, invariably, the riffs are written first then the melody, then the arrangements, then the lyrics. It seems like that's always the way I've done it...

16. How important is good management and label deals to be able to succed in the busssiness of music ? Do you take that more seriuosly now then in the early days or is it still primarily about the fun . ( could be both). Tough question - Its only rock n roll but ...

I am not sure. There is no particular formula, I have yet to score a deal, so I am not sure. I can only tell you what I have heard from my peers who have been signed. Obviously good management is key...but you can score a deal with out a manager, with an attorney, and then get management subsequently. But you may or may not get fucked. I will quote Mick Thompson. "You are going to get fucked no matter what, so you want to be able to chose how big the dick is going to be". I will tell you this, in my life, when I took music too seriously, things never worked out. It's when you aren't looking for it is when it happens. That could parallel alot of facets of life, but that has been my experience. I am closer now than I have ever been to getting a deal. We have label interest. however, Happiness is a choice and it won't come thru any management or record deal. So have fun, cuz life is very short. For me more than most.

17. . Ever thought about doing a show comprised of all your favorite stuff you have done ?

That woul be a very interesting show. I think people would be confused by the different styles and genres. It would be a blast though. Let's look into that!!


18. Somtime in ago (Filfthy Wilma era - 90's) you started a " beer throwing tradition" where did that start and does it continue?

Ya know, i am not sure where that started. I think it started at a gig at Clearwater beach. We played with Atomic Opera, Red Wing, and the Georgia Sattellites. There were 200 kegs and the first 30 were free. Well only about 200 people showed up. So all the beer was free. So me and Vance(my bass player) decided we would play in our underwear to protest the small crowd. And there were a few people in the crowd who disapproved. So I started throwing beer on them, and they decided to throw it back. We got very wet. And you could see our willies through our skivies!!

The beer throwing didn't stop all night long, even after we got off stage. It became a game. Let's just say the Georgia Satellites were not very pleased. I think they actually walked off stage that night! But the tradition just stuck. It's rock and roll I guess. I guess if we have a gimmick it might as well be beer throwing! I will say that JC wilson said if we ever throw beer again in his club we can't play there any more. So we just spit it instead.

18.You sang with Matt Z of (onyx) a few times - any good stories of those Runway days - or TC TV stories ?

Matt Vierling was a sweet heart of a guy and I still miss him. I wonder how fucking incredible he would be now. Jazz told me he is with me sometimes. It freaked me cuz I don't think Jazz ever met him. Matt said he always looked up to me. Well, I never got the chance to tell him how much I looked up to him...

19 . We saw a pic of you and Zak Wylde hanging out at a Waterstock or Lazerfest ?
What did you think of meeting Zak Wylde ?

Zakk was funny, and cool, but he promised me he would give me feedback(good or bad) on our demo from Riverbottom, and he never called. So fuck him. If I ever get to that level of success, I will help whoever, however, whenever I can. He has to know what it's like to struggle to get heard...oh well. Some people just don't give a fuck. I have gotten the chance to hang with a lot of "famous" people. They are merely mortals like you and me. I just not awestruck anymore. plus, they are just as lucky to have gotten to meet me.

20. What is the about the lit match or lit candle trick while singing a high note ?

Ummm, it just a technique to improve your lung capacity. Blowing up an air mattress works too

Hey Matt ...

Strike a pose .. ?


21. What should we look/ listen for in Treblehook that will most suprise your fans ?

Our blind Keyboardist is fun to watch. Not many of those around. Especially that good! Also our live show is unrivaled. We have 4 front men competing for the affection of our audience. Also, we play rock. Not metal. Rock. Straight up, bare bones stripped down beer swilling, titty swinging, weed smoking, Monte Carlo driving rock and roll. We are not reinventing the wheel. So don't come to our show expecting Radio Head. I promise you will be disappointed.

23. Anything else you care to add or plug ?

That's about it. It's been a long road, and it's just getting started. Stay tuned. Hit our website treblehookrocks.com

Thanks Matt ! You Rock !!
Make Sure to Catch Treblehook
@ Roadhouse 69
on Aug 26th with Soul Sick -
@ Roadhouse 69 with On A Pale Horse Sept 9th -
@ the House of Bricks w/ MK Ultra & Ephraim Zenh
on Sept. 16th

22. What can you tell us about the band members that struck you as "worthy" .... to quote a couple celler dwellers ..

Well, again, I have been blessed with incredible musicians once again. Jarod Embree is my musical soul mate. I have found my place in the musical unverse because of him. Casey is amazing on and off stage, but there is no one I have played with in 20 years that can match me on stage, and he is the one. And he's 18 years old!! Drew Larsen, and his family have made it possible for us to stay together, and always given us a place to rehearse. I am so grateful...also Drew is on his way to being one of the best bass players in this city. Justin Appel. What can I say. He is a fucking genuis. A wizard. He is an enigma. Joel. Wow. You listen to what he does with Stone Sour, and then compare that to us, and you can't even tell it's the same drummer. He plays to our style and to the song. Amazing Drummer. and a damn good song writer. He and I go way back.

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