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Nicole Lancaster


Nicole Lancaster

Age: 17
Birthday: November 1, 1986
Interests: Boys, Kuna Boys, food, poetry, and hanging out with friends.
Favorite Day: Wednesday and Sunday (dosnt have to work those days)
Favorite Animals: Pigs and Elephants
Favorite Movie: Finding Nemo
Favorite Foods: Ice Cream and Filet Mignon
What She likes to do outside of school: Go to Work (Fred Meyers-restocks food), and hanging out with her best friend.
Family: Penny (Mom), Nick (Dad), and Ashley (Sister, age 13) - lives wiht mom and sister.
Friends: Vanessa her best friend, Me! and many more.
Favorite Holiday: Christmas, because there is white snow, lots of food, and she can spend time with her family.
Favorite Colors: Red and Black
Favorite Season: Summer

Shoe Size: 9

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