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Marissa Counter


Marissa Counter

Age: 15
Birthday: March 28, 1988
Interests: food, movies, dancing, and music.
Favorite Day: Wednesday and Friday (no dance practice)
Favorite Animals: Elephants
Favorite Movie: The Virgin Suicides
Favorite place to eat: Mongolian Barbeque
Favorite Band: Brand New
What She likes to do outside of school: Sit at home and sleep, and dance (dances at H-Dance Force, and is on the Elite Force Company.)
Family: Diane (Mom), Steve (Dad), and A.J. (Brother, age 10)
Pets: Nikki (Siberian Husky), Tigger (some kind of orange cat) Friends: Shaina, her best friend. Me, and many more...
Favorite Holiday: Christmas, because she loves it when its cloudy and it brings the whole family together.
Favorite Colors: Hot Pink and Black
Favorite Season: Winter

Shoe Size: 9