Mayor Gailey


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The outside of a Motel 6 is shown. The sun has gone completely down, and a full moon shines down from the clear and silent night sky. The camera zooms in on a particular room number on the second level of the motel. The room number is “236”. The door is shut, but you can hear Titan 3 as he has a phone conversation with someone, You can also hear the person on the other end…

Titan 3: The old man said something about a banshee. I don’t know man, but after that “dream” I had, I don’t want set foot back into that house…unless I have to.

The person on the other end speaks, and you recognize his voice to be Brett Archer, close friend of Titan 3, as well as an ex-stablemate from days past…

Brett Archer: You sure it was a dream?

Titan 3: I’m not sure of anything right now. It just seems strange that when I leave the house with all of the lights off, then come back home and find them all on. I hear strange noises at night. The after the dream, I was covered with this slimy substance.

Brett Archer: Did you ummm….climax?

Titan 3: Climax? What?

Brett Archer: You know….ejaculate?

A long pause follows on Titan’s end…

Titan 3:…Yeah…I did.

Brett Archer: Well, it sounds to me like you either had one wicked wet dream…or you were attacked by a subcubus.

Titan 3: Subcubus? What in the holy hell is that?

Brett Archer: It’s the opposite of an incubus. Remember that movie entitled “The Entity”? It was about that woman who was sexually abused by a spirit?

Titan 3: Yeah, I remember. So a subcubus sexually attacks men?

Brett Archer: Exactamundo, buddy. It’s different than a Succubus. Succubus tend to actually KILL people when they attack. So I’ve read. I’d find a new place to live if I were you. Unless of course you enjoy being raped by creepy ghosts.

Titan 3: That's very enlightening Brett. Thanks a lot.

Titan 3 sighs, and then says his good-byes to Brett. The phone clicks, and then scene changes, showing Titan 3 as he is walking up the steps that lead to the front door of his new house. The camera zooms in on his face as he darts his eyes from side to side, then nervously looks around. He swallows, creating a loud “gulp” as his parched throat pushes the saliva down into his esophagus. Titan reaches out and touches the doorknob, and he quickly pulls his hand back. The doorknob is freezing cold. You can see the fingerprints that he left behind as they quickly ice-over on the brass knob. Just then, two limousines pull up on the street in front of the house. Titan turns around and looks at the now parked vehicles. A group of men in suits get out of the second limo, followed by an older looking gentleman, wearing an old style dark blue business suit. He walks up to Titan 3, and sticks out his hand offering up a handshake, and introduces himself…

Man in the suit: You must be Vincent, our brand new Churchville resident! Let me be the first to welcome you to our beautiful, quiet little community!

Titan and the man shake hands, but Titan 3 gives him a look of uncertainty. The man then says…

Man in the suit: Oh rude of me! I forgot to introduce myself! My name is Thomas Gailey, Mayor of Churchville. Mind if I…come in?

Mayor Gailey points towards Titan’s front door, still smiling his “politician” smile. Titan reluctantly goes over and reaches for the doorknob. It is not cold this time. He opens up the door, and the Mayor follows him inside. The mayor starts looking around the house with his eyes, saying…

Mayor Gailey: This is such a nice house. I like the decorating job you’ve done so far. Looks like you still have some unpacking to do yet…

Titan 3: Okay, let’s get to the chase. Why are you here, and what’s so important as to get the Mayor out to my doorstep at nine o’ clock at night?

The Mayor goes over to the open front door, and gives some sort of hand-signal to his bodyguards outside. He then closes the door gently, and turns around towards Titan 3…

Mayor Gailey: I know who you are. I know all about your “wrestling”, and how big of a star you are, Mister Vincent…but this is MY town! I’ve worked hard to keep this a decent, well respected community for the citizens here. Everyone knows everyone here, Vincent, and I’m not about to let someone like you come in here and ruin everything.

The Mayor’s tone becomes irate, almost yelling at Titan 3. Titan folds his arms and glares back at the Mayor as he keeps speaking…

Mayor Gailey: It’s too bad you’re not going to live to make it to your big wrestling contest against that Blood guy. You were lucky to make it to wrestle in your little tag-team match last week.

Titan 3: It’s Jake Blood, Mister Mayor…I thought you just told me you know “all” about me huh? What kind of mayor are you anyway? Is this about the ghost in this house I bought? Are you afraid I’m going to tell people and ruin this town’s reputation?

The Mayor brandishes a snub-nose 38 pistol that he had tucked in between his belt and the inside of his slacks. He points the gun at Titan and smiles as Titan casually raises both of his hands. The Mayor takes two steps towards him, and growling at him as he speaks…

Mayor Gailey: Like I’s too bad you won’t get to fight “Jake Blood”. None of this would have happened...Marianna, the Realator that sold you this house wouldn't be dead…and neither would her husband.

Titan 3: You murdering bastard. So you’re the one that killed her husband. Now you took care of her too huh? You’re gonna burn nice and crispy once you get to Hell.

Mayor Gailey: Too bad you will get there before me. The thing is, you all knew too much. Marianna wasn’t supposed to sell this house. After the last owners fled in terror because of the abnormalities that were occurring here, the house was to be used as a little money making project for me. Poor poor Marianna….she had no idea…but her employers did. They are the ones who killed her, not me. And her husband…he was planning on telling the whole world about this house.

Titan 3: Hey Mayor, do me a favor would ya?

Mayor Gailey: Sure thing! Anything you ask!

Titan 3: Go F*ck yourself!

The Mayor frowns as Titan flashes a sarcastic smile at him…He then raises the pistol, when you notice the mist coming from his mouth as he exhales out…he squeezes the trigger while aiming the gun right between Titan’s eyes, but nothing happens! The mayor lowers the gun and examines it, then raises it back up, squeezing the trigger once more. The gun doesn’t go off, and the Mayor starts getting frustrated. Titan 3 just stands there smiling at him. The room becomes freezing cold, and the Mayor notices that the gun has completely frozen over. Then, the room turns a dark shade of red, and the squealing sound happens again. The mayor clutches at his ears, and suddenly, he is covered with a thick, clear slimy substance. He tries to breathe, but can only gasp and soon, he clutches at his chest. The Mayor then collapses to the ground, his face blue and his body motionless. His eyes are wide open, but he’s not breathing. You see a small trail of steam trickling out of the Mayor’s wide-open mouth. Titan, seemingly unaffected by the occurrences that just happened, walks over and stands over the Mayor’s dead and cold body.

Titan 3: Wrong again, Mister Mayor. I WILL make it to fight Jake Blood, and I’ll beat him, just like I beat YOU. I WILL be crowned the next ASW World Heavyweight Champion. You evil, greedy son-of-a-bitch. Looks like the spirits here will now have their own little play-toy…your SOUL! Have fun in Hell! Be sure to wear something “cool”!

Titan 3 smiles, and then looks around the house. The scene morphs into a new day, as Titan sits at one of the open windows, looking out into the front lawn. A beautiful sunny day is what he sees, and it’s unusually warm and pleasant for this time of year. Birds sing, and you can hear children laughing and playing outside. The Mayor’s death officially is documented as a heart-attack, and the house seems to have been released of the supernatural forces that were trapped inside of it. It is later revealed that the Mayor along with most of his staff, and the town librarian had a role in the murders of Marianna the realtor, and her husband. Titan 3 takes a sip of coffee from his mug, and the scene fades.

The next scene shows the side of a U-Haul moving truck as it passes by a small white sign on the side of the road that reads “Thank You for Visiting Churchville. Come back soon!” The scene changes showing Titan 3 behind the wheel of the moving truck, smiling as he heads back to his hometown of Miami, Florida. Titan 3 then looks over at the camera, and begins to speak...

Titan 3: Now that I'm allowed to go back home, I can put all of this behind me. However, there are still no leads about who it was who tried to shoot me a few weeks ago. Nevertheless, the police feel confident enough that I'll be okay. They are even going to post units outside of my home to work along with my personal security team. Which leads me to Canadian Invasion. Now that this latest little adventure is over, now I can turn all of my attention towards you, Jake Blood. You've got to be one of the laziest world champions I've ever seen. You should be ashamed that you even call yourself a world champion. How do you sleep at night knowing how fake it really is? Here I am busting my @ss week in and week out to FINALLY get a shot at the World Title belt, yet YOU cruise your way through some softies, including your own brother to get the belt. It's pathetic, man, really it is. You make me sick to my stomach, Blood. You obviously think you're too good to even show your face for the people who pay good money to come and see ASW shows. Well slack@ss, enjoy what little time left you have with that belt, because soon, I'M taking home with me!

Titan moves his eyes back to the road, making sure that all is clear in front of him before continuing. He then looks back over, while keeping one hand placed at the top of the steering wheel while he drives...

Titan 3: It is my DESTINY to become ASW Heavyweight Champion, Blood, and there's nothing you, or your chump partners from the COB can do to stop me. I've been denied my shot for long enough, and THIS time, the title will belong to me. You're a dimestore champion, Blood. You're the epitome of all that is wrong in this business. I am here to make things right once again. It's about time for your @ss to retire anyway, seeing as how long you've been around. You're a dinosaur, and soon you'll be extinct just like the rest of them. Jake Blood is nothing more than a dying franchise in this industry. The COB will get swept at Canadian Invasion, this I can assure you. Your "glorious" world title reign will come to a screeching, painful halt. of course, I'm being sarcastic when I say glorious. How many times have you defended that belt since you won it, jackass? NONE? Yeah that's right. You beat-up that pansy brother of yours to win the damn thing, then think you can sit there on your flabby, lazy @ss and do nothing. Well Jake, the time has come for you. It's time to work, and we all know how lackluster your work ethic is. The ASW NEEDS a REAL champion, and I'm the man to provide that for them. I'll defend my title often, for I have always been known as a fighting champion. I'll back down from no challenge, and my presence will be known at all times. Which is more than what can be said of YOU, Jake Blood. Yeah sure, you may have been somewhat decent all those years ago, but you're not even a fraction of that now. THAt is why I'm so confident that I will defeat you. I've seen you perform under pressure, and it leaves much to be desired. You choked up against the GAME, remember that Jakey? You're going to do the same thing against me, but I'm going to make the beating GAME gave you look like a simple sun-filled stroll in the park. I'm sure you'll come out with your usual useless babble, speaking like you're on the biggest sugar-high of all-time. Well you go right ahead, Jake. Bring all you got, and I'll keep bringing what I have, and best bet I'll come out on top. This is MY time now Jake, not yours. Not anybody else. MINE! So I'll be seeing you on Ground Zero, boy.

Titan chuckles a bit, and then fully focuses his attention on the long stretch of highway in front of him. The scene slowly fades to darkness.

Titan 3 is shown sitting at a large wooden table, writing something on a piece of paper. The room he is in is dark, with the exception of a top lamp above shining brightly down on the table. Titan stops writing and looks up and across the table. His coffee mug sits there on the other side, with steam rising up due to the hot coffee inside of it. He then speaks out…

Titan 3: Coffee please!

The mug begins to shake a bit, spilling out some of the brown coffee inside. It then slides by itself across the table, stopping just a few inches short of the edge. Titan reaches over and picks it up, taking a sip. He sets the mug down and smiles, saying…

Titan 3: Thank you very much!

The scene fades.

.:: T3 ::. 

Wrestler Information

Real Name: Vincent D'Amor
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 290 lbs..
Hometown: Miami, Florida
Catchphrase: Ground Zero is Upon You!"
Finishing Move: Ground Zero

Hit List
                         Jake Blood
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