Welcome to Custom Made Wire Bracelets! We make wire bracelets just for you. Pick your favorite colors (or someone you need a gift for) and we'll put them in a bracelet. We do any colors; pastels and clears; and they all look great. These bracelets are elegant enough for an affair like prom; but casual for everyday use.

The cost of a one coil bracelet is $4.00 and includes shipping. Any additional coils are $2.00/coil. (so a two coil bracelet is $6.00.)

We also offer name bracelets. For the kids we have colorful alphabet beads and for your older friends we have the white. The cost is $.50 for a six letter name and $.15 for additional letters.

If you want a double coil name (like your family's names); the cost is around $7.00 depending on the names.

If you want to order a bracelet or two or have any questions, email

Pictures coming soon!