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Corbin Mist 'Demitri' Steelshanks
Corbin Mist 'Demitri' Steelshanks

He was kidnaped and his mother was lied to saying he was dead and he was told his mother was dead  also and to be thinking that is true he was at a young age when he was told that so he believed it. He never did get to know his father and always been unknown about him.

Thus Corbin went on to train and train to be a Master in all his training. He became a Master Archer learning from a Grand Master of Archers. Corbin was just young he could not do anything that he could wanted to do.

He have 5 instructors that teaches him now all in the Arts of survival and the Mystics arts as well the Craft Arts. He learned how to fight a very young age it was one of his more product of staying alive.

Then he was instructed in the Healing arts after he have mastered them he was to look for his other teachers for his next training. He have found the Grand Magus to teach him the ways of a thief the unseen truths.

After so a week or two of training his teacher sent him out to find the ruby of Lloth he set out for his quest. Upon finding out he have to steal this ruby of Lloth and bring it back to prove he understand stealthiness and cunningness.

Till one day Corbin returns back to his school and gave the ruby to the Mangus and passed his test and he was to be a thief.

He went on to find his last instructor the Master of Death and Master of Chains. Upon entering the Training house he was attack right there and then as he looks at the man his sword was to his neck but...his dagger was to his family jewels as he taps them he moved his sword as he sheathed his dagger.

It took many years to master the Arts he was teaching him but he finally pasted them and he was sent back to the Grand Master to learn the most important lesson ever. How to fight.

He taught him how to use a Bow, few weapons and an Elemental Staff. Upon learning the Bow he was given his own bow and arrows with a quiver, The Bow is silver with a gold string as the string will never break and cannot be cut. The Arrows on the other hand are deadly been dipped in all sorts of poison that will kill even Immortals, the feathers on the shaft are black and gold the shaft of the arrows is light gray as the arrow heads are a pinkish color.

He was also trained in with the Kuri Blades a pair they are they can cut through mostly anything that stood in the way of them. Finally he was trained as an Elementalist and was given the fire Staff of Lloth this staff will only be summoned by its master Corbin and Corbin have now master everything he can. Upon Graduating from the School of Lloth he set out on his Quest to find his mother for he can now feel a presence with in him a bond to say he felt as he got older. He is now 15 years old.

Upon him finding his mother there was one thing she would know is him his elemental power. One day he made an Ice rose from his power and gave it to this woman but deep down he knew who she was.

After he gave it to her she called out his true name his true being Corbin ... she said and thus broke his illusion he had when he was Derrick. Now that he Corbin by his mother and other still new him by Derrick, Derrick now no more thus there is only Corbin. But there is someone out there still he will miss this is deep down to derrick and Corbin.

Few days later he as his mother to have Derrick to be released to release this way would kill him, but before hand an Emerald Gem was made by him and Derrick with in it would hold most of Derricks and Corbin's Memories and was sent to this one person.

Derrick was her Personal Body Guard for then it lead to he loved her but kept it very professional between the two. But now Corbin feels this, feeling of this with in him is the reason what he did; he did them.

But now this is where his Quest ends now the making of the Legend.

But that is another story...

The emerald gem was returned to him by his loves Brother, his name is Xzavier Knight. He is the King and leader of the Knight Family. Angel is her name the one I gave my heart to. to know why I fell in love is a great secret of the universe. But to know my heart is always loving her I am come to think I am not worthy for my acts. and can't live with them. I headed out to seek out a great wise person greater then Xzavier Knight himself.

In finding this person I ask the one thing the one thing I know I will regret later. But I will not have no memory of it. I asked this great person to take my memories from me from the time I was even derrick or even was in another family I told this person to implant false memories of me just being kidnaped when I was a child and awakened there in my mother arms.

The pain I feel is no amount of the burden I feel, the great wise person said they cannot help me in doing so will change me. I feel I have changed already, and in this feeling I feel I have lost a lot. Family don't like me, my love left me, I have nothing but to know my son is always safe and I know he will be taken care of. I will truly miss him. I have visited his crib left a note and sword for him to train to one day he will be a great warrior like his father.

I have met my little brother Walker and he is just like mother in every way but sleeps just like me on the feet ready for anything. I am worthless in my way. I am so unworthy of anyone's love, even my own mother and father, brothers, aunts, and uncles, grandfather and grandmother. I have learned so much as hiding in the shadows living in the darkness so long, being of the dark path.

Have I not lived long enough to know what pain is? Have I even try to live? These are questions that could not be answered. I don't know what to do now. I stand here on a cliff and looks down the sharp rocks below can just kill me if I fall, end my life as it is. no more pain not more regrets. But to many that is the easy way out.

I just don't know what to do now, so sad so alone now how can I cope in this time? How can I live on to know the love I loved is soon to be married? I am sorry world I have failed you. I am sorry mother and father I have failed you too, I am sorry walker your brother failed you as well.

I am sorry Grandfather and Grandmother I have failed you, I am Sorry Aunts and Uncles I have failed all of you. I have faced my destiny for all my life, I have given all I can give, just like the sun each day till night. I have failed you all and I will end my life.

this is truly the end of the Legend.....

The End of the Legend of Derrick/Corbin...