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Do want an award, or would you like to give me an award? Read on.

First, click here to see how you can win an award from me. Click here if you want to give me an award (I'll love you forever and ever! *hint hint* *wink wink*).


You - yes, you - can win an award from me - yes, me.

I'm a very generous person, mostly. If I like people, I usually get them gifts or make them something. It's just what I do. I enjoy doing those kinds of things.

If you think you've got what it takes to win an award from this site, you can apply by sending me an email (look at the navigation to your right for my email address) that includes the following (with "Quizlet Award - for me" as the subject of the email):

+ Your name
+ Your website
+ Your email
+ A short description of your website
+ Why you want this award
+ How much you love me (just kidding... well, you could if you want, I guess)

That's pretty much it. If you've got any special notes to add in the email, go ahead and add them.

What you'll get is a link up on this site and a graphic to display proudly on your webpage. Ooh, ching! Sparkle, sparkle.


Give me an award and I'll love you forever and ever.

Ah, it's nice to see someone that likes me enough to make me an award graphic! I really hope someone will make me an award. I love to be loved. Ha ha. Yeah.

Okay, getting an award to me is simple. Just send me an email (look at the navigation to your right and find my email address) including the following (with "Quizlet Award - for you" as the subject of the mail):

+ Your name
+ Your website (if you have one)
+ Your email
+ How much you love me (just kidding... well, you could if you want, I guess)
+ An address where I can get the graphic (if you're not sure what this means or if there isn't an address, tell me)

What you get in return: My unconditional love and admiration. Oh, and the award will go on an awards page, linked to you (more site hits, anyone?).

Please note: Do not send the award graphic in the email! If you send it, I won't open it (I have an unnatural fear of viriuses spreading through my computer... I hear I'm not the only one). The only way I will accept it is if you ask me in your first email. I will respond to you and give you the okay, and then you can send it to me in a second email.

Oh, and please make the graphic in either .GIF or .JPG form.

THANKS!!! :)