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Quizlet: Moulin Rouge Knowledge Test

Moulin Rouge Knowledge Test

I had to take off the template for this page because it was getting in the way of the words and you couldn't read a thing. The navigation is at the bottom of the page, so if you need to leave this page to another page, you can do so. Well, anyway...

Okay, here's how it works. You answer these ten questions about Moulin Rouge. Your answers will be sent to me and I will review if they're right or wrong, and tally up the score, do the math, etc. In a couple of days (just an estimate), you will get an email from me (clbr326 at - if you get an email from that address, it is NOT SPAM!!) with a link to your score. On that page, you will get a graphic to display on your webpage and the answers to the test.

Good luck!

First of all, I'm gonna need the basics.

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Okay, now you can answer the questions!

1. After Zidler signs the contract, who holds the deeds to the Moulin Rouge?
The Duke

2. Why can't Satine fall in love with Christian?
Because she hates men
Because she is a courtesan
Because she already loves The Duke
Because she has a disease she doesn't want him to catch

3. Who is the main female dancer in the "Roxanne" number?

4. Which actor plays Christian?
Tom Cruise
Russel Crow
Hayden Christianson
Ewan McGregor

5. How many times does Satine cough in the movie (1 bonus point each if you tell me when)?

6. Where and when does Moulin Rouge take place?

7. Who said "Let Zidler keep his fairy tale ending"?
The Duke
Nobody; this line wasn't in the movie at all!

8. ________ are a girl's best friend!
Penniless writers

9. Name the four things the Bohemians believe in.

10. Who does Christian replace when he agrees to write Spectacular Spectacular?

I think next time I make a knowledge test, the questions will be a little bit harder! Well, let me know what you think about my first test! Email me!

Or you can head back home!

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